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    Captain's Log #1: A Battle On The Cloud Seas [Part 3]

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    Captain's Log #1: A Battle On The Cloud Seas [Part 3] Empty Captain's Log #1: A Battle On The Cloud Seas [Part 3]

    Post by Prince Chaos 22nd November 2019, 12:44 pm

    Job Information:
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    Solo Word Count: 500 words
    Group Word Count: 1000 words
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    Job Description: Whatever the player chooses
    Enemies: Whatever the player chooses
    Reward: 5,000 jewels

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    Cap'n Erik had cast the die by declaring he was going to take everything for himself - electing not to give up the Merloan Princess to the rival crew of seafarers. He reached for his Okeanos Model 1791 flintlock pistol from his side and attempted to aim it at the grey-haired captain, who was aboard his vessel. Then, a loud clang echoed through the air, and the flintlock pistol flew out of Cap'n Erik's hand - landing on the wooden floor behind the covetous man.

    In a flash, the opposing captain had brandished the cutlass he had at his waist and struck the gun from Cap'n Erik's hand. Then, the grey-haired captain moved his blade back - thrusting the weapon toward Erik. Cap'n Erik moved his left arm in front of him out of instinct to protect himself. The sharp edge dug into the flesh of Erik's arm and hit the dense bone in it, causing a surge of high-intensity pain to resonate through his body. A flood crimson had begun to fall on the wooden deck. The movement of Erik's arms had shortened the distance the blade could travel. This motion had caused the edge to stop at its current location.

    Cap'n Erik moved his free hand to his chest and pulled out another pistol of the eight guns that he still had on his person. The grey-haired captain had pulled his sword out and was about to take another swing at Cap'n Erik. Bang. A loud gun-shot reverberated through the air. The rival captain had an intense glare on his face as blood began to trickle down his face. Right in the middle of his head, Cap'n Erik had shot the man. The opposing captain then fell to the floor of the ship with a thud.

    "Captain?!" A voice from one of the men screamed out. They had realized the result of the bit of conflict that occurred in an instant before their eyes. While still reeling from the pain of the deep wound on his arm, Cap'n Erik quickly aimed his pistol at the next enemy sailor on his ship. There was another loud shot and followed by another thud as another dead body hit the floor of the vessel. Erik attempted to aim his firearm at the next individual close to him when another bang erupted. Cap'n Erik felt another sharp pain hit his upper left arm before something else warm started to trickle earthward. "Damn it!" Erik screamed out to himself as he realized that the men on the other side of the ship had snapped out of their stupor and had started their attack.

    The auburn-haired man ran from the open expanse of the vessel - the training and instincts which been honed and formed by living as a pirate kicked in. A few more shots from the other men on the other vessel echoed through the air, which barely missed the man, who was running toward the wooden mast of the ship. Cap'n Erik hid behind the column of the vessel and sat down. "Shit." He muttered to himself as he listened to the sailors on the other craft proceed to shoot at the post. "That old man got me good." He had at least taken out the captain of the rival vessel, and now it was time to get ready and take out the rest of the crew. But the question was how to kill them all and loot their treasure.

    Word Count: 579/500



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