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    Official Custom Lineage Library

    Post by Seijin on 10th July 2013, 6:58 am

    IMPORTANT NOTE: LINEAGES HERE ARE CUSTOM LINEAGES AND CAN ONLY BE gained via purchasing an ancient scroll. These are unique to the users.

    Omen Angel:

    Lineage Name: Omen Angel

    Wielder: Goddess Aliannah
    Purchase Proof: Page 4, Post n°96

    Upon her death, Alyia was bestowed upon a mysterious accordance. While she didn’t go to heaven, or be reborn else where, the girl had instead found herself to be an angel. Having her family living within a remote area of Earthland, Alyia didn’t know much about them. It wasn’t until hunters came to her village and murdered her family and friends in cold blood, claiming that it was precious and dangerous as it was the blood of demons and angels. Her village had been an alcove where both demons and angels had come down and made a home away from the heavens and hells eons ago. The blood from the original angels and demons was passed down from generation to generation, giving the people in this village powers like none other had seen. But the village was simple and silent for so long that it seemed to have dropped entirely off of the map. That was until the hunters came and killed off so many, leaving only Alyia alive as she had accidentally lead the hunters to her home. With rage and revenge the girl killed the hunters with the magic that had been passed down from one family to the next, before fleeing into the forest.

    She travelled for far and long on her own until the girl had reached the guild of Eclipse Soul where she had finally settled down. But it wasn’t until several months in that Alyia knew something was wrong, not just with her but with one of her guild mates, Katherine. Alyia had back luck training after her and to this, it was normal for her. But to Katherine it was something else.

    It wasn’t until Alyia and Katherine had been alone, Katherine mentoring her, that Alyia realized what was wrong the hard way. Death had struck the girl from above. Upon traveling through a cave the girl had tripped on something that wasn’t even there and fallen. Upon her fall, the cave shook, threatening to crumble in, and it did. The stalactites hanging from the ceiling fell and pierced through the stomach of the girl, killing her nearly instantly.

    But that wasn’t the end for the small blonde girl. As it turned out she had been right about Katherine, but not in the way that she thought. Katherine was an angel, but she was more than that, she was her grandmother, dying before Alyia was born. Katherine had pleaded with the heavens to give Alyia a second chance and though they allowed it, it came with a requirement. Alyia was to train and stay by Katherine until she was deemed ready, if not, then Alyia was to return to the heavens and train there.

    An Omen Angel is what they called the new angel, with the past of treachery and bad luck the heavens deemed that her future was to be filled with light and good luck. She was to help others and even out the luck of the world. The Omen Angel.

    As years passed, Alyia had gotten more control of herself, she had turned around not only her life but the lives of those around her and she had helped so many people that her name was known in so many places.

    But with good luck also comes back luck and the time for that had come, with her life torn into pieces by someone whom she thought she could trust, and what she thought was her family ripped from her fingers the angel realized that with every good thing came a bad thing.

    That is how she came to helping at the hospitals all over Fiore, she wanted to keep helping others even though she seemed like the rest of her world was falling apart. It wasn’t until she saw a young girl laying in a bed, barely breathing, that she realized that it was the end of her time and it was time for someone else to take the role of the Omen Angel. The one of balance, bringing joy and belief, cancelling out the darkness and brining balance to the world.

    She passed her should from her own body into the body of the dying girl, giving that poor girl not only the magic that she possessed but also her lineage.

    It was Aliannah’s turn to be the Omen Angel.



    Mysterious Knowledge:
    The knowledge of the divine be it good or bad isn't normally known to the likes of mortals, however, Aliannah has found herself possessed by an Angel. This has granted her some of the forbidden knowledge not meant to be known to mortals. Due to this Aliannah has gained five additional spells that act like primary lost magic, these spells act independently of her actual magic and as such can only have one per ranks (capping at S). In addition to this she gains one additional signature spell per magic that caps at A rank.

    Angelic Defences:
It is said that Angels and Demons are more resistant to attacks of a normal every day person but the have a back up storage of energy also. This ability allows Aliannah a 30% resistance to any attack coming her way be it magical or physical. The added bonus is that she is also blessed with a 25% larger mana pool.


Angelic Protection:
    Angels are known to be protectors of those most in need, even if that person is sometimes themselves. This ability allows Aliannah an added 30% strength to all shields and healing spells that she uses.


Angel of Death:

    Not all Angels get to do the nice to do jobs, there are those who have to do harm to others. Any damage an enemy sustains from Aliannah is classed as lasting damage and so requires a spell of the same rank or higher to heal, this also prevents any passive healing from items/UA's/lineages. The Damage only lasts till the end of the thread unless the person in question wants to keep it for plot reasons (This is only used for plot/story). In PvP, this causes a debuff to healing spell efficiency by 50% to those hurt. Debuff wears off after 2 posts.

    Angelic Gifts:

    Aliannah is a gentle soul and wants to help those around her in any way she can. This ability allows her to share 25% of any buffs that she herself owns with allies so longs they are within their rank burst range (passives/spells/abilities from magic/armor/weapons/items. Any buff or ability cast on Aliannah is not shared in this way). Aliannah herself also gain a 50% MP cost reduction for any spell she casts. 

    Balancing Judgement:
Angels sometimes have to judge mortals to determine where they go in the afterlife, but the Angel that now resides in Aliannah has found a way to benefit herself. As long as Aliannah is willing to pay the original cost of a spell cast on herself or an anyone within burst distance she can nullify the active de/buff placed on them or her up to her rank or lower. She is able to do one nullify one debuff or buff per post.


Light's Blessing:
    Aliannah has an Angel within her form and this comes with a few perks of its own given some of the work Aliannah may find herself doing. This ability allows Aliannah to create illusions that can gives her a new appearances, mask her magic, spiritual signatures and even gives her a different blood type. This ability is a toggled ability and as isn't classed as magic, so it can be used in magically dead zones.

    The Devil Jester:

    Lineage Name: The Devil Jester
    Wielder: Cirven Mizune
    Purchase Proof:

    Cirven's lineage is that of devilish royalty given to him by the centuries old devil, Anseus. A seat that in the past he never wanted to take part in but due to the change in his personality recently he has thrown that idea out of his head and completely taken up the mantle of King as well as being a full devil. With his change into accepting his devil lineage he has been gifted more power and abilities over those he had in the past. Power that he plans to use to complete anything he wants.


    •  Devil's Pride: A devil does not care about taking damage as much as they care about dishing the damage out and Cirven is no exception to that. He could care less about what he is hit by as long as he can return the favor plus more. This ability causes Cirven to not be able to have any damage reduction from any source but increases his flat damage by 40 for magical and physical. (1 effect and 1 negative)

    Power of the Devil King: Cirven can increase his power to fit more that of a Devil King by simply allowing his horns to show themselves. It may look like a small thing but just the fact that his horns are revealed means the worst for those he deems enemies near him. Due to this his speed is increased by 20% and his spell damage increases by 40%. (1 effects)

    King's Presence: Most kings demand those around him to show their upmost respect and best manners to them. Cirven takes this a different route by having those within S-rank burst range around him have to pay an extra 50% mp to use any of their spells. Also, Cirven is not affected by this in terms of other effects. This effect lasts for 6 posts and has a 7 post cooldown. (1 effect)

    King's Decree: A king's authority over all is like the will of a god for everyone to follow and for things to bend to. Nothing will be above it and equal to it. Like the authority of a king, Cirven is able to cancel spells that are cast within burst S-rank range of him. He must pay the same cost of the spell used but not affected by his 'King's Presence' ability. This ability can only be used once per post with a 3 post cool down. Only affects S-rank and lower spells. (1 effect)

    Senses and Abilities: Due to Cirven being a dog demon his sense of smell, sight and hearing is heightened. With this comes boost to his strength (30%) and speed(30%). (1 effect)

    Bloodlust King: Every Devil King had their own unique abilities that made them stand out among the others they governed over. Due to his devil lineage Cirven can use a certain series of spells. This adds an extra 5 spells in Devil's Zeal(3 S spell slots, an S+ spell slot and a H+ spell slot). Cirven is forced to give up 2 B+ rank spells in order to have this ability. (5 effects and 1 negative)

    RP Only Abilities:

    Devil's Hearts: Every devil has more than one heart inside of their body. They possess six different hearts, each of which allow the devil to recover from injuries quicky. Having these extra hearts allow Cirven to regenerate from any injury done to his body at a incredible rate causing lost limbs to reform if cut off and more. This makes Cirven that much harder to actually kill.

    Shadow Heart: Everyone has a shadow, another side to them that most might not even know about or want to know about. This ability allows Cirven to pull a shadow doppelganger out of someone's shadow that is a complete clone of that person through and through that he can use how ever he wants. Those affected by this ability lose their shadow completely until the doppelganger is destroyed. OOC permission is needed of the owner of the character(s) affected by this

    Kumiho Descendancy, the Vulpine Siren:

    Wielder: Itori
    Description: Born over seven thousand of years ago the Triplets belonged to a race of people known as the Kumiho. A race that had physical traits of a fox. The triplets are the only remain survivors of said race. But because of the one of the sister being genetically perfect the Kumiho race is not considered dead. This comes from the fact that the perfect genes the one sister possesses can override all genetic traits of another race. Meaning anyone she chooses to mate with will only produce pure Kumiho. The remaining two sister’s jobs are to protect this one individual at all cost, which is something that is harder to do considering their personalities.

    Itori is in some ways both the most fortune and the most unlucky of the three sisters. Whether through luck or skill, she avoided all disasters in her millennia long travels. However all her attempts at reuniting with her sisters have been fruitless up until now, and where both her sisters developed fearsome abilities she only showed promise with the more basic techniques all Kumiho learn before they begin to find their own talent. However lack of talent does not halt her, as she shows a frightening determination to once again be with her sisters and help them. Neither heaven nor hell could make this silent Kumiho falter.

    Three as One: Each sister is naturally stronger and healthier than normal humans, this comes in the form of a 10% increase in hp and a 1% HP regen per post. If other sisters are present in the thread then they gain an additional 10% increase in HP and 1% increase in HP regen per post. This ability may stack with others of its kind.

    Alter Forms: Like all Kumiho Itori has two forms that she can use, switching from one to another without effort and nearly instantly.

    Fox Form: Itori's offensive spells return magic power if they hit a target which also possesses magic power, depending on the Rank of the spell. D-Rank spells return 1% magic power, each Rank above that adding another 1% (so D=1%, C=2%, etc). If the target is a living being, but either have lost all their magic or had no magic power to begin with, their life force is instead taken. The target loses the same amount of magic/life as Itori receives, although for each Rank that they are below Itori the amount is doubled and for each Rank that they are above Itori the amount is halved.
    Human Form: Itori's spells become 50% more effective/powerful. Illusions and manipulation based spells act as if they are from the next rank, capped at S-Rank.

    Unbreakable Bonds: When Itori is standing within one yard of her sisters she can enhance their powers, in the process receiving some bonuses in return.

    Iniki: Every post Itori can drain 5% strain from Iniki, allowing her sister to cast more spells before her body can no longer handle the feedback. Itori herself gains 5% magic power whenever she does this.
    Izayoi: Itori can reduce the amount of Vital Force required for Izayoi to summon her Legions, reducing the cost by 1 Vital Force for each soul used. When Izayoi summons a Legion while making use of this effect Itori also receives the passive bonuses granted by that Legion.

    Draconic Heritage:

    Draconic Heritage:
    Wielder: Akeya Kuusai
    Description: In the far forgotten past, before Dragon Slayers were heard of, dragons shared their powers with humans through blood. Either through ritual or mutual procreation these hybrids would come into being, combining the traits of both human and dragon. From the point of view of the dragons, these hybrids were energetic and creative, like the humans flitting about their entire life, trying to reach higher and higher. From the point of view of the humans these half dragons possessed a physique that demanded respect, and a mental fortitude to match. Not quite as powerful as true dragons, not quite as innovative as full blooded humans, the half dragons nevertheless combined the best of both worlds to the extent that the vast majority managed to carve their legacy into this world before leaving it.

    However this is a thing of long ago. As time went on the relationship between dragons and humans worsened, the amount of dragons and humans willing to bridge the gap between species dwindling and the amount of half dragons in the world lessening. At the time that a full on war broke out between the two groups half dragons had already begun to fade away into naught but memory and folklore. Instead came the Dragon Slayers, who instead of sharing the blood of dragons were taught only their magics, and then used that knowledge against the very same mentors who had granted it to them. And they never realized that they, just as those that they had succeeded, were becoming just like the very creatures that they were trying to drive from their lands.

    Most Dragon Slayers never learn of this. While they may develop minor signs, those are merely written away as their body getting used to the strange magic that they use. Fangs, eyes, nails, small scales...all disregarded, even though those that know of the truth see the signs as clear as day. A Dragon Slayer isn’t somebody who has magic developed to slay Dragons. A Dragon Slayer is a human who has the magic of a dragon, which is effective against dragons where most other types of magic aren’t, but which also will turn the user into a dragon the more they come into contact with dragons, gain more magic power.

    And then the question becomes, what happens if a human descendant of the dragons of old, who also possesses the spirit of a dragon, then also gains the magic of a dragon?

    Akeya Kuusai is the living proof of what Dragon Slaying magic really is. Her bloodline can be traced all the way back to one of those half dragons, and the blood of dragons flows strong inside her. And besides of that she also developed a soul reminiscent to that of a real dragon, sharing behaviour and personality traits. And then, on her travels, she encountered the Shadow Dragon Whedalsin, who seeing her nature offered to teach her the magic of the Shadow Dragons. And when Akeya accepted this offer she became something which had not been publicly seen in ages: she became just like those half dragons that lived before dragons and humans got into conflict with each other. A creature almost as legendary as the dragons themselves, and combining the advantages of both humans and dragons.
    Usage: Draconic Heritage is a kind of strange Lineage in that it develops together with Akeya rather than just granting her a bunch of powerful boosts from the get go and then staying static. Every time that Akeya ranks up Draconic Heritage grants her new bonuses or abilities. This means that in the beginning the Lineage is rather weak, but most likely grows to be stronger than most other Lineages, including other Custom lineages, as Akeya herself also becomes stronger.


    Dark Sight: Akeya’s eyes no longer need light to see the world around her as clearly as if it were noon. However overexposure to light now also blinds Akeya very easily.
    Magic Sensory: Akeya’s ability to sense magic has twice the normal range. Like with her eyes, if she suddenly senses a massive amount of magic without warning it will distract and possibly overwhelm her.
    Hunter’s Tools: Akeya’s sight, hearing, and sense of smell are as sharp as a dragon’s. In reaction to this her eyes have slit pupils like a reptile’s, and her ears are replaced by spiny fins. Once again, sharpened senses also results in more easily affected by overwhelming amounts.

    Dragon’s Wings: Akeya grows wings covered in midnight blue scales, wings like those of a dragon. These wings allow her fully functional flight, and will become stronger the same way as the rest of her body becomes stronger when she trains. They are also strong enough to generate gusts and to be used as weapons. However, the wing membrane is rather easily damaged, which severely hinders her ability to use her wings properly. Wing membrane can take up to C-Rank damage before being too damaged for Akeya to fly properly. Recovery time is 3 posts. Combat posts are half as effective.
    Reptilian Tail: Out of Akeya’s lower back a long, thin and tapered tail forms, likewise covered in midnight blue scales. This tail is prehensile, and can be used both to attack, grab/lift objects, and defend. It is also used to enhance her agility and manoeuvrability when flying, which the other way around means that she can’t use the tail if she needs it to balance in the air. Also affects her balance when on the ground, albeit less so.

    Natural Armour: Midnight blue scales form on most of Akeya’s body, specifically on her back, forearms, hands, lower legs, and feet. These scales are tough, allowing Akeya to use them to protect herself from attacks (scales on tail and wings now also have this effect). When using the scales to block Akeya takes 80% damage from Physical attacks of her own Rank. Each Rank lower reduces the damage by another 20%, meaning that any physical attack four Ranks below Akeya can’t penetrate her scales at all. The scales have a durability on par with spell damage a Rank above Akeya’s own. Durability regenerates with the rest of her body. Durability of the scales is lowered by any damage Akeya takes to body parts covered in scales. The scales only function if at 15% of their durability or higher.
    Monstrous Fortitude: Akeya’s entire body has toughened, to the point that she takes reduced damage as if she was wearing armour that scales with her Rank, up to the armour equivalent of S-Rank. The durability regenerates with the rest of her body. Her body is weakened and suffers the full brunt of attacks if the durability is below 15%.
    Twilight Cloak: Akeya’s body now merges with the darkness that surrounds her. When in a dark location, natural or magical, Akeya becomes extremely hard to see. Unless one has very sharp sight they will most likely not be able to see her without magical assistance. The downside is that Akeya has no control over this.

    Predator’s Claws: Akeya’s hands and feet turn into the claws of a dragon. This means that she can now use them as weapons which can slash and pierce as well as just punch. These claws function as Artefact weapons. The durability recovers together with the rest of her body. Only function if durability is at 15% or higher.
    Carnivore Fangs: Akeya’s canines have turned into fangs, allowing her to actually use her teeth as a viable weapon. At least, if she can get close enough to the enemy. Like her claws her fangs function as weapons that scale with her Rank, up to S-Rank. Only function if durability is at 15% or higher.
    Sharp Horns: Dragons tend to have horns. Now Akeya also has horns, sprouting from the top of her head. These horns are both tough and sharp, once again functioning as weapons that scale with her up to S-Rank. Only function if durability is at 15% or higher.

    Mythical Physique: Akeya’s body is significantly stronger than that of a normal human. Her strength, speed, toughness, and reflexes are enhanced by 30%.
    Salamander’s Tail: Akeya’s health regeneration is boosted by 5%. She can now regrow lost body parts, if she survives long enough (unlikely to regenerate within the span of a thread. Mostly used to explain why losing a limb in one thread doesn’t cause her to still be losing that limb in the next). All healing effects used on Akeya are enhanced by 50%. The boost to healing effectiveness does not work against damage caused by fire, acid, poison, or corruption. When one of these types of damage is affecting Akeya the boost is completely negated for the duration (no increased healing when she is on fire).
    Wyrm’s Cunning: Akeya’s mentality is now much more like that of a dragon than that of a human. This means that she has trouble understanding humans or sympathizing with them. However it also means that she has become extremely shrewd and cunning, in particular allowing her to very quickly regain her bearings and react when surprised or ambushed.

    The Last Step: Akeya now interacts with all effects and abilities as a full-fledged dragon. This means that abilities aimed at humans are ineffective, but she suffers the full consequences of anti-dragon abilities.

    Nature's Child:

    Lineage Name: Nature's Child
    Wielder: Lily Ambrosia
    Purchase Proof: Post #308

    As most adventurers and wise men are aware nature is abundant with both life and magic, ancient and untamed and permeating the entire world. This is what grants nature its immense resilience and vitality: seasons change, disasters come and go, but in the end nature will always bounce back, stronger than before and even more tenacious. While each creature lives its individual life it could be said that they each are but a small part of the whole, a whole which has been called many names throughout the ages but is currently best known as Gaia.

    Sometimes this mix of primal life and magic concentrates into a specific place or creature, and together with what could only be called the Will of Gaia a dryad is born: a tree whose lifeforce has passed a certain treshold to turn into a sentient nature spirit, closely attuned to all life and with powerful magic to control it. These entities often taken on the roles of protectors, nurturers and preservers, ensuring that neither civilization nor supernatural disasters bring harm to nature or the balance between various aspects.

    Lily Ambrosia is one such dryad, a nucleus of life force and nature magic. As a child of Gaia she has a strong bond with all of nature and an equally strong will to aid in its continuation.

    Combat Abilities:
    Deep Roots: The roots of the forest run deep, spreading throughout the ground and even tripping up oblivious creatures. Within burst range Lily can sense the presence of anything touching the ground (capped at S-Rank). Within the same range Lily can root a single enemy once every post with a projectile moving at ranked burst speed, immobilizing them for the round. Rooting an enemy which was immobilized last round instead applies a 40% slow, with an additional 5% per rank up to 60% at S-Rank.

    Empathic Bond: Through her strong bond with all life Lily establishes an even stronger connection with those creatures closest to her. Lily shares a health pool with all of her combat pets. This health pool is Lily's own health with the health of any existent combat pets added to it. Health buffs are still calculated for the individual before being added to the whole. Lily can also have one additional combat pet.

    Font of Life: As a dryad Lily is overflowing with nature magic. Every post Lily can unleash a wave of life force that heals all allies within burst range for ranked healing (affected by healing buffs/debuffs, capped at S-Rank). Lily's healing is also increased by 40% with an additional 5% per rank up to 60% at S-Rank.

    Parasitism: In the wilds life is a vicious struggle, many different creatures fighting for survival. One of the most ruthless of strategies is parasitism. Whenever Lily or one of her pets deals damage to an enemy they are healed for 60% of the damage done, up to ranked healing per post (capped at S-rank).

    Photosynthesis: Even as a dryad Lily is still a plant and because of that draws energy and nourishment from light. She gains mana from absorbing light, up to 5% per post. Furthermore whenever Lily gains mana from any source she is healed for the same amount (can't heal more per post than ranked healing, capped at S-Rank). Hostile light magic is not negated.

    Tree Singer: While dryads themselves are the spirits of trees they are also the masters of manipulating the forest. Lily can freely grow and control plantlife within burst range, creating lasting forms or using them to attack and defend. Attacks made with this ability move at ranked burst speed and deal ranked melee damage and scale with spell damage/spell speed/spell range. Lily can also use this to form barriers which per post can block damage equal to a spell of the same rank, scaling with defensive spells. The stats of both offensive and defensive use are capped at S-Rank and this ability can only be used once per post.
    Plot Abilities:
    Biodiversity: Using her bond with all life Lily can change her shape into that of any living creature, although she needs to know the creature she's turning into. While she does adopt biological traits of any creature she turns into it doesn't affect her stats, and she can't imitate magical abilities either unless they have a biological origin. She can also use this to mimic specific people, although she needs to have met them personally beforehand for it to be convincing. OOC permission is required to turn into player characters/pets/event characters.

    Comunication: Lily can freely communicate with any living creature, bypassing language barriers between cultures, races and species to instead exchange intent, meaning and feeling. Once she's encountered a living being she also learns how they communicate and can mimic them.

    Life Cycle: As a nucleus of life force Lily does not suffer any of the detrimental effects of ageing, and also has no limit to her potential lifespan. When killed her being will reform over time, effectively reviving her for any future threads.

    Nature's Guise: One theme which can be found everywhere in the wilds is camouflage, both plants and animals blending in with their surroundings to avoid being noticed. Lily has a similar ability, effectively allowing her to turn invisible and mask her scent. While she's doing this her body is more plant than animal, obscuring her from most detection methods aimed at creatures of flesh and blood (thermoception, electroreceptory).

    Survivalist: Like normal trees Lily does not require food for sustenance, although she is capable of eating if she so desires. As long as her environment can support plantlife she can produce her own nourishment, and she can also last for extremely long periods of time without nourishment. Beyond that she doesn't need to sleep either, although she does enjoy it.

    Tree Stride: Dryads are part of nature and can return to it, merging their bodies with nearby plantlife to hide or rest. Beyond that they can also move through the flow of life that fills the world, disappearing into one tree and stepping out of another in a different location. While this allows Lily to bypass the area between the point of entrance and point of exit it's not instantaneous and the process of merging with the plantlife takes too long for it to be safe during combat.

    Estrie prætulit:

    Custom Lineage Library Tumblr_phj0ql471R1xl3euso3_500

    Lineage Name
    Estrie prætulit
    Purchase Proof:

    Lucifer showed Atarah the way to find the Caudex ex Mortem, the ledger of Death, a powerfull tome of the dark arts. It became a source of knowledge and power to Atarah and from it, she learned a spell to transform herself. She would sacrifice her humanity as well as a relative to become a new being, far superior than men in Atarah's mind. She became an Estrie, a vampiric being. Estries do not age nor die of age, they can use blood magic to alter their appearance and use it for magic. Like all vampiric races, they feed on blood.

    Estrie Seduction
    Estries are seductive beings and can persuade people to get their way. Atarah receives 100% more jewels from a job. [1 effect]

    Estrie Magic
    Estries are naturally adapt with magic and got a second origin. Atarah’s magic pool increases with 40% with an extra 5% per rank above D rank (caps at S rank). [effects 1]

    Estrie Reflexes
    Estries are fast beings. Atarah's speed is increased by 40% with an extra 5% per rank above D rank (caps at S rank). [effects 1]

    Plot Abilities:

    Estries can easily manipulate others with their sudecutive powers. (requires ooc permission if used upon pc).

    Estries can transform their appearnce to their liking.

    Estries can form batwings and use them to fly.

    Night Vision
    Estries can see easily in the dark.

    Estries are immortal and can regenerate lost limbs and even organs over time.

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    Immortal Death:

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    Wielder: Sol
    Purchase Proof: 26, Post n°646

    Not a lot is known about the void or those who dwell within it, many believe that there is nothing here but that can't be farther from the truth. The void itself has many pocket realms, these realms live separate from one another rarely mingling with one another. One such race that lives within the void is only known as 'Deathless', there isn't much known about this recluse race and this is how they like to keep it. Very few are given the gift of what this race offers, those that do however are damned as they will never truly know the peace of true death. Sol was one such person who was spared the bl0w of death by a reaper name Demiari as she had to tend to something else. Due to the fact Sol should have died at that moment and had someone interfere with it Demiari decided to change him making him like her but there are of course differences between a naturally born Deathless and one that is created in such a manner.


    Ilimari is a unfortunate bi product of the transformation of what Sol himself was into what he now is. Sol's physical strength can never be buffed in any way shape or form. (This includes by lineage abilities/spells/passives/ua's/equipment.) Due to this he does gain additional flat damage to his spells starting off at 12 at D rank gaining an additional 7 damage every rank there after capping at 40 additional damage at S rank.

    Note: Flat rate damage is added before any buffs towards magical damage are administered.

    Aelaie is something strange within Sol's body itself from when he changed, it was like his body started to understand magic on another level, as if it understood a new magic of sorts. This ability allows Sol one additional spell per rank that stand different to his magic and so doesn't go towards the spell cap. These additional spells are classed as Lost magic and must be themed as death magic. He also gains one additional signature spell per magic that caps at A rank.

    Naiiare is a unique trait found in people that have been turned into the race known as Deathless, they have found due to being out of the natural cycle that they are able to use their magic even in areas where magic is usually void. An additional side effect of this is that they are able to hide their true identities in all aspects if they feel the need to do so. This includes blood type to an element, their smell, their voice, the aesthetics to their magic, their appearance and the type of magic they use comes off as a different type though they gain no benefits of that type. (Example: Sol is a Poison God slayer, he can come off seeming like a Light Demon Slayer.)

    Iaialeh is a rarity amongst true born Deathless as they don't see the need for wealth, however, the same can not be said for those who are born through the means of interference of their death. This ability allows Sol double jewel for each job that he completes.

    Unarithu is a means of defence that all deathless have as they are more resilient than most races out there thanks to not living within the natural cycle of things. This gives them 50% damage reduction to magic and melee damage.

    Myiunth is something is something normally only naturally born reapers get, this allows them to use their abilities at a fraction of the cost allowing them to last longer without needing to return back to their home realm. Due to this Sol's abilities and spells cost 50% less to use, in addition to this he has found that his spell speed and spell range have both increased by 50% each.

    Reality's Displacement:

    Name: Reality's Displacement
    Wielder: Chili Thompson
     His existence and physcion are affected on an atomic level by his displacement from both time and reality along with the slight alterations that the god made to his mind, body, and magic. Causing his body to harness magic a different way than the other inhabitants of Earthland causing his form to be made out of a mix of human and pure energy. He is a paradox among existence and his body is constantly healing itself just as fast as it is ripping itself apart on a molecular level though there is no other sign on the surface of this problem other than the occasional vomiting of blood. The way his body regenerates full limbs and organs in a matter of minutes is remarkable, the energy particles expanding, multiply and turning into new cells replacing the missing ones. On top of this, the over-consumption of magical power changed the density of his bones to make them as hard as concrete. His intelligence was slightly enhanced from a young age allowing him to advance quickly in his studies and training. All his senses have been sharpened by the small energy enhancement. His body has so much within it that it lets a steady flow of magic energy release as it takes in more in the form of a medium sized flame in front Chili's forehead. As for his mind, the god locked the previous memories of multiple versions of Chili from other realities and times some of which resisted and failed and some who caved instantly. These memories are able to come to life through Chili’s ability.

     Side Effects:

    - Energetic Replacement: Passively regenerates 5% health every other post. (Cosmetically regrows dismembered limbs and organs.)

    - Overload: His mana capacity is increased by 50% due to his increased magic intake while also being slightly imbued with cosmic power.

    - Reality Sickness: Every 10 posts Chili will vomit blood taking 10% damage in total health. His magic is tainted by the energy particles that his atoms are made of and thus becomes poisonous to any slayer type mage or mage in general that consumes his magic at any time, causing them to get sick and take 10% damage in total health for 2 posts.

    - Enhanced Senses, Body, and Awareness: Chili is able to see twice the distance of normal humans, sniff out any enemies within a twenty-meter radius, his skin is slightly more sensitive, normal fabric feeling like sandpaper against it, and he could usually taste all the ingredients used in  a meal along with what was used to enhance their natural flavor. His enhanced metabolism purges poison from his system a full post faster than it would normally take.  His bones are able to take harder hits, which allows him to receive less broken bones and more bruises. Chili takes 15% less damage from all attacks that are physical in nature. He is strong enough to easily lift four hundred pounds though his limit is unknown. Due to his brain being energized his mental prowess his situational awareness is top notch allowing him to react faster than a normal person would be able to though you can only move so fast and mindcontrol to be less effect on him by 1 post.

     Primary Ability:

    Paradox Shift

    Chili concentrates for a post remaining still if he can, shutting off the outlet of his power as his flame goes out and his magical energy builds to nuclear levels. When at its peak Chili will attempt to release the energy in a large wave that will ripple the fabric of reality itself using the memories of his other selves to try and change his reality in a small way, however, doing this will cause one of four things to happen.  Once this ability is used it takes 15 posts to recharge (Roll a single six-sided dice)  

    - Calamity Quadruplets (1 or 3 rolled)  
    Unlike the void clone these three separate versions of Chili all have their own personalities and memories which they keep in between being brought back to reality for 6 posts after which they will disappear though they will sometimes talk to Chili mentally as they are now a conscious rebirth of Chili’s erased from other realities when the god came for them. They each give one passive ability however these do not affect Chili only allies. Making the three extra him appear costs Chili 20 HP each while each memory clone has 20 HP and each having only 30 Mana of their own to use. Each of these Chili’s just nicknamed by either a color, personality trait, or accessory choice though they do have names. Depending on how many Chili summonses determines the how strong the erased versions are. If 1 is summoned he will do equal to Chili’s total damage, if 2 each will do half Chili’s total damage, and if all 3 are summoned each will do one-third Chili’s total damage. These clones are able to be on the battlefield at the same time as Chili. They all would share cooldowns if they all didnt share separate modes though they do share cooldowns on abilities.

    Red: Dressed in a worn out black button-up jacket, paired with a scarf and baggy black jeans with orange tennis shoes his reddish-orange hair the same color as the blazing fire that rages in his eyes even if they are each a different color , Red is from a reality where robots had taken over and demolished humanity with nuclear weapons sending parts of the planet into a second ice age, where he had been a resistance fighter. He can only use Hellfire mode and he has a temper although don’t let that fool ya, he is quite gentle though he’d stab you for saying so. Likes chili dogs and naps. Hates machines and motor vehicles. He also has an obsession with seeing things burn which is great when its monsters and not a house. He has a passive ability that grants all nearby allies 10% extra damage.

    Doc: Appearing dressed in a purple trench coat that had a fur collar along with a black undershirt and same colored dress pants paired with a weird casual gentlemen shoe. His hair is unlike Red’s or Chili’s being longer than both and a purple color. He is a nerd with a thing for order though he generally does it to keep people safe. From a reality where humans left the soil of Earth and flew to the stars, finding signs of sentient life that helped them only for a higher race to wipe out all life in the universe later on. He can only use void magic and he passively gives a 5% health regen every other post to allies (3 posts of regen total).

    Hyde: Appearing in an old dark blue hoodless snow jacket, a dark blue t-shirt paired with gray shorts and slip on green slippers, his light white hair fades to blue at the tips. From a reality where the god tortured him by trapping him in a single day that would always end with his reality disappearing from existence Hyde is a stereotypical loner/joker/lazy type though he has a soft spot for those Chili trusts being a part memory of a person erased from reality and part Chili. Having a gruff exterior he is quick to defend allies his passive also giving them a 15% increase in resistance to damage of any kind. He can only use ice mode.

    - Painted on Grin (4 or 6 rolled) - Chili accidentally through rage and hate taps into the memory or reality of a version of himself that harnessed the power of the god and used it for mass pandemonium and destruction. When the wave is released Chili is the only one affected by his mind and body are slightly altered for 8 posts. Now wearing just a worn out smoke gray hoodie, worn dark black jeans, and gray tennis shoes all slightly stained with red. His skin becomes even paler as his fingernails turn black. His hair now slightly longer and no longer spiked becomes charcoal black with a few streaks of fire red in it as a smile comes to his face. The natural smile slightly enlarged since it is carved into his moon-pale face, its red curves adding to it. His eyes turn to a normal light red color close to that of a blood moon. Though if their abilities are activated they will change. The white of his left eye becoming pure silver while the iris turns a chemically almost a sickly green color. The white of his right eye turns chemical orange while the iris turns dark red and the pupil becomes a star-shaped fluorescent white light mark in his eye. The left one is able to see the dead and trap a single mage one if pvp or npc in a nightmare illusion within their own mind for one post, while his right eye can see magical pressure and if stared into this eye will  weaken at most 3 enemy mages giving them a debuff of 10% more damage taken for two posts however these abilities can only be used once every 4 posts (One mage if pvp, three max if npc magic user). Chili is consumed by his need to deal of vengeance his thirst for destruction and chaos taking on a path headed to make his enemies and their empires crumble though he can easily lose it to any unfortunate ally that stands in his path. While in this mode the effects of Mix-Matched are halved while Chili gains a 20% boost to all damage, 20% boost to defense, and a 10% boost to speed (Raises by half the total percentage per rank up) while he takes 40% more damage from light attacks. His regeneration drops to 2.5 per every other post, He has 25 less health (Goes up by 75 HP each rank up) while in this state, and his Mana is now capped at 100. Out of combat Chili is restless, slightly insane, and will be harsh almost animalistic if provoked though he can be calmed by people he trusts. Inside battle Chili is nothing short of an emissary of death now, moving about the battlefield with deadly accuracy like some sort of reaper. Lashing at mostly anyone who even challenges him Chili is now just a grumbling sarcastic ass of a madman who may want to slit your throat in your sleep though his actual personality remains mostly in control and he'll mostly stick to bleeding his enemies. Bladed weapons do 25% more total damage.

    If pushed to the brink Chili will summon an aura unlike the ones in his modes though he has to be outside of any given mode to do this. The aura take on the form of a black wave that is comprised mostly of waving and dancing hell fire imbued with void energy that takes the shape of a demon Once consumed by this Chili is no longer really human while his strength and speed increase again with another 10% ( this boost goes up by a total 10% each rank) boost to them. No longer able to use magic now besides void and hellfire his melee attacks now do magic damage equal to half Chili’s rank scaling to S instead of base. While consumed he loses 5 HP every post. Becoming immune to the feeling of pain he can push himself to and past his limits. When his health hits 20 if he is in the aura it will shield him for a post being able to negate up to two spells of Chili’s rank or lower then it will extinguish itself giving him 25% total health back once the post is over.

    - Reality Bubble (2 or 5 rolled) - Releasing a black heat wave dome of energy that is 80-meters in diameter and 60-meters high at the center, this bubble will do four things for the 6 posts it is spawned. First, it will turn the surroundings within it photo negative though npcs and mages will remain regular. All enemies will lose 3% total health and 5% total mana every 3 posts within the dome and that will be given to a random ally. Second, about 5-8 tears in reality and time will open up allowing 3-5 dinosaurs mainly the carnivorous ones to come through along with 1-2 reality reapers. The dinosaurs do C ranked damage to anyone including Chili and only have 60-100Hp. The reality reapers are kinda similar to an actual reaper except for the skeleton and hood you get a decaying champion (a warrior of some kind and type) from another realm who will act like nothing but a savage beast. They all do B rank damage to everyone however they target Chili the most and they have 250-350 HP. Anyone but Chili who takes down a reaper in the alotted post time will gain a 25% buff to damage for 3 posts as well as regain 15% their total HP in the post they killed the reaper, however, this can only happen once per dome. The third Chili is altered himself, becoming only able to use void magic while dealing 25% less damage total (rises by half the total percent each rank). He is now slightly photoed negative, his skin turning black as night, his hair going greenish, while his eyes turn a turquoise, his lips now an ice blue, his flame either a dark blue against black or a pure white flame with a black center. His speed and defense are both increased by 20% (Rises by half the total percent each rank.)  The fourth is Chili gains a giant steak knife looking sword that is a pure ghostly white with light blue energy radiating through it. This blade is the only other thing he has besides Void mode, it deals half his rank in spell damage up til S while also giving whoever he cuts energy poisoning if which will deal 10% damage based on enemies total health for 2 posts.

    Summoner of Divinities:

    Summoner of Divinities

    Proof of Purchase: Won by Placing 2nd in Lineage Making Contest of 2017

    The act of summoning beings from another realm is a magic that many people choose to pick up for whatever reason. For Samira, it is in her blood. For generations her family line had always been born with the natural talent of summoning magic. Each summoner within the bloodline is directly linked with a set of spirits from the moment of birth, and Samira is no exception even if her set of spirits was not found until she was ten. This sort of magical link was bestowed upon her ancestors by the goddess Ma’at long ago so that they would act as guardians and help keep order and balance within the world. With the aid of other gods, spirits that represented them as well as many creatures of myth and legend were created for those of the bloodline to make use of. Magically linked and heavily bonded to such beings of power came with many benefits that has evolved throughout time. While many summoners were born into the bloodline, very few have ever reached the full potential, and even fewer have stayed true to the original purpose of the blessing.

    Normal Abilities:

    Blessing of Vitality:
    The bloodline was granted an unusual amount of energy and a long healthy life. Even the most physically fragile and weak are able to take a beating only to somehow rise again in the moment of near defeat. Such extra energy was even quite common to be used in the past as a more sacrificial route of the summoning process. The blessing coupled with generations of spilt blood as a replacement form of summoning has made the descendants that much stronger. Samira’s health is increased by 30%. For Plot purposes only she is immune to sickness and disease. Combat effects work as they are meant to. 1 Effect

    Will of Minds:
    Summoners of this line are very well connected with their spirits even at the weakest levels of magic ranking. The spirits have a space within their summoner’s mind where they can see and hear everything that goes on around their summoner as they go through daily life. They act as hidden guardians that are prepared to act and have full knowledge of a situation. Samira’s are no exception to this. Due to their spirit presence there is not one mind, but many. Samira is 50% resistant to mind altering abilities and statuses. This can include sleep, hypnosis, confusion, charm/seduction, illusions, and fear inducing spells and abilities. 1 Effect

    Final Guardians:
    Those of this bloodline have within them the capability of summoning certain spirits even without having a key for them. They are leaders among the created god spirits and answer only to those that have reached a level of power worthy of their time and effort. Long have they waited for someone to reach that point. The user is given a set of extra advanced spells to be used for this lineage. 2 B+, 2 A+, and one S+. These spells also work separately from the magic itself and therefore do not count towards the magic's spell slot maximums. They also must be summons, are considered "normal" instead of "celestial", and must follow the rules for Normal, Grand, and Immaculate summons. Summon spells for this lineage are to be reviewed and graded in the magic application. Additionally, she has gone a step further since unlocking these spirits and is now able to become a guardian avatar herself in a temporary form. This allows for a separate H+ spell to be made for another one of her magics. 4 Effects

    Summoner’s Wealth:
    Those of this bloodline are followed by the god incarnation spirits of wealth and greed. They watch from their places in the celestial realm, remaining silent and having no contact or giving aid. Should a summoner that is connected to this lineage complete a worthy task, they will then be granted a temporary blessing that will allow them to gain more rewards for their efforts. Samira’s jewel reward at the end of a job is increased by 100%. 1 Effect

    Master Summoning:
    All of those within this bloodline have a natural talent and specialization with summoning magic whether they desire it or not. It overcomes the limits that most other summoners have and makes it so those with this ancestral trait have the ability to have more of their spirits at their call at once. Samira's Active Summon Cap is increased by 1 depending on what Summoning Magic Benefit she has. EX: A Solitary Summoning Magic would now have a 5 Active Summon Cap instead of 4. This also extends to her Re-quip magic and abilities due to the connection with the spirits. Her Re-quip cap is also increased by 1 depending on the benefit. EX: A Primary Re-quip Magic would now have a 4 Active Re-quip Cap instead of 3. 2 Effects

    Ancestral Power:
    There can never be enough spells or passives to go around. The spirits and goddess that watches those over this lineage wants them to have as much access to their ancestral power as possible whether this be in the form of an Active spell or Passive. As such, this grants the user with an extra Signature Spell Slot that ranks up to A for each of the 3 Magics the user has.1 Effect

    Plot Abilities:
    Plot Abilities:

    Janus, God Avatar of Portals
    Janus, the Avatar God of Portals, is a non-combative spirit but he is still as strongly linked to Samira as the rest. He is able to be called on for Plot purposes in order to make a transportation portal anywhere in the world or to go through common walls and barriers that are not created by other members magically. Areas controlled and belong to other members naturally require OOC permission first.

    Will of Minds Plot Version
    Due to the multitude of spirits that share and occupy her mind, Samira is immune to effects such as mind reading, charm, fear, and any other similar effects. They also know, see, and hear everything Samira does regardless if they are summoned or not. This also includes telepathic communication between her and each other.

    Hidden Presence
    Because the amount of raw magic power she has, has made people uncomfortable in the past, Samira has trained to better focus it and thus has learned to hide her magic aura whenever she is not in combat.

    Spirit Deities
    Due to their uncommon nature, the spirits in Samira's magic have complete control over their keys unlike normal spirits. This makes it nearly impossible for Samira's keys to be stolen or lost. They will return to her of their own accord.

    Celestial Storage
    Using a spirit's key, Samira can access a different portal that she can use to store or withdraw her things and other objects. Sort of like a magical vault.

    Nassar Sanctum
    Samira is capable of accessing the part of the celestial realm that is cut off from the typical normal one and is where her spirits dwell when not summoned or in her mind. If she should reach 0 HP, rather than die her body will be transferred here to recover until the next thread. This cannot be used as an escape method from combat.

    Blank Sleep
    Due to the presence of the spirits in her mind, Samira is incapable of having dreams normally. Only dreams created magically have any effect.

    Social Spirits
    Samira's spirits are capable of leaving the celestial realm on their own without it costing MP at all. However, they cannot participate in combat until they have been officially summoned with their required MP cost.

    Fellow Celestials
    Both Samira and her spirits are able to sense others that use celestial magic within user rank burst range. This does absolutely nothing else aside from acknowledging the information. If OOC permission is given, they become more knowledgeable and will be aware of what spirits from the celestial realm are under that mage's control.

    Spirit Keys
    Samira's keys are a bit out of the ordinary when it comes to summoning keys. If the spirits choose they can manifest themselves inside the keys. This causes the objects to be able to move and levitate at the spirit's will as well as glow different colors depending on the spirit. The ability also allows the spirits to talk to others when they are not summoned.

    Inactive Things that need rebalancing or ideas for another time:

    -Black Zodiac:
    Those of this line have a rare trait that only unlocks when one is lucky enough to possess a Zodiac key. It unlocks a power that comes from the opposite spectrum of emotion and desires than the normal Zodiac represent in common horoscopes. This allows them to have an extra S+ Spell in one of their magics that relates to this specifically. 1 Effect

    -Addition to False gods. Furthermore, they were created to rival that of the Zodiacs in power. The spirits in Samira's summoning magic use Zodiac values for HP and Melee damage. This does not give them the extra ability of Zodiacs. Have this only work on one spirit instead of all since each one counts as an effect.

    -Extra active summon that former staff grader denied before

    -Whenever Samira is protected by a magical defense, the spirits also get a barrier that protects them for half of that same magical defense

    Overlord's Fail Safe:

    Lineage: Overlord's Fail Safe

    Wielder: FeitanKazeshini

    Proof: https://www.fairytail-rp.com/t10202p975-the-trading-hub#315343

    When he was younger Feitan knew the harsh sting of weakness, being under the boot of those that deemed him weaker than themselves due to pure strength, power and/or wealth. He was treated worse than a beast having to rely on his wits and speed to survive through stealing and hiding from these people, fearing what may come if he was to slow and got caught by those who sat upon high. Time passed and he wished for the strength, power and wealth to bring those same people to their knees so they could feel everything they had done to him and much worse. Even then he was a realist and knew that with the chains that bound him within Sin there was no way he was ever going to reach his goal.

