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    The Test

    Odhran Aegisbane
    Odhran Aegisbane

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    The Test Empty The Test

    Post by Odhran Aegisbane on 1st December 2019, 8:28 pm

    "Ah, dearest Readr and Halation! You two work so well together in concert, as always! I truly must laud you with a succession of both praise, adoration, and likely some seeds for your efforts in uncovering this information about this 'New Law' that dares to establish themselves so close to the home of Errings Rising! Now, I shall be off!"

    Readr sighed as he vanished into the Celestial Spirit realm, Halation simply returning as he pecked at his feathers absently. Odhran began making his way down the mountain, though the town to which he was told to investigate was within eyesight, given that he had ensured that it was in eyesight before sending Readr and Halation off to gather information. The three-minute walk from his perch atop a small bluff of which the town rested under left him ready to fight, and he quickly made his presence known. "Those of you who call yourselves "The New Law," shudder in despair! I am Odhran Aegisbane, the God of the Celestial Spirit Realm, and I have deemed you unworthy of basking in the looming and overarching shadow of Errings Rising! Therefore, you are to fall on your blades before me, lest I make you fall at the hands of the Celestial Spirits that are members within my deific court!"

    By the time his speech was finished, all eleven members of the New Law had arranged themselves in a semicircle around the boasting God. Nonetheless, Odhran smirked, reaching into one of his pockets to unveil the three keys he was the biggest fan of using. "Go forth, my allies! Key of the Frozen Spirit! Key of the Winged Wolf! Key of the Scorpion! Arnaluuk, Lupa, Scorpio! Come forth and destroy those who dare to disrespect the orders of a God!"

    Slashing down his hand that bore the three keys, the gates opened to reveal the Zodiac and his two companions.

    "We are! Let's take them down, baby!"

    "Please don't call me 'baby.' It's a bit disingenuous."

    Lupa barked.

    Scorpio planted his hands against the snowy ground, firing off Sand Arrows, which meshed alongside the vortex of ice Arnaluuk fired from her staff. Lupa meanwhile flew in to engage the soldiers in combat. Lupa pawed away at the different likely non-magic using people, each of her paws striking with water, wind, fire, or earth as the people tumbled. Scorpio's Arrows struck down another few while Arnaluuk's Vortex finished off all but the one who appeared to be the leader. He grimaced before charging head-first into the fray, attempting to slash at Lupa, who lackadaisically fluttered to the side to dodge. He continued to swing his sword at Lupa, who seemed to look at the fight more akin to playing with a dog, as she wagged her tail as she flew around. Odhran looked over to Scorpio and Arnaluuk, hoping that they would be able to finish off the foe. Instead, he saw Scorpio doing his best to flirt with Arnaluuk, much to the latter's ire. Scorpio had his arm wrapped around Arnaluuk's shoulder, whispering quietly to the clearly irritated Arnaluuk. Arnaluuk responded finally by taking her trident and repeatedly bashing Scorpio atop the head with it. Odhran turned over towards the fight between Lupa and the last member of the New Law, only to see that Lupa had managed to disarm the man and was instead licking his face, though she seemed to at least realize that he was an enemy, as her tongue had a subtle hint of flames upon them, if the man's screams of pain were not evidence enough. Regardless of the unconventional methods that the three Spirits went about defeating their foe, Odhran roared with laughter, content enough at a job well done.

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