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    Reaping Pumpkins, and plucking monsters? Or is it the other way around?

    Pandora Dagger
    Pandora Dagger

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    Reaping Pumpkins, and plucking monsters? Or is it the other way around? Empty Reaping Pumpkins, and plucking monsters? Or is it the other way around?

    Post by Pandora Dagger 24th November 2019, 4:56 pm

    A simple, seemingly meaningless task. That was what the parchment asked of her, and so easy even had it been had she decided to ask someone to tag along with her. However, Pandora had decided to instead walk this one out alone; a foreboding feeling telling her that she might be gifted with an opportunity to gain something more out of it than she had hoped. That, and if it came to a kerfuffle for some strange reason, she'd finally be able to use her magic again. Cursed as it may be, she'd been holding off on using it as much as she could, knowing what damage she could cause to those near her. Harming an innocent wasn't on her to do-list, nor would it ever be.But for once, Pandora’s mind was filled with memories of her past without it dragging her down. This time around, she found herself reminiscing about the few Halloweens she’d spent together with Rhadamanthys and Raihou, who both were fervent fans of decorating the guild for this spooky occasion. And their excitement had always sparked the rest of the guild to tag along and help out, to the point that a handful of them had decided on actually growing a pumpkin patch of their own on the guild grounds for the youngster to enjoy. She could still remember clearly how happy his squeals had been when they told him he could pick the first-ever pumpkin they’d grown to carve a scary face into it. She smiled softly. She missed those days. Days she could no longer return to, events that were doomed to remain just mere memories, and nothing more than that. No chance of repeating themselves again in the future, because it lack those needed to repeat them. But at the same time it were those memories that had gotten her out here, on this pumpkin patch, looking for the things that had brought her son so much enjoyment and glee. There were other children out there yearning for a pumpkin of their own, just as happy and excited about it as Raihou had once been. For those kids, she managed. And for them she’d walk this path a dozen times over if it meant bringing them more pumpkins to enjoy. After all, this was already her third running. If only her pocket space allowed for food to be stored inside, she would’ve been set with only one run, but alas. Several times she went, and several times she returned. It all went rather easily. A bit too easy, as a matter of fact, as if her gut-feeling had been a hoax.

    How easy had it been too, had those crows not blocked her path that fourth time. A mighty flock, at that, spawning a dozen meters and coloring the very sky behind them black. They moved like a massive block of darkness, swiftly and as one, which was unlike a crow would or even should be doing… something was very off about this field. Having decided on taking a different patch to allow the elder folk more pumpkins to pick on the nearby fields, her unconsciousness had been screaming. Ignoring it had been a mistake, so it seemed. Reluctantly she dropped the pumpkin on the ground, and rose back to her full size, standing up straight as the flock rapidly got closer, their cawing having become a cluster of unsynchronized screeches. Their sound was hardly pleasing for the ears, and all but kind to her eardrums to boot. There they were at long last, the gut-feeling she’d been wondering about now rushing through her body like crazy. A sly smile crossed her lips as she brushed her hand across the prosthetic leg, fixing it in place. Doing so would limit her movement but add to the durability of the prosthetic. She couldn’t afford it to be destroyed so easily. A green magic circle appeared above her palm, slowly rotating. She flicked her wrist, projecting the circle before her facing upwards, and expanded it further, watching how the solid circle caved in and started changing entirely, as if it was now a vibrant cesspool of haywire energy running wild inside the outer circle. She could feel that if the circle broke, the magic would explode and cause damage to both her and her surroundings. Carefully she kept the circle whole as a large trident slowly appeared from it. The circle disappeared, and Pandora was left with what could be called one of her most favorite weapons; Shurakai. A seven foot weapon with great reach and even greater balance. And to top it off, a fun little ability involving lightning. With only a few more meters between her and the flock Pandora pointed the tip of her bladed trident at the crows, and merely spoke two words. ”Roaring Thunder.” Thunder crashed down upon the flock, over and over again, volley after volley the lightning struck the crows, the ground and the air in between them. The last bird crashed unto the ground just before her feet. The red-head smirked and tapped the ground with the shaft of her trident. ”Now now, no need to be shy. I know you’re out there, so how about you stop hiding and face me like a real man does? Or should I say, Crow.”

    Pandora’s eye glanced over her shoulder with a cocky expression visible within it. A smile played her lips as she turned to face the humanoid beast resembling neither man nor crow. It screeched at her cocky resemblance, and all it did to Pandora was force another laugh form her being. ”Pereo, Corvus!” she pointed her trident at the monster’s location and once again the lightning came crashing down upon it. Its feathers were left riddled with smoke, on the brink of catching fire as Pandora moved in, slamming her trident into its body, its back, its body again. The combination of swings, slashes kept on coming like a storm slowly but steadily whipping itself up to a forceful power of nature. And at the very end, the three double-edged blades pierced through the Lord of Crow’s black body, firmly protruding from its back. She put some force into it, and the lifeless body fell back, exploding in a cloud of feathers once it hit the ground. A single one got caught in Pandora’s hair, and she decided to leave it there, because it seemed another visitor had risen to keep her company. The red-head sighed heavily as she saw the scythe the scarecrow was holding, and how eagerly it was swinging it about. Seriously, what was it with items come to life not bothering with learning how to properly wield a weapon?!

    Turning the trident around Pandora aimed carefully, compiling a calculation of the wind, the mis-aimed direction she’d throw at due to only having one eye at her disposal, and the gravity of the weapon and the field around them. Then, she threw. With a loud echo the scythe was torn from the scarecrow’s hay-like hands, hitting the ground together with Shurakai about a dozen meters behind her new foe. Surprised, the scarecrow turned around, too late to notice Pandora had summoned a new weapon to her hands. A scythe, just like his, only far more brutal and bloodthirsty than his could’ve ever been. An odd aura was being emitted from this weapon, and as it dug deep into the scarecrow did it hear the sinister laughter echoing through its mind. Instead of pulling back, Pandora just dragged her scythe through the body entirely, stepped back, and stepped back in rotating the crescent blade over and over again, seemingly easily too despite its size.

    “You know Pandora, this would all be so much more fun if I could just taste some blood.” Nosferatu ushered casually as Pandora kept on mowing into the scytheless scarecrow’s  body. It was utterly defenceless and she could feel how the being within her scythe was enjoying her constant assault, albeit not a bloody one. She scoffed. ”If that’s truly what you want, then go ahead and take mine. But just make sure you’re ready for that thing over there. He seems all but easy to deal with. She said as she pointed at the thickening fog that now steadily crept up to them. The scarecrow dropped unto the ground lifelessly as it was supposed to be, and all the red-head now had eyes for was the shimming light slowly swaying before her. Nosferatu giggled and expanded the spikes on his handle, creating small wounds in Pandora's palm to savour her blood from. She winced shortly, but quickly recovered and tightened her grip on the being that now revealed itself. A bonafide pumpkin taking up the rule of this patch as its own, complete with black gown and fancy lantern... and of course, rather inhuman claws that oozed an even more inhuman liquid. "Let's go, freakshow!" she taunted the thing, immediately engaging in a rather flurried battle. She got struck by the claws, but managed to deal far more damage due to Nosferatu's guidance helping her dodge what could've been the final blow for her. In the end it took her 20 minutes of dodging and lashing out before she was able to deal the finishing blow, reaping the Pumpkin Patch Lord by slicing its head right off its body. Exhausted she fell back, panting heavily while feeling the strain on her leg. This was bad. Hopefully no others would show up. Because if they did, she'd be in big trouble.

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