    Fate as it happens does occasionally does look within the darkness of places like Sin and takes pity on those within every now and then, this time they decided to take pity on the young Feitan in the form of his mentor Hisoka. Hisoka who took him from Sin and to the Netherworld where he began to gain power like he had only imagined and far more, as he learned about the magic he possessed within himself creating pacts with overlord's to call on their power as needed thus breaking the chains that once made him little more than an animal in the eyes of others. During his travels Feitan learned many things realising that sometimes that the pacts that he held with the overlord's of the Netherworld wouldn't be enough so decided to put a bit of time into a few of the things he had learned he believed worth his time and effort to strengthen what he had already even if it was only to be a backup it was better to be safer than sorry.


    Death's Pact:
    It is said that those who look into the deepest depths of the void will often see something looking back at them and that they never really seem the same. It is as if they have uncovered some secret that wasn't meant to be known, however, their sanity is the price for such knowledge. Feitan is one such being who has went so far and so has gained some insight to the building blocks of life and death, as such he gains 5 spells that are classed as independent of his magic. (1 spell per rank capping at S rank), he also gains two additional signature spells for one magic these spells cap at S rank. All additional spells will be graded under the magic rules.

    Laughing Coffin:
    Once the madman left Sin he wandered around until he joined a dark guild by the name Laughing Coffin. Those in this guild would take the jobs that no other would, though the guild is gone Feitan still proudly wears his first guilds mark on his back. Upon Laughing Coffin's disbandment/destruction the madness within him decided to show him a little something extra so that he might one day deal with those that caused it, this gives Feitan two additional Advanced spells one S+ and the other H+ for one of his magics, these spells are to be graded under the magic rules as is normal. Also due to the reputation of his former guild Feitan is able to gain double jewel from any job he goes on.

    Maddening Origins:
    It is really unknown where Feitan's madness originated or why he even has it to the degree that he does. The secret of this is that he is the chosen vassal to a less than stable death god from the moment of his birth. The god left an item next to him that first night within the crib he slept in and so Feitan is able to have one additional item with a third ability, this ability caps at S rank.

    Maddening Cycle:
    Just like an ocean is always there but ebbs and flows, Feitan's madness is always there, it isn't always overly apparent. Due to this the first attack that Feitan does each round is classed as having the piercing effect on it on the other hand the first shield that he casts each round is classed as having the anti-piercing effect on it. (When a piercing effect is applied the base damage of the spell containing that same piercing effect is halved. When an anti-piercing effect is applied to a shield spell the durability of that shield spell is reduced to 1x spell rank durability.)

    Insight of the Cosmos:

    Insight of the Cosmos

    Custom Lineage Library UC8VUgf

    Wielder: @Zachary-Sirius
    Purchase Proof: Ancient Scroll Purchased

    Over a thousand years ago, there was a great society that existed past the northern mountains of Fiore-- the kingdom of Creselia. The people there were a nation of great wizards, their focus dedicated to the study of Celestial Wizardry and Astromancy-- the art of controlling and tapping into the powers of the heavens. They were a prosperous and revered nation, which had lived in peace. Their advances in magic were far more advanced than those for their time. Especially those of the royal family. Their nation was so advanced, they were able to build their main city as a flying island in the sky.

    However, disaster struck. For reasons unrecorded and unknown, the entire nation was destroyed in a single night. While few descendants were able to escape the disaster, the Creselia nation was wiped away by the northern snows and the sands of time.

    The surviving descendants from this nation have a strong connection to Celestial and Astrological magic. For those whose blood is from the royal family-- have unique abilities that set their magic apart from others.

    Custom Lineage Library QT0nJUu

    Stargazer: It was said that direct descendants of the Creseiian Royal Family possessed a rare visual magic called the "Stargazer's Eyes". The eyes appear as starry-night corneas of the eyes, the iris changing color. They are considered so powerful that celestial energy leaks out at times from the corners of the eyes. Through these eyes, the caster could see many things-- the magic of those around him, events of the future, the past, and other realities. There are many ways these eyes can be used-- and are more powerful when used in relationship with Celestial Wizardry.

    The Stargazer Eyes can do a few abilities. Use of the eyes allows one to see and identify spiritual and magic energy as the form of starry bodies. This allows the user to see hidden or invisible enemies. The use of the eyes also allows the user to identify and understand a person's nature (good, evil, malevolent, ext) via the type of spiritual energy they have. (Requires OOC permission for both.)

    The eyes allow one to see past illusion effects and uncover truths-- which in turn allow them to dispell illusion-effect magic placed upon them by paying equal to the illusion's magic cost. This can only be performed once per post and up to the user's own rank (Cap at S).

    As the stars were used by diviners to tell the future, so to could one who has the Stargazer Eyes. They see flashes of the future-- regarding the immediate future, they seem them as feelings, vibes or echoes of the events that would follow. This offers a degree of precognition in combat-- enough to anticipate enemy movements within a burst-range effect for present rank. (Up to S rank burst range. PVP this can be avoided by putting the user in positions they cannot escape from. Requires OOC permission. )

    Finally, unique for those who practice this among Celestial Wizards/ Summoning, the wizard with these eyes can intertwine his magic with his summons-- the result being the summons magically gain the same eyes. The summoner, bonded-creatures and/or the summons gained 'shared vision' allowing one another to see what the other one sees at the same time-- and allow them to communicate over distance similar to telepathy. The summons gains the same abilities as those with the eyes can, both in combat and out of combat.

    Plot Abilities:

    Post-cognition: Holders of these eyes can witness events that are lost to the past. Either via a clue or information regarding something, training of will or via touching an object, the eyes can allow one to see into the past to gather information on a person or a specific event in space-time. (Requires OOC permission of other members.)

    Precognition: The eyes allow one to gaze into events of the future-- also works via the other sights to gain information of specific user events. This allows him to sense events in the future, however-- its details are not always accurate and often are taxing on the (Requires OOC permission of other members.)

    Astral Sight: Through training-- the user of these eyes can in a sense 'astral project' into other dimensions and worlds. These include present world astral projection, parallel worlds (multiverse) , and spirit worlds (Such as the Celestial World). Though an astral figure, and is considered a ghost in many senses, the traveler can be sensed-- even harmed by an entity of strong magical power. (Requires OOC permission of other members regarding their own lore)

    Cosmic Soul: The path of magic is deep for those of Creselia descent. The wielder of this lineage receives (Rank) % increase in total MP. Goes as high as base lvl S buff.  

    Cosmonomicon: Zachary's vast study of Celestial Wizardy and Astromancy has allows him to discover new spells and spirits that other wizards have not discovered or seen in years. For the user's primary magic, they gain 5 additional spell slots (one of each rank from D to S) . These spells will not count towards the rank's total for that magic.

    In addition, the user gains access to 1 Advance S rank spell and 1 Advance H rank spell upon unlocking the rank.

    Cosmic Armament: Through a string of events, Zachary came into contact with a stranger from a distant world that passed on an enchantment to hi-- which soon manifested into a powerful weapon bound to his own heart and soul. A Keyblade, while a formidable magical weapon was also a tool of salvation and destruction. Wielder gains 1 Signature Requip weapon spell of a "Keyblade". Ranks up to S rank , separate from magic.  

    Plot Abilities:

    Universal Key: Like any Keyblade, it can open virtually any lock or door, be it physical or magical. The Keyblade can magically unlock any seal or magic obtrusion meant to keep people out. With great ability, comes great responsibility.  (Requires OOC Permission)

    Key to the Heart: Evil takes shape to possess and take advantage of the weakness in people's hearts. As a weapon born from the heart, the Keyblade has the power to free people from evil influence. If someone is facing an enemy who is possessing a victim, a strike of the keyblade can remove or destroy the possesser, without harming the host body. (Requires OOC Permission)

    Gatekeeper: Though not of earthland, Celestial Wizards who wield a keyblade have an unexpected ability. Should the summoner be without his keys for whatever reason, via using the Keyblade and with other conditions-- the keyblade can be used to open the gate of the summoner's contracted spirits. Only exception to this are unique and Zodiac keys, whose essence are bound to their unique keys.  

    The Eternal Hex:

    Custom Lineage Library HYoeqRi

    The Eternal Hex


    Proof of Purchase:

    Several centuries ago Pergrande faced a difficult time as the laws against magic were strictened, more than they are now. Even to possess magic was a crime against the kingdom itself and after several hidden witches were discovered to be living in Pergrande in secret its governors decided to start a campaign to eradicate these same witches from their country, making it illegal to declare yourself a non-mage in case you possessed magical powers in Pergrande, thus leading to the Pergrande Witch Trials. These trials were horrific, specifically focused on women, and several were accused, twenty witches being executed before the Magic Council stepped in and negotiated their release to end the unnecessary murders. Despite the murders being stopped, it is believed that a cluster of witches came together to perform a ritual to create a power designed to stop the murders, scared that their power would be lost. A pure manifestation of witchcraft in it's truest form, however, this magic was quickly found to be too powerful, capable of mass devastation, and instead was sealed away in a single witch. Bound with several Hexes in order to contain its power, it now lives on in the descendant of the chosen witch, where now, after many years, it's binds are beginning to weaken and it's power begins to seeps out ...


    True Craft
    During the ritual, the pure magic of several witches was bonded together to create a new type of magic. Born from the essence of a witch, the bearer of this scroll has a deep affiliation to curse magic and the elemental components used to create it. As a result, the way the magic is cast is different from other magic, as it is much more complex and capable of recreating the structure of Caster magic into something much more intricate and destructive. This user gains access to a new magic type called "Hex" and is able to use this magic type to create new magics. Hex type magic is a combination of pure witchcraft and the power designed to destroy those who would harm Witches. This magic type enables the user to use "Summon", "Take Over" and "Caster" type spells in magics that are using this "Hex" type. The benefit levels for Hex Magic are specified below:

    • Solitary: +75% to Spell Speed and Range. Character can have up to 5 Summon spells active at once.
    • Primary: +50% to Spell Speed and Range. Character can have up to 4 Summon spells active at once
    • Auxiliary: +25% to Spell Speed and Range. Character can have up to 3 Summon spells active at once

    Witch's Essence
    As this magic is stronger than normal magic when used to enhance one's own constitution, the strength of the caster increases more so when compared to a normal Take Over. This means that instead of the usual Take Over melee damage values, the user's Partial Take Overs will now use 2x summon melee damage for a take over of their rank and Full Take Overs will use 3x the summon melee damage for a take over of their rank. Additionally, all Take Over buffs will automatically be doubled to twice their original value. This applies to the take over buff itself only, and not any buffs applied in the takeovers abilities.

    Witches have a natural talent for affirming more luck to themselves. Therefore the holder of this lineage will receive an additional 150% jewels from any job they partake in. This, however, cannot be split with other parties.

    Ritualistic Enhancement
    The combination of all these witches' powers means that the Hex user can maintain even more spells in their arsenal. As a result, the wielder of this lineage is granted 4 additional user rank advanced spells to be distributed among their magics, 2 of which rank to H+ and 2 of which rank to S+. Additionally, they also receive 5 user rank spell slots for one of their magics that rank up with this up to S, and 1 extra signature spell for every magic that they apply this type to, also ranking with the user up to S. If these additional spell slots are created as "Caster" type spells they each receive an additional effect on top of their max rank effects.

    A Witches Wrath
    The suffering that was caused by Pergrande was great, and this rage lives on in the descendant of the chosen witch. This intense rage fuels the magic power designed towards destruction, increasing the user's base spell damage by 50%. Because their magic is naturally designed to curse their enemies if a target is hit by any of the user's spells they suffer from a 5% HP drain for a max of user rank duration (Capped at H rank. This drain does not stack).

    Hex Resistance
    Witches are the masters of curses, and any attempt to drain or absorb their MP will automatically be reflected back upon the attacker, affecting them for the same duration as the original drain or absorption effect, thus also effectively making the wielder immune to MP drains.


    Custom Lineage Library MQNhOUw


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    Proof of Purchase: VIP Shop

    During Aliarey's time on the advanced planet of Mirai, she and a couple of associates that work in the magic technology research field studied and looked into certain advancements and applied it to the magic of their own world. One of those happened to be on the data that she collected and drove her into hiding in the first place. That being tiny machines that were invisible to the naked eye by themselves. Due to being mixed with lacrima they had been given the name of Lacnites. These tiny and advanced machines could be fused with a person and their magic, adding certain benefits and even quickening the pace of how that magic power grew. At some point these were applied to Aliarey and now they have become a part of her and her magic to the point that they have multiplied and reached a point where many no longer stay in her body. Many now exist in the pocket dimension that stores her weaponry and they can also combine rather quickly to create more dangerous versions for offense and defense depending on the magic they take on.

    Normal Abilities:

    Side Job:
    Whenever Aliarey does a job it puts the experimental lacnites to the test regardless of what the contents of the job are. Due to this, her magitech friends that are always altering and studying them pays her extra whenever she completes a job. Aliarey's Jewel reward at the end of a job is increased by 100%. Additionally, Aliarey is also able to claim an extra reward at the end of a job whether it be a custom Item, Armor, or Weapon. The rank of said item depends on the rank of the job. While the second ability is based off the Gold Rush lineage, the equipment rewards follow the ones listed in the Tables and FAQ's page instead of what is written in Gold Rush itself. These extra equipment rewards also cannot be sold to the shops for extra profit, but they can be traded to the other characters that belong to the Aliarey Casady Account Owner. - 2 Effects

    Magical Enhancements:
    The lacnites running through her physical body and magic system give extra magical benefits and properties. The cost to use her spells is decreased by 50%, she gains an extra Signature Slot that ranks up to A for each of her 3 Magics, and she gains the ability to have an extra Requip and Summon active above the max cap for the magic benefit (ex: A Solitary Requip magic would now be able to have 5 Requips activated at the same time, and a Primary Summoning magic would be able to have 4 Summons out at the same time). - 4 Effects

    Due to the lacnites being very experimental, anything could happen and they also require constant checking. For this, a lacbot companion travels with Aliarey in order to keep them in check and of the progress. Combat support is also provided. Aliarey gains an extra Combat Pet, allowing for a max of two without a Bond type magic. This pet starts as weak and can be upgraded normally through the Pet Shop with Jewels. This pet also has 2 additional abilities that rank up with the user, capping at S rank. - 2 Effects

    The lacnites come with advanced properties that are able to neutralize spells of all kinds to make them worthless besides the purpose of study based on the info that was collected during the process. Aliarey can negate a single spell of her rank, (Caps at S), or lower once per post. However, in order to do this effect she must first pay the same amount of MP that was used to create the negated spell. The range and speed of this ability follow the Single Target values of her rank, capping at S. - 1 Effect

    It Keeps Going and Going and Going...:
    With the small machinery running through her and her magic, Aliarey has become much harder to stop. Any spells that try to immobilize her become weakened as the lacnites go into overdrive to keep her moving. Aliarey has a 50% Counter Effect to Immobilization spells and abilties. - 1 Effect

    Plot Abilities:
    Plot Abilities:

    The lacnites release small amounts of energy that halt the aging process and prolong Aliarey’s life. Their magic and advanced technological make up also instantly restore her being to its original state when injured severely such as lost limbs or eyes. This is not a healing factor but rather a cosmetic ability and as such she will still take damage.

    Cyber Link
    Using the lacnites, Aliarey can link up with different forms of technology in the environment to either obtain information or to even communicate with machinery. Does not affect anything owned by other Player Characters without OOC permission.

    Nobody but Everybody
    In her time of hiding Aliarey had to take on many disguises, and the lacnites were engineered to have the ability to make it easier. Her appearance can temporarily shift to another one completely, and the lacnites themselves can also create a protective suit as another way to hide her identity. However, she can not take on the appearance of other Player Characters without OOC permission.

    Nearly everyone has their own way of traveling quickly. For Aliarey it is by using a pocket wormhole device that she obtained while in Mirai. She can go anywhere she wants with it, except for areas controlled and owned by other members of the site. Due to the lacnites, she can link up with it mentally instead of using the actual device if she so chooses. This is a plot ability and therefore cannot be a means of teleportation in pvp combat.

    The Hero Spirit; Athos:

    Lineage Name: The Hero Spirit; Athos
    Wielder: Sojiro Sakura
    Purchase Proof: https://www.fairytail-rp.com/t14655p350-the-general-store?nid=9#371277

    Lost to the land of Fiore for centuries are stories of a Legendary Hero who fought to protect those that could not defend themselves. It is said that this hero had a burning passion to defend the weak no matter the cost of himself, putting himself through hell itself to make sure he could be there to protect the land. Of course, along these lost stories are rumors that in his pursuit to defend the land the Hero made a series of deals that were far from befitting of his title. In the end, it was said that the Hero was eventually consumed by his power and disappeared from the face of land without a trace.
    Since then, there were stories that told of Heroes rising up throughout the years, claiming their strength came from a great Hero. Some of these heroes claimed to come from other worlds, having signed a contract to become a hero before being brought here to fulfill their destiny. Rumors say that through every hero the Spirit kept a part of them inside, preserving some of their skills to impart of the next generation’s hero. Sadly, it has been at least 100 years since one of these cases has last arose, until Sojiro Sakura was summoned into the land of Fiore.
    In his world, Sojiro unknowingly signed the Hero Spirit Contract and was forcefully brought here to the land of Fiore. Upon signing the contract Sojiro’s spirit has become bound with that of the Hero Spirit, known as Athos. Although the cost of using his magic comes at the physical harm of Sojiro, Athos promises the youth that through it all he shall become one of the strongest Heroes the land has ever seen. Through the sacrifice of his vitality Sojiro gains access to the Hero’s Spirit’s unique set of skills, as well as his protection. To tap into Athos’ power Sojiro has been granted the ability to flow his energy into any blade he is using, so that he can drive it through his own chest and release the power of the Hero Spirit. When he does this, the Hero Spirit consumes Sojiro’s physical form and encases him within his infamous Incursio Armor. While inside of this armor Sojiro gains access to the amassed abilities that the Hero Spirit has collected over the years, though it will take time before Sojiro can handle the full power of Athos.

    Incursio Armor:

    Custom Lineage Library Goblin-slayer-ubiitsa-goblinov-rytsar-shlem

    Active Abilities:

    Hero's Rebuke:
    Hero’s Rebuke: With Athos’ ability to increase Sojiro’s physical durability, he has been given access to a unique technique. When Sojiro takes on a magical attack full force, he can reflect the damage done to him back to the original caster. This ability can only be used once per post, limited to the single target range of Sojiro’s rank. His ability to deflect spells caps at his rank or once he reaches S-rank. If Sojiro takes full damage from an incoming attack, he can reflect it by paying only the amount of Mana cost to cast the spell. Otherwise it acts like a normal reflection spell.

    Strength through Bloodshed:
    Strength through Bloodshed: Athos allows Sojiro to cast his spells at the cost of his own life force while increasing the strength of his spells. Sojiro can forgo the Mana cost of a spell in exchange for HP, increasing the damage of a spell by 50%. Half of the HP lost this way cannot be regained for the rest of the thread(Spend 20 HP on a spell, 10 HP cannot be regained). This is only an option once Sojiro has no mana left to use.

    Hero's Strike:
    Hero’s Strike: Channeling Athos’ energy through his body allows him to add magical damage to each of his physical strikes, the duration maximum matching a spell of his user rank, range is self, while casting speed is instant. The damage done by each strike is the same as a user rank multi-target spell, following normal upkeep rules for spells of the same rank. He can cast this at lower levels, once he gets stronger.

    Hero Spirit's Shield:
    Hero Spirit’s Shield: Through Athos’ power, as an extension of his armor, Sojiro is able to summon a shield to defend himself against an incoming attack. The shield that Sojiro creates is strong enough to take 3x user-rank damage, maxing out at S-rank. Sojiro can summon the shield burst distance of his rank away from him, allowing him to use it to protect others instead of himself. The shield is cast instantly(burst speed) and has a duration of 2 turns maximum. Athos can only have one protective shield out at a time.

    Hero's Makeshift Shield:
    Hero’s Makeshift Shield: Sojiro can flow the Hero Spirit’s energy out of his body and into a normal item so that he can wield it as a shield(i.e. a pot lid, trashcan lid, cutting board, ect). He can also use this on larger items to protect himself, even if he can’t move them(i.e. A portion of wall, a desk, ect). The item acts like a piece of requip armor of Sojiro’s rank, following the same guidelines, and allowing him to defend himself in seemingly hopeless situations.

    Hero's Makeshift Weapon:
    Hero’s Makeshift Weapon: Similar to the way that he can insert the Hero Spirit’s energy into items to create makeshifts shields, he can do the same to create weapons. Any type of item that Sojiro can hold in his hand can be made into a makeshift weapon, allowing it to act as a tool to save the young man’s life. Any item used in this way acts like a requip weapon of Sojiro’s rank, following the same guidelines.

    Passive Abilities:

    Hero's Vitality:
    Hero’s Boundless Energy: Passive. Athos’ power keeps Sojiro alive and does its best to do so, rejuvenating his body as it uses up its energy. Athos has endless energy to offer Sojiro but the youth’s body wouldn’t be able to handle it all. Because of this the Spirit can only replenish 5% of Sojiro's Mana per post.

    Hero's Might:
    Hero’s Might: Passive. Through the constant power of the Hero Spirit, Sojiro has found that his body has become physically stronger since being summoned to the land of Fiore. All of Sojiro’s physical strikes do 50% more damage, including strikes with weapons(only physical damage, not magical.)

    Hero's Movement:
    Hero’s Movement: Passive. With the Hero Spirit being bound to Sojiro’s soul and body, it increases the man’s physical capabilities. This increases Sojiro’s speed by 50% of his user rank.

    Hero's Fame:
    Hero’s Fame: Passive. The feeling that comes from Sojiro’s magic can sometimes feel inspiring to others, leaving them in awe. Gives Sojiro double jewel rewards from missions.

    RP Abilities:

    Hero Summoning:
    Hero Summoning: The pact between Sojiro and Athos requires a hero’s sacrifice of his ‘life’ to tap into his energy. When summoning Athos’ armor, Sojiro drives the blade through his chest to tap into his magical into, causing what seems to be a fatal wound each time. But even so, it does not actually kill Sojiro in the process.

    Quick Regeneration:
    Quick Regeneration: Sojiro can suffer fatal blows and serious wounds seemingly without death. This does not actual heal his HP in any way, even when wounds heal and he continues fighting. This ability does not work for dismemberment, hitting 0 HP, or actual death.

    Great Leaps:
    Great Leaps: The Hero Spirit grants Sojiro great strength, allowing him to imitate low level flight with great jumps. At best the man hovers only a few moments at the apex of his jumps before plummeting down to the ground again, sometimes breaking his legs in the process.

    Iron Maiden:
    Iron Maiden: When the Incursio armor encloses itself around Sojiro’s body, it usually pierces his body with countless spikes from the inside so that the man can have a constant source of blood for several of his spells.

    Hero's Flight:
    Hero’s Flight: With Athos granting him the ability to manipulate his blood through magical means, Sojiro is able to create a pair of crimson wings that allow him to move equal to his movement speed.

    Reaping Darkness:

    Reaping Darkness

    Raviel Rune

    Page 19, Post n°452

    Raviel should have died when he was four years old when his home was attacked, this however didn't happen as he was rescued from his dire fate by two void princes seeing him as like them. The reason for this was the fact that like their race he bled an element but unlike most their race he didn't bleed shadow or darkness but void itself. With a little of investigation they found out it was because of his barren mother being afraid of being replaced as queen due to not being able to provide and heir. She didn't trust her own genes or the genes of her husband believing they were flawed and so used crystallised elements. For Raviel she used shadow, darkness and void, but at the same time as she injected herself with this she also impregnated herself with sunlight, moonlight and starlight hoping that at least one would survive. To her surprise both children did but they seemed to be complete opposites; the child made of light was weaker and it was foretold he would not survive, the child of darkness was stronger and seemed to have no illness to speak of though as he grew seemed a little more aggressive in how he approached things. Due to the how the children where they were separated, the child of light was said to have died at birth and so only one heir was known.

    When the attack on his homeland happened he was spared the fate of his twin and raised as one of the princes of the void. As he was so young he had no memory of the life before the one he has now and even if he was told he wouldn't believe such things as truth. As he grew he was given everything he could ever want, he was taught the pride of a prince, the responsibilities that came with his title and the duties of what he was to one day become... wither he liked it or not. He is now but ten years old but a formidable warrior in his own right though is still in training as a reaper. Through his training and upbringing he has managed to create a unique style all his own.


    Royal Gifts:
    As a royal Raviel was taught by the best teachers within the void, failure was not an option by any means. It was because of this harsh training he was able to tap into his hidden potential. This ability gives Raviel five additional spells independent of their magic (One for each rank capping at S). He also gains two additional signature spells that cap at S rank for one of his magics. These spells must be graded like any other magic.

    Advanced Training:
    Raviel is a reaper in training and so is pushed additionally further than someone of his age normally would be. This training gives two additional advanced spells for one of his magics one capping at S+ and the other to H+ these spells must be graded like any other magic.

    Reapers Curse:
    One thing that a reaper is always weak in is their healing, in fact Raviel has no ability to heal himself or others by any magical means. This means of course he has to rely on others to do this job for him. As a trade off his sacrifice that he gains 25 base damage to both his melee and magical damages.

    Unseen Servant:
    Raviel is a royal of the void and so always has a companion close at hand to watch his back just in case the worst should come. This ability allows him to have an additional combat pet, in addition the pet may have an extra piece of equipment.

    Raviel still has a single possession from his old life that still brings him confusion as he can't nor does he remember where it came from in the first place, he has always had this item as far as he has known. This allows him to have an additional item, this item can have a third passive effect up to S rank.

    Draco-Demon Soul:

    Custom Lineage Library Vqcnp610

    Lineage Name: Draco-Demon Soul
    Wielder: Solmar Starshade
    Purchase Proof: Page 15, Post 375

    For the longest time, Solmar had struggled with the fact that he had a demon dwelling inside of his soul, one that could come out at any time when he showed weakness. During their first encounter, it was this demon that murdered his parents, relatives and friends and drove him out of his place of birth. One could go as far as to say that this was the reason why Solmar became a wanderer who liked being out in the wilderness more than he liked being among human beings. When the elemental node Solmar had been charging up had taken it upon itself to split Solmar and Vetis apart and give them separate bodies, this went well for a while, though all things would eventually have to come to an end. As both came to realize what the other part of their being meant to them, Solmar and Vetis both came to the conclusion that they were both part of the same entity.

    At this point, the Heartstone used its power, along with a fraction of Feykroreyth's draconic body as a catalyst in order to put them back together better than before. Upon merging back together, the being known as Vetis stopped to exist, becoming one with Solmar and turning him into a hybrid being. Existing in the body of a mortal, the powers of both a dragon and a demon merged together to become a half-human, half draconic demon. Making him so much stronger than he originally was, he can now release these powers in two stages. One where he only releases a portion of his demonic power, and a second in which he releases both his draconic and his demonic power to become the perfect hunter of monsters, mages and anything else that might fit the bill.

    Making him physically stronger and more resilient, it also changes the way his magic looks, as for instance the white flames he normally uses are altered when in his final form, taking on an orange-red hue instead. While both change his physical appearance, the latter of the two does so in a far more drastic manner. In his first form, all that really happens is that his hair goes from the regular black to a snow white color while his eyes go from blue to orange while a slight white aura forms around him. In his second and final form, Solmar takes on a far more monstrous form with claws, fangs, two smaller forward facing horns and two longer upward facing horns. His skin becomes covered in chitinous plating and thick scales. Additionally, he is also capable of spawning and retracting two pairs of wings for aerial combat.

    Active Abilities:
    Partial Release:
    When in need of it, Solmar can release a portion of the demonic energy he normally contains in order to increase his combat prowess. Entering a state of partial Force, his hair goes from the normal black color to a snow white one as a faint white aura radiates around his body, giving off a gentle kind of heat. Slightly increasing his muscle mass and giving his skin a faint glow, his eyes take on a orange-red hue. As this is only a partial release of his power, it does not take a real toll on his body. Therefore, he can choose to end it or release it again several times  per thread, though it will need to recharge for two posts for every one post in which it is active.
    Duration: 10 posts
    Spell damage +70%.
    Spell speed +70%.
    Strength +70%.
    Speed +70%.
    Spell costs reduced by 10%.

    Unleashed Soul:
    Due to Solmar being a demon himself and possessing a portion of a elder dragon's power, Solmar transforms himself fully into a being that is both demonic and draconic in nature. Pushing his natural powers to their limits along with changing his body into one that is far more suited for different forms of combat, the buffs from his partial release are increased and improved upon, but not without a cost. Unleashed Soul, due to being so powerful, can only be activated by draining 25% of Solmar's base Magic Power and after being in Partial Release for at least three posts. Unlike Partial Release, this form can be ended early, but cannot be reactivated again in the same post, meaning it can only be used once.
    Duration: 5 posts
    Spell damage +70%.
    Spell speed +70%.
    Strength +70%.
    Speed +70%.
    Spell costs reduced by 10%.

    Artifact Collector:

    Lineage Name: Artifact collector
    Wielder: Melody S. Winter
    Purchase Proof: Ancient scroll
    Custom Lineage Library BOc1GLz
    Description: Times of old leave behind many things, monuments, stories, and lost treasures. Many go searching, some have natural luck, and for others it is a hobby. Those few gifted with this lineage as a birth right are often explorers, travelers, adventurers. The seek out the corners nobody has gone, move the rocks others climb over. They find the things kept in museums or their own private collections. Some might call them thieves, others tomb raiders, but they call themselves 'Artifact collectors'.
    Passive 1 Lore: Sometimes An artifact you found, you already have in a collection and decide to give it to someone else. Such is the case with this passive and it happens rather often for Melody as just about any job she takes on she finds two of something rare.
    Passive 2 Lore: The artifacts that are first time seen, not something you want to just hand over until you possibly find a copy of it and melody is no different. Though for some reason they are mostly combat based and Melody hates combat... Bad luck in the good luck in guess.
    Passive 3 Lore: Sometimes there are traps... Sometimes there are angry monsters... most times you just got to run like the world is ending when you got an artifact and that is just something people with this linage have been known for.
    Cosmetic 1 Lore: The oldest artifact in Melody's possession 'Beast amulet'. An odd necklace with the teeth, feathers, scales, and bones of countless animals embedded with magic. Adding her own magic to one of these allows her to change into that animal or a hybrid of it and human. Found back in an old temple underneath her home village.

    Passive 1: On job completion obtain +100% Jewels.
    Passive 2: On job completion earn an Item/Weapon/Armor equal to that of the job's difficulty in addition to base reward or other bonuses.
    Passive 3: +200% Speed increase.
    Passive 4: +100% Spell Healing.
    Passive 5: -50% Mana cost.
    Cosmetic 1: Ability to change into an animal or animal-person. The degree of change freely chosen or changed at will.

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    Apex of Darkness:
    Apex of Darkness
    Wielder: Lord Frederick

    Over the last decade or so the blight known as Savage Skull began to ravage the towns of Fiore. They began to spread their destruction like a disease attracting every thug, criminal and wannabe evildoer to their cause, each addition making them more dangerous; every action adding to their infamy. When the guild eventually reached its peak of power they turned their sights and ambitions towards the town of Magnolia. Magnolia even then was was home to fiore's most renowned guild, the guild known as Fairy Tail. As imagined a battle ensued, Savage Skull with allied dark forces rushed several legal guilds with pin point strikes and precision.

The legal guilds refused to go down without a fight forcing the dark guild to call forth an ethereal being, this ethereal being was said to come from another plane of existence and when he came forward it spelt the end for his enemies. This being was known the Lichborne, he was a powerful being of an unknown origin. His very essence seemed to be empty as the deepest void and kept himself shrouded in a darkness that not even the brightest light would be able to penetrate it, these are said to be the gifts the dark guild bestowed on him but wither this is true or not remains a mystery. Those who have gotten too curious tend never to be seen again alive or dead, their fates as much a mystery as the one they were investigating.

The enemy now found themselves facing the physical manifestation a man thought to be the very vassal of darkness itself. He was a powerhouse in his own right and only with all the legal guilds might did they manage to defeat such a strong opponent, doing so, however, cost them greatly. They believed in defeating him they had snuffed his threat out of existence... they would soon find that this was their first mistake. The physical form now laying shattered was nothing more than a vessel, the darkness remained behind looking for a new worthy host, waiting... watching... ever silent... ever patient within the deadly catacombs of Savage Skull.

    Passive Abilities

    Vile Ascension:

    Vile Ascension is a passive which allows Dahau's body to reach heights that others could only dream about accessing with a mortal body. The darkness within him grants him a new form if he so wishes to use it or merely strengthen his normal body. This permits him 25% added health making him harder to defeat, while also giving him a damage reduction of 25% to any attack aimed at him. An additional bonus to this is that it also allows him a 50% buff towards magical damage.

    Darkness Gift:
    A deep darkness encases Dahau's body making him able to blend perfectly with shadow, (while used in pvp it makes him 50% less likely to be seen in places where large amounts of shadows gather or places with vast amounts of darkness are.) In addition to this the darkness is so deep that no natural light is able to penetrate, in fact, it almost seems to attack it converting any natural light to darkness within 100 meters to shadow, this allows him to move unseen and silently while within shadows.

    Unholy Union:
    The darkness within Dahau was apparent even when he was very young though he had his own set if twisted morals and honour code that he abided by. He joined Savage Skull in his mid to late teens and quickly moved up the ranks, his name soon being known throughout Fiore as someone that you didn't want to come across. Soon he decided that it was time for him to take his trial and descended into the unforgiving bowels of the catacombs, the darkness that had laid dormant for so long now stirred at his presence watching him from a far to see how the then intruder dealt with the trials it set forth. With the trials vanquished with ease, the darkness decided that Dahau was the one that would be its vessel. Now that the darkness had combined with Dahau the mortal man now finds himself not only immortal but that his magical and physical strength had been increased by 50%.

    Active Abilities


Coil of the Lichborne:

As the flame of a candle requires the oxygen to continue existing, so Dahau is bound to the dark guild known as Savage Skull for his continued existence; if he was to leave the darkness would rip out of him killing the dark mage on the spot. Well to be more accurate the vile darkness that uses him as a vessel keeps his obedient to the guild and bound to the mysterious and eerie catacombs that gave it life. Being its chosen vessel means Dahau can call upon it, changing himself to the very embodiment of the guild as the Lichborne whom had possessed it before he had. This allows him to gain an ultimate form with two abilities that can be used independently of one another. Dahau may choose to take these abilities on physically or not but his shadow will change regardless indicating which of these aspects he is using, each aspect last four rounds requiring a six-round cooldown.


The darkness is able to draw on the grave for a short time granting its vessel to change into the spectre known as a wraith if they so desire. While in this form Dahau gains fast healing that allows him to gain 5% back every turn, this is farthest from the strangest thing this form can do, however. He found that even in things like snow and mud he leaves no trace that he was ever there. In addition to this so longs he has touched the person or even their shadow he can attack the shadow and still do damage to the person or manipulate the shadow to attack its owner for 50% of his rank damage. (caps at s), he may only do this to one shadow at a time, however once touched he may do this from max multi-target range of his rank. The strangest thing he has found is that attacking via the shadow gives him a 25% buff to those spells and leave no marks on the body itself.

Though similar to the wraith the spectral form if chosen can be anything of Dahau's choosing so longs it was once able to be classed as a living and intelligent being. While in this aspect Dahau's shadow is always in motion as if being pushed by a gentle breeze, this is unless he takes on a physical form. Regardless of this aspect, he can create illusions that would make you beg for death. with ooc permission given he may even use your memories and fears against you twisting good memories into something that much more terrifying. He may target a single person or a small group of people at once making the mass hysteria that much worse for the individual(s) must be with in range of his rank aoe spell.

    Card Bonded:
    Lineage Name: Card Bonded
    Wielder: Gaia Sabin

    Description: Far down deep in her family tree line, Gaia had some ancestors who used to dabble in divination card magic. This magic granted them the ability to literally bond with the cards that calls to them. The ability to be able to do this happened to be all in the bloodline too, so it was only in her family that the magic could be done. Card Bonded gives the user the ability to manipulate the cards to their whim. The ability to do this has been kept dormant for years till it bestowed upon Gaia when she came in contact with some cards.

    Gaia hails from Bellum, where magic users are everywhere. Originally, Gaia was magicless, thus treated terribly by everyone, even her family. In her search to find something to help her with magic in her parents dusty attic when she was sixteen, Gaia had stumbled upon a box, with a deck of dragon themed tarot cards in it. The cards themselves seemed to speak to her in a bunch of raspy, old voices. And when she opened the box, the cards looked rather ordinary in her opinion, till she had touched them and managed to get a papercut on the corner of one, dropping a droplet of blood on the top card, The World. The blood on the card sealed the deal and activated her lineage, allowing Gaia to feel the magic in her cards immediately.

    Seventy-Eight Card Control. Gaia’s deck is full of 78 cards that she can use in whatever order she wishes. With the ability to control the cards, she can call upon the card and it’ll jump to the hand she has open for them. The deck doesn’t even have to be in her hand, they only have to be at most 3 meters away and relatively together.

    Slice of the Cards. While having every card in her hand, Gaia will prick her thumb with a needle, and then spread out the deck before she runs her thumb over the deck and is able to let her cards float around her. The same thumb she pricked, would have to point in the direction of the target for the cards to go after it and use the edges to slice them. The cards deal .6 rank damage each post.

    Card Tricks. When Gaia uses this ability, she will take her deck of cards and do a spring card flourish with them, making them go to her other hand before the cards all together flow out and start to form a shape for her. Her most common shapes to create are a temporary shield, and a copy of herself out of the cards.

         ~ The shield is a half dome that pops up when Gaia’s being attacked and has 50% rank health (D= 100 HP, C=150%, B=200%, and so on to Z=500 HP).
         ~ The copy of cards is the lifelike shape of Gaia in the form of the cards with 50% of her magic ability, and rank health (D= 100 HP/MP, C=150%, B=200%, and so on to Z=500 HP/MP).

    The other shapes the cards take on are of utilities, such as acting like a compass and providing a trail for her to follow, a temporary shelf to put things like books on, and even a distraction of animals made of the cards positioning themselves just right.

    Reversed Temperance. Reversed Temperance is the Temperance tarot card in the Rider-Waite deck. Reversed, the card has a lack of balance or harmony. The card itself doesn’t need to be touched as it’s not summoning the summon, but rather creating an environment illusion that goes up to the max rank Area of Effect range of whatever environment a certain spell is best suited in (tundra, swamp, rainforest, forest, ect). The environment itself will buff the spells by 20% at D rank, 25% at C, 30% at B, 35% at A, 40% at S, and, 45% at H, while also having a 20% resistance to spells that would normally hurt the spells.

    Fogah Supri Lasauic (38 Summons). After reading about Urano Metria, the ‘Ultimate Magic of the Stars’, Gaia had found she could do something similar with her cards. Fogah Supri Lasauic (which translates to ‘Three Eight Summons’ in draconic), makes semi-opaque versions of all of the dragons of the Major Arcana, as well as all of the Kings, Queens, Knights, and Pages from all the Minor Arcana suits – which total to 38 cards together – appear around her. They only appear after she bends the top and bottom of all the tarot cards to make them fly in front of her to the ground while chanting in draconic:

    “Fogah Supri Lasauic (Three Eight Summons,)
    Si relgr acht wux ekess letoclo ve, (I call upon you to help me,)
    Voenllyl sia relgr vur confn zexenuma ini ve, (Heed my call and come stay by me,)
    Fogah Supri Lasauic, (Three Eight Summons,)
    Nymuer sia ulnot vur nar sia irlym. (Hear my cry and strike my enemy.)”

    After the chant had been placed, a misty veil is put over the surrounding 30 meters of the area along with the dragons appearing. The dragons around would gather enough energy between all thirty-eight of them. Anyone whom Gaia has deemed an enemy, will suddenly be attacked with a blast of energy 2x her rank in damage from the dragons.

    ~ ‘Seventy-Eight Card Control’ is always active for Gaia to use as it is a passive ability the lineage has.
    ~ ‘Slice of Cards’ is used once per thread, and for only two posts, with the first post being a charge with Gaia pricking her thumb.
    ~ ‘Card Tricks’ can be used twice per thread, with a 5 post cooldown with the Utilities part of it being passive and able to be used freely.
    ~ ‘Reversed Temperance’ is used for as long as a spell is placed, and uses the same duration and cooldown as the spell.
    ~ ‘Fogah Supri Lasauic’ on the other hand, is an ability that Gaia can only use once per thread. It works for 1 post and has a 5 post cool down, in which she also can’t use any of her other cards for the strain of the magic would be great on her if she were to try. If she were to cast another card while in the cooldown, she’ll use 1.5x of her MP to cast spells.

    Progeny of Chaos:

    Custom Lineage Library Ichigo_final_getsuga_tenshou_by_tsotne_senpai-d5t1x0q

    Progeny of Chaos

    Description :
    There can be no light without darkness, and no order without chaos. In the time before time there was nothing, a void, a hole. Some mages call this Darkness, though this power is much more than the mere absence of light; others call this Chaos, though this strength is much more than the absence of order. It is from this all things were formed, and one day it is to this power all things shall return.

    Some believe that in the beginning of creation there was only Darkness, or Chaos, Void, or Nothing, though the names change the being is one and the same. For reasons unknown that primordial force has chosen their Progeny, someone to walk the realm as an Avatar. This choice comes with great benefits and gifts; however, the Progeny lives a pain existence, aloof and cut off from the world. As their power gets stronger so too does that influence.

    The Progeny of Chaos, despite how the name sounds, is a truly neutral being, or so they believe. Their nature is that of existence, of being, they do not seek to create, nor do they seek to destroy, others will do that for them. Their actions are acted upon at whim, and their choices are purely happenstance.

    As the mage grows, and their power is bolstered the mind starts to warp and change in such was that they look at death, as destruction as an inevitability; they look at chaos, and order as two sides of the same coin; they look at emotion and feelings as a weakness.

    As such do not expect the Progeny to come to your aid, not unless your history is enough that the human side of their mind can take over and overrule the influence of the forces they have accepted into their heart. However, the same goes for the Progeny themselves, they are riskier with their life, and the lives of others, believing ultimately that the end does not matter, as such their magic is one of risk, to everyone involved, user, allies, and foes alike.

    The true purpose of the Progeny is unknown, even to themselves. As such they explore the world, participating as they see fit and learning what they can until the time of their death and their return to darkness.

    Aesthetic / Plot :

    Plot Effects:
    Body of Darkness,
    The Progeny has an affinity with darkness and shadow. This is manifested with shadows and darkness seeming to cling to the Progeny, at all times no matter what the light looks like the Progeny looks to be standing in shadow. At first this effect starts small such as their face seeming darken and paler then expected, however as the Progeny increases in magical ability this effect gets stronger to the point that shadows start to follow or stream off of them. This ability can be controlled to some extent, making it such that they do not stand out in front of a crowd, however it can never be completely removed. As such, a close examination will always reveal something... strange.

    Body of Chaos,
    In addition to this he can with heavy concentration, and some magical know how is able to warp that darkness and void to his will. He no longer leaves traces in things like dust and snow, and he leaves behind no evidence of his passing, no hair or dna, as both are claimed by the void as they fall. In addition to that he can completely mask his magical aura, and all magical traces in his system.

    Chaotic Mind, The Progeny has a direct line to the chaos and darkness of the world before time, because of this sometimes when they dream, they see visions of the time before, or the time after. These apparitions and visions revel themselves in the creation and or destruction of the world, and always leave the Progeny in a cold sweat and troubled mind.
    In addition to this, the power gifted from Chaos, and the connection to Aporia does not come free. The more the power is used, and the stronger the magic summoned, the more warped the mind of the user, as such his mind no longer works as a humans would, and is instead a chaotic combination of thoughts, desires, and wills. This makes it such that his mind can not be read, it is extremely difficult to tell if he is lying, and his intentions are neigh impossible to determine through magical or observational means.

    Light Aversion, The Progeny of Darkness can never use or control light magic, and they must have one magic which centers on Darkness or Chaos. This is done as such that the Progeny's primary or secondary magic must be Darkness/Chaos, and they can never choose to gain access or create light magic unless that magic is gifted such as a Guild Spell.

    Primary Abilities :
    Seal of Chaos:

    Seal of Chaos -
    Markus has a secret that he only recently learned about, an unknown lineage, and his connection the the being known as Chaos has made him a vessel for the of of the Seals of the Apocalypse, the Seal of Chaos, named Aporia. Though the two beings were at odd for much of the time Markus had known about her, they have finally reached a place of mutual benefits.

