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    [Job] Rootine (Lily Ambrosia

    Lily Ambrosia
    Lily Ambrosia

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    [Job] Rootine (Lily Ambrosia Empty [Job] Rootine (Lily Ambrosia

    Post by Lily Ambrosia Mon 2 Dec 2019 - 16:25

    Job Details:

    Lily looked around with large eyes at the magical city that surrounded her. She'd come here because she'd heard that it was called Rose Garden, but having arrived she quickly realized that there was more magic than actual plants here (although there was quite the abundance of both things). However despite that she still loved every second of her time here as she got the opportunity to see the creativity of the civilized folk from up close when they had sufficient magic and resources available. The powers of nature were ancient, primal and potent, but they could be rather straightforward and lacking complexity when compared to what happened when those settlement dwellers spent their time tinkering about.

    However she hadn't come here just to gawk. She'd spent her life wandering about on her own, and it was only recently revealed to her that the civilized folk demanded that you had a passport before you could cross the borders of their nations. The dryad couldn't immediately see the point of it, but she was willing to believe that there was a good reason why people would have agreed to this system. Which of course meant she had to have one of those passports for herself so she could enter settlements in other places without the civilized folk asking awkward questions.

    As such while she was definitely paying more attention to her surroundings than to what was in front of her she was standing in the line for a passport. Lines were another thing which just felt strange to her: out in the wilds predators wouldn't just stand there in a tidy queue waiting for the one in front to finish picking their meal. Then again out in the wilds those predators would often have to starve in between meals because of the competition so maybe that did make the lines a better alternative...

    The dryad smiled and waved as she saw that some of the people around her were staring. It wasn't difficult to see what might make them stare: a girl with skin the colour of golden oak, hair like foliage and a dress which looked like it was made out of plants. The people of Rose Garden were used to a lot of strange folk due to the strong presence of magic and mages, but an outright plantlike person like Lily was still something of an unusual sight. Thankfully they were experienced enough with strange sights to leave it to staring. The green-haired girl did have some experience with the less pleasant kind of person and she'd rather avoid that kind of thing where possible.

    While she'd been busy looking around and obliviously acting friendly towards onlookers the line had advanced far enough that she was the next one up. Standing in front of the booth Lily turned her head when she heard a cough. "Yes?"

    The man sitting behind the booth only stared at her for about a second before sighing. Normally he might have been a bit more interested in the story of the woman standing in front of him, but it'd been a long day already and he was hoping that the hours would pass by quickly so he could go home. "State your name, species, birth date and affiliation."

    Lily blinked, then nodded as she began to think out loud. "Okay, so my name's Lily Ambrosia-" "Lily with one or two l's in the middle." The man interrupted her, ignoring her last name for the moment. "Oh! Uhm, one I'm pretty sure." Giving an impatient hand signal the man nodded and urged her to resume. "And I'm a dryad... I don't know what day it was when I was born but it was nice and warm." "We do need a birth date to get you a passport." The man interrupted her again. Lily frowned in thought as she considered this before finally asking something in return. "I think summer has come at least twenty times since then... Which day was in the middle of spring?" The man stared at her for another several seconds, then jotted something down. "I'll write down the 21st of April. And your affiliation if you have one?"

    Her first instinct was to answer with Rakshasa, but there were two things which stopped her. The first one was that she knew that Rakshasa was a guild filled with people who were not on the best of terms with civilization. The second one was that she didn't even know whether Rakshasa was considered an official group by civilization. "I'm unaffiliated." She finally answered.

    The man nodded, finished writing down her answers, then slid the piece of paper away to somewhere out of sight and grabbed a new piece for the next customer. "The lady next to me will give you the passport, have a nice day."

    "You too!" Giving the man a bright smile Lily stepped to the side so the next person in line could get their data registered. Standing in front of the lady the dryad hummed to herself until the passport was presented to her, after which she gave the lady another smile before turning around and wandering off, wondering how she'd safeguard this passport for when she needed it.

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