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    A Fun Morning In River Village

    Jaesa Fenrir
    Jaesa Fenrir

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    A Fun Morning In River Village Empty A Fun Morning In River Village

    Post by Jaesa Fenrir Sat 2 Nov - 7:32

    The morning had started quietly enough, with the early risers already casting out their nets and rods, preparing for another day of fishing. The rain had vanished, to be replaced by a lovely blue sky and it seemed like the perfect day to catch a good haul. The natives were friendly and boasting to each other about their catches. It was playful banter and although there are many among them who were still slightly concerned about the events that had taken place a couple of nights previously, they refused to think about it and tried to get their routines back to normal.

    The people of River Village had hoped that the fight that had taken place within their settlement would have been the last that they had seen of the pink haired menace but unfortunately that just wasn’t the case. For not even 48 hours later, Cierra would return, out of her mind and completely overwhelmed by the enormous amount of power that her encounter with the thunder god had granted her. The look on her face was one of pure madness, a wide grin crossing her features, the look in her eyes enough to scare the living hell out of anyone who dared to gaze at her. She’d come back for one simple purpose, to finish what she’d started.

    With a giggle, the flying dual slayer would burst from the trees surrounding the village and instantly begin to unleash bolts of lightning in the direction of the fisherman, causing them to flee in panic, some of them having to jump into the river in order to avoid her attacks. The girl was well beyond the point of being reasoned with and her attacks were wild and erratic, striking people, buildings and anything else that was unfortunate enough to be in the way. It was a horror show for those watching and the smartest of the river folk simply stayed in their houses, trying to evade the dark and twisted creature.

    Hurling a mighty lightning bolt, Cierra would strike one of the fisherman in the chest and then raise a hand, causing an enormous strike of lightning to then hit the victim from the sky, using the first bolt to attract it. The man screamed with pain, his body spasming due to the enormous current travelling through him, before going still and tumbling into the water. Another of the men would then be foolish enough to launch a harpoon in her direction, with the girl easily evading the attack and then unleashing a powerful blood and lightning combined roar which not only destroyed the harpoon but horribly charred the fisherman as well.

    “Run for your lives, dickheads,” she’d shout, twirling around in the air, chuckling even more, “Oh, who am I kidding? Don’t bother, it won’t make any difference.”

    All of a sudden, she’d go into a dive and grab a nearby bystander, before returning to the sky, a squirming teenager in her grasp. “Stop struggling honey or I’ll drop you,” she whispered into the girl’s ear, causing the redheaded girl to come to a sudden halt. “Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you because you’re cute but if anyone launches another attack at me then I might have to.” The girl would start to shiver with fear and start yelling out to those below, telling them to stop. Cierra meanwhile would shout to the people in a far louder voice, “I think I’m gonna take this girl as compensation for you lot trying to ruin my fun. It wasn’t nice of that fisherman to throw that harpoon you know and it kind of pissed me off.”

    “Please let my daughter go,” a woman would suddenly screech in return, bursting out from one of the houses and coming to a stop in front of where the flying girl was hovering, “I’ll do whatever you want, just drop her. I don’t know why you’re attacking us but my girl is perfectly innocent, let her go.”

    “Hmm, I don’t know about that,” the pink haired slayer said in return, “That sounds like a demand and I don’t take kindly to those. I think I’ll just keep her and have some fun.” Her hands would wrap around the girl at that point, embracing her and causing the girl’s face to redden so that it matched her hair, “Maybe I can teach her a few things…”

    “Stay where you are!” Another voice would suddenly shout and from the same building that the woman would come from emerged a male, dressed in armour and wielding a magically powered rifle. “I am the local lawman around these parts. Release your hostage and surrender to me now! If you do not, I will take you in by force.”

    “Fire one shot and I’ll have my way with this girl right in front of your bloody and battered corpse,”
    the goddess replied, daring the figure on. “I bet you couldn’t hit me anyway because you’re just too damn slow. Go fuck yourself.”

    Without any further provocation, the so called lawman would raise his rifle and fire a shot in anger and with a wicked smile, Cierra would move the girl she was holding into its path, taking the shot. The girl would scream for a few moments before becoming still, resulting in Cierra dropping her, now that she was just a lifeless corpse. “Nice shot, stupid,” she said smugly, giggling to herself.

    Before he could react, she would then unleash a blast of lightning from her hand, which would strike him in the chest, ending his life in a moment and causing the woman to scream. Beginning to cry and sob, she would drop to her knees and place both her hands over her face. The pink haired girl would watch this for a few moments before swooping down and picking up the grieving woman, who didn’t even try to fight her off, before flying away from the village. That was the last time that the mother was ever seen again and what happened to her was something that only the dual slayer knew.

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