    For Markus, this means that he gains access to Aporias innate abilities as a Demon / Angel Hybrid, and warrior of God.
    Aporia powerful summoner, and warrior allows Markus to gain one addition slot for active requip spells going at once. Meaning, if he uses a requip magic, his benefit is increased be one. In addition to that, as a master tactician, and void dweller, she has taught him to better control summons from the void allowing him to have one more maximum summon out at a time, so long as the summon is from the void. As a downside to these however, when Markus would summon the addition creature, or call the addition requip that spell cost double to cast.

    Finally, Markus and Aporia are so linked that he can use her true power in the form of Takeover Magic. This takeover however is stronger than normal magical, the partial takeover allowance for this particular ability is actually 5 instead of the normal 4. However, as a trade off for this, the Full Takeover must be an H+ spell, using a slot within one of Markus' magics, and all of the Partial Takeovers cost double whether casting on their own, or in addition to the H+ takeover.

    Manifestation of Aporia:

    Manifestation of Aporia -
    'For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?'
    Markus and Aporia are linked forever, until the time of Markus' eventual death. However, his strength and her cunning allows her to for brief periods of time cross the threshold from void into earth land, and provide much needed support in battle. Markus gains two spellslots, one of H and one of H+, however they are limited by the following. Both spellslots must be summons, and one must use the immaculate summon given at A rank. In addition to that, both spells can only be used once per thread, and both spells cost double the base mana to cast.

    Personification of Darkness:

    Personification of Darkness -
    'I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood;'
    As stated above, the Progeny becomes walking darkness, with dark magic stemming from the body of the user. However, this is not where that magic stops as that is the unconscious will of Darkness. This is actually due to the Progenies connection with Aporia, and the effect that comes when her seal is broken.

    With this the Progeny can use darkness to corrupt and modify Light. This is done by at will converting light withing User rank Burst(Capped at S) to a type of 'Darkness', almost like God Slayer light magic. The light gets corrupted by chaos, and counts as Darkness in addition to any of its other classifications. If the light is natural, or passive non-user based magical light(a light lacrima), he can convert it without cost. However, if the light is a spell, then it must be of the same rank or lower than Markus(Capped at S), and he must sacrifice 2 times the original spell cost to convert the magic. This does not effect the damage, or the effects of the spell in any way. The effect is cosmetic and adds a 'darkness' to light or shadow, and can only be used on a single spell once per post.

    Secrets of Chaos:

    Secrets of Chaos -
    Chaos, as a Primordial is as old as time itself, and has gained much knowledge. She has decided to bestow some of the knowledge onto her Progeny. Markus gains 5 additional spells(Capped at S) for one of his magic's and one additional signature spell that caps at A rank for each magic. All of these spells are subject to spell slot maximums and are required to be graded as per normal spell rules.

    Chaos Surge:

    Chaotic Surge –
    The chaos within Markus' body is almost a being of itself, and it learns as Markus fights, gaining power until it is released. This power builds, due to this 25% of any damage the progeny takes or any offensive spell he casts is stored within him(He still takes full damage, and it can not be blocked by a shield, This storage caps at 2.5x Markus's rank, capped at S, in damage, and he can not store more than 0.5x S rank damage in a single turn.) This excess energy can be released at any given point by the progeny, however if it reaches the maximum and hasn't been released, it will automatically do so of it's own accord, dealing 10% of his overall hp as damage to himself as it releases. The damage can go as Single Target Range and Speed, capped at S.

    Primordial Destruction:

    Primordial Destruction –
    Chaos, abhorring all things since creation has decided to provide a special gift to its chosen few. In Markus this gift is reflected in strength, his magical power gets enhanced but at a great cost. Due to the nature of Markus' pact with Chaos, his body is constantly in a state of flux, and his mind is always threatening to loose itself. As such, he looses 200 base points to both HP and MP, however the trade-off though is that he gains flat rate damage boost to spell damage to all spells equal to 50%

    Ascendant ability :
    Bringer of Death (X-Rank):

    Name: Bringer of Death
    Description: A vicious lineage that is said to only appear one in a trillion. This lineage is one where you become the living embodiment of death itself. Like a vessel of death, you spread death, decay, and demise wherever you go. 'Bringer of Death' is the title bestowed upon you as your crusade for all living things to die forges your own name to be forever marked in history. The immense power you feel surges through your body like no other. Unlike other lineages, this lineage is obtained through supernatural means instead of being inherited it. Nobody knows the mystery behind this destructive lineage, and very little is known about it's origins or how it came to be. However, it is said that those who hold this lineage are never mistaken to be a wielder of any lineage as their aura, presence, and killer instinct is so intense that it brings those who are too weak to their knees.

    "I wanted nothing but silence,
    black woods, decay, cold winds;
    to lie twisted and turned as a serpent,
    to be in unison with a dying earth."
                           - Segovia Amil

    Ability: Mortem: The 'Bringer of Death' is capable of unleashing a wave of death. This wave instantly kills all weak monsters in any thread instantly.
    Shi:The 'Bringer of Death' instantly kills an additional normal monster if they succeed in killing one.
    Muerte:The 'Bringer of Death' can kill any boss when they sacrifice themselves.
    Orcus: The 'Bringer of Death' charges their magic or weapon with the power of death, darkness shrouds their weapon and they deal 50% more damage for 5 turns.

    Usage: The user can choose one ability to use in a thread once per a thread.
    Knight of Spirits (Y-Rank):

    Name: Knight of Spirits
    Description: One of the Seven Knights of King Kuroryu, this Knight could summon ethereal spirits to aid him in battle offense. He was said to be extremely proficient with his equipment as they were powered with spirits.

    Ability: Allows the user to increase offense and defense capabilities upon activation. Acts as a passive throughout the period of activation. Activating too long will result in body paralysis. As another passive, without activation, the user is adept with using equipment (+5 base "Unarmed" damage and they're generally skilled with their weapons).

    Usage: Upon activation of the lineage, the user gains 50% damage increase (Outgoing) OR damage reduction (Incoming) (never both) capabilities. However, after 4 posts one of the arms of the user will be paralyzed, after 6 posts from the initial activation, both arms will be paralyzed, and after 8 posts from the initial activation of the lineage the user will be completely paralyzed. The paralysis will last 4 posts and resets if the user gets paralyzed further due to this lineage. This lineage can only be activated once in a thread.
    Backed by Prophecy (Z-Rank):

    Name: Backed by Prophecy
    Description: A long time ago, someone consulted an ancient Oracle, who was said to have never failed in his prophecies before. After the exchange of many gifts, the passing of many favours and a good deal of ka-ching in the mix, the Oracle gave him a prophecy: that the forty-second generation mage of that someone's bloodline would become a true hero, worthy of ballads and plays, loved by both the sky, the ocean and the earth, the gods and the people, that would wipe out any enemy or overcome all hurdles to achieve transcendence on par with the heavens. And you know what, that forty-second generation mage is you! Yes, throughout your entire childhood, this prophecy has been relayed to you over and over again and it has instilled within you a rare and powerful confidence or expectation, depending on how you took it. Of course, no one ever told you that the same prophecy has been passed down to sixty other long-distance descendants in the same generation as you, but you won't supposed to know that now, won't you?

    Ability: The confidence that your journey is backed by omnipotent gods has never been more self-assured and indomitable. Whenever you make an attack, sometimes this confidence can really get to your head, pushing you to pour in everything you got in that attack, safe in the knowledge that the gods, who will surely be backing a Main Character like you, will make it strike true. Or will they? If you fail to hit, your resolve falters by a lot, you stumble(for close-combat) or freeze(for ranged) and in the shock of your failure, you are vulnerable to a single attack. But don't worry, you will get over it.
    A single attack or magic will be given double the damage of its original as well as having a 50% increase in speed(projectile or melee) but it will not overcome a spell of a higher rank no matter what. The amount of magical energy used, if the attack is a spell, would be doubled. If an opponent blocks successfully, he gets one free hit in of any of his spells(if multi-projectile, only one projectile) and the user gets hit for double damage due to the shock weakening his defense. Note: Charge-up spells will not be viable for the free hit by the opponent.

    Usage: Instant/single use for 1 spell or attack with a 6 post cooldown before this effect can be done again. 10 posts if failed to hit.

    Dark Matter Ascendant:

    Lineage Name: Dark Matter Ascendant.
    Wielder: Aven Alveron.
    Purchase Proof:

    Description: Dark Matter is a substance forgotten to time, by most: it's very existence is primed toward survival at all costs. Long ago, there was a long and arduous war between beings of Dark Matter, who wished to spread their influence among the cosmos, and the Heavens, who sought to preserve the balance of the universe. The battles were fearsome, tearing planets and systems apart, until, finally, one of the Gods, Em'inet, lead his Pantheon of Angels into a final struggle with the opposition. Only two beings survived the brutal encounter, Em'inet himself counted among the slain, and with the power of the Dark Matter Beings greatly weakened from the blow, their defeat was assured. Dark Matter, as a substance, was hidden from the mortal eye, relegated to a a structural building block of universal equilibrium, and the many beings scattered far and wide, their overwhelming power faded and diminished. In that state, it remained, scattered particles of incredible density, unseen by the naked eye, ever awaiting a being that could once against harness its potential.

    Plot Abilities:

    Dark Matter Ascendant: Aven is fully comprised of Dark Matter, with the mastery he has gained over the substance, he is proffered full control over all Dark Matter within his general vicinity (Dark Matter Abilities controlled by others are subject to OOC approval). This ability can be used in all different manner of ways, from assembling mundane objects, to creating structures, and even a few party tricks; however, any construct made using this ability, no matter how large, is mundane, and has no innate durability for the sake of damage calculation.


    Regenerative Strain: Aven's body is constantly regenerating, and though it leads to a physically impressive body, his muscles do not tear and rebuild as normal muscles: thus, his physical attacks are physically weak. Aven's melee attacks deal no damage, but the hardiness of Dark Matter grants him a 60 HP Base increase to his Defensive Spells.

    Might of the Forgotten Realm: The Dark Matter of Aven's body is constantly regenerating, but this process is difficult to interrupt or speed up with Magic; however, it's natural conductivity with Magic Energy allows Aven to conjure a much stronger offense. Aven's Base Healing is reduced by 60, but the natural flow of Magic Energy through his body grants him a 60 HP Base increase to Spell Damage.

    Dark Transferal: Once per post, Aven can transfer any amount of active Shielding or MP to any object or willing being he's touching, or has a Bond with. When this ability is activated, the initial process deals S-rank damage to Aven, as the energy is forcefully removed from him and applied to the receiving party. Only Shielding or MP may be transferred in one activation of this ability, and any MP transferred cannot restore beyond the recipient's maximum.

    Dark Manifestation: Whenever Aven is in Dark Matter Ascendant form, all Dark Matter around him becomes subject to his will, and he gains the ability to create and control objects of Dark Matter in S-rank Burst Range around him. When striking an enemy or foreign object, these objects deal S-rank Multi-target Damage, and move at S-rank Multi-target speed. This effect is tied directly to the spell "Dark Matter Ascendant Form", thus has a max duration of 12 posts before it must be recast.

    Dark Empowerment: Aven's latent Dark Matter power grants him an additional H+ rank Spell.

    Relativity: Aven's sheer mass allows him to view the passing of time much slower, in relativity to his opponent. The speed of Aven's information processing and reaction time is automatically heightened to 1.5x the reaction time of the fastest being within S-rank Burst Range, but his body does not move any faster that it normally would.

    Re-constitutional Degradation: As a side effect of the constantly reforming Dark Matter around him, combined with a greatly increased flow of magic energy, Aven's body has become more prone to damage, while simultaneously becoming more efficient in it's transport and storage of Magic Power. Aven's base health is decreased by 500 HP, and his base Magic Power is increased by 500 MP.

    Privileged Upbringing: Aven gains 100% more jewels from his jobs, as he can negotiate higher pay with the influence of his Family.

    Immortal Existence :

    Lineage Name:
    Immortal Existence


    There are very few that can honestly say that they have been blessed to see the steps of the dances that make up existence. Demi is one of the few that ever have been, though she keeps these secrets close to her chest. Only perhaps three people know this of her and she is happy to keep it that way. This being said Demi has been experimented on from a young age this cycle around and so it has affected her gift in ways that shouldn't have been possible, however, she has adapted to these new abilities and uses them to benefit herself and those she cares about.

    Reaper's Enhancements:
    Like many people within her unit Demi was put through a strict training regime that enhanced many of her already naturally heightened abilities. Due to this Demi gains one spell per rank that are classed as solitary ancient spells. (As these are lineage spells they do not go towards the magic spell cap.) Demi is also gains three additional signature spells that are to be placed inside her first magic, One capping at S, one at A and one at B. These spells are to be graded like any other spell and follow the magic rules.

    Assassins Guile:
    Demi was trained in assassination and espionage as she grew, she came to understand that force wasn't always the best way to go and even if it was that pray may be faster than she was, a few experiments changed that. This passive ability allows Demi to move at the same speed as the fastest person within her current ranks burst range and adds 50% on top. If it is found she is the fastest person then she gains a buff of 40% at D rank that gains 5% every rank there after capping at 60% at S rank

    Death's Curse:
    Demi is a naturally born reaper so her talents pull more towards dealing damage than healing it, due to this she has found her healing spells lacking. Demi is only able to heal for 25% of any healing spells full potential and even if buffed it will never go any higher, the bonus side to this is that she gains 4 additional flat damage per rank capping at 20 damage at S rank.

    Universal Exchange:
    Demi was born to be a balance keeper, due to this she always has to be remain in the best condition she can. Universal exchange allows one debuff each round to be negated. For this ability to work she must sacrifice mana equal to the original casting cost of the spell and only works against spell her rank or lower capping at S rank.

    Additional Support:
    Demi has been through a lot given what she was born as, her training within Cor Tova and the experiments she went through at a place only referred to as 'home'. Strangely she has found the experiments and training have blended well with what she is and made her that much stronger. Due to this Demi gains two additional advanced spells that rank with her, one capping at S rank and the other at H. These spells are to be graded like any other spell and follow the magic rules.

    Moral Compass:
    Even after everything Demi has been through her moral compass has been left intact, she herself doesn't understand why but she thinks it has something to do with what she is racially. This ability allows her to find balance and peace in everything she does and due to this her spells cost 50% less than what they should to cast.

    Plot abilities:

    Regeneration and Pain:
    Due to her harsh upbringing Demi has a high threshold to pain making her seem like she can't feel it, she has unlocked the ability to regenerate removed limbs though it takes three rounds to do so. (She takes damage and such as normal)

    No Trace Left:
    This life cycle Demi was stolen from her crib and raised within a dark guild by the name of Cor Torva as an experiment. Many of the experiments where harsh. With this ability Demi is able to move without making a sound or leaving a trace within things like snow, dust or mud etc even if she was holding something heavy.

    Herald of Destruction:

    Custom Lineage Library 95AgFOE

    Herald of Destruction

    Johann von Weiss

    Purchase Proof:

    Apocalypse, Armageddon, Cataclysm, Doomsday, the end of the world, different names for the same concept, the same event: The stop of civilization as we know it. Ever since humanity has begun its ascent to greatness it has been afraid to lose everything it had obtained, placing a spiritual, almost mystical meaning and importance on the day that this time would come. Luckily, it hasn't yet ... or has it? Everything has to come to a close, after all ...

    Every few centuries, something or someone emerges in or even outside Earthland with the potential to end existence as we know it, possessing raw destructive capabilities that are unmatched, inheriting not just the mystical and spiritual implications that come with it, but also the attention of the gods. As with humans, the divines, of course, are similarly arbitrary in the judgment imposed on humanity, some gods seeking to destroy rather than create. As it so happened, one divine bestowed upon the wielder of this lineage powers that transcend both the limits set by mortals and divines alike, powers that, depending on the one wielding them, possess the potential to usher in an age of destruction.


    Arbiter of Annihilation:
    The Herald of Destruction is influenced by the destructive prophecy seemingly bound to them, granting them the ability to turn into something more powerful, a form that embodies the power of the apocalypse. The wielder of this lineage gains access to a unique type of magic called "Apocalyptic" and can use that magic type in the creation of their magics. Apocalyptic magic is, in essence, the use of both ancient power bestowed upon the wielder by a divine being and the usage of this power to change the wielder's form, enabling the user to use both "Take Over" and "Caster" type spells in magics that are using the "Apocalyptic" type. The benefit levels for Apocalyptic Magic are specified below:

    • Solitary: +75% to HP and MP. Character can use 5 Partial Take Over spells per Full Take Over.
    • Primary: +50% to HP and MP. Character can use 5 Partial Take Over spells per Full Take Over.
    • Auxiliary: +25% to HP and MP. Character can use 5 Partial Take Over spells per Full Take Over.

    Warrior of Catastrophe
    Blessed or cursed, depending on the outlook, the Harbinger of Destruction is entrusted with magical prowess that far exceeds that of regular mages, enabling them to effectively wield destructive powers in combat. The wielder of this lineage carries increased arcane powers, granting them four additional advanced spell slots that may freely be distributed across their magics. These spell slots rank up with them, two up to H+ and the other two up S+. The user may also choose to give up an H rank spell slot in one of their magics to gain an additional H+ spell for the same magic, though this spell may only be used once per thread and costs double the base MP to cast. Further, the user also unlocks 2 additional signature spells that rank with them up to S for one of their magics and 5 additional user rank spell slots for one of their magics that rank with them up to S, though these 5 spell slots cost double base MP to cast. If any of these additional spell slots are used to create a take over type spell, the take over in question gains an additional ability equal to spell rank.

    The strength bestowed on the Herald servers not only to hone their skills in combat but also disrupts those that wish them harm, going as far as distorting time and space itself to make sure they maintain dominance. The wielder's spell speed and spell range are increased by 200%. Additionally, this ability provides the user with a counter effect to abilities that make another party match their speed in any way, the efficiency of the other party's ability reduced by 50% in every aspect whenever matching the user's speed in any way (For example, someone possesses an ability that allows them to match the user's speed + an additional 50% of that speed. When used, they, however, find that they can only move at half the user's speed + an additional 25% of that speed).

    Incarnation of Power
    Naturally, the Herald's arcane powers are stronger than those of regular mages, empowered by and steeped in destructive magic. The wielder's base magic damage and base spell speed are both increased by 50%. These buffs are applied before any other buffs to spell damage and spell speed apply.

    Apocalyptic Arms
    The Herald of Destruction has been bestowed with a simple, yet potent blessing by their benefactor, granting them access to assistance in order to fulfill their mission. The wielder of this lineage has access to either an additional active requip slot or an additional active summon slot (Must specify which at the beginning of a thread, can only pick one of the two). Further, the blessing placed on the wielder of the lineage focusses all their destructive capabilities into their attacks to amplify as much of their potential for carnage as possible. The wielder's attacks, melee, and spell, ignore damage reductions of any kind. The user also gains an additional 100% jewels from any job they complete.

    Of course, the herald's blessing still holds a single primary purpose: To initiate the beginning of the end, to let destruction and devastation roam free and to channel their powers lay waste to the land. Uniquely granted to the wielder of this lineage is a single additional spell slot of H++ rank. This spell slot can be used for an offensive spell only and only by mages that are at least H rank or higher. In contrast to other H++ spells, this spell, however, is not classed as a guild spell, and must be made and reviewed in one of the user's magic apps and graded like a regular spell.

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    Defender of the Heavenly Gardens:
    Lineage Name: Defender of the Heavenly Gardens
    Wielder: Rina Everglades
    Proof: https://www.fairytail-rp.com/t32886p50-the-trading-hub#335354

    Description: Rina, was given at a young age, the powers of the Heavenly Garden. Although she did not know about its true nature until she was 19, she still used it with strength. She used the requip magic it bestowed onto her, to defend those who could not defend themselves. She was able to make a small name for herself through what she had at the time, with the flower like weapons that filled her hands. She was able to destroy large beasts, and make friends. Through her valiant ideals, and need for the magic to survive, she was given the full strength of this magic. She was given the Heavenly Gardens God Slayer magic. This magic allowed her to defend others, and even become an ace. She has been able to keep up this by helping her allies in battle, and showing them the ways to climb the ranks, with her by their side. She has been able to use the magic well, well enough to where the goddess has notified her. Now, the goddess has put onto her a challenge that could might as well destroy the power of Rina's magic power. It is the need for Rina to defeat the brother of the goddess. He will try to take over the gardens, but Rina will have to try and fend him off, with her and her alone. She will need to pass this challenge to be the strongest she can be. That was why the goddess had blessed upon her the full rights of being the Defender of the Heavenly Gardens. This is a very big position that was held by the goddess herself. The fact that she is allowing Rina to hold this title is a very great deal. There had only been 2 humans that have ever held this title before Rina. One was a girl that became to corrupted to withhold the power, and one that Rina may not even know yet. That other person was her Great grandmother.

    Riches of the Heavenly Gardens: Those who are bound with the title of the Defender, have the ability to gain more riches. Their involvement with the gardens proves worthy for extra jewels. Whenever one comes into contact with jobs, from doing something the garden believes is good, it multiples them in a flash. At the end of every job, Rina gets 100% more jewels than given. It is not known how this happens, but it is most likely multiplied by the strength of the light cast upon them.

    Rights of the Defender: With the title of the Defender, come 1 extra magical spell for each rank up to S. This is due to the fact that the user needs a way to defend the gardens besides what is normally seen in the magic. The defensive and supportive nature given from the God Slayer magic, means that more spells are needed from the title to be better able to fight off enemies as well as being able to help allies. All of these magics have to be offensive, and nothing else.

    Defender's Glow: The Defender seems to have a light that envelops them. It is known for being a light that has its uses for its purposes in defense, but allows for advantages in combat as well. This is very important, especially when it comes to melee type enemies. This light reaches out for user rank max burst range. This means that she can light up an entire area very well. When enemies are 10 meters from Rina, they have to adjust to their light, which means they are blinded for 1 posts. Allies within the light, feel the rejuvenating energy from it. Each post, all allies within the light are healed for 25% of user rank damage. When it reaches 2.5x heal for a target they have a cooldown of 2 posts. Cooldown is seperate for each mage.

    Division of the Defender: Due to the fact, that the defender has needed the ability to find on their own for multiple times, they have been able to split themselves into light illusions. They can form up to a max of 2 at D rank(+1 each rank above) of these within max burst range at max burst speed. She is able to pick half of these illusions to heal an ally within max burst range with a beam that travels at max burst speed for 25% of user rank damage once every post. The other half, can damage enemies within max burst range with a beam that travels at max burst speed for 25% of user rank damage once every post. Each illusion takes two hits of any attack before evaporating. Once all illusions disappear, this ability goes on cooldown for 3 posts.

    Weapon of the Defender: The spear has become more attuned to the power of the holder. If the wielder of the Heavenly Spear, gains the title of defender, it becomes upgraded into a Artifact(+) weapon from a Legendary weapon(+). The spear puts itself more into the favor of the title holder. It gives them strength they had never felt before. Whenever the defender holds this weapon, they gain a strength buff of 50%.

    Villains Soul:

    Lineage Name: Villain’s Soul
    Wielder: Karasuki
    Description: As a young girl at the age of 10 years old, Karasuki reads an adventurous tale from a book she found in the library titled “Isle of Dreams” written by Jothan Datchery. The tale follows the sojourn of a young woman, Nan and her best friend, Iris. They live on a ship with a magical crew, though they themselves are not magical. They face plenty of dangers including storms, monsters, and even pirates. When a pirate vessel called The Red Dawn boards their ship and kidnaps Iris as a hostage for treasure, Nan proceeds on her adventure to gather the treasure desired by the pirate king. The pirate king, Geralt Vossler the Ruthless, is known for his cruel and bloody reign of the sea. Nan runs out of time to find the treasure and returns to Geralt empty handed. This is unfortunately as far into the story as Karasuki gets. Out of fear for Nan and Iris, Karasuki attempts to read Geralt out of the story to prevent the villain from harming her two favorite characters.

    Instead of reading Geralt entirely out of the story, Karasuki manages to read out his soul. Geralt Vossler’s soul is pulled out of the book and into her own body, forcing young Karasuki to now share her physical body with an evil Pirate King. Karasuki learns at this time that summoning living beings out of text is much more challenging than items and now lives with the consequences.

    Basic Profile:
    Geralt Vossler the Ruthless
    Pirate Ship: The Red Dawn
    Likes: Treasure, Women, Fine Wine, and Unquestioned Obedience
    Dislikes: Disrespect, Rum, Romance
    Motivations: Self Preservation, Reputation, and Power
    Appearance: Green eyes, Tan skin, Dark brown facial hair kept as an extended goatee, and Dark brown hair usually kept long on top and trimmed or shaved on the sides. He is written as 6’4’’ and has a fit athletic build. He wears mostly dark blue and maroon color combinations, with a typical wide brimmed hat, long leather coat with buckles, and sturdy boots.


    Combat Abilities:

    Combat Abilities

    Passive Abilities

    • The Parting Glass: Karasuki’s body has a 30% HP passive increase by sharing a body with Geralt. However, when he is in control, he bestows a temporary magical damage reduction which causes magical attacks to deal 20% less damage to her until Karasuki resumes control.
    • In Good Company: Karasuki’s mind is 50% less likely to be affected by mind based attacks, so long as she and Geralt are working as allies. If they are at odds, Karasuki’s mind becomes 50% more likely to be affected by these mind based attacks and if successful, those mind based attacks with allow Geralt to take over. It costs 50% less MP to remove any effects (would cover illusions, control spells, etc).
    • Sailor’s Delight: Karasuki receives one extra user rank spell which grows with her provided that the spell is related to Geralt’s experience as a Pirate King and that she names it after his ship, The Red Dawn. This spell is to be graded and approved of the same way every spell is using the magical rules and approval threads appropriate.

    Active Abilities

    Geralt is unable to utilize any of Karasuki’s primary magic spells, although he does have access to her magical power (mp).

    • Up She Rises: Most of the time, Geralt is not to be reasoned with. His dedication to fighting until the bitter end and following his own whims gives him the ability to recover HP 5% per post and MP at 5% for every other post.
    • Under the Sea-Wind: Geralt is able to use this like a simple spell and it functions like a basic spell of any rank that Karasuki has access to. He calls forth a water based attack set up as a high pressure stream of water or an explosive floating globe of water once per post for 2 posts or equivalent to a total of 2 water attacks. The spell rank of his choice cannot be over Karasuki’s rank, but it can be below if desired. This still requires an MP cost of a spell of the rank he intends to deal damage for. (Example: If Karasuki is a B rank then Geralt may choose a D, C, or B rank level for this spell and it will deal damage of that rank.) This has a minimum cooldown of spell rank, a burst range equal to the spell rank, and a duration of 2 posts.
    • Black Spot: Through physical touch Geralt can place a Black Spot. The Black Spot can be removed only by magical healing spell above or equal to Karasuki’s rank. The Black Spot gives Geralt a 40% bonus to all damage he deals to that target. Geralt can have only one Black Spot placed at a time in a thread and if he attempts to place a second, the first is automatically removed.
    • Sword of the Ruthless: Geralt can summon a bladed weapon of his choice (Falchion, Rapier, Longsword) to his hand. This weapon is wielded with prowess and confidence and works as a weapon of Karasuki’s spell rank which deals 0.5x rank damage. The sword has a duration of 4 posts and a cooldown of 6 posts. In addition, Geralt can use the magical prowess of the ocean to enhance his blade’s abilities. That allows for Geralt to deal extra damage to any foe in exchange for an MP cost or increase his speed with the weapon for an MP cost. The MP cost is equal to half Karasuki’s spell rank. The increased damage is another 0.5x rank damage (for a grand total of the weapon deals rank damage for each post with that extra MP cost) or an increased speed of 50%. Geralt can apply either the 0.5x rank damage or the speed boost but not both for the extra MP cost.

    Plot/RP Abilities:

    • When Geralt’s soul takes over, there is a slight change in appearance, muscle tone increase, short styled brown hair, green eyes, deeper harsher voice.
    • When Geralt’s soul takes over, there is a personality shift towards who Geralt is as a person. He is unable to access Karasuki’s magical spells or abilities, but using her magical power gains his own limited magical spells and abilities.
    • Karasuki and Geralt share memories and thoughts constantly but can choose to not share whatever they want when they are in control of Karasuki’s body.
    • Karasuki and Geralt can choose to switch out control voluntarily or keep control once they have it. If the soul which is repressed wants to gain control they may make an attempt and randomness (coin flip) will decide if they succeed.
    • If Geralt manages to take control while Karasuki is unwilling to have him do so, he will become repressed in 5 posts due to having to fight an inner battle with Karasuki which drains him.

    Altered Appearance:

    Custom Lineage Library Senano.Yu.600.243139

    Ensō Catalyst:

    LINEAGE NAME: Ensō Catalyst
    USER: Terith Blair/Torian Pace
    Custom Lineage Library B6cbhI7

    The Gate of the Revenant, while serving the vessel a great deal, came not without a timely cost. To have lifted its seal prematurely before the designated time befell a misfortune not only for Terith, but towards the lesser imprints as well. After having consulted the proclaimed sage Matildis, the swordsman eventually felt the full gravity of their situation - so long as the Origin Spirit persisted within the Chronicle, both his earlier memories and the other imprints shall remain suppressed, pushed back by virtue of necessity because truthfully, the Origin did not choose this sort of outcome. There are no possible means of closing a previously unsealed gate, and if not for the spirit's efforts to bury the other 'essences' in the Chronicle, the vessel's physical and spiritual body might not have withstood the energy influx.

    For the Origin, death was the least painful of all the possible consequences.

    Nevertheless, the swordsman had been adamant on the subject of retrieving the things that which he'd lost - and with the Sage's bidding there certainly was an alternative. Though the vessel was nowhere near escaping the sacrificial cycle that afflicted him so, and as customary, whatever Matildis is to do begets a hefty sum. And for what his simple humanity was worth, Terith paid his price with a third of his entire life span - an already benign trade for the sage to spearhead the recovery ritual. Only by offering a part of himself of his own accord was the vessel able to realize the full success of the process; an early grave was the lesser thought when his previously fragmented self ebbs back into wholesomeness. The voices of the incarcerated spirits that flooded his brain, however jarring at first, wailed out in happiness for having been released. His memories alongside didn't go unnoticed either, of course, reducing the adult blonde to a grieving mess.

    And yet, of the things the vessel expected to occur all through out the ritual, the Origin gaining a bearing on the physical world (apart from being moved into the 'space' inside his Etherblade) felt sourly off-tangent. While the recovery had been agreed upon by both parties, the vessel withheld a resentment for the spirit for having devoid him the truth of the other imprints for ever so long. Whatever reasoning to this would largely go unheard; though the reality was that, now that the spirit acquired himself a slightly more tangible body, their interactions were in-bound to persist still, no matter how much Terith desired to avoid any manner of conversation with the Origin until forgiveness became a inevitability.

    Matildis later informed her guests of this unforeseen event, speaking of an interfering energy as she tried to seal the Origin into Kushinda. Comically, whatever entity that currently bound itself to the etherblade did not appreciate sharing their 'housing' with another being, and henceforth exerted a greater force to implant the spirit into a body for everyone's convenience. The sage described the ordeal to be all but laudable, considering the other entity valiantly took back a portion of the vessel's stolen life energy to piece together a safe space for Terith's problem. Effectively, this gave the vessel a few more years worth, and a strong ally that, with Matildis' evaluation, seemingly opened a entirely different plane of power at their disposal.

    While the Origin's body wasn't entirely humane, it was nevertheless durable. Some experimental dabbling made them aware that he could dissolve in and out of existence by completely returning to Terith's person (a very disturbing process, or so the blonde thinks of it). Apparently the two aren't as separated as they'd been once before, perhaps even bound together at a more intimate level (this, again, brought the vessel much disgust), proving at least some usefulness. Matildis compared the two to an example of a symbiotic relationship known as  mutualism, pointing out that their collective strength were to be shared and therefor creating benefit that should not be ignored.

    A sage's wisdom would've been hard to discredit in their time of apprehension (to be frank) and thusly, the pair agree on a stalemate for their differences in order to harness and polish this greater power that Matildis oh-so thrust upon them.

    Come a few weeks, the pair realize abilities previously beyond their comprehension - opportunities such as fighting in tandem, elemental enhancements, and better survivability all working in greater effort to change the vessel for the better. Of course, Terith likely suspects that the Origin is yet to disclose the entire story of the events leading up to this, but he'd let the questions fester until much later, in due time.

    TL;DR: emo boi got his memories back thanks to an old lady, then some dead dude who's been messing with him for a good while became his slave summon and the two worked hard to get past their differences and achieve common goals since this spirit did some dickish things in the past. Emo boi still resents him to this day.



    KEIHATSU | Once per post:
    Much like Matildis, the Origin appears to be equipped with some form of wisdom that can be consulted every now and then. The simpler inquiries such as the proper direction or the location of a non-magical object needs little effort to be answered, conversely however, the more intricate a question becomes, the accuracy runs a risk of decreasing. Nevertheless, the spirit remains a very good consultant for the vessel in the event of any worldly problems at the most convenient times. When used to ask questions related to a player character (and anything related to them therefor), OOC permission would be highly required, and cannot be used while the Origin is engaged in combat. Queries directly involving time itself (events within the past, present, and future) are currently restricted, and may only be asked every three posts outside of battle.

    The spirit, however tangible he currently is, isn't wholesomely integrated into humanity as one would wish. For a lack of a better word, the Origin unsteadily balances atop the edge of both reality and something else - effectively heightening his bodily senses to levels far more intense than normal. He perceives things relatively different; every sight is multi-faceted, every sound is clear even if it's barely above a whisper, every touch an overwhelming experience. Even something as vapid as someone else's thoughts and emotions gravitate towards the spirit as if they were directly spoken to him. Should Terith desire to do so, he may also partake in these heightened senses through sheer will. OOC permission must be granted when used on player characters.

    Past the menacing appearance of the spirit's weapon (dubbed the Sculpting Blade), the sword will actually adapt the likeness of a paint brush when idle. Drawing anything remotely resembling a coherent image would render it with a short breath of sentience, allowing the scribbles to act as their real-life counterparts...albeit in a cartoonish, two-dimensional form. Words, in contrast, could be written without a surface for them to latch unto and may float around unbidden. This ability is more or less used for amusement purposes, as expected due to lack of damage properties.

    Upon being cornered by a life-threatening situation (when his HP reaches 0), the Origin may extend his divinity to consume the vessel's body, literally ripping his existence from his current location so that it may safely reside inside the Gate of the Revenant. Here, Terith would undergo heavy reconstruction so that his body's 'time' could be reversed to a point before the battle. In his place, the Origin would temporarily take the charge of filling the hole in reality left by Terith's absence up until the vessel has completely recovered the next day (rp-wise, the next thread). Whilst taking his place, the Origin will remain imperceptible to the public, unable to influence and/or communicate with other people and his environment.



    As it is currently, the spirit's existence is on par with that of a summon, further being integrated into the Etherblade's magic through this ability that allows the vessel one extra rank-up signature spell and one normal spell splot for every rank in his primary magic. The new signature spell slot is bound to the Origin and cannot be used for anything but for the sole process of summoning the spirit. Much unlike other signature summons, the Origin, in return for having no active or passive ability as per the spell slot, will remain on the battlefield until his maximum HP hits zero. In this case, the Origin's stats comply to an Immaculate Summon, whose rank is dependent on Terith's current rank up to S.

    Extracting the spirit from Chronicle consequently didn't just resume the functions of the lesser imprints and his memories, but it also effectively fortified the Gate of the Revenant's influence over both. The current known extent of the increase is seen in their durabilities against particular attacks, with both parties receiving a 50% increased durability against magic damage alongside a shared 10% HP regenaration trait.

    KANSO | Every other post:
    Dubbed the Sculpting Blade for its unorthodox form, the Origin's sword is one that cuts not without direction. Yet the weapon's full capacity cannot be realized at a constant interval, however, and the only other possible way for the weapon to deal magic damage over its usual melee is through this ability. As it was intended, a magically-enhanced strike is 60% more powerful than the damage of a summon of the Origin's rank, though this ability may only be used every other post. Each attack may only comprise of a single strike, and not multiple. Although the Sculpting Blade largely makes up for its ineptitude to make successive magical hits with attack size: one slash measuring over ten meters (this increases by an extra ten meters every time Terith ranks up from B, but maxes out at S) that travels at a speed dependent on typical AoE measurements according to Terith's rank (max S). One strike takes the form of a travelling line of blue light that veers off the sword upon the Origin's prompting.

    Through the use of several oriental runes, the vessel is able to temporarily adapt one element represented by a selected rune. This temporary element wouldn't enable the feats of a wizard specializing in that element by any means, but it'd simply override his melee damage with a replacement 'magical' damage accordingly. This ability may only ever apply to the vessel, and not towards the Origin. Amusingly, the currently active element can be toggled off and back on again depending on Terith's whimsies, but he cannot do so mid-attack.

    Shizen is primarily composed of five elements that find basis in Buddhist beliefs: Earth (地), Water (水), Fire (火), Wind (風) and Void/Aether (空). All the elements (sans the last one which is currently locked until further notice) will turn the Etherblade's melee attacks into magical ones, each hit being slightly akin to fighting with a weapon of that element. Damage-wise, the elements follow the usual spell schematic with their ranks relying on Terith's personal rank up to S. Finally, the ability to switch between elements is disabled mid-combat, and may only be done once per post.

    SEIJAKU | Once per post:
    In the event that the vessel becomes troubled with any manner of ability/spell effect of equal or lower rank, the Origin need only brandish the Sculpting Blade against him, where the action of stabbing Terith (or any damage infliction really) effectively 'cuts' all present afflictions, dispersing them completely. The process could also be applied if the case had the Origin caught the afflictions in his stead. Amusingly, converse to cutting afflictions, the Seijaku is also known to temporarily increase the vessel's innate luck - should he decide to thrust his entire blade down his chest in whatever fashion best suits him at the end of a job, then his fortunes are said to be magnified ten-fold. Inevitably, this raises all jewel rewards from these jobs by 100%. *Note: While it may appear painful, neither the Etherblade nor the Sculpting Blade could deal harm to both their masters even if either party wanted to.

    Death's Cycle:

    Death's Cycle


    Vip Shop: Page 5, Post n°114

    The presence of twins are strictly forbidden within the race that Oykai and his own twin sister Demiari found themselves born into, a fact that seemed to have been ignored for two reasons. One they had royal blood running through their veins and two no agent of death would even dare to attempt to claim one of their masters children let alone two of them. The reason for this is in his race, twins are two parts of a whole, they share any information they have, their abilities affect the other as does any experiences, memories, strengths or weaknesses. It is considered as having the same person in two places at the same time. Around a year ago he was once again face to face with the twin that was taken from him at their new birth, he had no idea what misfortune would come due to her connections to the one name of Cirven and the 'family' she grew with for over half of her life. Due to an act of striking against their summoner his dear twin is now considered as a traitor to the realm. This puts Oykai in more than one tricky situation as he wants to protect her due to being part of him and he part of her; if he was to strike her, he to would feel the pain as if it had been inflicted upon himself. He also knows that he would be expected to end her life cycle but that means he himself would be sentencing himself to the same fate. This in honesty does little to bother him, however, there are things that he hopes that he doesn't need to do one of them is that he isn't the one to take her final breath.

    Oykai unlike his twin was born and raised within the void and rose through the ranks as a reaper and soul hunter quickly. To be honest anything less than this would make him be deemed as a failure given his age and whom his father was, still he was pushed further beyond what he should have been capable of due to this and ended up killing his tutor in his final exam for their insolence without remorse. The reason for this outburst remains unexplained to this day, as he says he doesn't know why he done it. This is not the truth, he knows exactly why he done it but refuses to say. Oykai found out unexpectedly that he is far more versatile than others in his professions, he expects that this is a cross between his training and what Demiari herself endured and though parts of this scares him he uses it to his benefit when needed.


    Forbidden Bond:
    Twins are highly taboo within his race, he however is one of two sets of twins that have been permitted to live due to his lineage. Through the bond with his elder twin he has experienced the things she was forced to endure, it is because of this Oykai has five spells that are not only independent of his magic but are classed as solitary takeover spells (one spell for each rank capping at S rank), in addition to this he gains two additional signature spells that cap at S rank for one of his magics. All spells must be graded under normal magic rules. (4 effects)

    Unlimited Time:
    Oykai not only has a vast personal library that spans over the many life cycles he has lived, he also gains the memories of the cycles he as lived when he comes of age in each life. This allows him to call on some of this information making him that much stronger. Oykai gains two additional advanced spells one capping at S+ and the other at H+ (3 effects)

    Spiritual Binding:
    Part of a reaper's job is to take the final breath of the living before taking them to be judged and guiding them to their final resting place. This being said if of a high enough tier they can hold off doing this and use those they've reaped to their advantage. This ability allows him to be able to claim an additional combat pet. (1 effect)

    Sacrificial Protection:
    Oykai has sacrificed quite a bit to keep his monster behind a door, this puts a strain on his mind and body to keep not only his own protections in place but those of his twin sister. It is due to this Oykai has 100 less mp and hp than a character of the same rank, he also is unable to gain benefit from magic reductions. Through these sacrifices Oykai is able to tap into more of his lost knowledge and gains 5 additional advanced spells for a single one of his magic's (These follow an independent spell maximum from the regular one up to S and are to distributed according to regular advanced spell maximums, 2 B+, 2 A+, 1 S+) All spells must be graded under normal magic rules as usual. He also gains 50% damage reduction to both magic and physical damage. (4 effects – 3 effects for drawbacks = 1 effect)

    Hidden Treasures:
    Oykai is a prince within the void but this is of little consequence to him, he works hard as a reaper and as a scholar he has to travel quite often to gain the information he might want to acquire. Along the way he occasionally helps people and does so in a timely and efficient manner. It is because of this Oykai gains double jewel to any job that he takes.[

    Celestial Phoenix:

    Custom Lineage Library 09moNu3

    Wielder: Birch
    Purchase Proof: Proof



    This is the data as recorded by Giltena military personnel from observation. Threat Level Evaluation: Ongoing.

    Name of Species: Celestial Phoenix

    Physical Observation:

    Celestial Phoenix Form: They are pretty big birds. Anywhere from eagle to larger than human size in the body, not counting wingspan. Their eye color is constant regardless of form. While it is most common for Celestial Phoenixes to have warm-hued color schemes such as yellows, oranges, and reds, other colors are possible as well. Color can also change due to rebirth trial results.

    In Celestial Phoenix form, age has little change after going from egg, to chick, to adult bird. Once a Celestial Phoenix’s body reaches adult form, this is the way it will stay for all of time, no matter how old. Vissarion’s Celestial Phoenix form looks just as young and spry as a newly matured Celestial Phoenix. Upon death and rebirth, a Celestial Phoenix turns to ash and forms back into an egg. Once reborn, there is a brief period between minutes to days that a Celestial Phoenix once more grows up from chick to adult.

    Human Form: Any height or weight is possible. It is possible to be aged anywhere between thousands of years to freshly born. Nearly any physical trait is possible. They are capable of blending seamlessly with humankind.

    Celestial Phoenixes have a funny relationship with time, so they can actually directly control how old their human form is that they shapeshift into depending on where they need to fit in. For instance, if a Celestial Phoenix needs to go back to school to relearn things dulled by time, they can appear as children and teens once more. If they are in a position of power and need to seem wise to all races, like Vissarion, they can assume a middle-aged or even elderly form. Rebirth affects human form as well. After hatching, if in human form they will rapidly age from infant to whatever their desired age is within minutes to hours.

    Culture/Origin of Species:
    While the species has its roots in the challenging environment of outer space, the Celestial Phoenixes as a whole clustered to Earthland, the country of Giltena specifically, and roosted in the mountain ranges until able to shapeshift into human form. Once they could blend in, they traveled out from the mountains and blended with human society. While they looked no different, their attitudes often gave them away. No matter what, they were nearly fearless in dangerous situations, making them a fiery and impulsive people. This derives from their disregard for death, since they can be reborn in flames and rise from the ashes once again.

    One constant element strictly to Celestial Phoenix culture is their mecca, hidden away in one of the many mountains and simply called Aubade. It's the place where the very first Celestial Phoenix, Vissarion, still resides with a group of the earliest ancestors. They form the Bask Council and hand down the sun religion and rules for all other Celestial Phoenixes. While mostly silent, they primarily provide political guidance and orders when needed, as well as the guidelines and rules for rebirth.

    Rebirth and Trials:
    A Celestial Phoenix is immortal. That said, that doesn’t mean they can’t ‘die’. Generally, sll deaths and rebirths result in the formation of an egg from the ashes of a dead Celestial Phoenix and they return to life after a short time. Sometimes they return exactly as they were, sometimes they return with a different personality entirely. Sometimes they have all their memories, sometimes they don’t. It all depends on the intricate details of their rebirth trial.

