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    Following In Her Footsteps

    Jaesa Fenrir
    Jaesa Fenrir

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    Following In Her Footsteps Empty Following In Her Footsteps

    Post by Jaesa Fenrir 1st November 2019, 12:02 pm

    The rain was coming down hard now and as the excitable demon slayer reached the centre of the village, a wide grin would form across her features. She’d been tracking this being for quite some time and finally, the pink haired teen had become enough of an annoyance to make the figure stop and face her. It was a game that her mother had played and won before her, years ago although Cierra was sure that she was far better prepared for it. She didn’t want to just make a pact with this celestial being, she wanted to dominate it and set the terms for any agreement that was to be made. She knew what was likely to happen and all of her training up until now had been for this moment and her pulse was racing. The girl was ready.

    From the sky would descend a winged woman, dressed in yellow, with crackles of lightning occasionally coming off of her body and attire. She was tall by human standards, at about seven feet tall, with blonde hair and piercing blue eyes, a gaze that was certainly fixed on the face of the teenager at that moment. “All right, child, enough is enough,” the woman would say, trying to hide a smile from her features as she watched Cierra, “It does not look like you are just going to take no for an answer so state your case, before I turn you into a twitching cockroach. I know why you have come and do not think that I am as willing to share my powers with a human as my kin was.”

    “I’m not here to state anything,” Cierra answered with a grin, “You’re going to teach me how to slay gods whether you want to or not. I’m not like my mum, you see. I’m not interested in having you share my body.like her and Valara did for a while. I’m going to beat you up and then play with you until I get what I want. I hate your kind and I’m going to take vengeance over what you lot did to mum and the beast way for me to do that is to take your power. What do you have to say about that, blondie?”

    “Just for that, I, Elysia the Goddess of Thunder am going to send you back to your mother as charred remains,” the winged woman hissed, “You will not be the cause of our defeat and I will be dead and buried before I see my power being used against my own people. If you truly knew what your mother and my sister had done then you would not be so quick to defend them. They are both animals and were made for each other but you and I? We could not be any further apart. You are nothing but a bloodlust filled little brat who needs to be taught a lesson.”

    Before she could finish, Cierra activated her blood claws and charged towards the goddess, leaping up into the air and attacking with a frenzy of slashes and swipes. The pink haired slayer attacked with speed and the blonde haired woman was forced to leap away, before summoning a bolt of lightning and hurling it towards the girl. Cierra would leap over the attack and unleash a powerful roar of blood, which was met with a powerful roar of lightning, causing an explosion of magical power as the two attacks crashed into each other. Giggling, the demon slayer would continue her assault, charging forward again, slipping underneath the goddesses guard and scoring a direct hit with a vampire demon’s fist, knocking the holy creature backwards.

    “You savage little bitch,” the goddess spat, although she was starting to smile herself, “You are more formidable than I first thought.” Surrounding her fists with lightning, Elysia would lash out with a vicious punch that would catch the pink haired girl under the chin and knock her head up, before hitting her a second time directly in the face, hurling Cierra backwards and causing her to hit the ground hard. Charging towards the slayer, the goddess would then begin to crackle with lightning as she gained speed, planning to ram the girl but at the last moment, the pink haired teen would turn to blood, evading the spell and sending the goddess over her and onwards. Reappearing from behind, Cierra would unleash a wave of blood that would crash into the back of the blonde woman, causing her to crash into the side of one of the village buildings.

    Shaking her head, Cierra would get up and then turn her entire body into blood, increasing her speed further and waited as the winged woman stumbled out of what had shortly before been a perfectly fine wall. “Had enough?” the vampire slayer would say cockily, giggling to herself, “You’ve done pretty well but I’m one step ahead of you at the moment, Elysia.  I can’t wait till I get to use some of your moves on your kin, sounds like a hell of a lot of fun to me. What do you think?”

    “I think your mouth needs to be sealed shut,”
    muttered the goddess, drenched in blood from Cierra’s attacks and starting to feel the effects, “Your foul blood is doing a fine job of weakening me girl but I am not even close to being finished. At least your whore of a mother was smart enough to make a deal rather fight for our power but you are not even intelligent enough for that. Die, you piece of human filth.”

