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    To Catch a Terrorist! [B-rank exam]

    Albafica Temero
    Albafica Temero

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    To Catch a Terrorist! [B-rank exam] Empty To Catch a Terrorist! [B-rank exam]

    Post by Albafica Temero 29th October 2019, 8:29 am

    He stared at the physical copy of his newest assignment with a grimm look on his face. Honestly, of all the things they could've asked him, this one in particular had been one he'd least expected them to ask of him. Although his past was the perfect reason for him to be involved, it was also a very dodgy one in his eyes. A test, he wondered. To see whether he'd truly remain loyal to the choices he'd made. The pledges he'd sworn. If he didn't know better, he would've called it a trap. Were they waiting for him to slip up and catch him on that? Though he had to admit that the other recruits and privates had told him on several occasions that Gisen Ceostra, his commanding officer and general, was all but one to play tricks of the mind upon others. Whether this was because they'd called her 'a simple yet gentle soul' or not was something he'd never disclose to anyone. And although this assignment in particular wasn't one handed to a member of the Combat Corps, he'd been dealt it regardless, because a certain "Dela" couldn't be bothered with it. A peculiar reason, but who was he to disrespect his superiors or seniors? He sighed softly and threw the paper into the fire before him, watching how it crumbled up and changed to a shade of black, grey, to disassemble into dust soon after. It burnt fast, just like his desire to complete this order and be done with it. His help was requested in order to track down a lead on a suspected terrorist plot, with his goal being even simpler still; stop the plot, and bring in the one behind it.

    And in fact, it was just as simple. He'd just have to don his façade a final time and do what he did best; become that which people thought him to be. And for Albafica that was being 'the survivor of dark guilds'. Three dark guilds had perished, yet he had remained, passing onto the next one, and with it rumours had started spreading. And with every feat they'd grown darker and darker, even though that some had not been in his hands to decide. Some had been accidental. Some on purpose. But a few silver tongues had made sure that his reputation, although not proceeding him, was one to be reckoned with. None of them knew he'd turned a new leaf either, which worked in his favor. It only took him a bit of searching in the right places, conversing with the right wrong people to get the hints he needed. The location of his presumed target. Morgate Town, once territory that flourished until one peculiar night Basilisk Fang had decided to bomb it, when when the dark guild was in its prime; a breeding place for terrorists and the like still remained within the destroyed area. He knew, and several others of his previous alignment too, despite many beliefs that the place had become desolate and abandoned by people. Those of evil intent had found a home here; or more importantly, a chemical testing ground where none would wonder or ask why certain uncanny chemicals were left there. But he knew. And they knew he was coming. He'd made sure of it.

    The cloak had been wrapped tightly around his body, his face hidden within the depths of the hood that shrouded his visage. In here, among the many chemicals riddling the town, his poison was stronger and broke down every particle into something he could harmlessly consume within the air. It was still harmful to others, but poison could not harm one who's vey blood had become just that. Poison. The one he was looking for was one like him, immune to poison, and thus in fact a fellow comrade through it. But it was only outer immunity. Ingesting it was still a problem, and it was that Albafica was making his bets on. He could see prying eyes around him, carefully watching his every move, uncertain. If he had to be honest, this time around he'd take a most threatening appearance through his magic; tall, broad shoulders and most of all, muscular. His face screamed no-nonsense. This time around he couldn't afford to play a charade. To the point, straight-on straight-out. "I know you're following me, Daichi." Albafica said out of the blue, ceasing his step without turning around. "Suggesting that you know why I'm here, I'd also prefer you not to play games with me either. My time is precious and oh-so short… it wouldn't do to make my temper even shorter than that, now would we?" he said with a honey-sweet voice as he shifted his gaze to look behind him, an ice-cold stare settled within his eyes. Seconds of silence followed before footsteps reluctantly revealed their hiding spot. "As you wish, Albafica. Though you should know we're not really pleased with you being here."