    When a Celestial Phoenix dies, the soul goes to its own personal spirit world, which is ultimately a place where they are tested before rebirth. Each spirit world is designed differently and finely attuned to test each individual Celestial Phoenix, acting as a trial to target weaknesses and reward strengths. However, there is always temptation. Two gods war for a Celestial Phoenix’s soul, offering different options during the trials to overcome obstacles and situations. The Celestial Phoenix will not know which influence is which, making the trials very difficult and not to be taken lightly.

    Good rebirths result from making most decisions aligned with the sun god they worship. Repeated good rebirths result in a heroic soul, one that is ultimately altruistic and lawfully good.
    Bad rebirths are falling victim to the moon god’s choices, which chips away at a Celestial Phoenix’s natural ability to manifest good qualities, and ultimately drags them toward a chaotic alignment.

    Repeated bad rebirths will warp a Celestial Phoenix a little more each time. They become twisted, dark, and selfish criminals. After so many and depending on the severity of a bad Celestial Phoenix’s actions, Vissarion will dispatch enforcers to force one last chance at salvaging the soul. Ideally, the offender learns to remedy the mistakes in the trials and returns to the approval of the sun god, but should that not happen, the Bask Enforcers will either imprison the Celestial Phoenix for rehabilitation or strip the Celestial Phoenix of their soul to cause permadeath.

    Another issue that will bring the wrath of the Bask Council is suicide. Since Celestial Phoenixes are immortal, the purpose of killing themselves isn’t for traditional means of escape, but rather to enter the rebirth trials on their own terms to selfishly alter themselves for various reasons, good or bad. Those who have taken their own lives are automatically branded and hunted. Their souls are forcefully removed if caught.

    About Vissarion:
    In appearance, the head of the Bask Council and the authority to all Celestial Phoenix kind is a magnificent white bird with golden flames. In human form, he has adopted the general appearance of an elderly man, so as to capitalize on the humans’ perception that age equals respect and wisdom. His hair is white like his feathers, and his skin is a healthy tan from much time in the sun’s rays. His right eye is the deepest blue, while the left is white and lacks a pupil. The left eye is the one that can see into the spirit world and watches all rebirths, a gift to him from the sun god they worship. The ancient being is completely neutral to the point where it really is everything for the greater good, no matter what, and does not hesitate to make harsh decisions as long as it is for the good of all Celestial Phoenixes as he sees it. He may also be responsible for memory loss within the trials.

    About Sun Phoenixes, Bask Enforcers, Moon Phoenixes, and Twilighters:
    With the mechanic of rebirths, the Earthland has found itself with variants of Celestial Phoenixes.

    Sun Celestial Phoenixes are the most common of the species, making up the reckless heroic types we know and love. They reliably rebirth good when it comes to it. These are the culturally acceptable, law-abiding souls unquestionably loyal to the sun, Aubade, the Bask Council, and each other. They are the frontlines in battles and the protectors of the weak. Not all sun Celestial Phoenixes are perfect, but they strive to be so Vissarion and the sun god will be pleased with them.

    Bask Enforcers are the cream of the crop of sun Celestial Phoenixes. They have proven themselves with very good rebirths, displaying top loyalty to Aubade and the Bask Council enough to become the most trusted elite force. They are extensively trained in Aubade to be the strongest, and even forced to rebirth repeatedly to weed out imperfections and cleanse pesky memories that could pose problems. Many enforcers stay in Aubade with the other ancients on the council as protection and a quick scramble military force, but others are allowed out into the world as reserves and are expected to be on-call if they're needed. They are in possession of a special lantern housing a black hole, called a Null Lantern. All an enforcer must do is utter the full name of the offending Celestial Phoenix, command the lantern to ‘clip their wings’, and the Null Lantern will suck in all the light in range along with the offender’s soul.

    Twilighters are those who have had bad rebirths and are stuck in between. They have retained some of their positive traits, but also have negative ones to complicate things. These have not yet fallen too far into the moon god’s grasp, thus not earning a visit from Bask Enforcers. They are closely watched by Vissarion’s spirit eye, though.

    Moon Celestial Phoenixes have traveled too far down the dark road, listening to the swaying hiss of the moon god too easily. A notable shift in personalities and identities as a whole has happened, giving life to darkness within. A poor rebirth manifests the more negative personality traits. It’s how normally heroic Celestial Phoenixes can become thieves, murderers, liars, adulterers, etc. They'll be more apt to manipulate others and slink around in the shadows. Their feathers will take on darker colors. Once a Celestial Phoenix gives in to getting tainted or taken over by the moon god’s temptation, things get more complicated. It is against Celestial Phoenix religion, thus they are branded and hunted, forced to rebirth so the trial can potentially send them back to the sun. If they fail the forced trial again, they are subject to imprisonment within Aubade or permadeath.

    ⌖ Magical Blood: Due to his species, Birch’s very life force can be drawn on for power as well as his magical reserves. He can use his HP to cast spells only when his MP falls to 0, but using HP to cast spells doubles the spell cost. Once his HP runs out, his magic power and thus his life is spent and he’ll die, dissolving into ash that then reforms itself into an egg to hatch later after the combat encounter has ended

    ⌖ Muscle Memory: Since using magic drains life at times, users of this species hone their physical capabilities so they can remain viable in fights for as long as possible. The user receives 2x user rank passive buffs to melee strength capping at S rank.

    ⌖ Ancient Inheritance: The magic practiced by Celestial Phoenixes is very old and very powerful since they are magical creatures themselves. The user receives 2x user rank passive buffs to spell strength capping at S rank.

    ⌖ Phoenix Down:Legend has it that phoenix tears or feathers have magical healing properties, which is true for a Celestial Phoenix but just in a different capacity. Some might use tears and feathers, but really any healing spell cast from this species has a 2x user rank passive buff to potency, capping at S rank.

    ⌖ Otherworldly Charm: Birch is just a charming guy, so he gains a 100% increase to the jewel rewarded by jobs, 5 extra spell slots for one magic, and 2 signature spells that rank up to S for one magic.

    plot abilities:

    Plot Abilities:

    ⌖Immortality: Phoenixes can die, yes, but they are reborn from their egg later.
    ⌖Divination: Celestial Phoenixes can sometimes get just a glimpse into the future. Requires OOC permission.
    ⌖Fire Eagle Eyes: Birds have some pretty impressive sight when it comes to range and distance. Don't expect to get much past them.
    ⌖Shape Shifting: Celestial Phoenixes have control over their natural shapeshifting allowing them to shift between bird, human, or somewhere in between. This adds no combat advantage.
    ⌖Molting: Molting happens about once a month, and renders a Celestial Phoenix exhausted and lazy. It's almost like an illness such as a cold, where they will appear less than healthy and cough ash. This lasts anywhere from 1 to 4 days.


    Official Re: Custom Lineage Library

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    Sea Dragon:
    Lineage Name: Sea Dragon
    Wielder: Haraka Omaras
    Purchase: Page 27, post 655


    Once upon a time there was a Goddess of an ocean and medicine by the name of GulBekif. She was an ice dragon and had a twin named GliiwrWelun. She was prideful, living on a large continent of ice ruled by her family, she and her sister at the top of the food chain there. The better she got at battle or medicines, the more pride she gained in her abilities. This was magnified when non dragons moved to the country, most of the foreigners looking at her with amazement. It was not long after that the country had started to melt. While her sister worked to stabilize the ice, she seeked to find the source of the melting. The answer was in the newcomers adding new heat sources, that before the ice was maintained due to ice dragons being the only people that had lived there before. A solution was found in two of the newcomers, a phoenix named HahdrimAl and his werewolf friend DezLovaas.
    The friends worked with GliiwrWelun to help in creating the spell, while GulBekif only helped in fueling magic for it. The Goddess had more interest in a sickness that appeared recently that had been dubbed ‘whedab uaisbro lekiqle’, or ‘dark pearl infection’. After much work she knew that she could not cure this spreading issue on her own, so asked plants for aid. Some agreed to help, teaching her how to connect to nature spirits and their hidden names. With their help she managed to create and breed new plants that she then used for creating an antidote for dark pearl infection.
    The medicine became known to more medicine people, the ingredients raised by more people until suffering from the sickness became a temporary thing. It wasn’t until another sickness popped up that where these strange illnesses became important. A few generations had passed since the last sickness though, things had changed. She had students, but was no longer allowed to treat people herself unless they were of nobility. Her sister and friends all shared a similar fate, transparent chains that only became obvious once they needed freedom. While there hadn’t been any laws placed that explicitly said so, they were allowed to only go so far from their respective temples, unless it was to another temple, or a nobles home. There there guards, nobles, and priests that would get in the way of them leaving. To kill such people would be breaking the law, becoming criminals. In their country, all criminals were executed when it came to the crime of killing an innocent.
    ‘wer gul marfedelom’, or ‘the cold death’ left none who became infected by it alive. GulBekif feared that if she did not find a way out, none but the nobility class in the country would be left alive. That thought was especially upsetting to her, it reflected a view that she disagreed with, that certain lives were worth less than others. The plants she was allies with could not help, so she asked the forces of nature for aid so she could help her people. A wind spirit offered it’s wisdom, a lightning spirit offered its knowledge, and a fire spirit offered its foresight. When asking GliiwrWelun if she wanted to escape with her, GulBekif was refused. Her sister asked her to stop her plans, that it would be viewed as rebellion, that she would be classed as a rebel and killed. GulBekif instead vowed that she would help her sister at some point. Until then? With the three elemental spirits help, GulBekif left her prison of silks, gold, and ivory.

    It hurt that she now understood why GliiwrWelun had not married HahdrimAl, despite how in love they both plainly seemed to be. The freedom of her twin sister was important, but so were the lives in their kingdom. After the escape, GulBekif asked merchants, doctors, and fisherman that she ran into along the way for information. Wind Helped her understand who she should ask, lightening helped her see what she should ask, fire helped her understand what the information gathered meant on a bigger scale. The information lead her to a gate to the underworld that was opened deep under the ocean next to some of the ice that made their country. It’s corruption was the cause of the sicknesses. This lead her to enter the gate and confront the hell lord that had opened it in the first place- the lord of a frozen ocean in hell. It was the pride and greed of the nobility that had let the gate be open. These were the same sins that had also caused so many of her country to suffer long before the gate had opened. She decided to try to use one of the lords favorite things against him, as it seemed a physical battle would be impossible to win. He had too many minions too much power of destruction. They made a deal, if she was able to sacrifice her biggest item of pride, the gate would close and the hell lord would die.
    To her it was what made her able to fight, protect, and heal. This was why after the deal was created, she tore out her godhood than made it into a seed, plunging it deep within the ocean. The deal had to be honored, but he had never promised that a new lord could not be created. Someone needed to be the new frozen ocean. After he died, a flower mark appeared in the center of her family crest. It was her mark as the new lord, alive with corruption that threatened to destroy her. GulBekif returned to the land, the corruption acting just as the cold death did. She did not realize the marks meaning, only that it was the same fever killing so many. It drained ones magic and life essence and used it to heat the body up, leaving it a soulless empty burned husk. Was this to be her fate?
    She threw herself on the mercy of the plants to aid in finding a cure, but this time offering to give what little of herself that was left if that would aid in the cures creation. What they managed to create was as close to a cure as they could manage to make, using a chunk of her soul with the aid of the dragon fruit to create a new plant, the frost dragon fruit. When the frost dragon fruit was cooked, its flesh could be used to aid those who were suffering and make it possible to live. The malformations and miscoplorations that appeared during the fever also seemed to leave with the fever. Thus, she treated other people and herself at the same time, teaching common people how to properly grow and use the plant as she did so.
    When she returned to her home and prison, the cure had spread wide enough to prevent an epidemic. She was still dying even after treatment, life withering day by day. The nobles tried to get her to wed DezLovaas, for he had become the god of soil and order. If any could grant her a stable line of descendants, then surely he could. The nobles plans failed horribly.
    GulBekif wanted to have love, at least near the end of her withering life, but she wanted an honest one. She shared her made side and told the god that if he wanted to wed her, he would have to love both sides, that this was the face of her gentleness and thought, where he female side was the face of a protector and confidence. He thought it was all a horrible trick, canceling the wedding. HahdrimAl managed to calm DezLovaas, but he never fully forgave her. There was only one issue left after GulBekif died, how the magic in the spell that sustained the country was affected.

    Members of every class started to be born with magic, but one fifth of the population started to gain demonic features as a side effect. Two fifths had started to gain dragon features, some people being born with features of both. It was then that the nobility realized that ‘the cold death’ was demonic corruption. She was going to be born again if they didn’t destroy all of her temples and tell people to not believe in her. Her impurity would keep demons in the country, as well as the corruption. If they didn’t get rid of her, there was a chance the gate would return. They failed to get people to lose faith in her, for she had dared to defy the ‘gods’ of their country in order to save the people. She had done so much for them, she had saved them. This was how a system was created where children would go through something called ‘Kear Di Naam’. All of the gods would go through reincarnation eventually, even the ex goddess, but Kear Di Naam would help them find the corrupted fallen goddess. During the ceremony, a symbol would appear in the family crest. It would also force the fallen goddesses flower symbol to appear on her flesh. The reborn would even be given the title of being her ‘avatar’ to make it seem more special. Really though, hers were eternally doomed to be locked away and chained up every time they were found. They told the public the avatars were special, even hers, that the symbols showed how ‘close’ you were to your god. All the reincarnations of hers were born half ice dragon, half deep sea giant mantis shrimp demon, and a massive hole in their soul. The name of the person she is in her current lifetime is Haraka Omaras. With him ends the theme of the giant hole, having used an ice dragon slayer lacrima and some other things to repair it.

    Sea Dragon: The adult deep sea mantis shrimp stand around 1.651-1.7272meters in length, excluding the tail. The demon version doesn’t exactly get any bigger in its shifted animal form. Of course he is also half ice dragon and he is fully capable of shifting. His shifted form stands at 2.2 meters, not including the head or neck. Basically the size of a giant horse. The feet have aquamarine talons on every toe. The tail is like a mantis shrimps, only very long. There are two horns on his head, one belong longer than the other. On his back is a pair of sizeable dragon shaped wings that look and are fully capable of fight. His body is fully coated in something light that looks a mix between scales and a crustaceans carapace. There are antennae at the side of his face, but with their shape and position it makes them look more like whiskers. The tough hide gives 30%(+2.5% from rank B per rank up) on magical and physical defense.

    GulBekif: Haraka has the soul of the fallen goddess GulBekif, one of the origins of medicine. She was capable of much, even after loosing her godhood and had slowly started to die from the poisons of the demon lords blood. To this day there is still a holy ocean somewhere deep down below that rushes through her reincarnations blood, its salt water and clean pure ice. This was not only due to her hard work, but also being something that would always exist in some way or another so long as she is needed. How did she stop dying from sickness every lifetimes? It was changed, cleansed, and made into medicine. By sacrificing some blood(10 HP), he can enhance the effects of a healing or a cleansing spell by 50%(from rank D, +5% per rank up). It could be one cast by himself, or someone else. The only drawback is the enhanced spell cannot be used to heal him.

    Magical Blood: There is a multitude of reasons why, but it's safe to say that his blood is chalk full of magic. This gives him five more spell slots, one per rank up to S.

    Clarity: Due to the connection he has with their fire spirit, perception based magic is 40%(+5% from rank D per rank up) less likely to work on him.

    Adaptation: Due to the connection with their Wind spirit, he has learned how to move silently and more effectively. This increased his speed by 40%(+5% from rank D per rank up).

    Energy: Due to his connection to his lightning spirit, his mana has increased by 20%(+5% from rank D per rank up).

    Connections: The man has made and many kinds of goods and sold them to many different generations of merchants. This has given him an amount of savvy when it comes to money and the quality of goods. He gets 100% more jewels from jobs as a result of this experience and knowledge.

    Plot Abilities:

    Deepest Bonds: His three elemental spirits have saved his life, have been teachers, and family to him for the majority of his current lifetime. While this wont allow him to use them as summons, it is strong enough to allow the three elemental spirits physical forms. While they can do every day tasks with these forms, they cannot battle in them.

    Sharp Eyes: Due to being half deep sea creature, they can see in any natural darkness. Besides that, he has an easier time making things out in weathers where water or cold are the things hindering sight. Eyes are also good at picking up something if he is looking for something specific, like a specific plant or.

    Deep Sea Lungs: Being half deep sea creature, hes fully capable of breathing under water. This includes deep sea depths.

    Flight: He has massive wings and can use them to fly.

    Vassal of the Cosmos:

    Custom Lineage Library 7YOU7uP

    Lineage Name:
    Vassal of the Cosmos

    Nessa Cordelia Lux

    Purchase Proof:

    It is said that magic is the extension of one's will, the physical manifestation of the power of one's soul, though in the end a tool created to achieve one's own goal, designed to overpower the will of others, carrying with it inherent selfishness. Still, magic is not a fundamental law of nature, but yet another weapon of war, another device created. The author of this lineage scroll, however, claims that magic is not the pinnacle of power, but quite the opposite. It is written that there are things that easily surpass the limitations set by magical abilities. Magic, like many things among men, is but an artificial concept, and, as the author of this strange, almost cryptic lineage scroll claims, something objectively inferior to the abilities granted by the depths of the cosmos ... and what elder horrors reside within those depths, of course.


    Sovereign of Nothingness:
    The user of this lineage is granted insight into the inner workings of the cosmos, the very fundament of reality itself, by trading something of theirs to higher powers, in one way or another, in exchange for power that is unreachable for those relying on magic to reach their goals. The user gains access to a new magic type called "Cosmic" and is able to use this magic type to create magics. Cosmic Magic in itself is not magic per se, but rather the manipulation of cosmic energies by the user, similar in effect to casting "Caster" type spells. The benefit levels for Cosmic Magic are specified below (These benefits apply only to the "Cosmic" type magic in question, not the character itself, excluding the MP increase):

    • Solitary: +3 posts to max spell durations, +50% MP cost reduction, +25% to MP
    • Primary: +2 posts to max spell durations, +50% MP cost reduction, +15% to MP
    • Auxiliary: +1 posts to max spell durations, +50% MP cost reduction, +10% to MP

    Imperator of Dust:
    The user of this lineage, while granted the knowledge to manipulate and utilize cosmic energies, is also indirectly granted superior knowledge over the nature and flow of Magic and Ethernano. The wielder can apply this knowledge to directly influence the magic of another, though it is not unlimited. This allows the user to, once per thread, negate a spell within their user-rank burst range for free, provided the spell is of H rank or lower. This negation is not affected by counter-effects and cannot be negated itself. The spell being negated seems to lose color, turning grey before fading away into dust, scattering into nothing. After the spell is negated, the user absorbs its magical power for their own use, gaining the MP it took to produce the spell that was negated through this lineage effect originally.

    Regent of the Void:
    The user of this lineage, after studying the scroll containing details of the horrors from beyond, has gained an innate understanding of the fabric that makes up reality itself, and, in a small way, is granted the ability to manipulate this very fabric, altering the manifestation of their will to give them an advantage. The user gains a base increase to their MP depending on their rank (Increases follow the chart below). The base increase is factored in before all buffs apply. Further, the user also gains access to a 5% MP regen per post which is independent from their regular MP regen maximum, meaning the combined total MP regen, including this ability, can reach 10% per post max.

    • D rank: +25 base MP
    • C rank: +50 base MP
    • B rank: +75 base MP
    • A rank: +100 base MP
    • S rank: +125 base MP
    • H rank and above: +150 base MP

    Monarch of Emptiness:
    Cosmic energy, in effect, interacts with its environment similarly to magic, though is, at its core, vastly more powerful, flexible, and possesses a higher potential for manipulation than magic itself. Still, Cosmic Magic requires great intellect, intuition, and skill to wield effectively, though, through the insight granted by this scroll, that shouldn't be a problem for the user. The user, as a consequence, gains 2 additional Signature Spell slots to be used on a single one of their "Cosmic" type magics, one additional Advanced Spell slot that ranks up with the user (Up to S+) to be used on a single one of their "Cosmic" type magics, and an additional H+ rank Advanced Spell slot (Unlocked at H rank) to be used on a single one their "Cosmic" type magics. Further, the user has the option to give up their H rank spell slot within one of their "Cosmic" magics to gain an additional H+ rank Advanced Spell slot (Unlocked at H rank) within the same magic, though this spell is limited to a single user per thread and costs double the regular base MP to cast.

    Ruler of All:
    While the user's understanding of reality extends to the control of magic and magical power, it is not exclusively limited to it. The user, through the secrets revealed to them by this scroll, has obtained the ability to shape reality itself. This grants them a 200% buff to spell damage while also granting the following effect: Within their user-rank advanced Multi Target range, the user can freely shape the world around themselves according to their liking. This includes changing the physical state of materials, their shape, density, temperature, and all other attributes they possess. This further enables the user to manipulate all aspects of their selves, including voice, appearance, blood type et cetera. If players, player-owned NPCs, Event NPCs or player-owned equipment are manipulated in any way using this ability the user must seek OOC permission before. Attacks with a manipulated element always possess user-rank advanced Multi Target range and move at user-rank advanced Multi Target speed, dealing user-rank advanced Multi Target damage (capped at H+ rank). This ability can also be used to generate a single shield per post, which is always set at 2x rank advanced durability, though only the attack or the defense can be used in a single post, not both.

    Purchased here.

    Merciless Exspiravit:

    Lineage Name:
    Merciless Exspiravit


    Purchase Proof:

    One day, without knowledge, without memory, the consciousness of the wraith awoke, unseen, unheard, and uncertain about the world around itself, possessing no form. The only thing Cassius would know was instinct, his mind completely devoid of any emotion but a single one: Hate ... and a burning anger for humanity he could not quite explain to himself. What he did know, however, was that he was once human, the strange world around him invoking a feeling of familiarity within him, though the hate remained. Strangely enough, Cassius also did not wake without worldly possession, the wraith clutching in his right hand a red spear, a weapon that he felt close to, felt familiar with, that filled him with another feeling he had not experienced before ... joy. Gradually, this circumstance developed into what Cassius is today, turning the former of his emotions into his pastime, his profession, while making the latter his hobby, the ominous armor that lacks a body to hold it becoming known for two things, being a merciless, cold-hearted killer and a meticulous, affectionate collector ...


    ✠ Untouchable Being:
    Ghastly power creates an aura around the user that is irresistible, all foes that dare venture this far captured by the power it creates. This ability provides the user with a counter effect to abilities that make another party match their speed in any way, shape or form, the efficiency of the other party's ability reduced by 50% in every aspect whenever matching the user's speed in any way (For example, someone possesses an ability that allows them to match the user's speed + an additional 50% of that speed. When used, they, however, find that they can only move at half the user's speed + an additional 25% of that speed).

    ✠ Dead Body:
    Cassius' body is gone, this fact alone removing all physical limiters that hold back other beings bound to a physical form normally. This grants Cassius a 100% increase to melee damage with an additional 10% to melee damage per rank above D, totaling at 150% at S rank. This also grants the user a 50% buff to both magical and physical damage reduction.

    ✠ Restless Soul:
    The nature of Cassius' existence is indeed an odd one, an unexplainable mystery which, even after research and inquiry, cannot quite be defined even by the Wraith himself. Though one fact remains unalienably certain: Cassius' essence is incapable of producing focussed magic, and though he has since then found a workaround to that by utilizing his collection of rarities, this still limits and strengthens him. Cassius is unable to deal spell damage, and can never benefit from increases to spell damage under any circumstance. In return, the wraith possesses a seemingly limitless strength that is nigh unbelievable, granting him an additional 20 HP in base melee damage plus an additional 10 HP base melee damage per rank up to H.

    ✠ Incorporeal Mind:
    Cassius is a being of pure essence, a being of spiritual energy. For the wraith, his magical energy and his health are one and the same thing. Both HP and MP are merged into a stat called "Spirit". Spirit is treated as HP for the purposes of damage calculation and as MP for the purposes of spellcasting. For the purposes of all spells and abilities utilized by Cassius Spirit counts as MP and HP with a conversion rate of 1:1 (e.g, A spell that costs 20 MP to cast instead of using 20 points from the user's Spirit to cast the said spell, spell cost reductions still apply. A spell that deals 120 damage in HP instead deals 120 damage to the user's Spirit, damage reductions still apply. MP and HP regeneration still functions normally), spells can be used in magically dead zones and areas where the use of magic would otherwise not be permitted and negative effects that target ethernano magic specifically do not apply to the caster and his spells since no actual magical energy is used in the casting process for the duration of the spell. If Spirit reaches 0 the user is instantly knocked out AND suffers the effects of running out of MP.

    ✠ Collector:
    Cassius wields an extensive collection of artifacts and powers he draws from other souls that have had the fortune of passing on long ago. To accommodate for this collection, Cassius gains an additional 5 lineage spell slots to be used on one of his magics. These spells slots have to be made and reviewed like any other spell and follow the same rules and guidelines, but do not follow regular spell slot limits since they are classed as lineage spells and thus function independently from other spells.

    ✠ Accumulator:
    Apart from his usual collection, Cassius also has access to some of the finest pieces known to the world, acquiring them through ruthless determination and unyielding wrath. This grants Cassius two additional lineage signature spells that rank with him up to S, 5 additional lineage advanced spells (Which follow an independent spell maximum from the regular one up to S and must be distributed according to regular advanced spell maximums, 2 D+, 2 C+, 2 B+, 2 A+, 1 S+) plus two additional ones which ranks with him up to S+ and H+. Cassius additionally has the option to give up his H rank spell slot in one of his magics to gain an additional H+ rank spell slot for the same magic. These spells slots have to be made and reviewed like any other spell and follow the same rules and guidelines. If these spell slots are used on Take Over or Requip spells, they gain an additional spell rank active or passive ability.

    ✠ Specialist:
    Cassius, as a proper collector, has access to the finest pieces, his standards higher than those of the regular folk. As a consequence of this and his practice in very distinct ... negotiating skills, Cassius gains 100% extra jewels from jobs he completes as well as the ability to have an additional Requip spell active.

    Descendant of Atlantis:

    Custom Lineage Library E0876ro

    Descendant of Atlantis

    Iris Esperanza/ Esper

    Proof of Purchase:

    The city of Atlantis - a legendary myth that still survives as an echo of its former glory, though none can be sure that the land of Atlantis even existed as no evidence has been found that would support such a claim. Still, the city was real, and its influence, as well as that of its people, is still unconsciously felt in Earthland to this day. The inhabitants of ancient Atlantis were, for their times, extremely advanced in both technological developments and magical research, considered, at the time, a superpower, arguably the first nation on Earthland to claim this title for itself. This advantage, however, was no coincidence, for it is said that Atlantians descended from the gods and were guided by the divines themselves. Still, that did not stop Atlantis to delve deeper and deeper into research that was considered heretical and forbidden, upsetting the gods that protected them more and more, though the Atlantians' quest for power and glory seemed unending. The gods, angered and hurt by the arrogance of the mortals that were meant to worship them, decided to punish the nation of Atlantis, and one day the waters around the floating city rose up and, according to the legend, swallowed the nation and all those within, whole, leaving not a single trace. Where Atlantis had once been there was now only a sea that stretched across the horizon, the magical and technological secrets Atlantis had obtained lost forever. Still, despite this, some of Atlantis' people that had been abroad, though shocked and heartbroken over the loss of their home, survived the catastrophe, gradually integrating into the populations of other nations as the years went on, extinguishing the last traces of Atlantean culture over time. This, however, means that even to this day, there are descendants of the ancient city that exist within Earthland, who, with some certainty, can claim a lineage that reaches all the way back to the gods themselves.


    The Riches of Atlantis:
    The people of Atlantis were rumored to possess silver tongues, giving them a natural charm and charisma that made them excellent traders and merchants, leading to the ascendancy of Atlantis to a nation of wealth and influence. This trait can also be found in the descendants of the ancient city, the wielder of this lineage receiving 100% more jewels from jobs they complete. Further, Atlanteans were also naturally quick learners, this fact contributing to the technological superiority of the nation. The wielder of this lineage gains an extra 25% EXP from jobs they complete.

    Divine Legacy:
    Descendants of Atlantis, though long since becoming mortals, can claim the gods as their ancestors. They are naturally more robust and stronger than regular mortals, which manifests both physically and in their magical powers. The wielder of the lineage gains a 50% base increase to melee damage as well as a 50% base increase to spell damage. These buffs are applied before all other buffs and modify the base values of a spell directly.

    Hallowed Waters:
    While Atlantis was initially looked upon favorably by the gods, the actions of Atlantians had brought about its demise. Still, the gods bestowed upon them gifts that the remaining descendants of Atlantis still hold to this day, among them the blessing of the God of the Sea. This blessing passively grants them the ability to control water in its liquid state which can be used for a versatile array of attacks. Attacks with this ability will always deal user rank Multi Target damage and move at user rank Multi Target speed, with a max range of user rank Multi Target range. This ranks with the user up to H rank. This blessing also makes the user's movements more fluid, bringing them closer to the water they control, granting them a passive 100% spell speed increase.

    Arcane Prowess:
    Another thing Atlantis was famous for was its mastery of magic that even Atlanteans themselves couldn't quite explain. Some inhabitants of Atlantis had mastered magical energies to such a degree that they could control the flow of any and all magic without repercussions for themselves. The wielder of this lineage gains the ability to, once per thread, reflect a single spell of user rank (Up to H) or lower that is aimed at them back at the original caster of the spell without any cost. The spell must be within user rank burst range in order to do so.

    Providence of the Sea:
    Atlantis was an island nation, located in and surrounded by the sea on all sides. As such, it is only natural that Atlanteans quickly learned how to master the endless expanse of waves and water, using their mastery of the sea to their advantage. One such property of the element of water was its ability to cleanse and heal, the control of this becoming an integral part of Atlantean magic. The wielder of this lineage is immune to debuffs, but in turn cannot benefit from a counter-effect to immobilization/paralysis.

    Remnant of the Sunken City:
    The heretical search for more and more power led Atlantis down a path of destruction, in the end serving only to bring misery and death upon the citizens of this once proud nation. Still, it is this hunger for and interest in power that gives most Atlanteans an advantage in the use of their magic. The wielder of this lineage gains 3 additional user rank advanced spells for a single magic, two of which rank with the user up to S+ rank and one of which ranks with the user up to H+ rank. Further, the user also gains 2 signature spells for one magic, both of which rank with the user up to S, and 3 additional regular spell slots for the same magic that rank with the user up to S. These spells are lineage spells and thus do not count towards the normal spell slot caps.

    Prosperous Celebration:

    Custom Lineage Library GwfSBq9

    Prosperous Celebration

    Proof of Purchase:
    February IOTM 2019

    Albafica Temero

    Description & Appearance:

    In the past, there had been a small town in the northeast part of Midi that had fallen on hard times, mostly so because of the brutal lord that ruled over them. The Lord had taken everything leaving the town with little, leaving many dead or starving through the lack of food. This happened for many years, and over that time many attempts had been made on the Lord's life, naturally, all failing, those committing these acts of despair turned into an example for the others. They had no idea how to make their existence even slightly better. A young girl, however, had noticed a pattern of a forest nearby which, to her, hadn't been there before. Taking a little food and some incense, she left home on the night of a full moon, knowing even at her age that her actions were dangerous. Still, she pushed forward with her small bag, following the path. It was almost like she was being guided to what would be her final destination, laying eyes on many scary things from the corners of her eyes, but remaining brave, closing them as she moved on, believing the gods would protect her.

    After what she perceived as months and months of walking she came to a rundown temple in the centre of the forest. She was was already hungry from what the Lord had been doing to her town, but had refused to eat what she was carrying, feeling that her motive was more important. Placing the small offering on the alter she prayed, pleading for what was happening to those she knew would come to an end, that they were good people who worked hard. Tears had been falling from her eyes as she prayed, hoping the divines would hear her prayer and take pity on her and the town. After she had finished she went back the way she came and again, after what had seemed like months, exited the forest, learning that in reality, only an hour had passed from when she left her house to when she entered it once more. While she was asleep, she was visited by a strange dream about a celebration that should be held, imploring her to forget about the darkness and sorrow within their little world.

    In the morning, she ran to the elder of the town's home and explained everything, from entering the forest, the journey, the prayer and the dream. The elderly man took it as a sign from the gods and made preparations for the festival to take place on the day of the next full moon. It had taken months of doing so, given the hardships the Lord placed on them. Still, the town managed it finally. On the day of the festival, decorations were placed everywhere, schools and businesses closed for the day and everyone celebrated what they had forgotten along with the worries that would come at the end of it. Ever since then it was rumoured that the town prospered, as no matter how much was taken from them there was always enough to keep everyone happy and healthy. Through these circumstances, over the years, the town even had become a tourist attraction. As for the lord that had caused so much sorrow ... well, no one really knows.


    Prosperity of the Gods: The gods are said to look down upon those on the mortal plains and on occasion share their own good fortunes upon them. This ability allows the one blessed by them not only double jewel from jobs they finish but also a 20% discount when buying items from an NPC shop. The discount only applies to items bought for the account that wields this lineage. If items are bought for another player or traded to another player in the future the full price of the item must be paid.

    Knowledge of the Gods: The gods occasionally gift divine knowledge to the ones who they deem worthy of such a thing. This ability gifts the one who wields it 5 additional spells slots to be used in one of their magics (One of each rank up to S, classed as lineage spells, independent from the spell slot maximums). These spells are classed as spells belonging to magic with Solitary Lost benefit and thus get an increased duration of up to 3 posts, but also cost 25% more MP to cast. In addition to that, the wielder also gains a signature spell for each magic that ranks with them up to A (is not independent of the magic). All spells follow the same rules and guidelines as other spells and still are to be graded as normal.

    Bountiful Sharing: The wielder understands how blessed they are and so decides that they want to share the gifts they have received. This ability allows them to share 25% of any of their own buffs to their allies so longs they are within their rank burst range (passives/spells/abilities from magic/armor/weapons/items. Any buff or ability cast on the user is not shared in this way). The wielder themselves also gain a 50% MP cost reduction for spells cast.

    Protection of the Gods: The gods give their protections to those who are willing to stand against the tests of life. This ability grants the bearer of the lineage a 50% increase to both magical and physical damage resistance.

    Strength of the Gods: Strength comes in many ways and even the divines know this, the blessing of this ability is that they may never buff their physical strength, and their physical strength will never increase beyond that of a D rank wizard. Their spells, however, gain an additional 10 HP of damage at D rank which slowly increases by 10 additional damage for every rank thereafter up to S, totalling at 50 HP.

    Concealment of the Divine: Every now and then being forgotten or going unnoticed is the best way to go. This blessing grants the ability to hide one's true self. This grants the user the ability to create illusions that can give them new appearances, mask their magic and spiritual signatures and even give them a different blood type. This ability is toggled and as it is not classed as magic, and thus can be used in magical dead zones.

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    Paladin of Blood and Iron:

    Lineage Name: Paladin of Blood and Iron
    Wielder: Aspen Laeta Azarov
    Purchase Proof: Here


    Not a lineage per se, but more the unique combination of Aspens magic, her skills and the results of her experiments with magic that have not only transformed her into a capable mage, but also a dragon slayer. As such, she possesses magical capabilities that go beyond the ones of the run of the mill magic user. Born with magical abilities in the Kingdom of Pergrande, Aspen had to hide her magic for most of her life to avoid danger and persecution, only learning how to wield magic after the escape from the authorian regime of her home country, and only learning how to channel it through the Iron Key as a catalyst, the heirloom being the only thing her parents had left behind before vanishing one day, undoubtedly becoming victims of one of the uncountable waves of purges that had swept and continued to sweep through the vast, cold nation of Pergrande.

    Aspen also benefits from wielding both Holder and Slayer Magic, using the Iron Key to create and wield weapons while using her slayer magic to build upon that aspect. She has reached her slayer status after crafting her own synthetic dragon slayer lacrima and, while not learned from a dragon, her metal dragon abilities are more than on par with the original, even developing special abilities and what could be considered a unique blood special to her.


    Heart of Iron: Aspen has spent much effort and time to familiarize herself with her secondary magic. As a result she gains 5 additional spell slots for her to use on one of her magics. The spells have to be made as part of a magic, reviewed and approved like every other spell.

    Hands of Gold: The user seems to be lucky in all they do, even including magic. This grants Aspen a 100% increase to all jewel rewards she gains from jobs passively.

    Skin of Tungsten: Aspen's skin, through the nature of both her magics, has become more durable and hardy to reflect the metals she commands, able to take a lot more punishment than that of a normal human. This enhances her magical and physical damage resistances by 25% each

    Fists of Steel: Due to her increased magical and physical strength, Aspens melee attacks deal 40% more damage passively with an extra 5% increase per rank above D. Additionally, this ability enables Aspen to strike elemental, spiritual or otherwise intangible bodies (Has to pay the appropriate MP cost to bypass durability on elemental bodies).

    Eyes of Bronze: Her special, magical dragon slayer abilities affect her passively, granting her a will much like the metals she commands. This grants her a 50% resistance to mind and body affecting or altering effects (e.g. paralysis, fear, charms, hallucinations, control effects) while simultaneously enabling her to see through all kinds of illusions (has to pay the original MP cost of the illusion spell being negated).

    Arms of Silver: Aspen's particular use and combination of magic makes for an application that is fluent and builds upon its strengths while compensating for its weaknesses, making it extremely efficient for combat. This grants her a 40% increase in spell damage with an additional 5% per rank above D passively.

    Will of Titanium: Aspen is a lot more focussed and determined in her pursuit of magic than the average magus you'll find on the street, placing special interest in slayer magic, investing a lot of research into it. This grants her 2 additional signature spells for her to use on one of her magics. These spells have to be made as part of a magic, reviewed and approved like any other spell.

    Warrior Dragon:
    Lineage Name: Warrior Dragon
    Wielder: Adalinda Ortinbras
    Purchase Proof: da proof

    Within the cult of Children of Draconia, the people worship dragons. To them, dragons are the highest of beings in the entire world. They believe they’re gods among mortals. The members of Children of Draconia often wished they could be on the same level as the dragons, and even went to the extent of doing experiments on their members to achieve this. No matter the age, young or old, one would be experimented on. They were aware that these experiments would be considered unethical to others outside of their ‘family’, so they brought their work underground to be able to conduct their experiments without issue, even enticing the interest of a few wild dragons whom even allowed themselves to be used during the experiments for the entertainment of it all.

    When Adalinda was just a toddler, she had become a victim of the cult and was experimented on. The dragons had sensed the presence of a dragon in her, as she was a match good enough to hold dragon slayer magic. The experiments that were done on her consisted of tapping into her mind and inserting the consciousness of wild dragon within her in attempt to see if their inclusion would awaken the dragon within her, putting some of the same wild dragon’s blood within her, as well as his magic essence in her body with her own strong ability. The inclusion of the dragon had achieved the cults goal, she was able to change into that of a dragon in nearly every single way, even with the side effect of her magic getting out of hand for even them to control. The dragon within her had promised to help Ada become stronger to hold onto him, and help her become a powerful warrior dragon, after it had come in contact with her memories and blocked her childhood within the cult before she had been taken away by her adoptive dragon father, Metallicana, only leaving her remembering that she needs to get stronger in her mind for her to continue on.

    Veles. Veles is the name of the dragon within Adalinda. He is a judgmental dragon whom was always in the back of Adalinda’s mind, judging her every step of the way on her journey through life. A few jobs had started to break the barrier that he had put himself behind to help conceal the memories he was trying to hide from her, and his energy started to mix with hers, making her slightly crazy till he was able to break free and meld with her better and become a second being in her mind. With his inclusion within her, Adalinda has a 15% increase in her HP.
    Dragonic Physique. The experiments done on Adalinda as a young child give her the ability to be faster and stronger than the average slayer. With the inclusion of a dragon within her body, it gives Adalinda a bit more of an enhancement, allowing her a 15% increase in her strength and speed.
    Dragon Incarnation. With Veles’ blood and magical essence within her body and veins, Adalinda is able to transform into a full iron dragon at will that is capable of flying around, essentially solving her travel issues most days.
    Enhancement of the Dragons.When Veles had blocked her memories, a portion of Ada’s mana and damage ability was locked. Both her MP and spell damage are increased by 32% with her newfound abilities and enhancements.
    True Dragons Roar. When Adalinda is in her human form, she is able to call upon the will of her dragon self and give a burst roar of shrapnel made of iron, steel, or both, in a tornado like form from her mouth. The ability gives 1.1x rank damage at the max rank distance. While she’s in her dragon form as well, she is capable of using the roar, but with a bit more damage. While in dragon form, the damage is 1.5x rank damage and can be used a bit longer than in human form.
    Familial Help. From to time to time, Adalinda will lose herself to her ‘crazy’ side, and that is when Veles will take the reins and use Adalinda’s body as his own, in which he claims he’s basically family and able to do so since he’s inside her mind. Veles may be familiar with the magic that Ada uses, but he’s rather old fashioned and will use mainly melee attacks, and when he gets in control, Adalinda’s melee attacks are 90% stronger.

    ~ ‘Veles’ is always active and a passive as the dragon is a part of her mind and can’t get out of it.
    ~ ‘Dragonic Physique’ is always active and passive as it’s a side effect of Veles and the experiments done on her.
    ~ ‘Dragon Incarnation’ is always active and a passive as Adalinda is able to change into a dragon at will, the only drawback is magic for 3 posts after changing back at least costs 1.3 more MP.
    ~ ‘Enhancement of the Dragons’ is always active and is a passive with her enhancements to herself.
    ~ ‘True Dragons Roar’ can only be used for one post in human form, and will cause Adalinda to lag a bit 3 posts afterwards, and making her MP cost up to 1.5 more during the lag. When in dragon form, the roar can be used for three posts with a seven post cooldown before being used again.
    ~ ‘Familial Help’ can only be used for four posts, and when Veles’ decides to let go of the reins, he’ll leave Adalinda feeling weak and drained for four posts after that with her speed being 50% slower, as well as her strength being 30% weaker, and her MP costing double to cast spells.

    Wings of Winter:
    Lineage Name: Wings of Winter
    Wielder: Arcadia Fairchilde
    Purchase Proof: Right this way... Page 32, Post n°783

    Untold centuries... maybe even untold millennia ago, the Kingdom of Dragnof stood and fought for the peaceful co-existence of dragonkind and humans. Dragons had ruled since time immemorial, until a handful of dragons believed they could and should share their world with humans. To that end, the dragons who believed in co-existence helped found the Kingdom of Dragnof, and created a new form of magic. Dragon Slayer Magic. This new magic was taught to a few chosen humans, so that they might join the war against the remaining majority of dragonkind who still believed the world belonged to them, and that no creature else deserved to share it.

    This ancient war, now all but forgotten by history, had raged for centuries, neither side gaining a true advantage over the other. With numbers on the anti-coexistence side though, it still seemed it was only a matter of time before co-existence forces would no longer be able to hold their foes off. The introduction of humans with Dragon Slayer Magic to the war swiftly turned the tide. The smaller numbers of dragons for co-existence and their human allies had a won an almost certain path to victory.

    The ultimate outcome of this ancient war is not what matters to our story. No, it is merely the backdrop to the beginning the story of one, Arcadia Elaine Fairchilde.

    Born in a village around the outskirts of Dragnof, Arcadia's life was changed forever when she was about 4. A group of dragons wishing to crush Dragnof's dragons and their human allies destroyed her entire village without even landing.  Everyone, including her entire human family was gone. She only survived by her human mother helping her hide down into the village well.  

    Stuck down there, Arcadia was the only one known to survive the carnage above.  When she was discovered by soldiers of Dragnof the next day, and they realized she'd been orphaned by enemy dragons, she was chosen to be among the second round of dragon slayers the kingdom was training.  

    The first round had been so successful in battle with the likes of Acnologia rising to stardom among their ranks, the Queen herself ordered as many more new dragon slayers be trained to join them.

    Khione Glacier, one Dragnof's most ancient and greatest of the kingdom's ice dragons, was eager to finally get her own pupil. She adopted the orphaned girl as her own, teaching Arcadia that dragons need not be feared. They could be trusted, loved and even become family.

    Arcadia spent the next ten glorious years growing up under the love and care of her new mother. She had been so young, she could barely remember having any other family. The girl grew up idolizing the first round of dragon slayers, like Acnologia. She trained hard every day with her mother, dreaming of the day she would join and fight alongside Khione Glacier, Acnologia and all of Dragnof's dragons and dragon slayers to finally win the war for co-existence.  

    She was 14 and eager to prove to Khione Glacier she was ready and how much she had learned. Her mother had other ideas, like waiting and training at least a couple more years before joining the kingdom's fighting ranks of dragon slayers.

    Life would have one more tragic turn in store for Arcadia instead. Acnologia, greatest of Arcadia's childhood idols, would openly prove a few whispered rumors about recent changes in his behavior completely true.

