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    Music to my Ears


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    Music to my Ears  Empty Music to my Ears

    Post by Silvia 27th November 2019, 12:16 am

    Silvia stood there in the center of it all. The commotion was coming from every single corner of the Rose Gardens. Kids were playing around, and dancing to the music that was being played. Their faces lit up at the magic being used in the area. Each one had a face of satisfaction. All of it just made Silvia smile. Although it was subtle, she truly did enjoy all of the commotion. This was how she wanted the world to be. Once Errings Rising got done with destroying laws, she hoped that this would be the outcome of the world. She hoped that kids could run free without judgement, and that they could smile at all times.

    However, there was a long road ahead of her before this goal was achieved. This road would be one filled with blood, especially after she accomplished the job she had taken. Even before signing up for her guild, Silvia knew exactly what she had to do. She could feel her doll controlling her like a puppet. Though, it was less her being controlled, and more of her agreeing to do what the doll asked of her. In her heart, she knew that her friend was right, and that if it was asking her to do this one thing, then she must do it. So, whenever she took that job on the guild's quest board, she knew exactly what she was doing.

    On it, it said "Assasination Contract: Missy Ellie." An up and coming singer that performed mainly in the Rose Gardens. She has begun to be an influential name in the media, singing about the need to tear down dark guilds. Even with her bold moves, she has yet to hire a team of bodyguards, or even learn magic herself. She was cocky, and Silvia knew that her blood had to be spilled. Although the singer thought she had the right intentions, she knew very little about the topic she was singing about. If she did research, she would find out why people aren't talking up about the guilds.

    So, as Silvia stared out at the singer, she smiled at her. With this, the singer smiled back at her. She seemed nice, but that wasn't enough. Once the singer finished her song, Silvia felt a pulse of magic, urging her to move on with the killing. She knew exactly what this feeling was. Looking down at her doll, she said to it, "Don't worry Selena, I know exactly what to do. I've known you long enough now to realize your needs." With that, she looked back up to see the singer walking away.

    As quickly and silently as possible, Silvia followed the woman into a dark area within the rose gardens itself. It wasn't until the flames had singed the roses around her, did Ellie know that she would die. Raising her hand up in the air, Silvia formed a thread made of fire. With a quick motion, she sent this thread out towards her target, burning her completely. With her body limp on the floor, Silvia looked at Selena and said to her, "See, everything's fine. I hope that sated. For now, I just want to enjoy the music and magic of the rose gardens." With that, she exited the area, leaving behind a burnt corpse and the burnt edges of the garden's flower's.

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