    Raising an arm, a bolt of lightning would strike Elysia, giving her a bright yellow aura which began sending sparks in all areas. Cierra would throw a hand up to shield herself from the glare and when the light had passed, the goddess’s outfit had changed completely. It was an unusual look and made her look half human, half animal, sporting ears and a tail of a cat. That was not what the demon slayer had been expecting at all but before she could make any comment on it. Elysia unleashed a powerful blast of electricity that tore towards her, forcing Cierra to dodge out of the way, before tearing in close and beginning to duke it out with the goddess at close range again.

    Technique went out of the window at this stage and it turned into just a slug fest, with both Cierra and Elysia taking heavy damage and starting to feel the effects of the fight. Yet, neither would yield and the fight continued, until both of them were panting with exhaustion and struggling with breath. The final blow or blows would come with Cierra ducking underneath a wild swing from the thunder goddess, before catching her across the stomach with a powerful slash with her claws, before a double stab to the chest would send Elysia down to the ground, defeated.

    Wearily, Cierra would chuckle and clamber on top of the goddess, “You’ve lost blonde,” she’d say happily, “Time for you to stop talking like a stuck up ass and teach me what I wanna know. I’ll say that you put up a hell of a fight and I don’t actually wanna kill you now and would rather you teach me willingly. I got while we fought that we’re actually kind of alike after all. I saw that smile on your face and I’m sure that you saw it on mine too. We both love the chaos of battle and by joining up with me, you can get your fill of it. Don’t fight me any more, Elysia, teach me instead.”

    “Alright, I will admit it,” the bloody goddess would answer, “I do possess that wild side as you do and there is a part of me that desires what your mum and Valara have. You have beaten me in an even fight and I am honourable enough to accept that. I have already shown you how I fight and in truth, it is not all that different from yours. Both brawlers and all action, which I have to say that I have not seen that often in my time. Very well, Cierra, I will grant you my powers but I ask that you perform the same ritual as your mother did. I will not be welcomed back into the heavens after losing to you so my best option is to join with you willingly. I will not fight you for dominance nor seek control and will grant you all of my knowledge, as well as my gifts.”

    “The same ritual?” Cierra asked, her brows briefly furrowed in confusion, before realising just what she meant, “I said at the start of this that I didn’t want us to have the same relationship as mum and Valara do but if after seeing your wilder side, I admit that I’ve taken a liking to you, Elysia but you know that in order for this to work properly, you have to feel the same.”

    “If I did not feel something for you then I would not have suggested it,” the goddess snapped wearily, “I know how this all works and believe me, as much as I want to wring your neck, I cannot help but admire the way you handle yourself in battle and I imagine that life with you will be anything but dull. So, let us become one and travel together from now on and see what fate has in store for us. At the very least, I am sure the look on your mother’s face will be a picture when you tell her of her little meeting. No doubt she will be thrilled though. Now, you know what to do so go ahead.”

    With a simple nod, Cierra would briefly tap into her magic, before leaning over the goddess and kissing her softly on the lips. Wrapping their arms around each other, the two would embrace for a few moments before the pair would become enveloped in a dome of blood and lightning, as the two bonded their bodies and souls to each other. Another goddess had joined with a human, which would no doubt cause an uproar among the heavens but what was most important for Cierra was that she had become what she had wanted to be for so long. A slayer of god’s.

    When the dome disappeared, only Cierra would remain, her hands crackling with lightning as Elysia’s knowledge would begin to flood her mind, almost overwhelming her. It was like a massive adrenaline rush and the girl could see a window into the life of Elysia and what a fun one it had been too. Her teacher in the arts of thunder had not been quite as holy as she claimed to be and the more adult images that occasionally came to mind caused the teen to giggle to herself. It was going to take some time before she could sort things out in her head but for the moment, she was simply proud of her efforts and ready to take on the world.

    Summoning a pair of blood red wings, the now dual type slayer would giggle once again, before launching herself into the air and flying off into the distance. There was so much of the world left to explore and with her new powers at hand, it would only become more fun. There would be blood, there would be lightening and most importantly there would be bodies, of man, beast and god. There was only one thing left for her to do now, celebrate, in the noisiest and messiest way possible.

    As she flew, she soon came across a group of travellers below her and with a wicked grin on her face, she would swoop down and unleash a massive bolt of lightning on the poor fools, causing them to run and beg for their lives. Chuckling even more, she would then descend on them like a hawk and turn them into one large bloody stain.

    Life was good for the pink haired mage.

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