    Acnologia himself approached Khione Glacier and Arcadia one morning that had begun like thousands of mornings before it, with a few routine training exercises in one of Dragnof's bigger parks.  

    Arcadia was elated to see her idol coming to visit her and her mom.  A friendly visit is not what Acnologia had in mind, however, as he viciously betrayed and attacked the two.

    Khione Glacier sought to protect her adopted daughter, so she lured and took the fight with Acnologia into the sky over the park. The battle was hard and brutal, but from where Arcadia had been told to hide, it looked like her mother was winning.  

    That was when Acnologia called on one of his most recently perfected new spells.  He magically ripped the Great Ice Dragon's soul straight from her body, and Khione Glacier fell from the sky. By the time the two crashed back into the ground in front of Arcadia, Acnologia had been transformed into a terrifying dragon himself. The dark winged terror stood poised to finish Khione Glacier off, so he bathe in dragons blood and grow his power.  

    Arcadia rushed out of hiding to help her mother, but her slayer magic swept over the traitorous monster without leaving a scratch. All she had managed to do was remind Acnologia she was there too.

    In that moment, the traitor was realizing he had one other loose end to tie up, Khione Glacier shoved the distracted monster away from herself and rose one last time. She put every last ounce of strength, life, magic and love into casting one last spell to save her little girl. The Great Ice Dragon cast the spell of Sphere, an ancient progenitor of later spells like Fairy Sphere, on Arcadia.

    The very ancient spell, powered by a dying dragon mother's love and life safely sealed the young dragon slayer away... for centuries... maybe thousands of years. Arcadia will likely never know for sure, because she was sealed away so long even history has mostly forgotten her kingdom, friends and family. For all she knows, she is the only original dragon slayer left.  She will also likely never know what happened to Acnologia or anyone else in Dragnof after the world turned gold that day under her mother's last spell.
    None of what happened after is important any longer to Arcadia. Though she takes solace in finding any piece of her old life, she has made peace with the idea that most of it may be unknowable.

    The important question for Arcadia Elaine Fairchilde, now that she has awoken all these ages later is will she be strong enough to avoid becoming the same kind of monster her childhood hero, Acnologia fell into. His human family was also destroyed by dragons, and the power of the Dragon Seed inside him twisted him through dragonification into a monster.

    As one of the original dragon slayers, Arcadia's magic has created a Dragon Seed inside her too. As her power has grown, the dragonification process has slowly taken hold.  The ancient Sphere spell she was sealed away under for countless years may have had a few unforeseen side effects, including how the dragonification takes form in her case.

    Instead of gradually taken on more features of a dragon as her power grows, it seems the size of ice dragon she can become grows instead. This is because Arcadia has already passed a critical point in her condition. She is already able to assume the form of a dragon made of living ice, much like her mother Khione Glacier was.

    As said before, as her power grows, so too will the size of ice dragon she assume the form of.  So the question becomes can she prove herself stronger of will than Acnologia, and retain her humanity? Or will some other hero be forced to forge their story to stop Arcadia from bringing Eternal Winter to the world.


    Dragonification: As Arcadia's grows more attuned with her slayer magic and in skill, so too does the Dragon Seed within her, grow her ever closer to the true power of a dragon.  Her sensitivity to and ability to absorb ethernano from the environment around her grows with every rank from C-H. Passive increase to MP: C Rank: 45%, B Rank: 50%, A Rank: 55%, S Rank: 60%, H Rank: 65%

    Dragonform: From B Rank on, the Dragon Seed has brought the dragonification process so far that Arcadia may, at will, take on form similar to her foster mother, Khione Glacier. She becomes a dragon made of living ice, the same as Khione Glacier was. In dragon form, Arcadia takes on the capabilities of true winged flight and the same great strength her mother possessed. When she is first able to take this new form, she can only transform into an ice dragon wyrmling. With each rank she achieves after B, the form of ice dragon she can assume grows until she reaches the full power a true Great Ice Wyrm at H Rank. With the dragonification process will be complete, Arcadia will discover if has what it takes to resist its more destructive instincts. It's the growing urge to wintry destruction that gives each stage greater strength than the last.
    -B Rank: Ice Wyrmling (Size of Draft Horse) – 60% increase to Strength
    -A Rank: Juvenile Ice Dragon (Size of Elephant) – 65% increase to Strength
    -S Rank: Young Adult Ice Dragon (Size of Grey Whale) – 70% increase to Strength
    -H Rank: Great Ice Wyrm (Size of Blue Whale) – 75% increase to Strength

    Draconic Power: While in dragon form, the Dragon Seed also infuses the very ice her body is made of to freeze more completely, and boosts the very power of her magic.
    -B Rank: 25% boost to HP
    -A Rank+: 30% boost to HP

    Winter's Arrival While in dragon form, a cloudless gentle snowfall accompanies Arcadia's presence out to max range of her current rank. Arcadia can consciously halt the snowfall   for 3 posts before it will start snowing again on its own.


    Dragonform: Can be activated anytime, at will, provided Arcadia has at least 75% of her base magic power remaining. It cannot be activated concurrently with Dragon Force. While active, spells cost no MP to cast. To maintain Dragonform, Arcadia must spend 15% of her MP per post.

    Celestial Blessing:
    Lineage Name: Celestial Blessing
    Wielder: Nessa Cordelia Lux
    Purchase Proof: Here

    Being a Starlight Maiden gives Nessa the ability to harness the core fragments of her ability known as Stardust. These small sprinkles of light magic can be manipulated and stacks to affect her magical abilities in various way. Supressed inside Nessa for many years due to a curse inherited from her late mother, upon removing the curse, Nessa was finally able to unlock her true Lineage.

    Stardust Collector: Nessa's Starlight magic leaves behind fragments of Stardust, which coalesce around Nessa as she uses it. Every time an enemy is hindered or an ally is aided by her magic, she gains a stack of Stardust, which can be expended as fuel for abilities that require Stardust.

    Planetary Alignment (Unique Ability): Nessa calls upon the power of the Stars, consuming all stacks of Stardust. For every Stardust used, a miniature planet is formed, which slowly orbits around Nessa, and move with her, lasting 3 posts or until all Planets are used. At any time, the planets can be shunted away from her at User Rank Multitarget Speed, dealing 20% User Rank Multitarget Damage for every stack of Stardust that Planetary Alignment consumed, capping at 150% rank damage. For every planet that successfully hits a target, Nessa gains 2 stacks of Stardust.

    Asgardian Titan: Nessa calls upon the aid of her active Valkyrie, imbuing it with the power of Starlight Magic, consuming up to 7 stacks of Stardust, depending on rank. For each stack consumed, the Valkyrie gains a 10% buff to either Spell Damage, Speed, or Health, lasting until the Valkyrie is dismissed. For every enemy damaged or ally aided by the imbued Valkyrie, Nessa gains two stacks of Stardust.

    Stardust Restoration: Nessa's connection to the cosmos fills her with magical energy: every time she uses an ability or casts a spell that consumes Stardust, the Stardust restores 10 health per stack consumed, on either her or an ally within rank AoE Spell Range.

    Stardust Miner: Blessed by the Stardust, Nessa is rewarded 100% more jewels on all jobs passively.

    Valkryie's Wish : Due to the curse being lifted, Nessa's magical capabilities increase, bestowing her an additional signature spell for her secondary magic; Valkyrie Summoner. [Caps at S-Rank]

    Death Dealer:

    Death Dealer
    Wielder: Deleronark
    Purchase Proof: here

    Death Dealers are an enigmatic force and ops unit. Each are taken at early ages, many as babies, and tested. If they fit the qualities the force looks for they are then subjected to advanced training, and genetic experiments making the children into master assassins, devoid of most emotions, and even will. Most of the force are magically inept at birth, and the largest part of the training process is forcing their physical life force and magical essence to fuse, allowing what would be normal humans to use magic like mages. Most Death Dealers as such use Requip or Take-Over magic as their primary source of power.

    Something however happended in Deleronarks past leaving him without any memories, and alone within a hidden compound. However, the teachings of a Death Dealer are ingrained into the very being of being of those who carry that name, Deleronark is no exception and comes to find his training coming back slowly with time.

    It is unknown to Deleronark if 'Del', his alternate personality, is a result of the training and intended, or some other mistake. This is one of the biggest questions Deleronark has in regards to what happened before he woke. He knows nothing of Death Dealers, or what training he has gone through, only that at times he seems to react and be able to do things he never expected.

    Plot Abilities:

    • Duel Existence -
      For unknown reasons Deleronark has a second personality known only as 'Del'. This secondary being is no mere personality, and is fact his own being with his own essence. Everything about the body changes dependent on which personality is in charge. This includes Hair Color, Eye Color, Scent, DNA, Magical Essense, and every other conceivable identifier. Another effect to this ability is that their DNA can no survive without their body. Blood, Hair, Fingerprints, and skin disolve in mere minutes after falling off the main body, leaving no trace.
    • Masters of the Mind -
      Death Dealers are masters of their own body, and mind. Even though Deleronark does not remember his training, it was ingrained into his very being. This makes it nigh impossible to tell if he is lying. In addition, their mind is very difficult to break making others unable to read their thoughts, mind and memories, whether through passive or active effects.
    • Masters of the Body -
      Death Dealers take as much stock in their bodies as they do their minds. This means they have an impressive control over their reactions and can exert their will over their own body. Plot wise this means they can remain completely still, and motionless at will, as well as have a better ability to hide their reactions to outside stimulants.


    • Expert Training -
      Although Deleronark is an amnesiac, his training is ingrained into his very being. So much so that he has become an advanced user of magical powers and abilities. Due to this he gains 5 additional spells for one of his magic's and one additional signature spell that caps at A rank for each magic. All of these spells are subject to spell slot maximums and are required to be graded as per normal spell rules.
    • Consummate Professional -
      Deleronark, or more so 'Mietitrice' his assassin code name, is an absolute professional with a reputation for nothing but success. His methods are sometimes extreme, but his guarantee is absolute. There is no ending, or canceling a job. As such for all jobs he gets an additional 100% Jewels. In addition to that his training has caused him to get an increase to Spell Range equal to 50%
    • Engineered Speed -
      For whatever reason one of the modifications made during 'Project Deleronark' was to imbue him with unmatched speed, after all there is nothing better than an assassin who can outrun the police. As such, Deleronark at all times matches the speed of the fastest person within burst range, no matter what boosts they have. If he is already the fastest then this effect instead gives an extra 50% buff to speed
    • Engineered Magic -
      Most Death Dealers are inept in magical abilities before they are taken as children and modified. Part of this modification forces their life force to connect with whatever magical essence they possess, meaning for a Death Dealter these two forces are one in the same, also allowing them to use magics they never would have been able to use otherwise. This works by having Deleronarks' Health and Mana pools combined into 'Essence'. If he uses Mana for a spell, takes damage, or either HP/MP are modified in any way then it effects the combined pool.
    • Elemental Clips -
      Death Dealers are master assassins, and are always prepared for the worst. This causes them to have a magical ammo which they can change at will. If they are using a 'Fire Arm' base requip spell the user can change internal clip causing the weapon to change elemental types. The user can select from any of the standard 'slayer' elements when using this ability. For the next Player Ranked Duration the firearm uses that elemental type, and does an additional Player Ranked Buff Damage.

    Nemean Lion:

    Lineage Name: Nemean Lion
      Wielder: Leona Jarnefeldt
      Purchase Proof: Proof (Page 9, Post Number 222)
      Many centuries ago, a lion of incredible height and ferocity prowled a distant land, feasting on whoever it pleased and spreading terror wherever it went. Many hunters attempted to bring it down and each attempt met with failure thanks to the lion's incredible resilience. Edged weapons and blunt weapons failed to even slow it down, let alone hurt it. It seemed like the lion would use the world as its hunting ground forever.

    One brave hero succeeded where many others had failed by grappling the beast and strangling it until it died. The hero went on to perform many other brave deeds and many rejoiced at the end of the seemingly unstoppable lion. However, while the Nemean Lion's body might have died, its indomitable spirit refused to leave the world. Its spirit can sometimes manifest in those named in honor of the lion.

      •Nemean Skin- Leona's body has taken on traits of the Nemean Lion, giving her skin added resilience. Leona gains a 50% reduction to Physical damage, except against weapons that pierce. Additionally, her hair has become that of the beast, making it stronger than all but the most powerful weapons. This ability is passive.

      •Lionheart- Leona can call upon the courage of her namesake to help her stand up to magic that induces fear in others. Leona gets a 50% resistance to Fear-inducing magic and effects. This ability is passive.

      •Lion's Share- Leona has discovered that people are wary of cheating her and willingly pay her more for the completion of jobs. Leona can choose to either get 100% more Jewels for herself or 50% more Jewels for her and for her job partners. Leona must declare which version of Lion's Share she wants to use at the end of each thread. This ability is Passive.

      •Echidna's Legacy- Leona can call upon a miniature Nemean Lion combat pet to aid her in battle. The "miniature" Nemean Lion is the size of a normal lion but is much stronger than its normal brethren. It is an Ethereal-grade pet but must be given stats and approved just like any other pet.

      •Daunting Roar- Once per thread, Leona can use a roar that induces fear in her opponents. If it connects, opponents are overcome with fear and either flee from her or hesitate to attack. It travels in a barely visible cone of sound that travels up to 400 meters per second with a range of up to 400 meters and hits for 90 HP in damage. The "fear" status lasts for three turns unless the effect is removed by healing magic, an item ability, or a UA ability. Daunting Roar does not work on deaf opponents. Requires OOC permission to use against Player Characters.

     •Leonine Aspects- Leona has been gifted with small but important aspects of the lion that can aid her. Her footsteps make 50% less sound on any terrain. She also benefits from better balance on narrow surfaces like ledges; her balance is improved to such a degree that she has to be pushed off with a physical attack or spell in order to fall from narrow surfaces she is balancing on. Finally, she can fall from a height of up to twenty stories without being harmed from the fall.

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    Official Re: Custom Lineage Library

    Post by Johann on 29th January 2019, 3:21 am

    Demon's Blood:

    Lineage Name: Demon’s Blood
    Wielder: Kyran Dyer
    Purchase Proof: General Store: Page 9, Post n°222

    Description At one time, the world of Earth Land was inhabited by five clans of demons. They each embodied what they thought was the best trait for the dominance of the world: Violence, Challenge, Lust, Mischief and Justice. Each clan was distinct in how they functioned as well as how they appeared. Disagreements between the clans were almost always violent. Wherever the clans met, bloody battle was almost sure to follow. The numbers of the clans stayed fairly the same as they struggled to balance survival with their need for war. As such, the clans warred with each other for centuries, never changing.
    The arrival of the dragons and later on, humans, changed the war for the worse. The clans found tools in these races that were capable of change. Some clans enslaved them. Some granted them magic. Some took them as slaves. Still others manipulated them. Before long, the new races were entrenched in the war of the five clans almost as if they’d been fighting it all along. It didn’t change the outcome of the war but merely increased the body count coming from every battle. Demon bodies lay with humans and dragons, coating miles of Earth Land in their spilled blood.
    It was a human that changed the course of the war for the detriment of the clans. One of them suggested that the clans become allies to crush the remaining clans. This change in tactics quickly began bleeding the clans of any and all warriors. When the clans were weak, the dragons and humans turned upon them. The combined might of these ‘weaker’ races ensured that the clans would never recover. The five clans went into decline, slowly wasting away as the humans and dragons took over as rulers of Earth Land. Some of the humans took to hunting demons for fun. Dragons that found any demons in their territory either sealed them or destroyed them. There was no place for demons anymore.
    When the clans had been whittled down to near nothing, the last remaining members banded together. With their combined magical strength, they passed their genes into six human bloodlines. Their magic ensured the bloodlines would never die out. Special members of each bloodline would be able to access the mystical powers of their demonic ancestors. The final sixth bloodline was given powers from every single clan. They were meant to rule the world, should they so be inclined. A final triumph against the blasted humans and dragons. Winding through time, we come to the latest of the sixth bloodline: You.

    ~Violence: Those of the Violence demon clan were stronger than the other demons. They also happened to be skilled in transformation under the right circumstances – mainly drinking blood. Those with this lineage struggle with bloodlust and tend to have shifting features as a result of the Violence demons. They also have a passive 20% increase to strength. When the user drinks the blood of their enemies, they transform into a demonic beast covered in glowing markings. In this beast form, the user’s magical abilities are no longer accessible. Though their magic isn’t usable, they gain a surge in physical speed (75%), strength (75%), 2% HP/MP regen per post and the ability to shoot blasts of dark energy from their body that deals user ranked spell damage. The dark energy blasts have a range of user ranked single target and a speed of user ranked single target.
    Usage: Passive. Transformation lasts 4 posts from when blood was last consumed and has a 6 post cooldown until it can be used again. The user can alternatively drink their own blood to trigger the transformation but that will only have a 2 post duration with a 6 post cooldown, 50% speed & strength and will not have the 2% HP/MP regen.

    ~Challenge: The demons of Challenge were keen on dominating their opponents and eliminating any chance of losing. They wished to be the best of the best, always on the top of the heap. The user of this lineage can emit an Aura of Dominance, something any animal can feel. This aura will trigger a submission or a challenge in a beast – in other words a beast will submit to the Alpha or fight the user to be Alpha. Since the demons were mainly catlike, the user also almost always lands on their feet. The user gains a 20% increase in speed. They can also create a shockwave by stomping their foot. The shockwave triggers the aggression centers of the brain and makes allies turn on one another. Everyone hit by the wave sees everyone else as a potential challenger.
    Usage: Shockwave does user rank AOE damage and has user rank AOE range & speed. Those hit by the shockwave gain a 10% increase to strength. They also become aggressive to every living thing in sight. Allies become threats, neutral targets become enemies and enemies become monstrosities. This state of mind (as well as the buff) lasts 3 posts. After the state ends, those affected have a 25% debuff to their strength and speed for 2 posts. This ability requires OOC permission to be used on players, player-owned NPCs or event NPCs.

    ~Lust: The demons of the Lust clan were intent upon using their passion above all else. That passion could be directed at anything or anyone and didn’t need to be sexual in nature. A lust for domination is just as potent as regular person to person lust. This clan’s blood gives the user the ability to smooth away age or enhance the terrifying aspects of their appearance should they so desire. This is a simple glamour only and most can see through it with careful examination. The truly terrifying aspect of this bloodline is the ability it grants the user. They create a field around themselves in which one thing is ultimately attracted to them: metal, cloth, wood, mana or health among other things. The category chosen must be absolute and it cannot be elemental. It can’t be used to attract everything within the aura. The aura can also not be used on magical items/weapons/armor.
    Usage: The aura, once activated is equivalent of one rank lower than the user’s rank AOE range & speed. Within that range, the user has control over objects of the category chosen when the aura is activated. The objects can be used to deal user rank multitarget damage to anyone within range and can provide a 5% damage reduction against physical attacks, single target spells, and multitarget spells. They can be used one time only to negate a spell of one rank lower than the user’s rank. In doing so, the objects are used up and the user loses the damage reduction for the rest of the time this is active. The aura is always centered on the user and moves with them as they move. It lasts 3 posts. If the category is mana or health, the user rips user rank damage (if health) or 5% (if mana) from every person/creature within reach. The collected mass drifts in the space of the aura and the user can absorb only 5% total each post.

    ~Mischief: Speed was the thing that the demons of Mischief relied upon. Speed and little effects to keep anyone from noticing them. It helped them slip from place to place, planning their attacks carefully. This clan watched the world from the shadows by being conspicuous. No one ever suspected the annoying ones might in fact be as deadly as their cousins. The user of this lineage has near no scent thanks to this clan and tend to almost disappear into the shadows if no one is really looking at them. They also have the ability to make small harmless flashes of light or bursts of sound. They also have a 40% increase to speed. The user can also slip from shadow to shadow and create a hallucinogenic effect on those they touch.
    Usage: The user can teleport user rank burst range once per thread provided there are enough shadows to cover at least to their knees. They can also, by touching someone’s skin, cause a person to lose their sense of balance, invert colors a person sees, make everything bright and create after shadows whenever they turn their head to fast. The general effect makes it hard for the person to see and walk. This effect lasts 2 posts. This ability requires OOC permission to be used on players, player-owned NPCs or event NPCs.

    ~Justice: The demons of Justice were sometimes called angels. They policed the other demonic clans more than they preyed upon the other races. More often than not they were called upon to mediate the disputes between opposing parties. The majority of their abilities and why they were called Justice demons were related to their eyes. Many of them were blinded when foes attacked. Thus many Justice demons wore cloth over their eyes, either to hide that they’d already lost them or to hide that they still had them. They passed on the power of their eyes to those with this lineage. The user of this lineage need merely look at someone while they’re talking to discern a lie when it is told. Their eyes also hold the power of law, truth and penance, not to mention the darker side of justice, Vengeance. The user can induce someone to tell the truth, though it doesn’t work well against other mages, simply by looking deep into the other person’s eyes. In a similar fashion, the user can bind one opponent to a specific Law or paralyze them. In extreme cases, the user can force their body to become the embodiment of vengeance, losing their eyesight for a time and guided only by their sense of ‘justice’
    Usage: While in combat, the user must look into an opponent’s eyes to enact one of two effects. The first paralyzes the opponent for 1 post. This ability has a range and speed equal to user ranked single target spells. The second forces them to adhere to a simple ‘Law’ for a single post. This Law cannot be something like ‘You cannot breathe’. It must be a cause and effect such as ‘If you jump, you cannot breathe’. Obviously if the cause doesn’t happen, the Law doesn’t come into effect. This ability requires OOC permission to be used on players, player-owned NPCs or event NPCs. Adversely, the user can turn the power of their eyes on themselves. They create a law that causes them to transform for 2 posts. Their eyes turn black and they gain a thermal vision that shows only those that have wronged another plus a blurry grey outline of their surroundings. It must have been a deliberate wrong and not accidental. This requires OOC permission. Against these opponents/people only, the user gains a 25% increase to speed and strength. Their body may undertake a few changes when using this ability that have no effect on combat such as change in skin or visage. Generally, these changes are only meant to make the user seem more terrifying to those they are smiting with vengeance.

    Heir to Darkness:

    Custom Lineage Library UzvE34lM_o

    Lineage Name: Heir to Darkness
    Wielder: Mythal Ragnos
    Purchase Proof: Ancient Scroll

    All worlds begin in Darkness. And all so end. There is no light save for what comes from the darkness, born from its absolution and superiority. There is no chaos, as everlasting darkness is the avatar of order and peace. There is no void, for all are part of the same Darkness that encompasses each and every world. It is above, it is beyond, it is below -- it is everything. And life will only find its true meaning once it returns to the Darkness from whence it came.

    Darkness; true, absolute darkness, holds no comparison to other forces that many reference as its equal. Of course there was a lack of light when reality was born and there are some that make compare between darkness, Chaos, Void, Nothing, Emptiness and other similarities. And there was a darkness that joins with these forces and can be used but it is not Darkness. This is a force that was born at the spark of existence, a tangible power that was taken and stored apart from ours. It was a strength meant only for the gods and from its core arose a new realm; Kingdom Darkness. Here is where Darkness gathered and grew, expanding the deific reality with its absolution.

    Faera, the Absolute Divine of Death, rules over this realm and has since the birth of time. It is believed that her beauty was once as great as her compassion, selflessly taking up the Throne of Darkness so that she can keep careful watch over the souls that found their way here in death. For only this realm became a special prison for beings that could not shake off their chains of living and move on; ones that teeter on the edge of holy everafter or endless pain. Many have called this place Limbo, In-Between, Oblivion, Sanctuary or Purgatory and all names are both right and wrong. But the Darkness within this world is a disease and the more time spent immersed in it, the more it corrupts the soul. Even Faera, in her absolution, began to grow angry and destructive after eons as its ruler -- earning her the extra tag of ‘Destruction’ on her title.

    Any that have touched this world have the taint but the Heir to Darkness is upon a stage that none can reach. The merging of the light of existence and the Darkness from the Kingdom combines into one person and creates a being that can become greater than even the Fallen Goddess herself. Within them is a constant battle of primordial elements, that constantly fight to a standstill but are never quieted for long. They teeter on the edge of Falling, the drop that could make them as spiteful and hateful as Faera herself. They have a modest amount of Darkness within their core but only when they have tasted of Kingdom Darkness in its most carnal form does their true strength come to the surface. Yet the Heir to Darkness is not predestined to Fall nor to become Faera’s weapon against all worlds. In fact, the Heir is the one being that can surpass the toxicity of Kingdom Darkness and utilize its benefits without ever falling victim to the infection. But that is all dependent on how the Heir carries themselves and if they’re willing to Fall in the first place...

    Aesthetic/Story Abilities:

    • Throned in Spite - The Heir to Darkness is as much a part of Kingdom Darkness as Faera and her choir of angels. And while they can circumvent the toxic nature of the realm, there are still imbued with some of the traits that comes from living within the realm. The Heir to Darkness naturally has a hatred for humankind and a fear of affectionate emotions such as love. Close allies or people of great impact to the Heir’s life can circumvent these traits but in general, they apply to all.

    • Only in Darkness and Light Are We Born - The Heir to Darkness is the result of breeding between a denizen of Kingdom Darkness and our reality. As such, they have two great forces always dueling within them -- light and dark. But with the discovery of Lux, the Seal of Light, attached to Mythal's soul, he is also connected to a different realm; the one of the soul. These factors result in the Heir being able to use magic that invokes light, darkness, shadows and spiritual.

    • Dark Arms - Kingdom Darkness is an oppressive, powerful magic that has such a strong gravitational pull that the user can bend it to his will. He can mold the pull with his magic, allowing him to create pockets that can hold items. This allows him the opportunity to hold three additional weapons, in addition to dual wielding, that float behind his back. One of these weapons must be related to Kingdom Darkness in some fashion or else he can only have two extra weapons. He can also use this force exclusively to attack with weapons rather than his arms. This doesn't add any benefit to damage and is merely RP flair.

    • Door to Darkness - The user can feel the darkness everywhere and connects to it more thoroughly as he gets closer to it. He can make these connections permanent by manipulating areas of shadow to create junction points. Once these have been created, the user can open a portal to them from wherever he is in the world. This ability cannot be used in battle and merely is used for RP purposes.

    • Dark World - As an Heir, the user gains significant benefits in the darkness. The user can see up to his rank's spell range in darkness perfectly, he can feel the vibrations in the darkness and shadows around him, alerting him to presences. The user can sense living beings up to his rank's spell range in darkness, be it nighttime or within a structure. (Need OOC permission to sense PC characters). The user can also use the shadows and darkness around him to create pathways through barriers. He moves the darkness to a wall and the darkness eats away at the wall. This doesn’t affect magical barriers or PC spell generated barriers.

    Primary Abilities:

    • Dark Dominance - Darkness is an all consuming force, that seeks to swallow up and return everything to its most base form. It does not hold back or play around with its food; it attacks with the full force of its ability. The Heir, being the avatar of Kingdom Darkness’ will, is meant to be a tool of absolute destruction. This grants the Heir 5 additional lineage advanced spells for a single magic. These follow the independent spell maximum from the regular one up to S and must be distributed according to regular advanced spell maximums; 2 B+, 2 A+, 1 S+) as well as 2 user rank advanced spells that increase in rank as the user ranks up. One ranks up to S+ and the other to H+ and may be used on a single magic. These spells slots have to be created and approved like any other spell and follow the same rules and guidelines. But the downside is that his base health is reduced by 200.

    • Library of Darkness - Kingdom Darkness has been around since the birth of time itself and, as such, has acquired and compiled copious amounts of information. With each soul that passes through its gates and takes up residency, their time, memories and experiences are all stored within the great halls of Sanctuary Castle. The Heir has access to this knowledge and, as such, is capable of expanding upon their own abilities. The Heir gains 5 additional spells for a single magic type (must be a darkness-based magic) and one additional signature spell that caps at A rank for each magic. All of these spells are subject to spell slot maximums and are required to be graded as per normal spell rules.

    • Durable Destruction - The Heir to Darkness is meant to be the embodiment of devastation, the tool meant to wipe the slate of reality clean for Faera’s cause. But such storms must be prepared to endure hearty aggression from outside forces. This increases the Heir’s base spell durability by 50%. The downsides is the Heir’s base melee damage is decreased by 50% as well.

    • Everlasting Darkness- The Primordial Darkness that lies dominate in Kingdom Darkness has leaked over to the other realities at different junctions. While its presence isn’t as potent as it would be in the Kingdom, it still is apart of everything after having been exposed for so long. This essences is part of the Heir, granting an increase to base magic damage and base spell speed by 50%. These buffs are applied before any other buffs to spell damage and spell speed apply. The drawback is a 50% decrease in base spell range and the Heir can't benefit from decreases to spell cost reductions.

    • Cursed Riches - The Heir is meant to rule and that means they are blessed with wealth abundant. Though the currency of Kingdom Darkness is different from the material world, that blessing is still viable. This grants the Heir a 100% increase to the jewels earned from jobs.

    • Kingdom Brand - A marking etched underneath the flesh of the forehead, this black inked "M" signifies the Heir for what they are. This grants the Heir access to the Kingdom's Black Forge, granting them an active Requip Slot beyond the limit for one magic.

    Spiritual Light:

    Lineage Name:
    Spiritual Light


    Purchase Proof:
    Ancient Scroll - Page 33, Post n°821

    Ruvel's existence was doomed from the moment his late barren mother tried to play god and created him in an unusual way. She didn't use the genetics of herself and her husband believing the child would be flawed, instead she used something she believed pure; to this end she decided use pure captured sunlight, moonlight and starlight. Due to not wishing to wait and see if there would be any flaws within her future child, she had herself impregnated with her creation as she was afraid her husband's gaze would wander due to being unable to give him an heir. Months had passed and eventually she gave birth to a son, to both her and husband's surprise he was smaller, weighed little, was far paler than was normal, seemingly sickly and weak. When the child was checked over by a doctor it was then they found out another issue the boy would have as he grew, he didn't bleed like anyone else the doctor knew of; his blood was pure light which meant if he became deathly sick or needed a transfusion there was no way for it to happen and he would die. They also found out from the doctor that his blood was likely the reason behind his complexion and why he seemed so sickly and weak; warning them that he wasn't longed for the world and to brace themselves for his eventual death.

    Hearing the doctor's words the father was mortified wondering how such a wonderful, long desired blessing could go so wrong, all the while the mother felt guilty at what she had done but also angry that she had created a flawed being. The father scared of his son dying had given orders that only a small amount of people would ever interact with his child and that he was never to go outside the palace he would call home. This was the way of things as Ruvel grew, he was happy and was cared for by his parents, nanny and future tutors, who for now played the part of vendors for the market created inside his palace home so there was some kind of normality to his upbringing. As he grew the youth showed not one ounce of selfishness or other kind of negativity, which had his father starting to wonder the reason behind such purity.

    At the age of four however things took a turn for the worst as the youth's happy bubble was burst, he watched as the eighteen people that made up his entire world be killed in front of him. He to was about to meet the same fate that was until the one in charge noticed his odd blood and spared him. He was taken to the place he would come to know only as 'home', this place where he would be badly abused mentally and physically by those who ran the place. One such time ran for eighteen days straight and within that time he was forced to remain awake, dying close to twenty-four times as they tried to figure out what made him tick, injecting him with this and that to see what happened. There was a side effect to such an experiment and that was the creation of another life within the innocent youth; later it would be found out it was an arch demon. Now due to Ruvel's own life's essence the arch demon turned out to also be of the light element, were they are known within the demonic realm as spiritual leaders nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to the one lurking and bound within Ruvel.

    Where Ruvel is fragile, weak and will try not to fight this arch demon is cold, calculating and cunning, loving the thrill of the chase. Unlike his passive counter part shows expertise in all forms of melee fighting, this being said however the arch demon has to be guided out or when he returns to his bindings he leaves a side effect on the pure Ruvel. This is in the form of an insane demon who wishes to do nothing more but see the world burn around him. For now luckily the arch demon has made no move to fight his bindings but that will not always be the case, for now his counter part remembers there is kindness in the world but he will do what is needed to protect their existence.


    Continual Bonds:
    Ruvel was once a youth that relied on his summons to his very day to day existence to continue, and within reason this is would still be true due to his weaknesses. When he lost his magic he had to find new ways to go forward without them, now his magic has returned but in a new way but has found that he still has connection to several of them. Continual bonds allows Ruvel to have one additional spell per rank (up to S rank) these additional spells must be summons. Ruvel has also found that he is able to have one additional signature spell per magic that caps at A rank.

    Reaping Rewards:
    Ruvel is the farthest someone anyone could be from a fighter and is more a diplomat, that being said he is able to hold his own in a fight if it has to come to that and refuses to remain down until any job he agrees to has reached it's completion. This ability gives him an additional 30% to his mana pool but also him to receive double jewel on the jobs he goes on.

    Secrets Beneath:
    Where Ruvel is a pure spirit that wants to try and bring good to the world, there is something lurking beneath the surface that doesn't see the world in the same light. Ruvel is fully unaware of this secondary spirit within himself or what it does if it breaks free of its bindings by itself. This secondary spirit was born from the pain and sorrow of a four year old wanting nothing more than to be safe at home with his parents. When this second spirit comes forward Ruvel's appearance completely changes, what many don't know is that Ruvel during this time goes into a slumber allowing this being complete control of their joint form, so when he wakes he has no idea what has happened, if he breaks free he leaves a negative imprint on the youth making Ruvel act against his normal personality, again this insane version of him has his own appearance.

    The unforgiving spirit and the insane spirit can never be active at the same time as the insane spirit has the requirements of the unforgiving spirit breaking free on their own and then going back into slumber. Each form lasts ten rounds and can only be used once per thread due to the strain they place on their weak hosts body. In socials and threads for plot the forms last for two weeks before going dormant.

    Spirit Forms:

    Unforgiving Spirit:
    The unforgiving spirit is a warrior through and through, though he gains 30% resistance to any damage aimed at him wither it be physical or magical, he is also gains a 50% added to his speed.

    Insane Spirit:
    The insane spirit pretty much wants to see the world burning and be enveloped in eternal darkness. Because of this the insane spirit does an additional 30% damage regardless if it's magical or physical and emits a 20 meter aura of darkness allowing him to take 50% less damage from light, life or spirit based spells. The down side to this is healing spells are 50% less effective on him and shields instantly vanish the moment he does any damage.

    Additional Spiritual Strength:
    When the unforgiving spirit or insane spirit is out they are able to tap into the dormant potential of their sleeping host. Ruvel's normal form is far to weak do deal damage and so he relies on his magic to get him through what he needs. This allows this the spirits to deal 30% additional damage to any melee or magical attack they do.

    Unmatched Speed:
    It is clear by his physical appearance that Ruvel was never built for the tides of battle but more as a scout, due to this his speed is unrivalled by those around him. No matter in which state he is in or what form he takes not only matches the speed of the fastest person within burst range but gains 10% of his natural speed on top to give him an added edge.  In addition if he is the fastest person around then he gains a buff of 60% on top of his natural speed.

    Magical Suppression:
    Due to the way he was created, the experiments he went though and the way his magic works Ruvel's magic's are automatically suppressed to the point that he gives off next to no magical aura. To keep his magic hidden while casting a spell he would have to be willing to pay 75% of that spells in addition to how much the spell actually costs, if he wishes to keep a unique ability hidden he would have to be willing to sacrifice 50% of the cost a spell his rank would. Passives are unaffected. In a pve setting this ability cost nothing to use as it is a plot ability.

    Machina Daemonum:

    Custom Lineage Library Templa13

    Lineage Name

    Machina Daemonum
    Kaja Jelen
    Purchase Proof

    Kaja Jelen was born an ordinary human-being in Bosco but she trapped in a building or hole, she tried to forget what had happened, when she was young. A demon came before her, it played with her mind but eventually, it freed her from her imprisonment. It did not relieve her of his influence. It followed her in her shadow and slowly started to corrupt her. At first, she feared it and angry for what it did to her. Over time it felt sort of right and she lost the primal fear and anger at it. It seemed to guide her to a better life, revenge against the injustice done to her and pushed her to claim her rights. She walked a path to become a killer and upgraded herself with cybernetic implants and changed her name to Helix.


    Skilled Negotiator
    choose one passive at the start of a thread from the following passives:
    Helix and other participants of the same thread receive 50% more jewels from jobs.
    Helix receives 100% more jewels from a job

    Demonic Possession
    Omni rises from Helix’s shadow and swallows her body. Helix and Omni are one for 2 posts (D rank), plus 1 post per rank capping at S. Helix can’t access her magic and weapons during that time except for her Fallen God Slayer magic and Omni’s abilities. Her physical speed, physical strength and her magical strength are increased by 50%. Received attacks deal 50% less damage but deal damage to both Helix and Omni. She can only use this ability once per thread.

    Enhanced Targeting
    The cybernetic implants greatly improve her fighting capabilities. Physical and Magical damage gain a boost of 40% with an extra 5% per rank above D rank (caps at S rank).

    Combat Body
    Helix’s her body has been altered for combat purpose. Weapons and advanced shielding and other useful tools have been installed within the cybernetic body. Helix’s gains 6 additional spells, one of which is a signature spell that ranks till S rank, that she can use for internal body combat functions.

    Plot Abilities:

    Shrouded in Shadow
    Helix can change her appearance using a glamour of shadow at will. Helix gains a fourth Faceclaim.

    Bionic Senses
    Most of Helix’s sensory organs have been replaced with superior artificial counterparts.
    Her senses are greatly improved and she can see in night vision and thermal vision.

    Brain Implants
    Helix has bionic chips within her brain that are connected to her vision and processing. She can store information on these chips and bring up in front of her eyes like a computer screen. This allows her to have an advanced identification system. She uploads date of her target’s, criminals or any person she can find intel about and connect it to a picture of their face. If she sees these people than she will get a notification and she can call up information about them. (No OOC information can be known unless this has been discussed and agreed upon by both parties).

    Flight System
    Helix has an inbuild flight system, thoughts she doesn’t really like to fly.

       Template by ivyleaf33

    God's Beloved Daughter:

    Lineage Name: God's Beloved Daughter
    Wielder: Amalie
    Purchase Proof: Here

    Amalie was a child born without a father, her mother little more than a lady of a night and afflicted with addiction. She had little knowledge of her biological father, a man from a long and noble bloodline. Cursed with a life of abandonment, neglect and suffering, Amalie has forever existed under the watchful eye of her protector. Anima, the fifth seal of the apocalypse and holy saint of souls was sealed inside Amalie from before she even left her mothers womb. For many, lifetimes Anima has watched the worlds, looked over god's children with growing disappointment. He grew disdainful, an affliction of his creation. He exists in reverance of his father, the almighty Lord. And feels nothing but shame for how humans had led the world into disarray. With regretful eyes he watched, passing from vessel to vessel, a festering hate for humans inside him. Until he found himself inside a vessel who would change that. A child who would eventually be born to the name Amalie.

    A soul so pure and untainted, he would watch as Amalie grew up in a life so pitiful that she would grow cold and guarded. For every moment she gave to the world, the world seemed to throw suffering back. Suffering Anima did not believe she deserved, the beings heart would eventually grow fond of the girl. And for the first time in his existence inside of a human vessel he would lend her his power. Having developed a father-like love for a single human who did not deserve the path that was laid for her. He offers her protection and despite his contempt for the sinners that she walks amongst, accepts her as a 'true child of God'.

    • A Father's Offering : In support of Amalie's desire to be wealthy, Anima grants her with the ability to receive 100% Boost in Jewels from doing jobs. (One Effect)

    • Divine Power : Granting her his energy as a source, Amalie receives one additional H+ spell and one additional S+. This also gives her two additional signature spells, each of which ranks up to S. (Four Effects)

    • The Binding of Vessels : Being bound to a Vessel grants Amalie is even more magical abilities. This grants additional lineage spells to Amalie's Second Magic 'Voice of Souls' These are as follows; 2 B+, 2 A+, 1, S+. (Two Effects)

    • Nephilim's Velocity: Due to his demonic nature, Anima is able to match the speed of those in his presence. Permitted him to move at the same speed as the fastest person within their rank burst range plus an additional 10% of that person's speed. If Anima/Amalie is the fastest person around, this will instead grant them a 40% passive increase to speed with an additional 5% per rank about D. (One Effect)

    • Divine Warrior : Blessed by his father as a soldier of the apocalypse. Designed to face the demons of the underworld, thus making him both stronger and tougher. However, this strength and durability come at great cost.  This ability reduces the user's base HP by 200 in exchange for a base increase in spell damage. He also receives a base decrease in healing abilities for increased durability. These increases are as follows: (Two Effects)

    Spell Damage::
    D Rank: 15 HP
    C Rank: 20 HP
    B Rank: 25 HP
    A Rank: 30 HP
    S Rank: 35 HP
    H+ Rank: 40 HP

    Base Durability::
    D Rank: 10HP [-10 HP Healing]
    C Rank: 15 HP [-15 HP Healing]
    B Rank: 20 HP [-20 HP Healing]
    A Rank: 25 HP [-25 HP Healing]
    S Rank: 30 HP [-30 HP Healing]
    H+ Rank: 35 HP [-35 HP Healing]

    Plot Abilities
    • Heaven's Preach :   Anima can send out telepathic messages to those around him, he can even choose if Amalie hears the message or not. With OC Permission, Anima is able to link the minds of those around them so that they can communicate telepathically amongst themselves. He is also able to remove this link from an individual in the group at any put to prevent them from hearing certain messages.

    • Tranquility : Anima's presence in Amalie's body essential protects her state of mind so that she is not traumatised by her experiences. Because od this, her mind has a protective shield of sorts, that prevents others from incluencing her mind. This makes others unable to read his thoughts, mind and memories or see through his words or lies, whether through passive or active effects. Also because of this Amalie is resistant to plot abilities that induce fear, this however doesn't work in combat.


    Custom Lineage Library Tumblr_nxt95hvA7n1uwxo8no1_500

    Lineage Name
    Purchase Proof:


    Daisuke is a monster hunter or in his language a Hoko-Tzu. His training was harsh and involved many magical rituals that have left their mark on him. He became stronger and faster but lost a part of his humanity. He lost his emotions, a sacrifice for his new powers.

    Daisuke is an experienced negotiator in setting prices for his work. The user can choose one passive at the start of a thread from the following passives:
    The user and other participants of the same thread receive 50% more jewels from jobs.
    The user receives 100% more jewels from a job.

    Daisuke has a great understanding of all kinds of monsters. Taught at his school but he also gained a fast understanding through experience in the field. Daisuke knows one weakness of a known monster and can deal 100% more damage by exploiting that weakness.

    OOC: Daisuke can keep a list of known monsters and can make use of their weaknesses. A dice is thrown to decide if he knows the monster or not when it is isn’t on the list. If the monster is known it will gain a weakness which can be exploited. If the monster isn't known then, the monster has no weakness, but Daisuke learns a weakness from that monster after the thread is over. The monsters are added to the list in both cases.
    Definition of monster: Non-humanoid, none-beast or none-mechanical. A corrupted, cursed, mythical, ancient or magical modified being.
    OOC permission required for players and player owned NPCs.

    Traits of a Dragon
    Daisuke has great strength through the rituals and training he received on his path to become a Hoko-Tsu. His physical strength is increased by 120% with an extra 15% per rank above D rank (caps at S rank).

    Traits of a Bear
    Daisuke has great strength through the rituals and training he received on his path to become a Hoko-Tsu. His physical strength is increased by 120% with an extra 15% per rank above D rank (caps at S rank).

    Traits of a hawk
    Daisuke has great speed through the rituals and training he received on his path to become a Hoko-Tsu. His speed is increased by 40% with an extra 5% per rank above D rank (caps at S rank).

    Plot Abilities:
    Traits of a Tiger
    Daisuke’s senses have been increased by the rituals he received on his path to becoming a Hoko-Tsu. His reflexes are quick, and he can see in the dark.

    Traits of a Snake
    Daisuke learned to move very quietly through the rituals and training he received on his path to become a Hoko-Tsu.

    Template by ivyleaf33

    Blizzard's Frostburn:

    Name: Blizzard's Frostburn
    Wielder: Saraphina
    Purchase Proof: : Page 1, Post n°4 Item of The Month Lineage

    Once in the far north of the Silent Glaciers there was a kingdom that was said to have been blessed by a Snow Angel. It was said that this Angel  wanted nothing but the best for the fledgling people that tried to call the harsh terrain home, they often died of exposure, starvation or by the animals that called the glaciers home. They showed the people where to settle and how to take care of themselves, protecting them with a blizzard that kept any invaders and animals that would wish to do them harm. The fate of this kingdom and its protector isn't known.

    Going through one of the many libraries innocently in Era, the wielder of this lineage felt something cold and unnaturally unsettling though the curiosity of the person got the better of them. They decided to follow the feeling and found a door they hadn't seen when they entered. Touching the wooden door runes and protections appear for a moment and they find themselves body frozen all over and a sharp warmth following. For some odd reason the protections and runes cease functioning and the wielder finds themselves anxiously entering wondering why the door opened for them.

