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    Hired Musce


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    Hired Musce Empty Hired Musce

    Post by Robbo 24th November 2019, 1:21 pm

    Motor City was one of Victor’s most favorite places, as it was somewhere he can get tons of things that go BOOM, and BAM. Ghobel also held an enjoyment towards coming to motor city, however it wasn’t as grand as his green haired boss’s. The disastrous duo often made trips to this place either to witness new toys of mayhem or just reminisce towards older time. This was the city Victor grew up in, learned all he knew and eventually met Ghobel, this was one place he couldn’t ever forget. However, today wasn’t a day to catch up on memories or look at all the cool new toys, today the disastrous duo had a job in the city. The rebel’s former gang the Soaring Fanged Beast were pretty well known in motor city, and committed many heinous acts when they were running. This has lead to Victor being the person he is today, the chaos loving, crime committing, rebel he is.

    Some thug that Victor was somewhat familiar, Theobold Thawn, needed some help collecting money from some “clients.” Extorting money from others, especially those that didn’t deserve it was something Victor was all to used to. His former gang had quite a few extortion jobs with other thugs, Theobold Thawn included. Extortion jobs like these weren’t all that fun to the green haired rebel, due to the lack of action that ever occured. Intimidation was the main tool used when struck with a job like this, only on rare occasions has Victor ever been allowed to physically hurt the “client”. The green haired rebel wouldn’t normally take jobs that didn't involve any BOOMs or BAMs, but Theobold was an old client of Victors past gang so he did have some desire to take the job.

    The meet up location for the job was in an abandoned warehouse, one which Victor was also somewhat familiar with. “Hey kiddo, been awhile.” The green haired rebel recognized that voice despite not hearing it for such a long time. “Yeah, yeah, sup. So whyja  you need our help? You know me and Ghobs hate doin these borin jobs.” The rebels hand extended outward into a fist greeting his past friend. When Thawn accepted with his own fist, both the scaly lizard and mayhem loving goon smiled. “Well, yah see here Vic, finding good help is hard now a days. Everyone is just so soft, man how I miss your old gang runnin about and causing all that trouble. Plus they always helped me out for some quick cash.” Thawn chuckled as he finished, the trouble making duo joined along in the laughter and reminiscing to the dead gang.

    “Well let's get to work why don’t we!” Thawn grabbed the green haired rebels shoulder and began to head to the first “client”. “Ok, listen up kiddo. This is gonna be like taking candy from a baby, literally. Some kid runs this candy shop, apparently his dad bought em this place.” Victor and Ghobel were both ushered into the shop to do their job. A bell rang as the two entered, “Hello, how can I he..” the voice stopped as Victor stomped his foot against a bin of candy. Jawbreakers began to spread across the floor, “W-W-Whats wrong with youuu!” “Thawn wants his money, kid. You better pay up by the end of the day or I’ll be coming back to get myself some more candy.” “Y-Y-YESS! I WILL! I’M SORRY!!!” The duo turned and headed back towards Thawn, not before Ghobel picked up some of the jawbreakers that spread the floor. “Like I told you like taking candy from a baby. Off to the next one Vic.”

    Thawn lead the duo to a small restaurant, “Ok this one might be more exciting, I know your itchin for some action. The owner here is some old geezer thinkin he’s still in his prime, he might start a fight with you.” A smile formed across Thawn’s face as he finished, and followed the duo in. He stood by the entrance as Victor walked to the counter where an old man was serving drinks and food “Thawn sent me, he wants his money by the end of the day.” The old man pulled up his sleeves, “Now, now, listen here, I’m not giving that goon anything at all. Tell that scum bag to get a life.” The green haired rebel smiled and gave a quick glance to Ghobel, the scaly gremlin knew that look and backed off. “Last chance geezer, you better give em his money. Can ya promise me you’ll do it by da end of the day?” The old man’s brows furrowed, he let out a sigh and swung his fist across Victor’s face. The green haired rebels face swept to the right following the punches momentum, a laugh followed. His face turned back to old man his fist clenched, “My turn, geezer.” With one swing the old man fell onto the ground “Remember, Thawn wants his money by the end of da day.” With that Victor and Ghobel returned to Thawn at the entrance. “You did good kiddo, he’ll definitely pay up. With that your jobs done Vic.” “Heh, wanna go get somethin to eat and like talk about the past more?” “Sure, kiddo.”

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