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    Two Samurai vs the Dread of the Night

    Kaja Jelen
    Kaja Jelen

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    Two Samurai vs the Dread of the Night Empty Two Samurai vs the Dread of the Night

    Post by Kaja Jelen 23rd November 2019, 2:07 pm

    A young woman road upon a black stallion, followed by another woman upon a white horse. The first sat tall within the ornate crimson lacquered saddle. Her dark hairs flowed behind her in the wind. Upon her head she wore a cap, adorned with golden sunburst. Her eyes were crimson and stared into the world ahead of her. Her clothing consisted of a black trench coat and tall gilded boots and dark pants. Upon her shoulders hung a large cloak that even covered a part of the horse’s rear. She wore a curved sword upon her hip, sheathed in an ebony lacquered sheath and decorated with gold and crimson silk. It was a Midian tachi, a large sword that was carried with it’s cutting edge pointed down and hanging from two strings that were attached to the wielders belt. Her follower was dressed in a blue and white kimono and wore two swords upon her hip, a long katana and the shorter wakizashi. Were as the former wore her long black hairs loose in the wind, this one wore her shorter blonde hairs tied up and bound with a blue ribbon Her blue eyes were not fixed up a head but looked curious around her.

    “Yuuka-tono,” she called Aimi out, “look over there.” She halted her horse and pointed to a field in the distance. The field was black but not because it had recently been ploughed. No, the field was alive and moving. It was like a sea, whose waves were in constant motion; however, this was not the sea, this was a humongous flock of black birds.
    Yuuka stopped her steed and looked over her shoulder to her retainer, then followed the direction she was pointing at. Unusual yes, but it was of no interest to her. ”None of our concern,” said the raven-haired woman dry. She pressed her heels into the flank of her steed, sending him into a trot. Her companion followed a few breaths latter.
    They trotted for a while when a shadow moved over, a curious event as it was already quite dark. Aimi looked up and saw a large flock of black birds above them, circling closer as their elevation dropped. They flutter of their wings gradually grew louder as they descended. Yuuka looked up as well, annoyed by the disturbing sounds. They suddenly dropped at a high speed, diving up them but suddenly the crows were engulfed in flames as Yuuka released a stream of fire from her mouth. Her cap fell of as she did. Aimi who had looked in awe at the display of her master’s dragon slayer magic noticed it after looking at her Yuuka. She quickly dropped herself out of the saddle, as burned cadavers fell from the sky, to pick up the cap. She brushed the dirt off with the sleeve of her kimono and handed it to her master, we took it without a word of thank you and placed it back on her head after a close inspection for dirt or damage.

    Suddenly the corpses of the birds around them started to move, drawn like moths to a candle; they came together and fused into a monstrosity of shadow and feathers. A humanoid-ish bird creature, whose aura emitted a severe cold. The horses who had thus far been fairly calm, as there are used to a great deal, started to panic. Yuuka jumped nimbly of her mount and landed with both feet upon the ground. Aimi lunged forward at the same time, drawing her katana as she charged. The blade flashed but did not hit, she was then flunked aside by an ice-cold fist of the raven-creature.

    Yuuka stretched out her right arm and within her open hand appeared a matchlock pistol, of the type used by the Midian people. She squeezed the trigger and the fuse dropped into the firing pan, a flash, a bang and the pistol fired it’s lead projectile at the creature. It ripped straight through its chest, but it kept standing; the gaping hole created in its body rapidly disappeared as feathers moved to cover the void. “I see,” said the young warlord. She dropped the pistol, which disappeared before it hit the ground. The drew her sword and lunched forwards, as fierce as fire and rapid like the thunder. She sliced of one arm of the creature, feathers spread everywhere, and her vision was clouded as the other arm strikes at her. She was pushed aside; her left sleeve was tattered. She stood there, looking down at her sleeve. “Unacceptable,” she told herself. She looked up, back at the raven creature, her eyes seemed to spew fire. Aimi returned and wanted to pass besides Yuuka to charge but her master stopped her by holding her left arm out. A bomb appeared with her left and she jogged it at the raven; it exploded in a fury of fire and shrapnel, blowing the creature appeared in a cloud of feathers.