    Heading into the room the wielder finds a barren room except for a small pillar in the middle of the room covered in ice snow all around it, on top a small frost covered icy blue satin pillow would be seen twinkling with frost. The thing that really catches the wielders eye however is the scroll on top with a seal not known or seen in any book they have found while studying kingdoms and their nobility. Opening it the wielder finds hidden secrets of a lost kingdom and decides to take it as their own.

    Name: Enlightened Frost
    Description: As the new owner of this ancient scroll you find that you have found five new spells. These spells must be frost, snow or ice related. These spells will also be classed as ancient magic and should follow those rules instead of what the owner has chosen for themselves. The ancient magic benefits do not stack with the chosen magic benefits.

    Name: Blizzard's Rage
    Description: Blizzards are known to be terrifying regardless of if you are trapped in them or just hearing about them. The reach of them is vast and the speeds they can get to can be deadly due to the bitter cold air, due to this any ice, frost or snow based spell ability the owner of this lineage has is 25% more powerful, not only this they gain 50% to additional range and speed.

    Name: Frozen Assets
    Description: It's common knowledge if it's cold enough things freeze and swell as they do so, this ability not only gives an additional 10% to your mp and hp pools but also gives a 40% mp reduction to spells.

    Name: Bitter Conversion
    Description: Hell hath no fury so they say, neither do raging storms regardless of type as they can bring out the very worst in people, but then it can also bring out the very best in them too. By paying the price of the original spell this allows the owner of this lineage to change any buff into a debuff or vice-versa within their rank AOE range. This ability caps at S rank.

    Name: Chilling Benefits
    Description: Reading through the scroll the new owner of this lineage has found a few secrets only known to those within the kingdom that this scroll came from; as such they are able to move through snow and frost without leaving any trace and even walk on thin ice as if it was solid and see perfectly in a blizzard. (This goes down to 50% if used outside of pve or plot purposes.)

    Name: Frozen Stiff
    Description: As everyone knows you stay out in cold weather too long your muscles start to become tense and it's harder to move due to the aching. The owner of this lineage has found a secret in their newly acquired scroll that allows them to used this to their advantage. Every ice /snow/frost spell or ability used by the owner freezes their opponent(s) in place for one round for the first turn, if a second spell hits them right afterwards then they are unable to move at all; it then takes two rounds before the effects will work on the same target(s) once more allowing them to thaw. This only works on those the same rank or lower, if it is an instant ice/snow/frost based spell or ability then it lowers the opponents speed by 50%  This ability caps at S rank.

    Spirit of the Seas:

    Lineage Name: Spirit of the Seas
    Wielder: Aoi
    Purchase Proof: Proof~

    The Spirit of the Seas is a spirit from the Celestial world whom is known to be a watcher for the seas, among other bodies of water. Their innate knowledge of nature reflects anything within the sight of the seas and branching bodies of water leading to and from them. Aquatic life is another of their expertise in innate knowledge. Anything from nature of certain animal locations to habits and eating preferences. Still, as a Celestial Spirit, they try to do what they can wherever it's needed in order to protect the seas they were born from and do anything it takes to do so.

    •Aquatic Force: The Spirit channels the seas through their every movement in combat. Their physical hand-to-hand strikes are able to inflict 50% of their rank in spell damage, however in doing so they are unable to use any offensive spells in the same post.

    •Ebb & Flow: Water of all forms unless created by a god or demon slayer of the users rank or lower (max of S rank) are able to infused within their own body to recover 40/60/80/100/120 hp once every 2/3/4/5/6 posts.

    •Embodiment of the Sea: Spell and physical damage are each reduced by 25%. If anything involving lightning elements are involved, they'll deal an additional 25% damage instead with no reduction involved.

    •Celestial Recall: The user when defeated in combat does not simply die. Their spirit is returned to the Celestial World where they are able to recover. However, they are unable to re-enter the same thread again.

    •Pact Summoning: This ability is more of an ability that affects a specific other person. A single person pacted to the Spirit is able to be summoned into a thread (excluding jobs) with OOC permission from all in said thread.

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    Official Re: Custom Lineage Library

    Post by Johann on 20th February 2019, 1:41 pm

    Scion of the Void King:

    Custom Lineage Library Yh5kQWy

    Lineage Name: Scion of the Void King
    Wielder: Serilda Sinclair
    Purchase Proof: Clicky

    For generations, Serilda’s noble family has claimed to have the blood of dragons flowing through their veins. Over time, however, the details of this lineage have been lost and chalked up as more of a family myth than anything else. Any proof that once existed of their true bloodline has been forgotten over the ages, and with each generation of copulation the heritage has become so thinned in their blood that after a while no one showed even any minute signs of relatable magic or features.

    This changed when Serilda was born. Though it took her some time to start seeing active signs of it, Serilda was blessed with a higher concentration of dragon’s blood. As a child it presented itself in ways that were subtle: she was a highly durable kid that was able to withstand physical pain longer than her peers, or was even oddly resistant to being hurt. As she grew older and more mature, and began training with a retired Rune Knight, her innate abilities began to slowly foster as well. She was a sturdy warrior that seemed to have uncanny reflexes, like she could sense attacks and people around her even if she could not see them.

    Eventually, she was identified as a Voidwalker. Her ability to control and manipulate the Void comes from being a descendant of Kuroryu, a man whose soul became fused with that of the Void Dragon Muko after Kuroryu killed the dragon in battle. Kuroryu went on to establish a kingdom with him as its king, only later to seal both himself and his former ally Shinokishi in the Void when Shinokishi turned his back on Kuroryu and they fought to a standstill for seven days. To this day, Kuroryu is still trapped within that realm. However, his bloodline lived on through his children and his children’s children, from whom Serilda and her family are descendants that have carried on the noble title, fortunes, business, and even the blood of the Void Dragon King himself.

    Plot Abilities:
    Honorable Reputation: Being the first born of her siblings, Serilda is next in line as the heiress of her family’s dutchy and her father’s title. As such, she has been trained from birth in all manners befitting a woman of high noble station as well as in the intricacies of running and owning a multi-million jewel business. Because of this, she and her family have traveled throughout Fiore and the neighboring countries beyond, and their family name is well known in circles who pay attention to figures of importance. Even if people don’t know her name, they may know of her family’s or of their business. This means she often gets recognized wherever she goes, and sometimes given preferential treatment by those looking to get in good with a family of status and wealth. On the flip side, it also means that she can sometimes be the target of attacks and schemes from people she doesn’t know that want to use her status for their own gains.

    Void Traveler: Serilda’s connection to, and control of, the Void allows her to travel to that realm at will. Since the Void is interwoven between all things, she can also use her connection to it to travel to other realms or places in the mortal world instantly. This is a plot ability only and cannot be used in battle unless it is a listed effect in a spell.

    Abyss Form: Her draconic heritage to Kuroryu and Muko manifests in the form of Void Dragon flesh over her body, which she can control. The scales are as hard as any other dragon’s, but have a much more mysterious look to them. They are such a deep shade of black that they almost seem to absorb light rather than reflect it, and the shape of her body takes on a more wispy, smokey form. Additionally, glimmering flecks like tiny stars in the night sky appear to wink in and out of existence beneath the surface of the scales, and occasionally swirling mists of black, pink, purple, or blue fog might appear to roll beneath the scales as well.

    Primary Abilities:
    Insatiable: Due to the all consuming nature of the Void and her blood relation to the Void Dragon, Serilda can consume any spell of her rank or lower up to twice per thread and use it to restore her MP as per slayer guidelines, even if the type of magic does not fall within her Frostbite God Slayer domain. This consumed energy does not count toward her ability to achieve Slayer Force.

    Privileged: As a born and bred noble hailing from a long line of nobility and royalty, as well as the heiress of a prosperous mining company, Serilda has access to more money than many of her peers. She receives a 100% bonus to jewel gains when completing jobs.

    Indomitable: Dragons have naturally tougher skin that make them more resistant to being damaged, and this goes doubly so for one with an element of Void whose nature is to suck everything into it without descrimination. Because of her blood relation to Kuroryu and Muko, the durability of all of Serilda’s defensive spells are boosted by 100%. Additionally, she receives a 50% resistance to Drains, Debuffs, and Negation effects. (ie. a 50% debuff would become 25%, 4 rounds of drain would be halved to 2, and if one of her spells is negated her opponent still takes 50% of the original spell's damage).

    Connections: Because of her family’s well known status, and her involvement in their mining business, Serilda has a number of connections in trade and merchandising. She knows where to find the best deals, and is often given extra gifts by those around her that want to stay in her family's good favor. Whenever she completes a job, she receives an additional custom weapon, armor, or item whose rank is equivalent or lower to the difficulty of the job completed. These items cannot be traded to characters belonging to another PC, nor sold back to the stores for additional jewel, but they can be traded to any of Serilda's other characters. Must specify when turning in the job for grading what type and rank of reward is being claimed.

    Educated: Serilda’s status has allowed her the best education money can buy, and since her family is located in Clover where the central hub is for inter-guild activities, she has had access to as much information as is available on her magic. She receives an additional five normal spells for her Voidwalking magic, and one additional signature spell per magic that caps at A rank. The normal spells must be related to her Void Dragon connection and heritage, are subject to spell slot maximums, and must be graded by normal spell rules.

    The Sinful Horseman:

    The Sinful Horseman

    Nekros - Lineage - Proof

    The Sinful Horseman? Why would you ask about such a….fine. It’s a tale of a man, a Baron of some forgotten land of old and of how it spawned a particularly heinous bloodline. I can’t remember the year or even Era of this Barn, but I am fairly certain this blood has been nearly wiped out. Even then, whatever abilities that are gained through it are very rarely come about. Those who unknowingly have it just go about their daily lives as if nothing was ever wrong. The Blood? Right, the blood of the Baron is kin to blood of odd and corrupted humans…. one may even call them demons. While they didn’t have the appearance of such monsters like the ones of Sin. It was an attitude, a corruption of the soul. This sort of being comes about from grave acts of violence, greed, and orale sins.

    The Baron?… Oh yes! A man and land forgotten and faded through time. He was a king and a particularly tyrannous one at that. The Baron ruled with the tight grip of an iron and cruel fist. How his subject hated and despised him, every fiber of their broken and wither souls. This man would take everything from his people; their food, their land, their wealth, everything was his. Even the wives and daughters weren’t safe from his gluttony. It’s why he was called The Sinful Horseman by the time he died. Greedily taking. So much so that it would cause famine in many of the villages he governed. Literally, just couldn’t get enough.  It eventually tainted his blood and anyone that shared it.

    How could it taint a whole bloodline? I am not really sure. The people of his land were poor and withering away, perhap it was their hatred that manifested or perhaps magic of his own infused it self within him. Magic can be scary and unpredictable at times. However, towards the end of his reign, the crops wilted away, the soil no longer able to sustain anything. As the people started to die, as did the trade and the last, remaining glimpses of this civilization. However, they weren’t satisfied with this ending. Their “king” got to live and had the options of leaving while they were left to rot. It was enough, whoever was left called for a mutiny and rounded up all who were able. Storming the keep, the hating populace made their way into the throne room and brutally murdered the Baron. Almost none were safe from this hatred. Which ever concubines were left in the keep were slaughtered as well.

    Though, not all were in the keep. Some who the Baron grew tired of were sent away, others stole what they could and ran off to far off kingdoms to escape. Were they ever truly safe? No. The blood was tainted all the same, regardless of their affiliation. This part, I think was the Barons doing. Whatever magic caused this insanity, seemed to seek them out as well. Their children, and their children's children, so on and so forth were now tainted with this demonic like behavior. This greed, this gluttony. Though, from the stories, whenever it did activate or unlock that hidden gene in their blood, it wasn’t their personalities that changed. The magic itself manifested as abilities, in  way. Im not sure on what they were though. The things I heard is that everyone that had manifested these died in some way, shape, or form.


    Curse of Hunger:
    Curse of Hunger: Oh the hunger, it never ceases. The body, the soul, it can never get enough magical energy. It requires more and more and always looking for sources to take from. This curse is sort of a two parter, an aura and another passive effect. Anyone within the aura of effect feel like everything they do… it’s just not enough. Eating? Always need more food. Casting a spell? It never feels like you’re ever using enough for what you want to do. The other half of this curse is that the body absorbs magic from the spells that would affect the wielder. The constant need to draw in that energy, reducing the damage the user would have taken.
    Cost: N/a, Always on.
    RP Effects:

    • Non-wielders: A hunger and feeling of nothing is ever enough.


    • +20% MP cost to all within range (that is not the wielder).
    • Aura Range: Follows max AoE spell ranges.
    • Reduces Spell Damage against the wielder by 25%
    • Can affect allies.
    • Mages of a higher rank suffer from only 50% of the effects. [Meaning, they only suffer a +10% MP to all spell costs]

    Curse of Withering:
    Curse of the Withering: The Curse of the Withering is a rather nasty piece of work. The body is made up of components that require nutrients to live and operate. The organs, flesh, bones, and nerves, they all need nourishment to continue their functions. This ability begins to wither that flesh, those nerves and the bones. They slowly begin to deteriorate and draining the body of its nutrients. It is withering the tissue away to nothingness, rotting the living to its very core.  The person affected would begin to feel drained, as if they hadn’t eaten anything in awhile. That feeling would slowly grow into a starvation-esque feel before the pain started to set in. This ability takes the form of a cone that bursts from the hand of the user. As the ability is released, a wave of semi-translucent magic ripples over the area that is within the cone. The spell is instant, but its effects to nature are felt through the ripples of time.
    Type: Burst
    Cost: N/a.
    Duration: Instant
    Cooldown: 1 Post

    • Deals spell damage of Users Rank (Ex. C-rank Mage: this ability would do 60 hp damage per post).
    • Range-Widest point: 10 meters + 10 per rank.
    • Range-Length: 15 Meters + 10 per rank.
    • Speed: Follows max Burst speeds.
    • Can affect allies.

    RP Effects:

    • Plants/trees wither and soil becomes infertile.
    • Livings beings such as people, skin starts to gray. Hair dry and/or start to fall out.
    • Feeling out of energy.

    The Gluttonous Pit:
    The Gluttonous Pit:  The gluttonous pit is a deep hunger within those that are cursed with this bloodline. Magically speaking, the body has carved out more, greedily trying to horde and absorb all the magic it can. There is a constant hunger and desire to hold and pile as much as it can. To feed it self, it tries and absorbs magic through the skin, touch, through the air. The pit has given the user the ability to hold more magical energy and increase their magical reserves. [Spell slots gained don’t apply towards the limit]
    RP Effects:

    • Always hungry, usually for food.


    • +50% MP pool.
    • + 1 Spell slot to each rank of the users primary magic. [So +1 D-rank spell, +1 C-rank, etc.]
      +1 Signature Spell to the users primary magic.

    Daughter of Inari:

    Lineage Name: Daughter of Inari
    Wielder: Shirokawa Itori
    Purchase Proof: Bought by Kihia, transferred to Itori.

    Thousands of years ago there was a species known as the kitsune. These kitsune were like humanoid foxes, cunning and clever. Each and every kitsune possessed a natural talent for two disciplines of magic: the magic of deception, weaving illusions and enchantments of such skill and complexity that anybody who was tricked by a kitsune would have difficulty trusting the reality they experienced afterwards, and the discipline of spirit. Rather than being primarily physical entities like humans it was clear that kitsune were as much spirit, which caused them to excel at communicating with other spirits and using abilities which were difficult to access for a more grounded species like humanity.

    Itori is a member of that rare and elusive race, a traditional kitsune who has spent her long, long life improving and refining both her illusions and her ability to interact with and utilize spirits. Whereas many other kitsune are known for possessing some unique talent that they then focus on developing Itori always focused on those skills all kitsune possess and are famous for.

    There is only one ability Itori has which is truly her own, not something possessed by all kitsune and not something any of her fox-like kin could learn with enough effort. From a young age Itori possessed a voice so beautiful and enchanting that it could enthral anything with ears to hear, a mind to comprehend, and a heart to feel. Beyond mere amazement this voice can compel others, instill abnormally strong emotions in them, and make them experience things which aren’t real.

    Combat Abilities:

    Essence Theft: A more dreadful side of the kitsune race, Itori can drain energy and vitality through contact or magic. Eating life and magic alike, physical contact and physical/magical attacks steal 5% of the target’s health and mana. She can also choose to use this to aid her allies, giving them 5% of her health and mana when she heals or gets into physical contact with them. This is a passive addition to all attacks/heals although Itori can turn it off at will. Both the draining of others and draining of self can each be done once per post and can't by used to bypass regeneration maximums.

    Heavenly Fox: As a white kitsune Itori has the potential to become a deity if she survives long enough to gain her ninth tail. Because of that all of her magic has a light/holy aspect added to it, and the healing power of her spells is increased by 40% with a 5% increase per rank above D. However due to the complex and mystical nature of the kitsune's powers light/holy slayers cannot eat her magic unless they are also spirit/soul slayers.

    Nine Tails: Kitsune are infamous due to the stories about mighty nine-tailed variants, the pinnacle of their species that can craft the strongest of illusions with just a thought. At D-Rank Itori has one tail, and for every Rank above that she gains two additional tails (with a maximum of nine tails at S-Rank). These tails grant her 40% additional mana with a 5% increase for every rank above D. Her mana regen is also increased by 1% per rank, capped at 5% per post at S-Rank.

    Swift Spectre: Due to their spiritual nature kitsune sometimes have a mysterious and uncertain connection to the physical realm. The laws of physics don't always hold them in the same way that they hold others, which automatically causes their speed to match that of the fastest person of the same rank within burst range with an additional 10% of that person's speed on top. If Itori is the fastest person around she passively gains a 40% increase to her speed and reflexes with a 5% increase per rank above D.

    Venerant Vixen: Kitsune lead extremely long-lives, and with that comes a mind which is capable of remembering much more than what a mortal mind is limited to. Because of this Itori has 5 additional spell slots for one of her magics and her magic damage is increased by 40% with a 5% increase per rank above D. These additional spells are made and graded like normal spells.

    Plot Abilities:

    Blessed: As a white kitsune Itori's healing has a quality to it that allows her to restore lost body parts both for herself and for others, although to use it on others she'd need to be in physical contact with them. This also requires too much time and concentration to be used in combat.

    Charm: One of the most well-known abilities of kitsune, Itori has a supernatural charm that makes most creatures positively inclined towards her. She can also use this effect on purpose, focusing the effect on a single creature or group. This does not work on player characters without OOC permission and the effect isn't strong enough to make an enemy stop attacking (unless particularly weak-willed, such as weak monsters).

    Divination: Reading omens and receiving visions Itori can get a grasp of what the future holds in store for her and people close to her. This form of divination is too imprecise to be of any real use in combat, and merely helps Itori prepare for potential events in the future.

    Dreamer: Similar to her ability to possess Itori can also make herself manifest inside the dreams of others. She can't use this to harm them and naturally requires them to be dreaming in the first place. While inside someone's dream she still has control over herself although she has to follow the rules of the dream. This doesn't work on player characters without OOC permission.

    Empathy: As a strongly spiritual creature Itori can connect with the souls of others. Through voice and physical contact she can receive and transmit feelings and thoughts.

    Flight: Using the fact that her interaction with reality is flexible Itori can make herself fly, although she can't move any faster than she could on the ground.

    Ghost: Due to the spiritual nature of kitsune Itori can phase between the physical and spiritual realm, allowing her to move through physical and spiritual objects as long as they aren't enchanted/reinforced with magic. She can't use this to move through anything which has a strong presence in both realms. Due to this taking a lot of concentration she can't use this effectively in combat.

    Immortality: Itori's physical body is immune to the negative effects of ageing and her spirit can survive without her body. If her physical form were to be damaged or destroyed she can either restore it or form a new body, although the latter is a complicated and difficult process (once killed in a thread she won't return unless a resurrection ability is used).

    Invisibility: One of the simplest forms of illusions, Itori can turn invisible at will. This only affects visual perception, meaning that all other forms of detection still work (hearing, smell, magic, supernatural). She can also hide herself from other forms of perception, but only one at a time and she can't hide herself from magic/supernatural sensory this way.

    Invocation: Itori can create small flames, sparks and lights at will, although these are too weak to be used as attacks. She can control what she invokes up to a decent distance from herself, which she mostly uses to guide lost travelers using floating lights.

    Omnipresence: Once Itori gains her ninth tail she gains the ability to 'throw' her perception. This effectively allows her to gain visions of events happening in different locations. She can't use this to spy on locations which block supernatural perception and she can't perceive anything that she wouldn't be able to perceive if she were there in the flesh/spirit. She also can't use this to obtain secret information on player characters without OOC permission.

    Possession: An example of the more mysterious (and worrying) powers of kitsune, Itori can possess other creatures as long as they have a soul. This has no effect on player characters without OOC permission, and also doesn't work against anything with a strong will (doesn't work on event bosses). When possessing something Itori shares their senses.

    Senses: Just like a fox a kitsune's senses are very sharp. Itori's eyes aren't any better than a human's but she can see in the dark, and her nose is as sensitive as that of a bloodhound. Her ears in particular are extremely good, so good that she often prefers to keep her eyes closed because she feels like her ears do a better job of perceiving the world around herself.

    Shapeshifting: As everyone knows kitsune are infamous shapeshifters, able to make themselves look like a normal human, a fox or even something as grand as a tree. This does not grant her any new combat abilities however.

    Siren: Itori's voice is beautiful to the point of enchanting. With skilful use she can control feelings, perception and even thoughts, to the point of directly influencing the actions of others. This has no effect on player characters without OOC permission and strong-willed creatures (event bosses) can resist the effects.

    Seal of Balance:

    Custom Lineage Library 8dw4NcZ

    Wielder: 7
    Purchase Proof: Proof


    There once was a girl from a long line of nobles. Her pale pink locks and small, lithe frame made her seem dainty, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Cecilie Hollowater was as fierce as they came. She was a strong willed and relentless creature who served no master. In fact, the more she was told what to do, the more she rebelled against her expectations and commands. The only commands she obeyed were her own, and that included disobeying the orders from the eighth seal of the apocalypse she hosted. Nephilim or not, Cecilie’s stubbornness knew no bounds.

    However, for all the strength she possessed, the lone Hollowater heir was captured by the Magic Council who was vigorously searching out carriers of these ancient and powerful seals to use for their own hidden agenda. For years they attempted to break her and gain access to her ancient and mysterious seal, but for once Cecilie and Iudex were in agreement. In many ways Iudex attempted to aid Cecilie’s dauntless escape attempts, but every single one was thwarted. In a way, this was worse than the purposeful torments they put her through, and eventually she did break, but not in the way they wished. Despite Iudex’s protests, Cecilie saw only one way out. Screw her seal, what did she care if it might blink out of existence without an heir to hop to in the bloodline? In Cecilie’s view, all the seals could hang, then corrupt and power hungry individuals would stop hunting and killing for them, right? There would just be one less for someone to get their hands on. In her last and most rebellious act, Cecilie took her life and yanked the seal from the Magic Council’s bloody claws...or so she thought.

    The council had a host of scientists at their beck and call for various reasons, and one particular lab had already been doing studies and experiments on human cloning. The ultimate test would come now. Shipping Cecilie’s corpse to Dr. Raelin Sr and his staff, they feverishly worked to bring forth an “heir” of sorts directly from Cecilie’s DNA in hopes the seal would migrate to it. Either a direct clone or even an offspring would work, though they upped the difficulty even more by mandating the result be of a different temperament than Cecilie. They wanted someone unquestioningly obedient so history would not repeat itself. Dr. Raelin Sr had more failures than successes, but such is research. A clone wouldn’t survive more than a few hours until years later when his son made a breakthrough. Finally figuring out the proper equation, he produced a batch of 7 clones of Cecilie that survived.

    All the clones were as compliant as Cecilie had been difficult. From creation they were put through intensive mental and physical training, taught in a way to foster high levels of skill and obedience without any emotional hang ups or even a sense of identity. They were given no nurturing and no names. Their respective numbers were their designations, and six of the seven developed into exactly what the Magic Council wanted. The seventh had a tendency to display anxiety and fear in the night, as well as develop a fondness for fashion and sweets. Surely one of the six would possess the seal, so they were purchased and the last was left behind.

    Ironically, the cloned girl possessed Cecilie’s 8th the seal of the apocalypse. Iudex, the Seal of Balance, found herself with a host once more. It felt and looked like Cecilie, yet couldn’t be more different. This version had little will of her own, more than happy to play the servant to anyone and anyone that would give her the time of day and make a request. The nephilim felt the cold, unnatural lacrima that was implanted, watched as the girl fumbled around with it. She felt her host scream in the night when sleep finally came for her, and watched through dual windows as the girl did every single job Dr. Raelin gave her. She felt sorry for the clone, though she couldn’t deny it would be much, much easier to deal with this host. Even the slightest nudges were obeyed without question. For better or for worse, 7 would prove much more useful to her own agenda, which is balance, judgment, and justice.  Thus, the nephilim bestows upon 7 some hefty benefits to keep her strong so she can execute the tasks required with ease. Obeying her father, God Almighty, and acting as checks and balances to both God’s children and her own kind is her purpose, and she will use whatever means necessary. Perhaps Iudex and 7 are alike in that way, being morally gray enough to do what needs to be done.

    The delicate etchings 7 possess are lightly inscribed in white and currently run down her spine.

    Custom Lineage Library Fs6PUVI

    Blessed Etching: The nephilim has blessed 7 with a few different gifts. 7 gains a 100% increase to the jewel rewarded by jobs,  5 extra spell slots for one magic, and 2 signature spells that rank up to S for one magic.

    Empowered Etching: To bring balance, judgement, and justice, Iudex’s host most wield incredibly devastating power. She lends her strength to 7, so she gains a spell damage buffs that rank with her: B rank - 100%, A rank 110%, S rank - 120%

    Protected Etching: A broken host that can’t withstand the heat of battle is useless, so the durability of all of 7’s defensive spells get buffed according to her rank: B rank - 100%, A rank 110%, S rank - 120%

    Rejected Etching: Iudex rejects effects on her host body, so she takes extra precautions behind the scenes. All knockbacks affecting 7 as well as all active debuffs, Drains and DoT effects are cut in half through this effect (e.g. 40m of knockback would become 20m, 40% debuff would become 20%, damage of DoT effects is lowered by 50%, and drain effects are half as effective, etc)

    Unabated Etching: Being a supernatural being, Iudex bends reality around 7 so that she can never be outrun. She will always be the fastest and move at the same speed as the fastest person within her rank burst range plus an additional 10% of that person's speed. If 7 is the fastest person around, this will instead grant the user a 40% passive increase to speed with an additional 5% per rank above D.

    Rationed Etching : Having all this magical power sealed away completely would be a waste, so Iudex sneaks her energy in to supplement 7’s mana, making spells cost 7 50% less MP to cast.

    Custom Lineage Library AZkY42T

    Modifications: Being a clone, 7's DNA has had bits added, one part of which that allows her to change her physical appearance other than her eyes. Those are the windows to the soul, after all.

    Broadcasting: Due to the additives in her DNA, if 7 feels an emotion strongly enough, she can either intentionally or unintentionally project it to others. On the flip side, her mind can't be read unless she gives permission.

    Relentless: A build-up of power from the seal gives her the ability to age or not age at will. This also means no matter how bad the damage is to her body, the clone's body will regenerate herself over time.

    Commander: Under Iudex's influence, 7 can become suddenly more willful and authoritative, which is a distinct departure from her normal state. This is just Iudex manifesting, potentially without 7’s knowledge. 7's identity is so weak, Iudex can take over without even meaning to at times. Commands issues this way have a tangible weight that can be alarming and persuasive.

    Voice of the World: As long as 7 has been conscious, she’s communicated with “an ancient spirit”. This spirit, Iudex masquerading simply as a sage of old until she is revealed, gives the clone access to vast amounts of information.

    Identify: Due to her link to “the sage” (Iudex), 7 has the ability to identify the enemies’ magics, like whether it's good or evil, what elements, and general nature. (OOC permission required)

    Child of Eden:

    Lineage Name: Child of Eden
    Wielder: Leila Vergious
    Purchase Proof: Screenshot .

    Gardens of Eden was a realm created by a powerful spirit that came from the Void between worlds. Her vision of the future revealed to her a beauty unmatched, one of a realm that has yet to begin its existence. In its image, the Gardens grew and gave life. And from this life, many spirits have descended. Leila, while different in her origin, is part of this heritage. She has gone through many hardships in her life and finally accepted her own link to these mythical Gardens and her role within them, her power to use them which has been thought to be completely lost in this world. If one wishes to reach the end of their story, they must never forget where they have started. Their origin will always drive them forward. And there is never any shame in one's experience, for it leaves you stronger than ever before.

    Void Throne
    Aurora, the goddess that created Eden, was born in the Void between worlds. And with the link to the Gardens, Leila has inherited some of her powers. At any point in time, the girl is capable of forming eight different beads of void energy, pitch-black in color and giving off a faint purple glow. When summoned, each one of them will be about as big as Leila's head and floating behind her back in a circular formation. Being able to move up to 100 meters away and moves at a speed of 100 m/s. Their shape can also change freely into anything that is not bigger than 2 meters in any dimension, even sometimes taking shape of different weapons. Regardless of their form, they will always deal 50% of Leila's melee damage upon contact.
    When at least four of these beads form together to take the shape of a shield, they can also block up to 120 HP. However, this will make them shatter into pieces and they won’t come back until the next post. If multiple beads create a singular shape to attack, that attack will deal damage that all present beads would do together.

    Kin-found Nature
    While Leila thinks of herself as human, she is not quite sure what she actually is. This is especially apparent with her affinity to several different kin, especially within her magic. Connected to her lineage, the girl has found that she can adapt her body quite well in this regard, each of these adjustments also carries a certain passive bonus that will present themselves when the form is active. The different forms can also be used at the same time, in which case Leila will get the extra features of both forms at once.
    Silver Wolf - Activating this form will grant Leila several canine features, such as fluffy ears, tail, fangs, claws, and more. Not only that, all of her physical damage will become 50% stronger.
    Crimson Dragon - Activating this form will grant Leila several dragon features, such as horns, tail, fangs, scales, and more. Leila's spell damage will also be increased by 50% when this form is active.

    Earth's Will
    A mere shard of a soul, infused with the Earth and taking on a form of an abandoned child. Such was the beginning of Leila's earthly life, one that started in a war-torn nation and continued on across the continent of Ishgar for many years on. While harsh for a regular human, Leila and her adoptive father were more than capable of living their life like this. And still, it had hardened the girl's skin and strengthened her spirit. As a result, Leila obtains secondary reduction that grants her a 50% resistance against debuff effects, cutting their efficiency in half. For a spirit that has known the harshness of the world is not easy to bend and break.

    Celestial Ascendence
    The road of life can be a harsh one to travel alone. This is why Leila had always sought out companionship Thanks to this, all spirits she can summon within a single chosen magic that occupy an advanced spell slot, as well as a single signature spell slot, will obtain an additional ability that follows the usual summoned creature rules. However, no more than 5 extra abilities can be obtained in total.

    Ascendant Abilities:

    Custom Lineage Library Z6ndPHF
    Name: Gold Rush
    Descriptio:n Centuries ago, a tribe came to Fiore from a continent that is so incredibly far away that to this day those who ventured to find it have failed; the tribe members claimed to have come from a place called "Egypt". Wherever the tribe went, they prospered beyond belief; to each country and continent they went to, they rose to become the most powerful group of people there. Eventually, they were captured by all dark guilds at the time for their fortune and ability to prosper, and when the tribe refused to cooperate, they were all killed. Luckily, some were not captured, so your bloodline still lives on today. However, you must be wondering - "How did they do it?". Well, it's quite simple.

    The tribe from Egypt, which were known as Egyptians, were cast away from their homeland by raiders with absolutely nothing. An Egyptian goddess, who was saddened by what could potentially happen to her people, cast a powerful spell over the tribe to make them the luckiest people on the planet (literally!). Because of this, the tribe was able to find a significant more amount of jewels, items to sell, and they were said to be so lucky that they could even cheat death and danger; of course, that wasn't the case when they were completely obliterated...

    Ability: The user is given 3 passive abilities and 2 active abilities, though they can only ever choose one ability from the passive and active parts of this lineage. Whenever going on a job, the user must always pick from one of the following abilities:
    * Increase your own jewel reward by 100%
    * Find a custom weapon, item, or armor (rank depends on the difficulty of the job; you get to choose the type of item)
    * Increase the jewel reward of you and ONE other participant of the job by 50%
    The user's active ability are the following:
    * The user is able to sacrifice their EXP gained from jobs for additional jewels
    * The user's luck will become at its peak (as though you needed any more...) and will now have great things overall happen to them. This ranges from getting a simple kiss from that one special person, to having your opponent stumble, causing them to, even if narrowly, miss the direction they were sending their spell at.
    Usage: Lineage has three passive abilities and two active abilities; you MUST pick one of the passive abilities at the start of any job. The second active ability of this lineage can only be used once per thread, with a duration of 4 posts; again, you can only pick pick one of the two active abilities.

    Whenever the second passive ability of this lineage is used, the rank of the weapon/item/armor is found at the following job ranks:
    * D-Rank: Nothing
    * C-Rank: Strong
    * B-Rank: Strong+
    * A-Rank: Strong+
    * S-Rank: Legendary
    * SS-Rank: Legendary+
    * 10Y: Legendary+
    * 100Y: Artifact

    Whenever the first active ability of this lineage is used, the jewels gained for the amount of exp sacrificed is as the following:
    * 25 EXP: 1,000 (D-Rank)
    * 50 EXP: 2,500 (C-Rank)
    * 250 EXP: 7,500 (B-Rank)
    * 1,250 EXP: 17,000 (A-Rank)
    * 6,250 EXP: 30,000 (S-Rank)
    * 18,750 EXP: 45,000 (SS-Rank)
    * 56,250 EXP: 70,000 (10Y-Rank)
    * 168,750 EXP: 100,000 (100Y-Rank)

    Custom Lineage Library 23ogbwM
    Name: Dragon Spirit
    Descriptio:n In the medieval ages, a golden dragon was said to have lived. It was said that this dragon was the wisest dragon of all. He, before his death, gave part of his soul to a farmer, and the man used his newfound power to help protect those he loved. Little more is known about the mysterious abilities he has gained due to the lack of descendants that were carried on, but legends claim that through the dragon's spirit, the man gained immense insight and foresight, much like the dragon himself had.

    Ability: Dragon Spirit allows the user to sense or predict all events ahead allowing him to avoid sticky situations. They don't really get surprised because they sort of "Feel" the future. Like they half-expected that this or that would happen and they get a general sense of foreboding when threats are coming.
    For 1 post they can activate a Dragon's Eye ability in which they actively see the immediate future as though it were projected with ghostly "Echoes" in front of everything. The very skilled can react to the user's reactions however and cause splits in these echos. If the enemy predicts your own actions or has a similar ability this may cause multiple echos to the point that they are useless.
    Usage: The ability lasts 1 post with a 10 post cooldown and when the spell is used the user can only see a limited amount of time in the future which is limited to 5 posts ahead in the thread they are in. The user cannot speak of what they saw because it will change the future. This ability can be used for plot reasons to see into the future as a passive.

    Descendant of Jagers:

    Lineage Name:  Descendant of Jagers
    Wielder:  Artemis Dagger
    Purchase Proof:  Here

    A boy from a powerful family, he comes from a long line of ReQuip mages. Originally known under the name of Jager, their family named was changed over time to Dagger. He was the first born son to Lucarius Dagger, the next heir to the Dagger line and was supposed to supercede his family in magical strength and prowess. However, something went wrong with Artemis, and he was born with no magical signature whatsoever. A fundamental disappointment to his family, he wasn't allowed to live it down. His family never ceased to attempt to drag the magic out of him, only to fail and make sure he knew just how much he was a disappointment to them. In an act of desperation, Artemis met a demon in a forest one day; the demon convinced him to take his power in exchange as being a host for the dying demon.

    •   Upper Class : Artemis's family connections and position in society, means that he will accumulate an additional 100% increase to jewels from jobs.

    Morte's Influence :   Upon making a contract with a demon in order to gain some form of magic. Artemis receives demonic power from Morterius; as a result, Artemis receives a 50% reduction to mana cost as well as 2 additional signature spell that ranks up to S.   He also recieves an additional Advancement spell that ranks up to S+.

    Morte's Strength :   Over the years Morte has leant Artemis his strength which has fused itself into his body. Meaning that Artemis receives a 120% increase in physical strength. (Melee)

    Morte's Power :  Morte's natural power seeps into Artemis, fueling his spells so they deal more damage. Meaning that Artemis receives a 120% increase in Spell Damage.

    Morte's Vigor : Morte's life force in fused with Artemis, giving his a 30% increase to Artemis's overall HP.

    Morte's Mana: Morte's life force in fused with Artemis, giving his a 60% increase to Artemis's overall Mana.

    Plot Abilities

    • Shared Consciousness : Because Artemis has forfeited his body and soul to a demon, the two now share a consciousness. Because of this Artemis shares Morte's ability to seal off his mind from others. Meaning that his mind cannot be influenced by any effects or abilities, nor can it be read in any way, including memories, additionally he cannot be hypnotised or influenced to detect lies or deceit.

    • Demonic Biology: Because his physiology has been altered, Artemis is now immune to human diseases, i.e. colds, flu, etc. [This doesn't apply to Magically cast sickness/spells etc.]

    Blood Pact:

    Lineage Name: Blood Pact
    Wielder: Malva Kasai
    Purchase Proof: Link To Purchase
    Description: Malva Kasai, knowing that her time comes from the grace of a demon once asked him what her future held. To her surprise a demon in control of death itself gave freely the answer, "You will become something you both hate and aspire to." an answer that fit his nature. Seeking this truth of herself and her future Malva spent some time searching the world for someone who could help her reach this state that the demon spoke of. Eventually after two years of searching she reached the one who was spoken to be able to help her, and it was the demon once more this time however her tactics had changed. Taking up her sword she slit her own throat, offering her life to the demon to learn the truth. Impressed by her resolve the demon did not take her life in full, taking away instead six years in exchange for the knowledge.

    Finally as Malva stood in front of herself a mirror image but older and much stronger she understood what the demon had said all those years ago. The woman in front of her bore the mark of many dark guilds, her flames echoed with the souls of many and her expression was darker and more muted than before. Malva knew that in the end her goals would lead her here, but she also knew that it was what she only could do, taking her first step forwards Malva asked herself a single question, will you teach me? Joining hands with her younger self the older Malva stared down on her with a wicked smile as her eyes glowed and grew bloodshot, "You have already started to learn."

    Cosmetic/Plot Abilities:
    Precious Blood: Malva through the pact with herself has learned how to control blood in it's own form, and as such has learned to stop herself from bleeding. This does not affect magically induced bleeding, but if she is cut by a sword even if magic (So long as it does not cause bleeding as a magic effect.) she can prevent it.

    Demonic Heritage: Malva of the future made a pact with the demon who helped her, taking him into herself in exchange for more power, as such this affects Malva even now, causing her to gain a black mass over her own arms that takes a blood red tinge near the finger tips when she goes into her magma form.

    Extreme Heat: With blood fueling her magic now, Malva has a much higher core temperature than usual, water that is non-magic will instantly evaporate while around her, glass melts and stone warps at her footstep. She can turn this heat off at will removing the need for her tattoo though she does still have it.

    Corrupted Blood: After the pact was formed Malva gained the powers of her future self, this includes some of the downsides as well. Her blood even while she is in her human form is now black in color, having been corrupted by demonic influence. While in her magma form it is still the same color as proper magma should be though her body takes on a more noted demonic form, horns blood red in color sprouting from her head while her nails turn into a more clawed shape, as well as her teeth sharpening. Anyone that can detect demons, can also detect Malva because of this corruption. This effect continues to grow even if Malva is not in the magma form as she ranks up, with her normal appearance becoming more and more demonic as time goes on.

    Blood Siphon: Malva has learned the ways to take what she needs from those who have it. If she is below 50% of her maximum HP value she can take the blood from those she kills into herself using their life and soul to fuel her own rampage. What this means for those who fight her is that if Malva is weak and she kills a foe, she gains health equal to the rank of the entity killed up to S-Rank once per post. (40/60/80/100/120)

    Injection: Malva may inject her own blood into her magic, forcing it to become stronger. Once per post, she may use 5% of max HP and inject her blood into her next spell, causing it to deal 50% more damage. This effect may not be used if she is below 25% max HP and the amount of blood needed goes up based on the spell rank increasing by 5% for each rank up she goes though the strength of the buff follows the same rule.

    Superior Flame: Both as a Kasai and due to the effects of her pact Malva's flames are stronger than those of your regular person. Malva's fire magic has a natural 40% boost to their damage at all times thanks to this though it also does have a black outline from the demonic corruption at all times, with a blood red tinge to the actual flame.

    Corrupted Dialysis: With demonic energies flowing through the blood of Malva her speed increasing over time as a result. Starting from D-Rank her speed is boosted by 40% though as time goes on this boost gains strength with the demonic energies. As she ranks up the buff increases by 5% until S-Rank.

    Crimson Vein: While Malva is below 50% of her maximum health her blood begins to rampage seeking to kill something, hunting in the name of survival as the demonic forces now tied to her body refuse to die. While she is at the threshold Malva gains a boost of 40% to her strength with this increasing by 5% each rank she is above D-Rank up to S-Rank. She gains half this boost rounded down while above 50% health.

    Blood Pact: As Malva now has a pact with herself from the future she can also tap into this pact naturally. On the middle of Malva's chest a new rune has appeared, this rune is the symbol of her pact and bleeds demonic energies. Because of this rune Malva can pull magic power from her future self and gains a bonus 40% to her max MP with a bonus 5% every rank above D-Rank she is up to S-Rank as the pact grows stronger.

    Corrupted Skin: While Malva functions best using her own blood to fuel herself, the demonic forces inside her now refuse death. As such they have taken to reinforcing her body, increasing her maximum HP pool by 40% with this effect growing by 5% each rank above D-Rank she is until S-Rank.

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    Official Re: Custom Lineage Library

    Post by Johann on 21st April 2019, 3:21 pm

    The Malevolent Magician:

    Lineage Name: The Malevolent Magician
    Wielder: Jester
    Purchase Proof: Here

    Jester is a master magician and trickster, living his life as a clown for the majority of his entire life. This magical essence has merged with the hate that has festered inside him. Fueling his magical aura with dark, malevolent energy,

    • Magicians Defense: Jester's clown-like and sinister nature make him 50% more resistant to Illusion, Hallucination, Mind-Altering, Fear-inducing magic.

    • Discount Tickets : This ability reduces the mana cost of Jester's magic by 50%.

    • Clown's Vigor: 30% HP increase to Jester.

    • Predator: 55% Increase to Jester's Melee.

    • Big Tips: Jester receives 100% Increase in Jewels from completed jobs.

    • Coulrophobia: If Jester dances at all, he emits a creepy aura for User Ranked AOE Range and Speed [Capped at S], which will debuff any enemies spell damage & melee for 65% at A-Rank for a duration of 7 posts, and 70% at S rank for a duration of 10 posts. [Cannot stack]

    • Hunter's Adaptation: Jester's magic will adapt to those around him in an attempt to give him an advantage of his victims. Permitting him to move at the same speed as the fastest person within their rank burst range plus an additional 10% of that person's speed. If Jester is the fastest person around, this will instead grant him a 40% passive increase to speed with an additional 5% per rank above D. [Capping at S]

    • Sinister Shield: Jester has natural sinister energy over him which reduces the damage dealt by piercing effects by 50%.

    • Bag of tricks: Jester recieves 2 additional signature spells that both rank up to S.

    Champion of Tudigong:

    Custom Lineage Library Banner10

    Lineage Name
    Champion of Tudigong
    Purchase Proof
    Ancient Scroll P. 70

    The Warrior-King, The God-King, Demon Bane, The Moving Mountain or but a few of Gangting the Great his nicknames. Gangting was the king of Duoshang thousands of years ago, been granted his demon-slaying powers and his royal mandate from the God Tudigong. He fought in many battles against demons and humans alike. Like most kings in history passed, he also fell under the curse of success. Grandeur delusion fell upon him and in his vanity, he cast down the great statues of Tudigong in their temples and replaced them with his own. The god of Earth and Soil was angered, and, in his wrath, he laid the grand city of Duoshang in ruin with an earthquake. Gangting massed his armies and marched, pillaged and conquered his way to the great monastery oracle of Tudigong. A siege never happened, Tudigong appeared from the desert sands and smite Gangting down. Imprisoned in stone he was for epochs before he was released and found himself atoned for his grievances and crimes.

