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    Pumpkin Picking Gone Wrong


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    Pumpkin Picking Gone Wrong Empty Pumpkin Picking Gone Wrong

    Post by Shirayuki 22nd November 2019, 5:44 am

    There were kids all over the place and the Silver Wolf mage had to be on her toes to get out of the way of the little bundles of joy. She was currently in a large pumpkin field, located in the lovely town of Rose Garden, hauling the orange fruit from the ground to a wheelbarrow that she had hired for the day. It was an easy enough job and the purple haired woman was quite enjoying herself as she went about her work. Ever since she’d joined the guild, Vanita had been in a constantly good mood and she almost seemed to bristle with positivity. She’d wandered the world alone for so long and to finally find somewhere to call her own had a massive effect on her. She was truly grateful to Leona for accepting her and she’d promised herself to her utmost to help the guild in anyway she could. Today’s task wasn’t exactly a world saver but it was a nice little job nonetheless and she was sure that the locals would appreciate it.

    It was a lovely day and the sun had been shining for pretty much all of it, with the temperature being just right for physical labour. Vanita had been given quite the workout by the task and was thankful that she’d always been in pretty good shape. Oh, she was not tired out just yet and she planned on spending a little more time working but unfortunately the decision was rather rudely taken away from her as a rather large sound suddenly attracted her attention from the air. As she gazed upwards, she began to notice a large group of crows beginning to form above her, watching every movement that both she and the children made. The kids began to notice as well and soon started to point and murmur to each other. Vanita pondered to herself just what had caused the flying creatures to suddenly appear but her curiosity would turn to alarm as they suddenly all cawed in unison and flew down towards the kids.

    “Everyone get out of here, quickly,” she’d say calmly, in an attempt to stop the youngsters from panicking too much. They would not need telling twice and soon fled, leaving herself as the only target for the seemingly annoyed crows. With a look towards each other, they would rather foolishly try to attack her in a swarm and as they did so, Vanita would tap into her phase magic and unleash a whirlwind of the unusual energy around her. Cawing with alarm but unable to get away, the birds would soon be swept up in the tornado, swirling around and around until they became nothing more than just a pile of feathers. The mage had been expecting a little more from them but reasoned that they were perhaps simply scouts or something like that. Surely there must be more than just the birds.

    Indeed there was and the remains of the crows would soon begin to rise from the ground and begin to form a larger being in front of her. An odd creature soon became visible, resembling a half bird, half human like form. It had razor sharp talons and powerful arms, with a twisted grin across its features. With a laugh that sounded more like a screech, it charged towards the mage and started to attack her with its long arms and claws. Vanita would dodge the blows easily enough and would release a wave of phase energy towards the creature, knocking it backwards and briefly causing it to swing wildly all over the place in confusion. The mage would then briefly cover herself in the mystical energy and suddenly teleport towards her foe, unleashing a powerful explosion as soon as she reappeared, causing the enemy to shriek in pain and stunning it briefly. In complete control, Vanita would then surround her fist with energy and unleash a powerful punch into the creatures abdomen that would cause it to collapse to the ground, defeated.

    Once the crow creature was down, the atmosphere seemed to lighten for a moment or to although Vanita was still doubtful that that would be the end of it. She’d never been fond of combat but had been involved in it enough by now to have developed the warriors sense for such things. She mused to herself that the crow lord or whatever he was supposed to be was probably just another minion of the boss of these creatures of the night. She didn’t feel any fear and simply waited, although she did briefly turn her gaze away to make sure that the children were all right. Thankfully, they had all seen to have run off by now, which was probably for the best.

    That moment almost cost her as her slayer honed reflexes were only just quick enough for her to evade a powerful attack from her next foe. Jumping backwards, she would find herself face to face with a living scarecrow, wielding a mighty scythe and clearly out for blood. Quickly, she would clap her hands together and mutter a few words, causing various coloured dragon shaped marks to appear on her body, increasing her strength, magical damage and speed. To complete her preparation, she would summon a blade of phase energy which she swiftly put to good use, parrying the creatures next attack and forcing the monster back.

    With a cackle, the scarecrow would quickly re-engage her, unleashing a rage filled style of aggressive and wide slashes that the mage would either parry or counter. It was a battle of blind rage vs calm and elegance and it wasn’t all that long before the mage was able to start scoring hits on the creature as she managed to figure him out. The dark creature began to become more desperate in his strikes and when the mage suddenly slammed her fist on the floor all of a sudden and knocked him up into the air, it would seem like the end. As he rose into the air, a fist like shape of magical energy would descend from the sky, smashing into the figure and forcing him hard to the ground. For a moment, the figure would try and struggle back to his feet, before becoming still and returning to darkness.

    Keeping her blade active, Vanita would once more delve into her more defensive skills and begin to surround herself with a wind type of armour, allowing a powerful gust to surround her, letting it increase her defences. The scarecrow had been a lot stronger than the crow lord and Vanita suspected that there would probably be one final test for her to face. Whatever had caused all of this trouble had to be stopped and as much as she disliked taking any form of life, she knew that it was probably the only solution to this. These creatures were filled with nothing but darkness and selfishness and couldn’t be reasoned with, no matter how hard she tried.

    One final screech would fill the area as the leader of the group made his entrance. He had the head of a pumpkin and wielded a lantern, a pair of incredibly long nails extending from his hands. There were no words between the two and without a moment's thought, the creature would immediately send out a blast of darkness energy, that was thankfully blocked by Vanita’s defensive skills. The pair would then move towards each other and engage in one final close ranged battle. He was deceptively quick and there were a few occasions where he was able to put her on the back foot but Vanita remained calm and eventually managed to break one of his nails, causing him to reel in pain and jump backwards. Taking the advantage, the mage would move forward and begin to take advantage, her blade strikes dancing and twirling as she caught him again and again with the phase sword. His screams became louder and more wild as he desperately tried to counter but she just had too much for him. Leaping backwards, she would create a vortex of phase energy that would start to pull him towards it, causing him to desperately try and struggle to safety. The pull would be too much for him though and the moment his body touched the vortex, it would violently explode. To complete the fight, Vanita would then unleash five orbs of phase energy, which would combine together into one and fly towards the pumpkin, resulting in another powerful blast. When the smoke cleared, there was nothing left of him. The battle was over and Vanita, panting slightly, had won the day.

    Wearily, she would then take a seat on the ground and simply look up at the sky for a moment, before her vision was suddenly cut as the kids from earlier appeared and proceeded to dog pile her, gushing about her powers and thanking her endlessly for saving them. At the bottom of the pile, Vanita could only smile, happy to have been able to help.

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