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    Yay! Free stuff!

    Cerise Arledge
    Cerise Arledge

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    Yay! Free stuff! Empty Yay! Free stuff!

    Post by Cerise Arledge on 30th October 2019, 11:39 pm

    As much as Cerise loathed to admit it..she was a sucker for free stuff. Growing up the way she did, she learned to take any and all handouts with gratitude. Pity and pride didn't matter when you risked collapsing of starvation from starvation every day. If you were offered something you said screw the risk and took it without hesitation. It was a sad existence, but it also taught her to appreciate everything no matter how small or insignificant that something may seem.

    She had heard about all of the utilities that an iLac came with: access to the lacrima-net, the ability to make long-distance calls, day-to-day apps like a calendar and a calculator, it even comes with a tracker to gauge your magic levels.

    Of course, the feature she most looked forward to was the Sorcerers Magazine application. When she was younger she would always make sure to steal a copy of the magazine when she could. Even if it was an old issue she would still read it over and over for hours, the powerful and famous featured mages being the only thing that kept her motivated to work harder so that she could leave that life for hours.

    As she approached the factory where the iLac's were distributed she couldn't help but wonder what the big deal about being without magic was. Sure it made her feel a little weird, but it was nothing compared to starvation. Honestly, this place could be considered a haven of sorts, with no magic to give natural advantages the crime that did happen here was probably much easier to regulate. Of course, common thieves and the like were probably still widespread, but the point remained that it was much safer in comparison to magically abundant places like Rose Garden.

    Once she got to the factory she was happy to see that the line was rather short, especially in comparison to the one she had to wait in when she went to get her passport. About five minutes passed before she made it to the front of the line, where a rather bored-looking factory worker was handing out the freely distributed tools.

    "Welcome, what color would you like your iLac in?" The poor sod sounded as bored as he looked, but she couldn't really blame him. Having a job that only entailed giving someone a box with a colored device in it was bound to get at least a little bland. Still, it wasn't her job to instill enthusiasm in every person that she met, and it's not like he was doing this unwillingly so she didn't feel too bad.

    "Oh uhm, dark red, please." If the crimson cloak she always wore didn't give it away, a deep shade of red was basically her default color. The only real reason she had her guild mark in gold instead of crimson was to provide a bit of contrast to her whole aesthetic.

    After having the rather pristine white box placed into her hands, Cerise would give a gentle smile and a thank you before heading back home. She had no doubt that she wouldn't get much sleep tonight, too preoccupied with learning the ins and outs of this new toy.

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