    Blessing of Tudigong

    It is well known that gold is hidden within the ground; Tudigong has blessed Gangting with an overflow gold. The user receives 100% more jewels from jobs. [1 effect]

    Gangting has relied mostly on his physical prows before he became an Earth Demon Slayer and still to this day prefers to use his muscles this style of fighting allows him a base increase of 50% to melee damage however his size slows him down, which decrease’s the base value of his speed by 50%. Additionally, Gangting does not gain a 150% base increase to spell damage when he enters force, instead, he gains a 150% base increase to melee damage. Another addition is that Gangting’s spell can only be positively affected by strength and melee buffs and not by a buff to spell damage, things like spell range and speed cannot be positively buffed by himself or allies; he still follows the normal rules regarding debuffs. [2 effects]

    Gangting has fought many battles and wars throughout the course of his life on which he gained a lot of experience. Gangting gains 5 normal spell slots, one per rank from D to S rank. [1 effect]

    A hundred scars

    Gangting is a commander who leads from the front ranks, he is usually found at the thick of battle, he is the first the enter the enemy’s fortifications; as he acts like a battering ram himself. Gangting gains a 50% base increase to health with a sacrifice of 100% of his base spell damage. [1 effect]

    Aspect of Tudigong
    Tudigong is the God of Land and Soil, Gangting devotion to his God allows him to have access to two additional advanced spells and two additional signature spells. One of the advanced spells ranks to S+ and the other ranks to H+. [4 effects]

    Avatar of Tudigong
    A whirlwind appears around Gangting, sucking up rocks, dirt and sand from around him into a vortex of earth. This vortex takes the shape of Tudigong, a bearded man, and protects Gangting against harm. The Avatar of Tudigong health has a durability of three times his ranks spell damage (capping at S rank). Additionally, everyone within burst range takes Gangting’s rank of melee damage per post; the speed and range of this ability follow Gangting's rank in burst range and speed (capping at S rank), this does not harm Gangting but will cause harm to allies if they stand within burst range of Gangting. [2 effects]

    Plot Abilities
    Manipulation of Earth

    Gangting can freely transform and shape his element earth outside combat.

    Betrayer of the Kamigawa:

    Betrayer of the Kamigawa

    Custom Lineage Library NqmL805

    Wielder: Suijin Azurestorm
    Purchase Proof: VIP shop purchase

    The school of Kamigawa-- an honored and respected school unique to magic users in Midi, were tasked to train and bolster magic users of their nation to harness their unique magic powers to work and commune with nature, spirits and the gods. Their school harbored many secrets and arts coveted even to the samurai who dominated the nation's authority. They specialize in natural magics, those closely related to nature or the spirit world.

    Through meditation, training, study and dedication-- many have become shining stars in Midian. Mages attuned to nature and the spirit world seeking to bring peace to their lands and beyond. A noble calling even to rival the samurai that claim authority in Midi.

    Those who have trained there, even when raised their as abandoned or orphaned children, have developed great connections to the natural world. However, not all of those who have trained here have become noble souls or heroes. Some have taken its teachings in the wrong way and become changed in ways unintended. Nature is not always noble or kind-- as is the story of Suijin.

    While possessing a grand amount of hubris, self-superiority and a dark lineage from his unknown family... his path from the Kamigawa diverged upon him stealing the ancient secrets of the clan and school to become a Water God Slayer. Now he is branded a wanted target by the school and Midi, forsaking the nobler path the school represented in the search to become a god among men.

    Cosmetic Skills:
    Plot Abilities:

    Roguish Charm of the Water Deity: Suijin possesses a natural, elegant and sexy charm. Visually he is gorgeous to many (even men, unfortunately), but as if he wasn't enough, his ascendancy as a 'demi-god' made him an Adonis. He radiates a natural, magic allure that is equivalent to what many know as a 'charm spell', luring admirers and lovers to him like moths to a flame. Charm/Allure requires OOC permission to effect people.


    Stolen Secrets of the Kamigawa: Thirsty for more power and techniques, Suijin sought to earn them but failed due to his hubris and ego in the face of his other students and teachers. As a result, he took matters into his own hands and stole the ancient scroll his clan held dear-- showing him the place to learn Water Slayer magic-- and stronger spells.  The lineage holder gains two, advance spell that can be applied to 1 magic. One is at S rank, one as H rank.

    Way of the Waterbender: The Kamigawa clan trained specifically in the arts of nature, combining magic with martial arts to work with the elements on fundamental levels. Training in the art of water magic and martial arts, Suijin'sability to adapt, endure and flow like water becomes second-nature to him. Suijin has a permanent boost to Melee damage by  55% (Max at 60% for S). When using defensive spells , such as water defensive magic, the durability of these spells increase by 55% (Max at 60% for S) -- of the max damage they can protect against.

    Arts of the Spirits : The mage who had worked with the Kamigawa commune with the spirits far easier than others. They shared their power and wisdom with them without reservation, both good or bad. As such, their capacity for secret arts have expanded beyond most. For each magic the user gains, they gain an additional signature for that magic that caps at A-Rank.

    Born to Be Wild: The Kamigawa had taught its students to value and honor nature. For Suijin, he believes nature and its beasts have the true idea of life. As such, he is more connected to animals. This Lineage allows the owner to have 1 extra combat pet to buy & use.

    Undersea Treasures: The sea is bountiful of lost or natural treasures. Gods of the Seas were known of the collection of these treasures and lavash their thrones with it. As such, Suijin's wealth became as bountiful as the sea. When completion of a mission, you gain 100% more jewel from completed missions. However, when working with another person-- he may freely divide his earnings from 50% to give his partner 50% more jewel as well.

    Karmic Soul:

    Lineage Name: Karmic Soul
    Wielder: Alma
    Purchase Proof: General Store: Page 14, Post n°328

    Alma comes from one of the most wealthiest families in the whole of Ishgar, he was given the very best of everything and wanted for nothing, well almost nothing. The one thing he was never really given was freedom to go out and experience things on his own, he was always with his parents, a guard or a chaperone. To this day he has no real idea why but it has made him come to the conclusion that there is something more to his life, something that his parents don't want him to learn or afraid that he himself might do. Alma is insanely smart though to look at him and how he acts you would believe that he is on the other side of the spectrum. It is unknown to all if he really is a lazy goofball or if it is all an act, whatever the circumstances may be he seems to have been blessed with some unique gifts.


    Balancing Act:
    It is said that to gain power you eventually have to give something up, Alma has absolutely no issue in this type of math as it makes complete sense on a cosmic scale. This ability means that Alma may never be able to get damage reduction in any sense be it via spells, magic or equipment. That being said he gains flat damage to his magical damage and healing magic both start at 12 damage at D rank and increases by 7 damage per rank there after capping at 40 at S rank.

    Book Smarts:
    Alma wasn't much of a bookworm growing up that would mean that he would have had to have placed effort into things, that being said he has knowledge that people wouldn't expect him to have at his age. This lineage ability gives Alma five additional spells. (One spell per rank capping at S), these are not classed as being attached to any of his magic but innate abilities he was born with thus don't count towards the spell cap of his magic. These spells must either be defensive or support based. He also gains two additional signature spells for a single magic that rank with him that cap at S rank.

    Untold Strength:
    Alma knows he has been gifted in many ways from the moment he was born, he has been praised as such though came under scrutiny due to his carefree attitude, not that he cares in the least. Alma has a reluctance to use his magic due to the destruction he has seen it do when he was younger. This doesn't mean that he won't use his magic just that he's more reserved when he does. This ability gives Alma two additional advance spells one capping at S and the other Capping at H.

    Soul Locked:
    Alma has always had a connection to one specific item his entire life, he has been known to completely change if someone dares get to close to it. This unusual ability allows Alma to gain a 4th item with a third ability that caps at the equipment level below it. (Example Artifact (+) the item would have an S+, S and an A ability.)

    Soul Song:
    Alma has never been quite right or so it would seem, the reason for this is has never actually been known, but for some reason he has always seemed to have speed and distance that most people would class as impossible for a regular person. This ability allows Alma's spells to become faster and gain more range than spells of the same rank would be, this starts at 40% at D rank and gaining 5% every rank there after capping at 60% each at S rank.

    Plot Only:

    Concealment of the Soul:
    Every now and then being forgetful or not noticed is the best way to go, this blessing grants the ability to hide ones true self. This means that they will have an illusion on that will give them a new appearance, mask their magic and spiritual signatures and even give them a different blood type. This ability is toggled and as it is not classed as magic can be used in areas that magic is normally not allowed.

    Natural Illusion:

    Lineage Name:
    Natural Illusion

    Perry Bardell

    Purchase Proof:
    April IOTM purchase

    There are many things within the world that can create magic and illusions, this can be shadows, the light, or even nature itself through the side effects of ingesting certain plants or spores. The cause doesn't really matter, though, as this scroll was found deep within cursed land hidden out of sight for many centuries until some fortunate or unfortunate soul, depending on how one might view it, came across the object. Much of the secrets it held have been lost to time but there are several that can be read, telling dark secrets of how trickery and nature can be used together, in harmony and to the benefit of the reader.


    Unexpected Ally:
    Normally a person finds that they can only find they can trust in a single pet or companion which they can depend upon. This ability allows the owner of this lineage to realize that they can find trust in another to watch their back. Due to this, the wielder of this lineage not only gains the ability to acquire a second combat pet but also finds that this combat pet is slightly stronger than normal due to it gaining a third ability (The third ability of this combat pet ranks up with the owner up to S).

    Unearthly Beauty:
    Nature has a way of enticing and entrancing people with its beauty and scents. The wielder has found that the world is now their toy due to having an allure that seems to be unparalleled by any other; so much so people are willing to jump at every request and command they might have regardless of how foolish or selfish it may normally be considered. This passive ability is completely effective during plot, however, when used against players, player-owned NPCs or event NPCs, OOC permission must still be sought, even in plot.

    Hidden Glamour:
    Illusion and nature both have ways of being able to hide things in plain sight one way or another as the owner of this lineage most likely found out. This ability allows the wielder to not only change their appearance, scent and even the type of magic they can apparently use if they want to go that extra mile in tricking the enemy. (If they are a slayer, for example, someone might pick them us as a summoner instead, depending on the circumstances. They don't get the benefits of said magic or element they are pretending to have.) They have also found that they are able to hide completely as if they bend the light around them (When it comes to PvP, this ability complies with the max allowed buff of the wielder's rank). This ability also has a duration that matches the max duration for a spell of the wielders rank.

    Judgement Call:
    The wielder of this lineage likely had to read over this spell a few times as it almost seems to break the nature of time and space itself. If they are willing to pay the original cost of a spell cast targeting them, they can either completely null that spell or take half the damage themselves and throw the other half back at the one who originally cast it, as longs the spell in question is within user rank burst range and the user pays the original MP cost of the spell in question. Further, if they decide to pay the original price twice they may reflect the spell back at the attacker completely (This only works for spells the wielders rank or lower and caps at S rank. All base stats for reflected spells follow the original spells information). This ability can be used once per round max.

    Living Rejuvenation:
    This ability acts a little strangely from what one might expect as it almost seems to keep everything in balance. Most would believe that this would be the user's HP and MP but that isn't the case here, well, at least not entirely. Everyone is prone to finding themselves outmatched by an opponent every now and then, or even running out of mana due to the need to use strong spells. What this ability does is taking 20% of what is in one pool, HP or MP, and transfers it to the other should the user fall below 25% of their overall MP or HP. To help with the issue of mana flow the wielder also finds that their spells cost 50% less.

    Plain Touched:
    Many elements make illusions and others are required for nature, when working in harmony it almost seems like the unnatural happens. This ability allows not only the wielder of this lineage to match the speed of the fastest person within their user rank burst range around them but also allows them to do it without making a sound or leaving a trace within things that they should such as dust for example.

    Estrie prætulit:

    Custom Lineage Library Tumblr_phj0ql471R1xl3euso3_500

    Lineage Name
    Estrie prætulit
    Purchase Proof:


    Lucifer showed Atarah the way to find the Caudex ex Mortem, the ledger of Death, a powerfull tome of the dark arts. It became a source of knowledge and power to Atarah and from it, she learned a spell to transform herself. She would sacrifice her humanity as well as a relative to become a new being, far superior than men in Atarah's mind. She became an Estrie, a vampiric being. Estries do not age nor die of age, they can use blood magic to alter their appearance and use it for magic. Like all vampiric races, they feed on blood.

    Estrie Seduction
    Estries are seductive beings and can persuade people to get their way. Atarah receives 100% more jewels from a job. [1 effect]

    Estries have a lust for blood, this fluid of life greatly improves their magical strength. It's also the source of their power as they mostly use blood magic.

    Atarah gains a blood pool, which has the same size as her mana pool, but it's empty at the start of a thread. The blood pool can be filled by killing NPCs and opponents, each kill adds 50 blood points to the blood pool. Another way of gaining blood points to cast spells is to sacrifice health points from Atarah herself or someone else (with ooc permission or for plot). In this case, the same amount of HP is removed as the magic cost.
    The blood pool exists next to the mana pool and is only used for blood magic. To cast a blood spell the user requires mana just like any other regular spell but with the addition of the same amount of blood. Signature spells still require blood and costs similarly as a D rank spell.

    Atarah's magic strength and mana pool is increased by 40% with an extra 5% per rank above D rank (caps at S rank) [2 effects - 1 downside = 1 effect]

    Estrie Reflexes
    Estries are fast beings. Atarah's speed is increased by 80% with an extra 10% per rank above D rank (caps at S rank). [effects 2]

    Plot Abilities:

    Estries can easily manipulate others with their sudecutive powers. (requires ooc permission if used upon pc).

    Estries can transform their appearnce to their liking.

    Estries can form batwings and use them to fly.

    Night Vision
    Estries can see easily in the dark.

    Estries are immortal and can regenerate lost limbs and even organs over time.

    Template by ivyleaf33

    Maiden Of Metal :

    Lineage Name: Maiden Of Metal
    Wielder: Menka
    Purchase Proof: Proof

    Menka has always been a quiet character and up until the age of three had never spoken a word at all. Concerned and worried, her parents had taken her to the local physician in order to try and discover the cause and after an examination, he came to the conclusion that it was a condition of the mind. One that had not only affected her speech but her social abilities in general and if left unchecked, would only become worse as she aged. He offered them the chance for their daughter to undergo a risky procedure in order to fight off the effects and without any cause or reason to doubt him, they accepted the offer without hesitation. Little did they know that it would be the last time that they would ever see her and the simple deception that they had fallen for, blinded by their love for Menka.

    Taken from her family, the girl was then exposed to horrors that only the sickest of minds could fathom. She was experimented on, in order to try and find the route of her problems but none of these twisted tests achieved anything other than to make the girl suffer. The doctor who had appeared so nice originally, was little more than than a freakish and barbaric monster, who seemed to almost enjoy testing out his theories on her. This would go on for years and yet no matter how foul his experiments were, he always managed to keep her alive, just to continue with his wicked work.

    The final experiment, however, would change everything as he managed to obtain a magical crystal of some sort one day and without any warning, forced it down the girls throat. The reaction was both remarkable and frightening at the same time, as one of the girls arms would suddenly turn a metallic grey colour and rip the restraints off of her. Now, a fully grown woman in her own right, she would suddenly sprint towards her tormentor, with a speed that baffled him, clutched him by the throat and lifted him in to the air.

    As he struggled in her grip, there would be not the slightest hint of anything in her distinctive blue eyes but they never left his face. Tightening her grip. he would soon clutching at her arm for air but she paid no attention and instead raised her right hand, which had become a chainsaw like blade.

    Then and only then did she finally actually speak, for the first time in her life, as the lacrima went about its work, fusing with her further.

    "Thank you for giving me the gift of speech, as well as teaching me of the cruelty of man. I will remember it, always."

    With that, she would impale him with her right hand, allowing the blade to do its bloody work, before walking away, free at last.

    • Maiden's Bounty: Increases the jewels from all jobs by 100% (1 Effect)

    • Durability Of Steel: Increases Menka's resistance against both physical and magical damage by 45% and gains 5% more at B rank to max out at 50% each. (2 Effects)

    • Metal Melee: Increases both Menka's physical strength and speed by 45% and will scale up by 5% each rank, maxing out at 60% each at S rank. (2 Effects)

    • Freedom Of The Maiden: If Menka hits a target with a melee strike or any attack from her Metal Dragon Slayer magic then her strength and speed will both increase by 120% until the end of the fight. (4 Effects)

    • Brute Force: Due to her hellish childhood and use as an experiment, Menka has been infected with numerous body enhancing drugs and medication in order to increase her natural attributes. This grants her two extra signature spells that rank up with her to S, however, they can only be passives. (1 Effect)

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    Official Re: Custom Lineage Library

    Post by Johann on 11th June 2019, 12:12 am

    Inferno's Herald:

    Custom Lineage Library JCFjo4u

    Inferno's Herald

    Pandora Dagger

    Purchase Proof:
    Proof of Possession

    It is undeniable that ever since the beginning of time demonic forces from beyond the comprehension of mortals have sought to influence the fate of Earthland for their own gain. What exactly these demonic forces are and what they plan remains an enigma, though some of their secrets have, over time, reached the hands of those they seek to influence. At one point or another, someone gained access to the demonic secrets of the underworld, detailing their findings in a scroll that would remain lost for the longest time. What exactly happened to the author, though, and whether their move was ever discovered is still a mystery. Still, without doubt, had their misdeed been noticed, the punishment that followed would certainly be horrific. Or, alternatively, perhaps they joined the demonic forces they acquired these secrets from? In the end ... who can truly know?


    Infernal Might:
    The fate of this scroll's author is uncertain, though the fact remains that they have managed to acquire demonic secrets not meant for the eyes of mortals and record them. This grants the bearer of this scroll deep insight into demonic powers and energies, a method of casting that is not too different from magic, though much more sinister and dark in nature. The user gains access to a new magic type called "Infernal" and is able to use this magic type to create magics. Infernal Magic in itself is not magic per se, but rather the manipulation of demonic energies by the user, similar in effect to casting "Caster" type spells. The benefit levels for Infernal Magic are specified below (These benefits apply only to the "Infernal" type magic in question, not the character itself, excluding the HP increase). The base increase stacks with other base increases and can exceed the 50% limit for base increases:

    • Solitary: +30 base spell damage +25% to HP
    • Primary: +20 base spell damage, +15% to HP
    • Auxiliary: +10 base spell damage, +10% to HP

    Demonic Maledict:
    Demonic energy, or curses, in other words, are stronger than regular magic, a fact universal to the powers bestowed by the dark beings of old. Demonic power existed before magic did and was used to subjugate mortals for hundreds, if not thousands of years, the darkness of this ability detailed in the scroll reflecting this fact. The user's spells gain a deeply black color to them, no matter their element, and the bearer of the lineage gains an increase to their base spell damage as well as a passive 100% buff to their spell damage (Increases follow the chart below). The base increase is factored in before all buffs apply.

    • D rank spells: +20 base damage
    • C rank spells: +30 base damage
    • B rank spells: +40 base damage
    • A rank spells: +50 base damage
    • S rank spells: +60 base damage
    • H rank spells and above: +70 base damage

    Power of the Underworld:
    Infernal curses resemble magic in effect, though are much stronger and possess far greater destructive capabilities. The user, as a consequence, gains 2 additional Signature Spell slots to be used on a single one of their "Infernal" type magics, one additional Advanced Spell slot that ranks up with the user (Up to S+) to be used on a single one of their "Infernal" type magics, and an additional H+ rank Advanced Spell slot (Unlocked at H rank) to be used on a single one their "Infernal" type magics. Further, the user also gains 5 regular spell slots to be used on one of their "Infernal" magics. These spell slots follow the same maximums and rules as magic and have to be made and reviewed like normal. Another consequence of infernal curses is that the user barely utilizes magical energy to produce the ancient demonic energy, resulting in a 50% MP cost reduction that applies to the character using the scroll.

    Hellish Aura:
    The user, through discovering the power utilized by primeval demons, has partially taken on some demonic qualities themselves, their body radiating with demonic energy. This grants the user a passive aura that can be toggled on and off. The aura itself reaches up to user rank advanced AoE range around the user (Up to S+), everyone the user considers an enemy within the range suffering from a 100% debuff to spell damage and a 50% debuff to physical as well as magical damage reduction. The debuff to damage reduction applies to characters as well as objects (shields, items etc.). Further, everyone considered an enemy within this aura loses 5% of their maximum health each post they remain inside the AoE, the bearer of the lineage healed for the same amount of HP the enemies affected by this drain lose. The debuff and drain circumvent shields and cannot be blocked, affecting enemies as long as they remain within the range of this ability.

    Malevolent Protection:
    the demonic powers granted to the user are as chaotic as they are enigmatic, making them hard to control, but also hard to work against and counter. Demonic power is naturally more powerful than magic, its use coming with some unique perks. The user's debuffs and drains are unaffected by counter-effects that would affect these two effects in any way, debuffs and drains instead working at full efficiency. Further, the user also gains access to a 5% HP regen per post which is independent of their regular HP regen maximum, meaning the combined total HP regen, including this ability, can reach 20% per post max.

    Cursed Copy:
    While magic might be ancient, the curses of times long gone are even older, some even saying that curses have provided the basis for magic and its variations. Regardless of whether this fact is true, curse can certainly do what magic can ... and much more. The user can, once per thread, copy a single spell of user rank (Up to H) they have seen or used in the same thread for free, the bearer of the lineage manifesting the same spell in an ink-black color. This spell, however, is turned into a curse, more powerful than regular magic. The copied spell has it's base damage doubled before any of the user's buffs or other base damage increases apply.

    Unbreakable Hero:

    Lineage Name: Unbreakable Hero
    Wielder: Shane Stern
    Purchase Proof: Here

    A bloodline that has appeared in a precious few over the generations, only in the most honourable and valorous of warriors and soldiers. The special traits gained by the lineage only manifests itself when the bearer has undergone various challenging trials that tested the limits of their abilities and prove their worth. These traits, together with the bearer’s own abilities, go hand in hand in creating extraordinary warriors and soldiers with noble and honest spirit, intolerance towards injustice and abuses of power, and to understand that true strength is having the courage to fight against abuse no matter one's power and having compassion for the innocent. In short, heroes who go beyond.


    • True Dedication – Shane carries out all of his missions with full dedication, ensuring that the mission is successfully completed. For this, he is rewarded with 100% more jewels and an additional custom weapon, armour, or item based on the difficulty of the job completed.

    • Enhanced Physiology – Shane has the ability to shrug off damage from even the most powerful of attacks, always getting back up to join the fight. Once a post, Shane can negate a spell of equal rank and below by paying the MP cost of the negated spell. His enhanced durability also boosts his regenerative qualities, allowing for passive 5% HP and MP regen.

    • Keen Combat Senses – Combat comes naturally to Shane so that there is no unnecessary energy or effort expended during the execution. Shane’s usage of MP for his spells are reduced by 50%.

    • Breaking Limits – Shane’s improved intelligence allows him to further delve into the intricacies of his magic and gain a better understanding of them. This allows him to have 5 additional spell slots, 1 additional S+ rank spell and 1 additional H+ rank spell.

    Plot Abilities:

    • Weapon Mastery - Shane is able to understand any weaponry thrown into his hands within a short time, granting him to hold his own against masters. He is also able to adapt accordingly by using random objects as weapons effectively.

    • Enhanced Physiology - The enhanced physiology activated by the bloodlines allows Shane to have:

      • Ability to withstand extreme blunt force trauma. His pain resistance is also notably higher than normal, enabling him to remain standing regardless of the punishment he has absorbed.
      • Perfect control of his body granting great flexiblity and agility, allowing coordination of his body with perfect balance, equilibrium, flexibility, and dexterity.
      • Exceptional endurance and lung capacity that he could exert himself at peak capacity for several hours without showing any sign of fatigue as well remaining underwater for a longer period of time.
      • Auto-reflexes that allow him to easily dodge projectiles and respond quickly to fast-paced combat defensively and offensively.

    Descendent of Atlantis:

    Custom Lineage Library E0876ro

    Descendant of Atlantis

    Iris Esperanza/ Esper

    Proof of Purchase:

    The city of Atlantis - a legendary myth that still survives as an echo of its former glory, though none can be sure that the land of Atlantis even existed as no evidence has been found that would support such a claim. Still, the city was real, and its influence, as well as that of its people, is still unconsciously felt in Earthland to this day. The inhabitants of ancient Atlantis were, for their times, extremely advanced in both technological developments and magical research, considered, at the time, a superpower, arguably the first nation on Earthland to claim this title for itself. This advantage, however, was no coincidence, for it is said that Atlantians descended from the gods and were guided by the divines themselves. Still, that did not stop Atlantis to delve deeper and deeper into research that was considered heretical and forbidden, upsetting the gods that protected them more and more, though the Atlantians' quest for power and glory seemed unending. The gods, angered and hurt by the arrogance of the mortals that were meant to worship them, decided to punish the nation of Atlantis, and one day the waters around the floating city rose up and, according to the legend, swallowed the nation and all those within, whole, leaving not a single trace. Where Atlantis had once been there was now only a sea that stretched across the horizon, the magical and technological secrets Atlantis had obtained lost forever. Still, despite this, some of Atlantis' people that had been abroad, though shocked and heartbroken over the loss of their home, survived the catastrophe, gradually integrating into the populations of other nations as the years went on, extinguishing the last traces of Atlantean culture over time. This, however, means that even to this day, there are descendants of the ancient city that exist within Earthland, who, with some certainty, can claim a lineage that reaches all the way back to the gods themselves.


    The Riches of Atlantis:
    The people of Atlantis were rumored to possess silver tongues, giving them a natural charm and charisma that made them excellent traders and merchants, leading to the ascendancy of Atlantis to a nation of wealth and influence. This trait can also be found in the descendants of the ancient city, the wielder of this lineage receiving 100% more jewels from jobs they complete. Further, Atlanteans were also naturally quick learners, this fact contributing to the technological superiority of the nation. The wielder of this lineage gains an extra 25% EXP from jobs they complete.

    Divine Legacy:
    Descendants of Atlantis, though long since becoming mortals, can claim the gods as their ancestors. They are naturally more robust and stronger than regular mortals, which manifests both physically and in their magical powers. The wielder of the lineage gains a 50% base increase to melee damage as well as a 50% base increase to spell damage. These buffs are applied before all other buffs and modify the base values of a spell directly.

    Hallowed Waters:
    While Atlantis was initially looked upon favorably by the gods, the actions of Atlantians had brought about its demise. Still, the gods bestowed upon them gifts that the remaining descendants of Atlantis still hold to this day, among them the blessing of the God of the Sea. This blessing passively grants them the ability to control water in its liquid state which can be used for a versatile array of attacks. Attacks with this ability will always deal user rank Multi Target damage and move at user rank Multi Target speed, with a max range of user rank Multi Target range. This ranks with the user up to H rank. This blessing also makes the user's movements more fluid, bringing them closer to the water they control, granting them a passive 100% spell speed increase.

    Arcane Prowess:
    Another thing Atlantis was famous for was its mastery of magic that even Atlanteans themselves couldn't quite explain. Some inhabitants of Atlantis had mastered magical energies to such a degree that they could control the flow of any and all magic without repercussions for themselves. The wielder of this lineage gains the ability to, once per thread, reflect a single spell of user rank (Up to H) or lower that is aimed at them back at the original caster of the spell without any cost. The spell must be within user rank burst range in order to do so.

    Providence of the Sea:
    Atlantis was an island nation, located in and surrounded by the sea on all sides. As such, it is only natural that Atlanteans quickly learned how to master the endless expanse of waves and water, using their mastery of the sea to their advantage. One such property of the element of water was its ability to cleanse and heal, the control of this becoming an integral part of Atlantean magic. The wielder of this lineage is immune to debuffs, but in turn cannot benefit from a counter-effect to immobilization/paralysis.

    Remnant of the Sunken City:
    The heretical search for more and more power led Atlantis down a path of destruction, in the end serving only to bring misery and death upon the citizens of this once proud nation. Still, it is this hunger for and interest in power that gives most Atlanteans an advantage in the use of their magic. The wielder of this lineage gains 3 additional user rank advanced spells for a single magic, two of which rank with the user up to S+ rank and one of which ranks with the user up to H+ rank. Further, the user also gains 2 signature spells for one magic, both of which rank with the user up to S, and 3 additional regular spell slots for the same magic that rank with the user up to S. These spells are lineage spells and thus do not count towards the normal spell slot caps.

    Blessing of the Fallen Angel:

    Lineage Name: Blessing Of The Fallen Angel
    Wielder: Medeia
    Purchase Proof: Here

    It had been centuries, perhaps millennia, since the once holy angel Priya had been locked away inside that magical prison, doomed to live out her days in an eternal darkness, buried underneath the sands of Desierto for eternity. Cast out from the heavens due to her lustful and perverse ways, which were considered to be ungodly traits and what better way to punish her then by locking away from any human contact at all? They left her there, to rot away inside that cell, bound to a chair by magical shackles, unable to move, unable to speak and unable to die. It would seem that this was to be her destiny, however, fate or perhaps something more had a different plan in mind.

    Her story had become a myth in the eyes of the mortals and there were many that sought to find and free her from her prison, whether it be for money, fame or simply in the small hope that they would earn a favour from her. It was a foolish notion in truth and many were either driven insane or died during their attempts, either by the sheer heat of the desert or by the traps that the gods had set in order to keep any intruders out. They had been careful with their planning and were more than ready to deal with interlopers. The prison remained untouched and yet the myth continued to encourage those who heard it to try, despite the difficulty.

    It was only when a large group of explorers, led by a raven haired woman, set out to find her prison that the angel was finally granted her freedom. Medeia, cunning and always in control, commanded her explorers with enough force and strength of will, that they were able to fight off the madness and finally reach the hidden prison. Yes, the casualties were high and many were lost as they dug through the almost endless mounds of sand but Medeia was relentless and continued to push them on, until they finally came across the magical structure.

    Stepping forward, Medeia would unleash a powerful torrent of sand, which would blast a hole through the door of the prison and without a word, she entered the cell...

    What happened after that was something that only the witch knows but she was never the same again. When she exited the cell, the mage would unleash pure and unadulterated hell upon her workers, before growing an enormous pair of wings and flying off in to the distance, without looking back.

    Combat Abilities:
    • Speed Of Priya: Increases Medeia's spell speed by 110% (Maxes out at 120% at S Rank) - 2 Effects

    • Range Of Priya: Increases Medeia's spell range by 110% (Maxes out at 120% at S Rank) - 2 Effects

    • Wrath Of Priya: Increases Medeia's magical damage by 110% (Maxes out at 120% at S Rank) - 2 Effects

    • Rejuvanation Of Priya: Increases Medeia's healing effectiveness and spell durability by 55% (Maxes out at 60% each at S rank) - 2 Effects

    • Lifeblood Of Priya: Increases Medeia's maximum HP by 30% - 1 Effect

    • Lust For Gold - Increases the amount of jewels that Medeia receives for completed jobs by 100% - 1 Effect

    Plot Abilities:
    • Flight: Medeia is able to create a pair of purple wings which grant her flight at any time.

    • Master Of Speech: Due to her years of travel and and gift with words, Medeia is able to understand and speak any language after hearing just a few syllables. This also allows her to be incredibly skilled at charming those that she speaks to in to doing what she wishes.

    • Immortality: Due to her divine heritage, Medeia neither ages nor can she be killed.

    Warrior of Steel:

    Custom Lineage Library RKLTe3R

    Warrior of Steel


    Purchase Proof:
    Trading Hub: Page 15, Post n°353

    Some say that offense is the best defense while others insist that a good defense is the pinnacle of strength. Well, the author of this lineage, allegedly a knight of the Kingdom of Minstrel, certainly seemed to agree with both of these, becoming famous and eventually legendary for the combination of both his offensive and defensive strategy that he combined with the use of Requip magic, cladding himself entirely in steel, making him night unstoppable on the battlefield. Of course, such an act was not easy, and the knight's feats of incredible strength eventually saw the man promoted to the commander of the armies of Minstrel by the King himself, living a life of combat and glory before eventually fading away into the obscurity of history ... though seemingly not without detailing some of his techniques in a scroll.


    Armored Core:
    The author of this lineage scroll realized an important part of knighthood early on, detailing that it is not just the armor that makes the knight, it is who is underneath that is important. A knight should remain good at heart and honorable. The one reading this passage can, of course, interpret this however they like. What remains true, however, is that this knowledge influences the bearer of this lineage who will gain insight into the virtues of knighthood, allowing them to have two additional active Requip spells at once. The downside to this ability is that the user must use at least one solitary Requip type magic.

    Of course, a knight is also a capable fighter on the battlefield, embodying the drive to become a warrior whose name will be remembered by all. A task that is not exactly easy, though, as this scroll details, worth reaching for. The user's base melee damage for Requip weapons is increased by 50% and the base durability for Requip armors is increased by 50%. The user also gains additional base HP (Increases follow the chart below). The base increases are factored in before all buffs apply.

    • D rank: +25 base HP
    • C rank: +50 base HP
    • B rank: +75 base HP
    • A rank: +100 base HP
    • S rank: +125 base HP
    • H rank and above: +150 base HP

    Royal Arsenal:
    The warrior who wrote this lineage also goes on to detail that not only is it combat prowess or honor that makes a knight, their arms play an important role as well. Maintaining and strengthening their armory should be an important priority for a knight, and truly, all capable knights should strive to expand their arsenal into something worthy of a king! The user gains 2 additional signature spells that rank with them up to S for one of their magics, as long as that magic is at least partially of the Requip magic type. Further, the user also gains 2 additional advanced spells that rank with them up to S+ and H+ respectively for one of their magics, as long as that magic is at least partially of the Requip magic type. Additionally, the user has the option to give up their H rank spell slot within one of their Requip type magics to gain an additional H+ rank Advanced Spell slot (Unlocked at H rank) within the same magic, though this spell is limited to a single user per thread and costs double the regular base MP to cast. If one of these spell slots is used to make a Requip type spell the spell gains an additional ability of spell rank that can be either active or passive.

    While the first part of the scroll is based on the virtues of knighthood, the second part focusses on the legendary knight himself and the techniques he developed that ended up turning him into one, this part detailing the man's tactics for the offense. The bearer of this scroll can learn their own lessons from the techniques, though it is undeniable that they prove to be effective in combat. The user gains a 100% buff to both spell speed and spell range. Further, the user gains additional base spell damage and base melee damage (Increases follow the chart below). The base increases are factored in before all buffs apply.

    Spell damage:

    • D rank spells: +20 base damage
    • C rank spells: +30 base damage
    • B rank spells: +40 base damage
    • A rank spells: +50 base damage
    • S rank spells: +60 base damage
    • H rank spells and above: +70 base damage

    Melee damage:

    • D rank: +10 base damage
    • C rank: +15 base damage
    • B rank: +20 base damage
    • A rank: +25 base damage
    • S rank: +30 base damage
    • H rank and above: +40 base damage

    The last part of the lineage scroll written by the legendary Minstrelian knight, this part focussing on the man's tactics on the defense. While his opinion can be ... excentric at times, his insight into the flow of combat is undoubtedly valuable, as is the ability devised from this passage in the lineage scroll. The user is at all times surrounded by an invisible aura that acts as a shield around their form which has a durability of 5x user rank advanced damage (Up to S). This shield is a passive ability and cannot be negated or pierced by piercing spells, the durability of the shield restoring to full at the beginning of every post. Further, the user also gains a 100% buff to spell durability.

    Knight of the Aurora:

    Lineage Name: Knight of the Aurora
    Wielder: Elias Bishop
    Purchase Proof: Link Here


    Elias comes from one of the more influential families within Minstrel, when he was small he would hear stories, folklore, myths and legends of knights all around earthland and just like any young boy he wanted to become one himself and go on adventures. The knights that really caught his attention where the legendary Aurorian Knights from the Silent Glaciers, they used magic snow, ice and the light of the aurora to enhance their spells and equipment and so he himself started to experiment with little to no success, it was however during this time his own family's ancestral magic seemed to awaken from its dormant state and he could be declared an adult and so able to venture out on his own as head of the family.

    One of the first places he wanted to visit was the kingdom in the farthest point of the Silent Glaciers where it was said that the Aurorian Knights were said to have served and protected their kingdom. This was a dangerous journey as he would not only have the elements to deal with but the maiden and lords of snow, they where as deadly as they were beautiful as it was said that their entire race had been trained from birth to be information gatherers and assassins. After many months of travelling in the dangerous lands he finally made it and seen that it was in ruins though he couldn't tell just how long ago it had happened. Walking through the frozen destruction he finally came to the castle, it was clear that it had been attacked and so went inside seeing seen that the place had been looted for the most part but was in one piece.

    Deeper and deeper he went until he found a bedroom sealed by runes as if it was being protected from the outside which caught him by the surprise. With a little bit of force he managed to go through thanks to the fact it had worn down without someone their to keep the magic of the spell high. It was clear that this was the room of a truly loved little boy and unlike anywhere else that he had seen this room had remained untouched. Something however caught his eye and that was a light that seemed to come from under the child's bed. Pulling it away carefully he rolled up the rug and found a hatch, within it was an ancient scroll written by the original Aurorian Knight and founder of the now ruined kingdom.


    • Knight's Protection: There was many secrets hidden within the scroll that Elias found but it seemed there was more that what was originally seen, the problem was how to get the scroll to give up its real secrets. After several months of proverbially banging his head against a wall, it seemed that whatever gods were watching over him decided to give him a break. Snow floated in through the open window on a knight where the aurora could still be clearly seen. It was then the truth was revealed, he was shown how to summon legendary Aurorian Knights of the past. It is because of this Elias gains five additional spells that are completely independent of his main magic. This one spell per rank capping at S rank and follow the magic rules. These spells must be summoning spells and are classed as solitary.

    • Strength in Numbers: As he continued to read he found the secrets on how the knights could gain additional strength if they trained in certain unusual ways. Elias himself went through this training reigem to see if it would work and to his surprise it did. Thanks to the months of continuous training Elias gains two additional signature spells for one magic that rank up with him that cap at S rank. He also gains two additional advance spells one capping at S+ and the other at H+ for one magic. The additional spells must be graded like any other spell.

    • Throws of Battle: Knights are known for their might both in striking and defending, Aurorian Knight's were known especially for these traits however it meant that if they where hurt they found it harder to heal themselves. Through special ancient techniques it allows the wielder give up 60 of their flat healing and gives them 30 flat damage towards their offensive spells and 30 flat durability towards their shields.

    • Confident:Knights are known to have at least one confident whom they can entrust everything to, the one they can trust their back to in every battle be it in war, a court room or a royal court; due to this Elias can have an additional companion. This companion gains one additional offensive ability which caps out at S-rank. It also has a 50% buff to melee and spell damage.

    Dragon's Daughter:

    Lineage Name: Dragon's Daughter
    Wielder: Ashaiya Ventress
    Purchase Proof: Here


    Born and raised by the fire dragon Vesta, Ashaiya has inherently gained many of the benefits that her mother naturally possessed. Just how she came to appear human rather than dragon in appearance is a question that she never received an answer to from her mother although in truth, she is quite happy with that turned out. Her dragon blood amplifies her natural strength and speed, as well as her magical damage considerably and also has granted her a far longer lifespan that a normal human, which has somewhat affected her view on life. Her life up until now has been a bit of a roller coaster and she knows that it's going to be one that will continue for centuries, if not millennia and that thought is enough for her to take as much fun and enjoyment out of each and every day as possible with no regrets. She wants to make the most out of her long lifespan.

    • Might Of The Fire Dragon: Increases magical damage by 220% (Maxes out at 240% at S rank) - 4 Effects

    • Strength Of The Fire Dragon: Increases physical damage by 110% (Maxes out at 120% at S rank) - 2 Effects

    • Speed Of The Fire Dragon: Increases movement speed by 110% (Maxes out at 120% at S rank) - 2 Effects

    • Vitality Of The Fire Dragon: Increases HP by 30% - 1 Effect

    • Greed Of The Fire Dragon: Increases the amount of jewels earned for completing jobs by 100% - 1 Effect

    Plot Abilities:

    • Draconian Lifespan: Ashaiya has a natural lifespan that is many times longer than a normal humans.

    • Inner Warmth: Naturally warm to the touch, Ashaiya is unable to feel the effects of natural cold, regardless of how frigid the area she's exploring is. This also means that she handles extreme hear far better than most too, as she is adapted to such conditions. This has no actual effect in battle though and she still takes damage and effects as normal.

    Wraith of Spirit:

    Custom Lineage Library 7p8bMIg
    Wielder: Libbier Geer
    Purchase Proof: Vip Shop

    Since ancient times, the battle between good and evil has been a constant truth. That was never more true than the war between angels and demons. Never a clear winner. Never a clear end in sight. That was why eventually, both sides decided to cut losses and simply stop the war. However, their grudges could not be stopped as easily, and as such, it was decided to move their battleground to the spiritual realm, using humans as vessels to that battlefield.

    Holders of this lineage eventually have their personalities split due to the after-effects of the battle raging inside of them. However, the personality split is not the only side-effect. Energies are constantly released from within them, allowing the holder to unleash the power of one, or both sides to fight.

    Personality Split - The holders of this lineage has a conflict within, causing their personality to warp completely at times to the opposite of the original. When this change happens, the color of the eyes, and sometimes the hair, will also invert. It affects some of the cosmetic alterations of some abilities. This is purely a cosmetic/plot ability.

    Power Burst - The holder of this lineage can unleash a burst of power from their soul. Passively gives the holder a +25% Speed and +25% Strength buff. Actively, it will give the holder +100% Strength for the duration. It has a 2 post duration, a 4 post cooldown and cosmetically will cause the holder's skin to start cracking due to the Strength increase.

    Chaos of Will - The magic freely courses through the holder with great force enhancing the body. However, this causes interference with magic control, reducing the offensive power of spells. The holder has a +50% melee base damage increase, but in exchange, magic spells base damage is decreased in -50%.

    Area of Dominance - The holder of this lineage has complete supremacy over the surrounding area. Passively gives the holder an enhanced perception of everything within a 30-meter radius, detecting the presence of stealth-like spells of user rank or lower (up to S) within the area. Actively it allows the holder to increase the passive range for 3 posts. While active the holder can pay mana equal to the mana needed to cast a detected spell within range and cause a -50% speed debuff on the dispelled target for 1 post. The active follows user ranked AoE rules for range and speed and has a cooldown of 5 posts.

    Spear of Destruction - The holder of this lineage has access to a single user ranked signature spell. The spell follows the rules for single target spells of its rank for damage, range, and speed (up to rank S).
    Enhanced Spear Of Destruction:
    Custom Lineage Library Pwi8Tj9
    For the duration of Unveilded Wraith, Spear of Destruction gains homing capabilities and an additional 50% spell damage.

    Unveiled Wraith - The holder of this lineage is able to focus their inner power and bring it into the outside world in the form of a wraith, an immovable being that is both an angelic and demonic entity. The wraith has 50% of the holder base HP and gives a 30% Strength and 30% Spell Damage Buff to the holder and every ally within a 30-meter radius (+20 meters per rank beyond D, with user rank AoE speed). The buff is applied every time someone enters the AoE and lost when leaving or the duration of the wraith ends. The holder additionally gets access to Enhanced Spear of Destruction for the duration. The wraith has a 5 post duration with a 10 post cooldown if the wraith is slain or if the duration runs out.
    Custom Lineage Library ShJ5LFx

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    Official Re: Custom Lineage Library

    Post by MarkusEldridge on 26th August 2019, 2:51 pm

    Bearer of the Cosmolight:

    Custom Lineage Library AoSiotq

    Bearer of the Cosmolight

    Sayuri Katsuya

    Purchase Proof:

    Light, Hope, Justice, Balance… These tenatates guide the Cosmolight, and those chosen as its host. Created in times unknown, when the light was first introduced from the endless expanses of space, the Cosmolight came into being. Made of all colors of the spectrum, the Cosmolight is an endless expanse, and its powers are without bounds.

    As the light travels through space and time, it is in a constant search for a worthy host. When such a being is found, they are imbued with its limitless potential. The gift of creation allows the wielder to fight for the tenants held by the Cosmolight, and their power becomes limited by only that of their body, and their mind. The Cosmolights gift is one of creativity and creation. The user can at will use light to bend magic to their will, and create fantastic weapons, and items to aid them in their battles.


    Light of Creation
    The Bearer of the Cosmolight gifted with its magical potential now control a new, and unseen type of magic. This light can be seen as white light or bent to any color desired by the user, and its uses are just as varied. This power, being that of creation and balance is a force beyond that of mortal men, entering the realm of the gods and perhaps even the primordials. In essence, the magic is a combination of “Holder”, and “Requip”, and takes the form of a ‘Light-Make’ Magic. Spells can follow Requip, or Caster Styles, and can be associated with the created requips, or the associated item. When using this type, the user can choose a piece of weak holder equipment from the list below and must submit it as well, they can not take the same item more than once, and the items can be upgraded like normal following the rules for their type of equipment. They also get the following benefits, based on magic type.

