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    Aren't crystal just grounded stars?


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    Aren't crystal just grounded stars? Empty Aren't crystal just grounded stars?

    Post by Lee 1st December 2019, 8:29 am

    Just recently Doran joined the guild Sabertooth, it seems that a letter had shown up for him from them. The best guess he could come up with was that they wish to test him because within the letter said for him to do a job in Sakuramori and that there will be someone watching his every action. Not sure what to think about it, tho more than likely it would be a higher-up of the guild so fighting the idea of a nanny would be a waste of time. It was a strikeout with the idea but had still been pleased to finally be part of a guild and went along with the idea. Tho he did wonder who the person that was gonna be, what they would look like, how powerful they were, and how they would treat him.

    Taken a long journey on his own from Sabertooth to Sakuramori, going by the base of a large mountain range and through some unknown forest to arrive at the location for the job. The tiny little village that sits within a large and beautiful forest is the location of the job. Luckily, there were only a few homes to go to in search of the clients. After finding and speaking with the client, he learned that the job was to save a child that vanished and they believed that their precious child was somehow lured into that strange crystal cave that is nearby. They had warned Doran of strange and mysterious creatures are within the cave that could easily trap the child within it. The client did tell him that at no cost to harm the creatures within the cave because the villages want to live in coexistence with them. It's easy to tell them apart from others because they are made up out of crystals and aren't aggressive at all, at least that is what the client says.

    Doran had ensured the client that he would get their child back and thanked them for all the information. Took from the client's home and headed towards the crystal cave that was nearby the tiny village. But it was still confusing trying to get there, just like it was when entering the forest to find the tiny village. It seemed as if the forest its self had wanted to confuse those that entered it and make sure they weren't here to harm the environment and/or beings that lived there. That would be understanding because on his way to the cave he had been muttering to himself about how it's gonna be hard to save the child if he isn't able to fight or harm the creatures within the cave. Tho soon enough the forest it's self stopped confusing him and he made it to where he could see the crystal cave not that far away. A few of the crystal on the ground right in front of the mouth of the cave had shined more the closer he got to the cave it's self. So the young man took a few more steps closer to the crystal cave, it was at that moment that he stud at the mouth of the crystal cave. The below himself had to be shining as bring as a star in the night's sky, leaned over and attempted to pick the crystal up to look at it better and find out what is going on with it.

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