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    Fishing up trouble (job)


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    Fishing up trouble (job) Empty Fishing up trouble (job)

    Post by Sol 20th November 2019, 4:27 am

    Sol yawned as he entered the town of Ceder and glanced around for a moment, he had decided to take a rather simple job as a reason to get off the continent and get some fresh air, the CEO was dressed a bit more modern then his normal midi clothes in his black sleeveless Chinese shirt and black pants along with his Geta that he wore. As he pulled out the flier he glanced around to try and find the quickest route to the docks so he could deal with the issue at hand, from what the flier had said he needed to deal with whatever was wrecking the fishing business here in ceder since something was stealing fish and breaking nets among other things. Sol knew it wasent good for the town and he could only imagen the irritation the fisherman were having.” At least this is rather simple now I just need to get to the docks and get on the boat. It didn’t take long for Sol to get where he needed to be and as he stepped onto the docks he saw a set of fisherman waiting for someone.”I assume you are the folk that need the job done?” he asked as the older of the two nodded.

    yes we are losing more and more money due to something in the water stealing our fish and wrecking our nets if we don’t do something soon the town will suffer for it” he explained as Sol nodded.”Alright im Sol Detholusin of the West Fiore Trading Company and ill be helping you with this issue” he explained before they all got onto the boat and started off towards the vast expanse of water. Once they were out a ways Sol glanced at the fisherman before he stretched a bit.” Now since we are out on the water do me a favor and throw a line down im going to use it to go under the water and deal with this issue” he explained before the crew looked at him like he was crazy before one of them anchored a line to the boat before tossing it into the water and Sol removed his geta before he hopped off the boat and grabbed the rope before he started to sink.since he didn’t need to breath Sol could remain down for as long as he needed to.

    As he went down the Deathless peered around in the dark water like it was clear as day and suddenly saw a dark shape charge him and he slid down the rope to avoid being bitten then he saw what he was dealing with.’Huh a Warner shark to see one this close is odd but considering they like to attack ships its no wonder its going after the nets its an easy meal looks like I just made even more money’ he thought to himself as he saw the shark suddenly turn and charge him again opening its maw to reveal row after row of razor sharp teeth. However Sol was quick to avoid it and slid down the rope again before removing his wakizashi from a shadow portal and impaling the beast thru the stomach before latching onto it so he wouldn’t lose it as the fisherman suddenly pulled the rope up. Once he was back on the boat Sol shook himself to rid himself of water before he looked at the crew.”This is the culprit a Warner shark they like to attack ships and their teeth are able to rend steel rather easily to find one this close to port is a rarity Id like to take some of the teeth since they are so valuable if that is alright” he asked as the captain nodded.”That’s fine son you did a damn good job and saved our business its not much but once we get back to land Ill give you a recommendation to the best seafood place in town since we supply them it’s the least we can do.” He said as Sol smiled brightly.”Sure sounds perfect



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