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    Attack of the mutant...plant?

    Cerise Arledge
    Cerise Arledge

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    Attack of the mutant...plant? Empty Attack of the mutant...plant?

    Post by Cerise Arledge 8th December 2019, 1:38 pm

    Job Deets:

    While Cerise loved treasure and exploration as much as any other aspiring mage, she also was rather selective with the types of things she went out to explore. She wasn't the type to go explore new lands for the sake of exploring them, but rather to find new treasures in said lands to bring back. Sadly, it justs so happened that none of those kinds of jobs were up on the job board. Of course, she wasn't just not going to go on a job because there weren't any that didn't meet her specific desires, she'd be flat broke if that was the case.

    She felt that if she were to be a successful mage, she would need to develop her skills in combat further. The only combat-related things she had done so far were guard duty, and taking care of some mutated bunnies, and in both of those scenarios, she could have done much better. With that thought in mind, she was quick to grab the closest combat job that she was able to. Apparently, there was some sort of plant creature wreaking havoc in Hargeon town, and the assistance of mages was required. Someone else had already taken the job in another guild, but it was open for joining so she did just that.

    She hadn't been able to really communicate with her partner to be, but according to the job poster they were to meet up with the authorities first-as to get further information on the culprit who was controlling the thing. Thankfully due to the aforementioned guard duty job, she had been able to garner experience working with mages from other guilds. Of course, her partner that one time happened to be a bit...unusual, but with the mage buisness-unusual was actually rather common.

    After freshening up a bit and tossing on her signature cloak, Cerise was quick to hop on the nearest train to Hargeon, thoughts of what her partner might be like floating through her head. She had a preconceived notion of what mages were supposed to be like, but after meeting Fantastico...she didn't really know what to expect anymore. There were so many possibilities that it hurt her head to just think about it. To be honest, she didn't really care about their personality or even their combat skills-all that mattered to her is if they could get along or not.

    After hopping off the train, Cerise would begin her leisurely walk towards her destination. As per the usual, she had arrived a bit earlier than designated and felt that she didn't really have to rush since she did so.


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    Attack of the mutant...plant? Empty Re: Attack of the mutant...plant?

    Post by Musicalbunny 8th December 2019, 11:32 pm

    Harriet had trained a lot on the road. Through every inch of Fiore, she worked every single part of her body. Her emotions, her durability, but most importantly, her combat. Although Harriet was scared that combat would send her over the edge of her bloodlust, she knew that she needed to learn it. She knew what and where her training was leading up to, and she was going to be ready for it any way she could. In the end, she was going to be a guild mage. One that stood up for every single innocent person in Fiore, no matter how useful or useless they were. Every single person was important, and that didn't mean they had to fight to climb the ranks. There are scholars out there who have created amazing creations with just a tiny bit of research alone. There are chefs who have made the tastiest dishes she has ever tasted, and so much more. Everyone deserved to live, and she was going to make sure that every one of them could. So, her training was not only important for her to maintain her bloodlust, but to also protect those who needed protecting.

    So, whenever she looked up on the job board, she saw that there was a mutant plant terrorizing the area of a forest. Two hikers it said. They were defenseless against the plant. Neither of them had the capabilities to fight, or magic to even get away. They were stuck in a tough position against a plant that some guild mages might have a hard time fighting. This made Harriet clench up her fist, feeling anger pulse through her body, as it cooled down immediately. This was one of the benefits of her training, and is what allowed her to be so cool headed. That skill would be extremely important once she actually starts fighting the monster.

    For now though, she needed to meet up with the job partner she had been signed up with. Although the girl was in a completely different guild in her, many of the guilds in Fiore allowed for mages from other guilds to sign up on jobs already assigned to another mage. This diversified the friendships all across the guilds of Fiore, and was something that made Harriet feel extremely happy. Of course, she wasn't too happy. Maybe before her training she would've been, but ever since, her emotions could only retain a level of average amounts, meaning that they could never go over what she trained herself not to do.

    As she approached the intended destination, she saw a red haired girl and the authorities looking out towards the path, as though they were waiting for someone. To clarify, they were waiting for her. Her posture was nearly perfect, but as she closed her eyes, she scanned her body mentally and fixed anything that was imperfect. An imperfect posture meant more stress on the body, and that was something she could not have. So, after only a few seconds, her posture went from nearly perfect to absolutely perfect. With this satisfaction in mind, she bowed towards the people in front of her, saying to them in an oddly calm and soothing tone, "Hello. My name is Harriet Artemesia, and I am the mage from Sabertooth. I am glad to be of service to you."

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