    The sable haired woman sheathed her sword, “Come.” She continued down the road, somewhere a head they would find their horses. Aimi did not unsheathe her katana, she followed her master; franticly looking left and right, as well as up, for any threat. They passed fields of harvested crops, only some piles of soaked threshes and a couple scattered scarecrows littered the fields; along with the infamous crows. Did one just moved? wondered the blonde girl, she looked a third time. It was now a stone throw away. She instantly turned her whole body to it and took a fighting position with her blade raised. “Tono!” called Aimi out loud, “enemy.”

    Yuuka turned, “Are you kidding me. Can’t they just leave us alone.” She expected Aimi to give some redundant answer but instead the reply was a cackling laughter that she could feel even in her bones. She then noticed the scarecrow with its pumpkin head and armed with a scythe. Her fit’s ignited in fire, her eyes blazed, and she ran forward. The scarecrow did the same but instead of a straight line, it moved like lighting in the sky; zigzagging and it did not come to meet Yuuka but Aimi, who was barely able to block the incoming attack. Yuuka drove her blazing fist into the creatures back and Aimi followed up with a slash, but her sword got stuck in the wooden limb of the creature. “Fire Dragon’s Claw,” bellowed the black-haired woman as a large thorn of fire extended from her already burning right fist. She slashed at her opponent.

    The scarecrow jumped away, Aimi had to let go of her katana and immediately drew her shorter sword. The scarecrow turned around and charged at the two warriors. At the same time Yuuka drew her sword in her flaming hands and sprinted, blade raised besides her face and she jumped up to a great height; she fell back down to earth, slashing and burning a great stroke down upon the earth; upon the place of the scarecrow. Aimi lunged forwards as well, stabbing and slashing in quick session. The monster was busy with Aimi, giving Yuuka the space and time to sheath her sword and grab the pumpkin head. The fire upon her fist blazed hot, as embers filled the sky and the pumpkin head melted away, sharing the wooden limbs and body of the scarecrow. Aimi quickly retrieved her sword before it got engulfed in orange flames that already had start to lick at the steel blade.

    The remains of the scarecrow stopped burning with a sudden thug of cold winds, it then emitted an eerie fog that shrouded the world in grey hues. They could look no future than sword reach, but something was out there. They could not see it, but it could see them, and they could feel it as the hairs on their body tingled. An orange light was seen in a distance, circling around them. Then it disappeared and Yuuka felt a presence emerge behind her. A sudden burst of flames erupted from Yuuka as she used her slayer magic, scarring the pumpkin ghost behind them. The warlord turned around the slam her fist at her opponent, but her fist hit nothing but thine and cold air. The demon had vanished. The women looked around them, with their backs against each other. Weary of what ever was out there; the light appeared again, slowly circling around them until a sudden orb of darkness came at them. They dodged it and they lunged forwards with their blades flashing and slashing at the creature in front of them. Yuuka summoned forth her second Tanzutsu, her matchlock pistol, and fired at the being; shooting straight through its pumpkin head without it caring about it. Again, she dropped her pistol, which disappeared before it could hit the ground. She drew her sword and charged once more, slashing and hacking at what ever she could hit. Aimi close besides her doing the same. Again, the demon disappeared. Their backs instantly were against each other again as they screened the fog for the orange light. Yuuka spotted it again, “I am done with this.” She sheathed her sword and held her left hand in front of her. A giant matchlock gun appeared, with its stock I the ground and her hand around the thick barrel. It was a hand cannon, if you gave it wheels then it would be a proper cannon; however, within the barrel was a wooden projectile, an arrow of sorts.  She picked up the stock and went through her knees.  She placed the stock back on the ground and secured it; aiming down the sight and fired. She nearly fell over by the recoil. They could see the trail of embers and black smoke in the grey mist, followed by an explosion. The mist dropped as if it was sand that fell down. The pumpkin patch king was no more.
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