    • Solitary:
      Holder Item receives 2 Additional *Customizable* abilities equal to the characters rank (One caps at S, one at H)
      Character can have up to 5 Requips spells active at once

    • Primary:
      Holder Item receives 2 Additional *Customizable* abilities equal to the characters rank (Capped at S)
      Character can have up to 4 Requip spells active at once

    • Auxiliary:
      Holder Item receives 1 Additional *Customizable* abilities equal to the characters rank (Capped at S)
      Character can have up to 3 Requip spells active at once

      Holder Item Options:

      Note, the item has to be submitted to the items thread(like normal Holder Items), and the *{customizable}* abilities need to be fleshed out.

      Gift of the Cosmolight :

      Custom Lineage Library AOGvORO

      Gift of the Cosmolight: Armor of Hope

      Lineage Link:
      [Insert Link to Acquisition of "Bearer of the Cosmolight"]

      Magic Link:
      [Insert Link to Associated "Light-Make" Magic here]

      Purchase/Upgrade Proof:
      [Insert Link to Purchase/Upgrade Proof for this Item here]


      Armor, Suit

      The gifts of the Cosmolight are the manifestations of its power, and the pact between the lineage holder and the force. They take the form most apparent, and desired by the user. The Armor of Hope can be a suit, cape, armor, or some other physical equipment that can be seen. It shines with the bright light of the Cosmos, and can be any color of the rainbow.

      Armor Abilities:Strength Determined by Purchased/Upgraded Item

      • *{customizable}* - A number of customizable abilities equal to the type and strength of the purchased armor. As a Weak armor, this is No Abilities

      Holder Abilities:

      • Name: Magic of Light
        Rank: User Rank Advanced (Up to H+)
        Category: Auxiliary
        Type: Single Target, Buff
        Range: Self
        Speed: Self
        Downside: This ability has no range, or speed and can only effect the user. However, as a tradeoff to this, the buff they receive is 50% stronger. In addition to that, this effect can only be activated once per thread.
        Duration: User Rank Advanced Max (Up to H+)
        Description - The wielder of the Armor of Hope is magically adept at protecting themselves and other. While this ability is active the user gets a buff to spell durability equal to a User Rank Advanced Buff x1.5

      • *{customizable}* - A number of customizable abilities equal to the type benefit of the associated magic.

      Gift of the Cosmolight :

      Custom Lineage Library N75zrfd

      Gift of the Cosmolight: Item of Balance

      Lineage Link:
      [Insert Link to Acquisition of "Bearer of the Cosmolight"]

      Magic Link:
      [Insert Link to Associated "Light-Make" Magic here]

      Purchase/Upgrade Proof:
      [Insert Link to Purchase/Upgrade Proof for this Item here]



      The gifts of the Cosmolight are the manifestations of its power, and the pact between the lineage holder and the force. They take the form most apparent, and desired by the user. The Item of Balance is an artifact, heirloom, or jewelry. It could have been how the Cosmolight presented itself to the wielder, and can be as varied as the creativity of the user.

      Item Abilities: Strength Determined by Purchased/Upgraded Item

      • *{customizable}* - A number of customizable abilities equal to the type and strength of the purchased armor. As a Weak Item, this is 1 ability, up to C rank

      Holder Abilities:

      • Name: True Balance
        Rank: User Rank Advanced (Up to H+)
        Category: Auxiliary
        Type: Single Target, Buff
        Range: Self
        Speed: Self
        Downside: This ability has no range or speed, and can only effect the user. In addition to that, this effect can only be activated once per thread.
        Duration: User Rank Advanced Max (Up to H+)
        Description: In a moment of true understanding, the wielder is shown the truth of the universe by the Cosmolight. When this happens, they enter a mindstate of true Balance. While under the effect of this ability they gain 25% resistance to all damage(This resistance is separate from the 50% cap from spells and abilities, and can bring their total to 75% max). In addition to that, they gain a 50% counter effect to debuffs and piercing effects.

      • *{customizable}* - A number of customizable abilities equal to the type benefit of the associated magic.

      Gift of the Cosmolight :

      Custom Lineage Library YpDLqas

      Gift of the Cosmolight: Blade of Justice

      Lineage Link:
      [Insert Link to Acquisition of "Bearer of the Cosmolight"]

      Magic Link:
      [Insert Link to Associated "Light-Make" Magic here]

      Purchase/Upgrade Proof:
      [Insert Link to Purchase/Upgrade Proof for this Item here]



      The gifts of the Cosmolight are the manifestations of its power, and the pact between the lineage holder and the force. They take the form most apparent, and desired by the user. The Blade of Justice, despite its name, does not have to be in the form of a blade, but instead a weapon that suits the wielder most. The weapon, bathed in a powerful light, shines with a rainbow of colors.

      Item Abilities: Strength Determined by Purchased/Upgraded Item

      • *{customizable}* - A number of customizable abilities equal to the type and strength of the purchased Weapon. As a Weak Weapon, this is No Abilities.

      Holder Abilities:

      • Name: Light of Justice
        Rank: User Rank Advanced (Up to H+)
        Category: Auxiliary
        Type: Single Target, Buff
        Duration: User Rank Advanced (Up to H+)
        Range: Self
        Speed: Self
        Downside: This ability has no range or speed, and can only effect the user. The trade off for this, is that the buff total is increased by 50%. In addition to that, this ability can only be activated once per thread.
        Description: As an arbiter of Justice, and Hope even the Cosmolight finds that it must fight. In order to aid its bearer in this battle, it can pass along the knowledge of those who have gone before. In doing this the Bearer gains a buff to either Strength OR Spell Damage equal to a User Rank Advanced Buff x1.5

      • *{customizable}* - A number of customizable abilities equal to the type benefit of the associated magic.

    Cosmic Strength -
    Cosmic Radiation is a very real thing, an unknown magic even scientist have issue's understanding and estimating. For the Bearer of the Cosmolight, this radiation provides an unexpected benefit and powerful aid. This radiation cloaks the user and becomes part of their very body. A benefit of this is that they are able to create one more Refined Requip provided they convert one of their existing signature spells into this new item. This Requip works independently from the characters other requips and does not count towards Requip Maximums. In addition to this, it has three abilities rather than the normal two. However, this Radiation affects their magical strength and mind. The downside to deciding to make the trade is that the user can purchase 5 less maximum magic spells, and can only buy 10 additional slots instead of 15. This Radiation has an added benifit of boosting their body with the power of light. The users Magic Range, and Speed is increased by 100%, and they themselves get a buff to Speed equal to 150%.

    Chosen of Light -
    Basked in the power of the Cosmolight, the Bearer gains immense reserves. Traveling around the cosmos, fighting for the will of Cosmolight, and communing with such powerful entities has gifted many benefits. They get a base increase to Health and Mana equal to 50%. These buffs are applied before any other buffs to HP or MP apply. In addition to that, their reputation, power, and resolve proceed them. As such they get 100% more Jewel when taking any jobs.

    Final Light -
    When you die, it is known that you see a 'light at the end of the tunnel'. What is unknown, however, is that that light is, in fact, the Cosmolight, welcoming your soul, and preparing it for whatever is next. The magic that ends a soul and transfers their will can be found within the Bearer. Their magic is so powerful, that when attempting to Copy, Negate, or Redirect a spell the base spell cost of the effect reduced by 50%. Due to the complexity and age of the users magic, when a mage tries to Copy or Negate a spell associated with the "Light of Creation" Magic Type it cost twice as much, and the Heralds magic can not be redirected. Finally, the user can, at will, Negate or Redirect a single spell every other turn for free. The spells that can be negated must be equal to, or lower than their own rank capped at H. However, this is not the full extent of their power. If they must, they can once per thread Negate or Redirect a single H++ ranked spell. However, if they are forced to do this they lose all benefits of this ability for the rest of the thread.

    Plot Abilities:

    Will of the Cosmolight -
    Though the Cosmolight might seem like a force, a power, or a state of nature. The truth of its existence is much more complicated than that. The cosmolight is a 'living entities' a 'breathing will', so to speak. It has a mind, and will of its own, as well as goals and aspirations. That these are exactly would be alien to all, including the bearer, yet the user of this can at times speak directly with this force, and converse with the will of Cosmolight. This can give the user insight into where to go next, or how to move forward (excluding in battle), and having spoken with such an alien entity would have hardened their mind, making them impervious to any and all forms of mind-reading or manipulation.

    Power of the Cosmos -
    The Bearer of the Cosmolight has become a cosmic force in of themselves. They can travel the universe at will, and explore the unknown reaches of Earthland, Space, and Beyond. They can survive in even the harshest environments, such as being able to breathe in the vacuum of space and being immune to the heat of stars and cold of the void (this does not help in combat). In addition to that they have the ability to fly at will, and when not in combat can travel at speeds reaching or even as fast as light.

    Avatar of Ataxia:

    Lineage Name: Avatar of Ataxia
    Wielder: Trinity
    Purchase Proof: Traded from Medeia, Page 21, Post n°519


    The dawn of creation imposed order on the universe, fashioning life into existence. When the universe was brought into being, however, so was its antithesis: chaos. This lawless presence was not evil, but by nature sought to consume and destroy everything it came into contact with to the point where the gods needed to banish it into a secured realm to keep it from wreaking havoc on the newly made universe. Imprisoned within the realm was the goddess Ataxia, who held dominance and supremacy over this destructive force, which had turned her violent and insane until the gods were forced to lock her up as well.

    But the power of Ataxia is unerring in its drive to break apart anything confined to the laws of the universe. After countless eons of battering at the prison and clawing for escape, she began to locate the weak points in its construction and chipped away at it with steady determination. Soon, there were holes large enough for her to seep her power through. This allowed her to trickle her influence back into the realm of creation, resulting in odd and often terrifying phenomenons that had not been seen before by its inhabitants.

    One such phenomenon is the existence of beings whose spirits were tainted by Ataxia’s touch, driving them insane. Trinity is one such being, the evidence of which is present in the broken state of her mind and her multiple personalities. While her mental state is in constant flux, she also receives great and terrifying strength from her connection to Ataxia’s realm. The majority of these powers manifest in ways that are nonsensical, seeming to break the laws of reality and operating on levels that can be downright frightening to those unconnected to anarchy. Through these affected beings, known as Avatars, Ataxia is able to spread her influence in her crazed desire to dismantle any and all of creation.

    Walking Nightmare: Trinity’s connection to the realm of Ataxia heavily boosts her nightmarish and chaotic abilities. As a result, she gains the following effects to her magicks:

    Her full take over forms can utilize up to five partial take over spells, rather than the standard four. 1 effect

    She gains two additional B+ spells, two additional A+ spells, and one additional S+ spell that can each only be applied in one magic. 2 effects

    She gain an additional H+ spell, S+ spell, and two signature spells that cap at S rank. These spells can only be applied in one magic each. 4 effects

    Magic Psychosis: Ataxia strives to break down the machinations of the universe, causing the laws of reality themselves to fall apart in the presence of her influence. Once per post, Trinity can spend the appropriate MP to negate a spell within her rank’s burst range, up to H+. At ranks below H, she can only negate up to the advanced spell level of her current rank.2 effects

    Mysterious Riches: For whatever reason, whenever Trinity gets paid for work she always seems to wind up with more money than they agreed upon. It doesn't make any sense, but there it is all the same. +100% to jewel rewards. 1 effect

    Vessel of the Morning Star:

    Vessel of the Morning Star

    Wielder: Isaak Alvah
    Purchase Proof: Link

    Those of the Alvah family are descended from the blood of a divine being. One of their progenitors, having fallen in love with a fallen angel, bore a nephilim into the world. The Fallen, having planned the birth of his child for no other purpose than to use its power to breach the gates of heaven and return to his home, manipulated the child and the mother for the entirety of its life. However, moments before the Fallen's triumphant return to grace, his deception was realized. Angered by their parent, the Nephilim bound the angel to two blades and renounced it and its kind, vowing to erase all those like it from existence.

    Thus was the legacy of the Alvah family, their blood bearing the touch of twisted divine power that allowed them to take on a form not dissimilar to that of the demons they hunt. That is, until the birth of Isaak Alvah. Unbeknownst to him or any of his kin, his power was different. Rather than falling farther from grace over the centuries, the single-minded servitude towards the light the family had adopted served to slowly purify the power within them, raising them higher and higher to the most holy as they went. This reached its apex with Isaak, the boy existing not as a true nephilim, but as an angel born in human form. The older he grows, the closer he comes to divinity, but soon will come the day where he ascends fully into the realm of the divine.


    Higher Being:
    The Vessel is capable of distilling the purest form of his power, leaking into his body and changing it into what it truly is: an angel. With the activation of this ability, he gains wings at his back, a bright halo of holy energy above his head, while his flesh and eyes take on an ethereal glow. In this form, he gains an increase to his speed (+75%) and strength (+50%). This has a 4 post duration with a 6 post cooldown. As a byproduct of this ability, the Vessel is more equipped to take on angelic forms, allowing him to maintain an additional angel-based Partial Take-Over, for a total of five, while also granting him a passive +50% to MP.

    Heavenly Power:
    The Vessel is an angelic being, meant to spread the word of the divine and purge the world of all darkness that may inhabit it. Because of this, they have a larger pool of power to draw from. This grants Isaak 5 spell slots and 2 signature spells that rank up to S-Rank for one magic. Not only this, but any magic they utilize is imbued with holy power, dealing 50% increased damage to those aligned to Darkness, Demonic or Undead-type enemies. However, that which is pure is more susceptible to being stained and tainted, causing such enemies to also deal 50% increased damage to the Vessel.

    Divine Fortune:
    The Vessel is favored by the highest authorities of heaven, and while this offers a great deal of protection from darker powers, it also has...monetary benefits. Even a vessel of heaven has bills and expenses, after all. With this ability, the Vessel gains a 100% increase to the Jewels they receive from Jobs.

    Deific Form:
    The Vessel's body is permeated by holy energy, and they are changed because of it. Their body is stronger and sturdier, and their skin appears to be smooth like porcelain. In fact, their body doesn't register damage like that of a human. Rather than showing cuts or bruises, their skin chips, cracks and shatters like porcelain or a statue, while only damage from a spell equal to their rank causes them to bleed. Their blood is a luminescent while color when it is drawn. The unique composition of their body causes the Vessel to be much more durable, giving a 50% increase to HP.

    Plot Abilities:

    Untouched Visage:
    The Vessel is a being of heavenly power, and that touched by the light of the divine is often untouched by the passage of time. The light has stopped their aging, keeping their body in their physical prime, and by extension rendering them semi-immortal, permanently. The light of heaven, like all light, fluctuates, which allows the Vessel to control their physical appearance as well as the age which they appear as.

    Sanctified Mind:
    The Vessel is an angel, sharing many attributes with them. One such attribute is their mind. Angels are beings formed of ideals, things that are unsubstantial and highly symbolic. Because of this, their thoughts are not only in a holy tongue but also center around the idea from which they were molded. This makes it impossible for anyone to read their mind forcibly, causing pain to those who attempt to do so in any fashion.

    Divine Eyes:
    The Vessel is gifted not only with divine power, but with the ability to sense those with it in them. This ability allows the Vessel to sense the level of taint present within a target, this taint registering as a glow of varying colors around their person though centered in their eyes. This also allows them to sense the presence of divine beings or divine power within others, should the being or power deem it fit to show itself to them (OOC Permission required)
    Taint Levels:
    Eye Glow - Taint Level - Meaning
    White - N/A - Righteous
    Blue - None - Innocent
    Yellow - Slight - Tainted/Blasphemers (Worshipers of Evil Deities)
    Orange - Moderate - Sinners (One of the Seven)
    Red - High - Corrupted (Murderers of the Innocent &/or Righteous)
    Purple - Very High - Maleficar (Dark Mages, Necromancers, Unwilling Undead & Possessed Victims)
    Black - Utterly Tainted - Embodiment of Evil (God Slayers, Willing Undead, Demons & Possessors)

    Blessed Essence:
    The Vessel's very essence is blessed, thus those who are tainted in the eyes of the divine is incapable of coming into contact with them without being harmed. Those who are Corrupted, or possess a High amount of Taint or greater (see above), are incapable of touching, looking at or even hearing the Vessel's voice. Touching their flesh causes painful burns, looking at them causes one's eyes to bleed and hearing their voice causes bleeding from the ears as their vileness is rejected by every facet of the Vessel's being. (OOC Permission required)


    Custom Lineage Library Bank11

    Lineage Name
    Kaja Jelen
    Purchase Proof


    NBS-IDP stands for Nanoparticle-based Bionic Shell with Intergraded Data Processor, which is basically what Kaja is; her whole human body has been replaced by a robotic body made up of nanoparticles, including her brain. However, she has found a way to maintain her normal brain functions on a data processor and therefore is still capable of feeling emotions and abstract thinking; something a computer cannot. Her cybernetic body and artificial brain give her many abilities she can use.


    Helix receives 100% more jewels from a job. [1 effect]

    EIIN - RCCD (Essential Integrated Interface Network - Repulsorlift Customisable Combat Drone) is a 'digital butler' that aids Helix in her duties. EIIN can enter different drones and other automated weapon systems to fight besides Helix. One of those drones is the RCCD, a handy small combat drone. EINN - RCCD gains one additional ability that is one rank lower than the lowest ability of the Combat Pets rank. [1 effect]

    Hive Field
    The Hive Field is a field of tiny drones, at the size of mosquitoes, that scan the surrounding area within Kaja's sensory range and feed her HUD with important detail. Details like objects, people and certain conditions. She has a clear view of her surroundings on the mini-map on her HUD and can create a hologram to share this information with others or she can use special glass that her allies can use to view a similar HUD like hers. This ability also allows her to have a passive buff to sensory; 80% at D rank, capping at 120% at S rank. Any information about player characters, player-NPCs, player-plot and event-NPCs require OOC permission. [2 effects]

    Cybernetic Enhancment

    Helix her cybernetic implants allow her to have super-human senses, reflexes, agility and speed; Helix is always as fast than anyone or anything within her burst range (User rank up to S). [1 effect]

    Robotic's Expert

    Helix is an amazing crafter of robots and drones; she can call forth an additional summon in her summoning magic, on top of the cap that her magic allows. This also allows her to have one additional user rank advanced spell up to S+ rank for a summon. [2 effects]

    Helix gains access to additional magic that is called Netrunner magic, this magic is a solitary caster type magic with the theme Netrunner; this includes aspects like hacking, programming etc computer-related things. She gains 5 advanced spells slots, from D to S rank, and two additional ranking signature that can be used only for Netrunner magic. [3 effects]

    Plot Abilities:

    Nanoparticle Reform
    Helix can change her appearance by reforming the nanoparticles that make up her body.

    Bionic Senses
    Most of Helix’s sensory organs have been replaced with superior artificial counterparts.
    Her senses are greatly improved and she can see in night vision and thermal vision.

    Brain Implants
    Helix has bionic chips within her brain that are connected to her vision and processing. She can store information on these chips and bring up in front of her eyes like a computer screen. This allows her to have an advanced identification system. She uploads the date of her target’s, criminals or any person she can find intel about and connect it to a picture of their face. If she sees these people than she will get a notification and she can call up information about them. (No OOC information can be known unless this has been discussed and agreed upon by both parties).

    Flight System
    Helix has an inbuild flight system, thoughts she doesn’t really like to fly.

       Template by ivyleaf33

    Equilibrium Equinox:

    Custom Lineage Library EOxOtCm

    Equilibrium Equinox

    Luna Mira

    Proof of Purchase:

    Twice a year an equinox occurs where day and night are of equal length, but what would happen if something or someone interfered with this - throwing a delicate balance into an extreme imbalance? People have always wanted more time to the day for as long as there has been a sense of time. This is more apparent in the autumn when the days grow shorter and the nights longer. Some young mages wanting to help people gain more time for their work started to delve into several types of magic, which were deemed taboo and shouldn't be touched due to the negative effects that would affect not only them but the world around them. There had been warnings from people, who had written in books that nothing but tragedy awaited those who walked the dark path. A few backed off after hearing the warnings but kept their mouths shut, afraid of what others would do to them if they didn't; others seemed to go missing as if they had never existed at all. Soon there was only a single mage who seemed to have gone insane by the time he was found.

    This mage had been walking down this dark path alone and in solitude for several years by the time they were found. They had everything ready to start the ritual as it had once again become autumn, but they were stopped at the last moment, only just managing to hide the scroll that held all of their hard work. They did this in the hopes that someone would finish what they started: making the days as long as the nights; However, the one who now holds the scroll realizes that the notes left on it could be used in another way, using it to their own advantage. Still, the task of the original group of mages that became the work of one mage has, to this day, gone unfulfilled.


    Autumn Charm:
    During autumn, shopkeepers start sales for candy and other items due to the harvest festivals fast approaching. Due to the secrets held within the found scroll it has almost changed the aura of charisma of the one who found and read it, giving them a 20% discount to anything they buy for themselves from NPC shops (this does not include the oddities, VIP items, IotM shops, etc.). Items acquired using this discount may not be traded to any other account and are locked to the account they were acquired on unless the full price is paid.

    Trick or Treat?:
    Going house to house is something that children normally do during autumn to gain yummy treats from friends and neighbours of their area. The one who holds this lineage finds they have the memory of when they were a child, knocking on a creepy old house (even if they can't remember doing it). Whether this actually happened or not is left up in the air. This ability gives the holder of this lineage the ability to have one additional piece of equipment for one category (Weapon, Armor, Item) and must be bought and upgraded as normal. This piece of equipment also receives a third ability that is always equivalent in rank to the lowest ranking ability on the piece of equipment for its grade, though will cannot be an advanced ability. (For example, a Strong (+) weapon would receive an additional ability that ranks with the user up to C rank).

    All Hallows Eve's Protection:
    People become more guarded during autumn and that is due to not only mischief night but Halloween as well. People are going missing, being hurt, or even worse. The holder of this lineage seems to worry less than the average person as they seem to have an almost invisible second skin shielding them. This ability gives the holder of the lineage a passive shield that can protect them for up to user rank advanced single target damage (Up to S+). This shield is unaffected by piercing damage and renews itself once per round, even if destroyed. Once destroyed, the shield will only reform at the beginning of the next post.

    Equilibrium Mysteries:
    The mage who created and hid the notes kept a detailed log on the steps of what they had completed during their research. The holder of this lineage finds themselves with an additional five spells slots that can be used on one of their magics, following rank maximums. They also gain two additional signature spells for a single magic that both cap at S rank. All spells gained this way are graded as normal under the current magic rules.

    Disturbed Balance:
    There is a balance to everything: the more the holder of this lineage tumbles down the rabbit hole, the less balance seems to make sense to them as they begin to see sense in the ramblings of the one who originally wrote the notes. As such, this lineage grants the user five additional advanced spells for one magic (these follow a spell slot maximum independent of the regular one up to S and are distributed according to regular advanced spell maximums: 2 B+, 2 A+, 1 S+). All spells gained this way are graded as normal under the current magic rules.

    Fragile Equinox:
    Once imbalanced, everything else in existence becomes weaker and more fragile as the laws of nature have been broken (many would say beyond repair). This is not the truth though; where things will not be as they once had been, it doesn't mean a new balance can't be found (as things seem to realign themselves to the new norm). This can also be said for the holder of this lineage: they find a new balance within their abilities. The holder of this lineage gains two additional user ranked advanced spell slots that can be distributed among their magics, one capping at S+ and the other at H+. All spells gained this way are graded as normal under the current magic rules.

    Price: 30 CC
    Stock: 1

    Ancient Curse:
    Lineage Name: Ancient Curse
    Wielder: Grim Reaper
    Purchase Proof: WIP

    What would you do to save your people? For one queen she was willing to make a deal with death itself, Sadly the deal turned out to be a curse. This agreement granted the queen the power to protect her people, but twisted her heart and soul to ultimately bring about the ruin of her own kingdom. But the curse did not end there, damning the soul to an seemingly eternal nightmare of their sins that only grew with the passage of time. Driven mad by her own actions, twisted far beyond what was once a pure queen who wanted nothing but to see her people smile.

    Now A vessel of death, a conquer and taker of freedom. A monster hidden in the shell of a human vessel with nothing but time to try and satisfy the emptiness within them left behind by the cruse. Desire for what they can not gain, and no mercy to take it by force or twisted means like spreading a weaker version of the curse to another to have them for eternity.
    Immortal Greed: Grants a passive additional +100% jewels on job completion.

    Destructive curse: Grants a passive +440% magic damage. (Gaining +40% at S rank.)



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    Official Re: Custom Lineage Library

    Post by Johann on 27th October 2019, 12:04 pm

    Mother's Madness:

    Lineage Name: Mother's Madness
    Wielder: Cierra Huxx
    Purchase Proof: Here

    Description Raised solely by her paranoid and deluded mum, Cierra was born and nurtured to believe that she was simply above both the world and the heavens, that the rules of man and god simply did not apply to her. Her childhood was a torturous and painful one, with her eventually becoming as emotionally broken as her mother was, due to this treatment. However, this madness would eventually unlock the girl's true nature and in this state, she finally began to understand what her mother was trying to teach her. She had become physically stronger and faster than all those around her, with a durability to match and as time passed and her mother's influence grew, so did these attributes. When she came of age, her mother would then unleash her on the world, leaving her with just one final message. "The world is yours, shape it as you see fit."

    • Strength Of Madness: Increases Cierra's physical strength by 80% (Increasing by 10% per rank and maxing out at 120% at S) - 2 Effects

    • Speed Of Madness: Increases Cierra's movement speed by 80% (Increasing by 10% per rank and maxing out at 120% at S) - 2 Effects

    • Durability Of Madness: Gives Cierra a 40% resistance to both physical and magical attacks. (Increasing by 5% per rank and maxing out at 50% each at B rank) - 2 Effects

    • Love Of Madness: Lowers the cost of Cierra's spells by 40% and increases her MP pool by 40% (Increases by 5% per rank, with the cost decrease maxing out at 50% at B rank and the MP increase maxing out at 60% at S rank) - 2 Effects

    • Mother's Favour: Cierra believes that every task she completes is another step towards earning her mother's approval, meaning that she gains 100% bonus jewels from jobs. She also gains a golden coin from each one completed, with its rank depending on the rank of the mission being completed. She cannot sell these to the armoury for jewels and the coins can only possess passive buffs. Each coin is equal to equipment that can be purchased from the armoury and takes up one of Cierra's total equipment slots. - 2 Effects

    Plot Abilities:
    • Immortality: Due to both her mother's status as a god, Cierra has inherited the gift or perhaps curse of immortality, being unable to die. This also causes her to age far slower than normal.

    • Flight: Cierra can sprout a pair of wings that can be used for flight at any time.

    • Liquid Absorption: She is willing to absorb any liquid that is either on her skin or clothing at any time, cleaning herself of any stains.

    Reforged Soul:

    Lineage Name: Reforged Soul
    Wielder: Cersei LaRoux
    Purchase Proof: Here

    The act of selling ones soul comes at a much more dangerous stipulation when things are not just what one may think it is. After having sold their soul to the demon whom offered her the abilities she had always dreamed of having from the day she was born, Cersei was determined to return. She'd made a huge mistake and was in fear that she would be given her wish with no ever chance to use it. Once she'd fled from the demon whom taken her in, she ran into that of a small horde of Oni. These Oni looked down on her as though she were their next meal until they noticed the branded mark that sat on her arm. Then it became something personal. Taking the girl in, they had begun to strike a new deal with her. She'd be "crafted" a new soul. From Oni hands, this would be something to be of great fortitude. Their end of the deal? Cersei kill this demon. When all was said and done, and the horrifically painful act of implanting this new soul inside of her body was through, they left her with one grave warning. "Should you face death or anger from which you'd never felt before, your soul will awaken." And without telling her what that would entail, they left her to own devices, pushing her into a portal set to leave her back on Earth. Their deal would be completed in one way or another.

    •Blinding Rage: Having the soul of the Oni drastically increases their strength by 80% and increases another 10% per rank up to S (120% max)

    •Flames of the Forge: For 1/3/5/7 posts, the wielders hands and feet from the forearms/shins to finger/toe turn red and their fingers/toes turn into more claw like in appearance. Physical strikes dealt by the wielder cause their hands to emit a molten hot flame like burst of fire. Those hit by it take 50% of the wielders rank (max output of A rank single target damage [50] ) for the first time they are hit in the post. This does not leave any damaging burns that results in a DoT effect.

    •Renkindling Flame: The wielder regains 5% of their hp and mp every post.
    Plot: In addition, if the user dies, their body will begin to glow a bright orange and regenerate their hp to 10%, once per a thread. This additional ability requires permission in PvP.

    •Hard Work Pays Off: As the effort is put into the work with blood, sweat, and tears of the wielder, the jewels granted from their jobs increase by 100%.

    •Masking the Pain: Named after the masks that represent the Oni, attacks hitting the wielder that are both physical and magical are reduced by 30% and increase by 10% per rank, capping at 50% reduction to both.

    Plot: The Oni Soul that was crafted will manifest itself into an alternative form, growing horns on the head, shifting their appearance to appear as though they were a real Oni. This can occur by the wielders whim or by random occurrence.

    Samurai Spirit:

    Custom Lineage Library RDtBVK2


    Samurai Spirit

    Yamamoto Yuuka

    Purchase Proof:
    Post 42

    Samurai. A term used to describe the caste of Midian warriors that dedicate their lives to their own code of honor and their service to their lord, fighting for them and defending the realm with all their might, combining the use of ancient tradition, martial prowess, and arcane powers to create a unique and, most importantly, distinct fighting style found only in Midi. Some people, whether they hail from Midi themselves or simply took interest in the ways of Midi, strive to obtain this style for themselves and go through rigorous, even extreme training to strengthen their mind, body, and soul in an effort to become a warrior on par with those from Midi. Being a Samurai means not only attaining utmost discipline but also refers to knowledge of the martial techniques and the combat skills used by these ancient group of warriors. Still, ... one thing the wielder of this lineage can be sure of: to accept the ways of a Samurai is to become a fighter and fill one's life with bloodshed. Luckily, they certainly have the appropriate tools at their disposal to deal with that ...


    Way of the Sword:
    The Samurai of Midi have found a way to combine magic with their physical and martial prowess that is unique to their lands, culture, people, and way of life. The Samurai value tradition, discipline, and honor above all else and the way they use their magic reflects that. The wielder of this lineage gains access to a unique type of magic called "Martial" and can use that magic type in the creation of their magics. Martial type magic is essentially the combination of ancient teachings and the combat style of Midian Samurai, enabling the user to utilize both "Requip" type spells and "Caster" type spells in magics that are using the "Martial" type. The benefit levels for Martial Magic are specified below:

    • Solitary: Character can have up to 5 Requip spells active at once. +75% to Strength and Speed.
    • Primary: Character can have up to 4 Requip spells active at once. +50% to Strength and Speed.
    • Auxiliary: Character can have up to 3 Requip spells active at once. +25% to Strength and Speed.

    Midian Warrior:
    The Samurai train relentlessly to perfect both their martial and arcane skills alike, aiming to make both their blade and their magic an extension of themselves to wield them with the utmost efficiency and precision. The wielder of this lineage, by extension, carries the same potential within them, unlocking four additional advanced spell slots that may freely be distributed across their magics. These spell slots rank up with them, two up to H+ and the other two up S+. The user may also choose to give up an H rank spell slot in one of their magics to gain an additional H+ spell for the same magic, though this spell may only be used once per thread and costs double the base MP to cast. Further, the user also unlocks 2 additional signature spells that rank with them up to S for one of their magics and 5 additional user rank spell slots for one of their magics that rank with them up to S, though these 5 spell slots cost double base MP to cast. If any of these additional spell slots are used to create a requip type spell, the requip in question gains an additional ability equal to spell rank.

    Superior Discipline:
    Through their relentless and constant training Samurai seek to attain a disciplined fighting style that maximizes their strength and focus, enabling them to perform feats through sheer force of willpower and determination. This grants them a 200% buff to strength and speed. Additionally, the wielder of this lineage can automatically match the speed of the fastest person in their user rank burst range (Up to H rank) plus an additional 50% of that person's speed on top of that to ensure that they always strike first.

    Warrior's Prowess:
    The desire to perfect oneself is a vital part of the way of a Samurai, not just as a warrior, but also as a person. The path to enlightenment is long and arduous, demanding great sacrifice, but, for some, making them only stronger. Only the most virtuous of warriors may attain true strength, but those that do can be sure that they rise beyond others. The wielder of this lineage gains a 50% increase to base strength. This buff is applied before all other buffs to strength apply. Further, the user also gains additional base HP (Increases follow the chart below) which is also applied before any other buffs to HP apply.

    • D rank: +25 Base HP
    • C rank: +50 Base HP
    • B rank: +75 Base HP
    • A rank: +100 Base HP
    • S rank: +125 Base HP
    • Hrank and above: +150 Base HP

    Samurai's Armory:
    A samurai is not only defined by his skill and mindset, but also the weaponry and equipment at his disposal, training excessively in the use of his personal weaponry to ensure they are familiar and proficient with it. This ability grants the wielder of the lineage an additional weapon slot that can be filled with a single weapon from the Armory thread and is independent of the normal weapon slots. Further, the base decrease to MP from the use of equipment in threads does not apply to the wielder of the lineage. The user also gains an additional 100% jewels from any job they complete.

    The skillful use of their blade is one of the Samurai's key components, and technique is one of the most important things a Samurai. One such technique is focussing their speed and strength into a single strike to deal the most damage possible. Once per post, the user can move to another point within their user rank advanced burst range in a massive burst of speed that borders instantaneous teleportation (Up to H+). If an opponent is within melee range of them where they reappear, the user can choose to unleash a heavy strike with their weapon at their own speed, should they have one, dealing damage following the chart below. This damage is classed as melee damage and thus benefits from increases to strength instead of spell damage. Further, the user can focus their magical energy into all of their melee strikes. If the user chooses to, they can deal user rank advanced multi target damage (Up to H+) with every melee strike instead of melee damage. This ability is passive and can be toggled on and off at the user's will.

    • D rank: 80 HP damage
    • C rank: 120 HP damage
    • B rank: 160 HP damage
    • A rank: 200 HP damage
    • S rank: 240 HP damage
    • Hrank and above: 280 HP damage

    Rage of the Hybrid Dragon:

    Rage of the Hybrid Dragon

    Lineage Name:
    Rage of the Hybrid Dragon

    Janet Cinderfeild

    Purchase Proof:

    Occasionally, a union between beings of ancient magical power and humans are formed, even though this is an especially rare occurrence. Even further than that, unnatural unions like these rarely produce offspring, when they do presenting an even rarer case. This, however, is exactly what Janet is, the product of a human mother and a dragon father, born as a hybrid between the two races that had fallen in love with one another, bridging the divide that separated them to have a child. Though separated from both their own communities for their intense phobia of the respective other one, humans and dragons since ages of old remaining in a constant state of conflict and even outright war with one another, the two choosing to bring up their child in the isolation of the faraway mountains. This worked out for a while, the family living a humble, simple, but also peaceful life.

    Though, of course, all things come to an end, their unique situation not going unnoticed.

    One day, a group of glory-seeking Dragon Slayers arrived for Janet's mother and father, harboring hate for both the dragon that had, in their eyes, seduced a human, and the human who had betrayed her kind, in a fit of anger killing mercilessly killing both her parents, Janet only surviving because she managed to hide herself away, though watching everything that went down that day. This event was what awakened a burning rage within Janet, the hate not just for humans, but Slayers especially, embracing her draconic blood that bestowed her with immense magical powers, ever since hunting Slayers everywhere in the hopes to attain vengeance for everything she had lost.


    • Draconic Blessings: The user of the lineage, due to their draconic blood, has a natural affinity for treasures and gold in particular, instinctively knowing how and where to acquire those riches with ease. This grants the user 100% additional jewels from all jobs they complete. Additionally, their blood provides them with a stronger magical power than normal, granting the user the ability to actively maintain one more summon spell on top of their maximum active summon slots. (2 Effects)

    • Draconic Powers: The user of the lineage benefits from not just increased physical strength, increased durability and magical powers stemming from their blood, they also attain sharp instincts and unparalleled senses, granting them an innate understanding of how to effectively wield and utilize their draconic energies in combat. This grants the user access to 5 additional lineage advanced spells that can be added to a single magic of the user's choice (Which follow an independent spell maximum from the regular one up to S and must be distributed according to regular advanced spell maximums, 2 B+, 2 A+, 1 S+) as well as 2 additional signature spells that can be added to a single magic of the user's choice, both ranking with the user up to S rank. (3 Effects)

    • Draconic Rage: The event that occurred a long time ago helped shape the user of the lineage into a merciless killing machine that utilizes their powers for one goal and one goal only: To destroy that which they have come to hate so greatly. Naturally, one needs power to complete this very same task, and so the user has trained their powers and magic relentlessly so that they may one day reach their goals. The user is stronger and more powerful than normal mages, not least due to the draconic blood pumping through their veins, granting them access to 2 additional advanced spells that can be added to a single magic of the user's choice, both of which rank up with the user, one capping at S+ rank and the other capping at H+ rank. (3 Effects)

    • Draconic Frenzy: The user of the lineage has contained within them an overwhelming rage and hate for not just those that brought so much suffering to them all this time ago, but also for the cruelty and injustices the world has forced upon them. Using their draconic powers, the user can focus their rage and channel it into raw power for a limited time. Once per thread, the user can activate this ability, their body exploding with magical power and strength as they are surrounded by an aura of pure draconic force, increasing both their spell damage and strength by 100% for the duration of 10 posts. Once this duration runs out, this ability cannot be activated again within the same thread. (3 Effects - 1 Effect for Drawback = 2 Effects)

    Chosen Elementa:

    Custom Lineage Library 34YyjFg

    Chosen Elementa

    Baird Yuzill

    Proof of purchase:
    Page 26, Post n°635 - Trading Hub

    During a time of elemental harmony the avatar of each element went on a search at the behest of their elements to find a certain person. It took thousands of years, and each time they believed they were close the person in question it was almost like they were taken out of existence completely. Finally, they found one of these special people, a newborn baby, the only survivor of a massacre of a village. The vassals were confused. Why out of the three hundred and so people inside this village only this one child had survived. It was clear soon enough, however, as their aura flared, showing all aspects of each of their elements. It was decided they would take the child from the village and destroy the evidence of their very existence by wiping their birthplace off the map and raise them isolated in the shadows for their protection. As time went on they showed the ability to bond with elementally gifted people and creatures, more than this they could crystallize the elements creating weapons or even give elements to weapons and armors that once weren't enchanted.


    Elementa's Gift:
    Once a generation it a gifted elemental child is said to be born into a very ancient bloodline. It is said that this bloodline is blessed by the elemental avatars themselves and will listen to every wish and whim of the one deemed as the "Elementa". This child is unrivaled when it comes to the use of elemental magic. The wielder of this lineage gains access to the new magic type called "Elementa" and is able to use this magic type to create new magics. As with everything, elements are a duality so where they can destroy they can also defend and heal with efficiency. The magic itself is designed to protect the elements and prevent them from becoming tainted or poisoned. This new magic type gives the wielder access to "Caster" and "Requip" type spells in their magic when using the "Elementa" type magic. The benefit levels for Elementa Magic are specified below:

    • Solitary: +50% to Spell Damage and Spell Healing. Character can have up to 4 Requip spells active at once.
    • Primary: +25% to Spell Damage and Spell Healing. Character can have up to 3 Requip spells active at once.
    • Auxiliary: +15% to Spell Damage and Spell Healing. Character can have up to 2 Requip spells active at once.

    Earthen Skin:
    As the chosen of the elements the one that bears the burden of protecting and keeping balance amongst the elements was gifted something from each element. Earth is sturdy and will stand against anything that comes to its way. The gift it gave was protection in the form of a shield. Once per post, the caster can choose to surround their form with an earthen shield that quickly solidifies into solid stone. The durability of this shield is set at 3x user rank damage (Up to S) and it cannot be pierced by piercing effects.

    Fiery Wrath:
    Fire is known to be a destructive force to many but what they don't see is the fact that it is a dual sided element much like water. The fire can also be passionate but even passion occasionally comes with someone scorned. The gift the fire gave the one blessed to protect and keep balance was five additional spell slots that rank up with the user to be used on one of the user's "Elementa" type magics, independent of normal spell slot caps. These spells, however, follow their own spell cap maximum and are to be distributed as follows: x2 B rank, x2 A rank and 1x S rank. The wielder also gains two advanced spells for one of their "Elementa" type magics, one of which ranks with them up to S+ while the other one ranks with the user to H+.

    Calming Waters:
    Water is known to be a healing, protecting and calming force amongst the elements, like the fire it is a duality that can take as much as it gives if provoked more often than not. The gift the water gives the chosen of the elements is that it can remove a single negative effect of the user's rank (Up to H) per thread without cost. Furthermore, the user also gains a 50% base increase to Spell Healing.

    Mischievous Winds:
    Wind is flighty in nature, whether it is in the form of a gentle breeze or the speed of a raging hurricane, constantly moving one way before changing to go another direction at a whim. Sometimes this occurs to guide a person, or alternatively, just to get them into trouble. The gift the wind gives the one blessed by itself and its kin is a 75% buff to both spell speed and spell range, as well as a counter-effect to debuffs, reducing the potency of debuffs affecting the wielder of the lineage by 50%.

    Gods of the Celestial Spirit Realm:

    Custom Lineage Library Cassio10
    Image Source: Cassopeia by Kagaya

    Lineage Name: Gods of the Celestial Spirit Realm
    Wielder: Odhran Aegisbane
    Purchase Proof: https://www.fairytail-rp.com/t35419p625-the-trading-hub#387085

    Within the Queendom of Seven, there lived a family that had particularly strong ties with the Celestial Spirit Realm. While Seven as a whole had a thorough connection with nature, this family's reach extended beyond Earthland, and even beyond the mortal realm itself. Matriarchs and patriarchs, heirs and second sons, many members of the family were talented Celestial Spirit Mages, and they always had one particular rule that the family possessed: Never be unkind to a Celestial Spirit. The family rose to fortune off of their talent with Celestial Spirits, and the Celestial Spirit King saw fit to grant the forebears of the family with a boon.

    The nature of this family was, fittingly enough, unnatural for some members of Queen's Court. They saw the Celestial Spirit Realm as a place that could invade the fabric of their own nature, and sought to destroy this family. A small civil war broke out amongst the people, and the family was slain, and many of their keys were scattered. However, in recent times, a member of this family was found living, and he returned to the world of the Celestial Spirits, with the King granting that boon once more. These members opted to alter the boon that their sponsor had given. Rather than their Spirits gain more power, they merely wished for more Spirits. The King, sensing this humility, granted them the ability to not only have more Spirits bound to Silver Keys and Unkown Keys, but also be allowed to summon more Spirits simultaneously and granted them higher power.

    Within the realm of the Celestial Spirits, there are three ranks: the ranks of Silver, the ranks of the Zodiac, and those that merely float in the ether: The Unknown Keys. Their existence is mysterious and fabled, yet they all contain great power. It was often said that, due to their unstable nature, no more than two could be wielded by a single keybearer. This family wished for their boon to be one that many thought impossible: wielding more of these unstable Spirits. The King, content with the family's years and generations of service, granted this boon, gifting members who share a high enough concentration of this blood to bear more of these keys.


    Friends in High Places: Wielders of this lineage may travel to the Celestial Spirit Realm with little effects to themselves. This is purely plot-based, and cannot be used for such things as teleportation or dodging attacks.

    Master of the Unknown Keys: Wielders of this lineage are granted with a high affinity for Unknown Summoning Keys, allowing them to bring an additional Unknown-Ranked Key into a thread.

    Silver Heart:Wielders of this lineage may obtain an two additional Silver Celestial Key / Grande Summons for the "Celestial Spirit Magic: God of the Celestial Spirit Realm Form" magic. These can be used to add into any rank, removing the cap of one of this type in ranks B-S to change the cap to three. (i.e. The summoner can have three Silver Celestial Spirit Keys in S Rank, as well as one in B and A, but cannot have five Silver Keys in S-Rank).

    General of Those From the Other Worlds: Wielders of this lineage can have one more active summon.

    A Tribute to the Heavens: Wielders of this lineage gain 100% more Jewels from jobs.

    Spiritual Zealotry: Summons brought forth by wielders of this lineage have 40% more spell damage and physical damage, each increasing by 5% per rank up to S

    Loyal Followers: Wielders of this lineage have two additional signature spell slots for the "Celestial Spirit Magic: God of the Celestial Spirit Realm Form" magic.

    A Gift from a King to a God: Wielders of this lineage have an additional Advanced Spell Slot that ranks with them up to H+ in the "Celestial Spirit Magic: God of the Celestial Spirit Realm Form" magic.


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