    "To each their own, Daichi. If it means business we all twist ourselves to please another rather than ourselves, don't we?" Albafica's left eye flashed shortly, the old guildmark of Nightmare showing itself within it. Daichi swallowed his words and huffed. "I suppose… come with me, the boss wants to see you." He turned and started walking, Albafica moved accordingly and followed suit, be it from a safe distance. Daichi had become an acquaintance during his time with Basilisk Fang, or rather, an informant for details he needed regarding certain jobs… well, all until he became an underling to a very explosive individual. No names had been called, but word had it they meant that both literally and figuratively, which had lead him to believe Morgate was the place to be. A lucky guess, so it seemed. He held his head up high as he walked past a huge crater and towards a slope, upon getting closer said slope was not one an all, but a crafty camouflaging method covering a gigantic entrance to an underground burrow. He smiled, hidden within the shadows of his hood. One way in… how big would the chance be that they lacked an emergency exit, he wondered. Nonetheless, he followed Daichi down a long set of stairs carrying them deeper and deeper into the ground. The amount of guards, turrets and heat-searching equipment passing as security was astonishing, to say the least…. so killing him would be out of the question. The azure-haired man would need to be extra vigilant here. If he did not play his cards well, trouble would most-certainly be hitting him square in the face. His pokerface was on point however, despite the many thoughts running through his head on how to handle his next steps, his face only showed a façade of resolute, yet emotionless seriousness.

    Soon enough they found themselves before a vault door, and was asked to undo his cloak for a weapons search. Albafica obliged and swiftly dropped his cloak, revealing that he was wearing a set of black pants, a casual v-neck shirt and a leather jacket above it. A poison mage searched him thoroughly, but little did they know that Albafica despised the use of weapons. He'd been raised to never use weapons during a fight unless permission had been granted by two specific people… and those were presumed dead, so he'd never as much as hold one until successors had been appointed. "Is this enough, or do you need a few more minutes?" he said mockingly, which got him a scowl in return. He grinned as the vault door was opened, revealing a large underground hangar within. He could feel how his magic was being effectively drained while others were vividly using it as they moved steel shells and plates of various sizes around. This was far bigger than he had expected, he figured not even the superiors would've been expecting a plot on this large a scale. Much time to gaze upon it he didn't get, as Daichi immediately lead him to the left, away from the working mass of mages and towards more reclusive quarters. In a large, dainty yet dimlit room the man was seated and told to wait. Five minutes later a slender, white-haired man witth orange eyes and black sclera wandered in, flanked by five guards that stationed themselves beside and behind him. Albafica smirked. Quite the assembly you got here, Poison Master. Most impressive." The man remained silent and just stared at Albafica, who locked his gaze in turn. He was being assessed right then and there, so Albafica made sure not to break eye-contact up until a tingling sensation filled his nostrils. After that, the tingling spread all across his skin. The azure-haired man burst into laughter. "How quaint. Are you really trying to poison me, of all people? Should I show you what real poison can do to a human-" Albafica rose from his seat, pretending to invoke his magic, but was halted by both the anti-magic system as well as a guard that stepped in and slammed his fist into his face. His lip tore, and a trickle of blood ran down the corner of his mouth as he stumbled back. The white-haired man cracked into a devious grin. "Looks like you aren't as tough as the rumours say after all, Mr. Temero." Albafica glared at the man, wiping the blood of his lip with the edge of his thumb. "But don't even try using your magic here, this place has been built as such to function as the anti-magic fields of the Neutral Zone to outsiders. Courtesy of Grendal." Grendal warned him, making a small bow. The azure-haired man grumbled and sat back down. "Nice toys you seem to have here, Grendal…" He started, not paying the man's boast any heed, much to Grendal's dismay. "I'm guessing that you have an idea of why I'm here…?"

    "You want in on the deal, I take it? I guess I could allow that, but I'd need to know how you can contribute to our plans… both financially and materially, of course. Every business deal has its price, after all." Grendal said in a serious tone, his orange eyes pinned on his azure ones. Albafica purposely fueled the Nightmare mark with mana so it lit up within his pupil. The mark intimidated other dark mages even after the guild had perished, which might have been the only good thing about the accursed thing. "Fair enough. Money is no issue, and I can give you all the information regarding Era and how to get in unseen that was used by Crimson Fang… among other things, of course. But," he paused, seeing how the terrorist leader had been growing increasingly pleased by what he had to offer. His guard was finally dropping. "You should know better than to target Era after Crimson Fang's raid." Grendal started laughing. "And why should I? They're weakened as is, and soon enough we'll have dozens of bombs ready to be planted across the city. Detonate them one by one, or all at once." He nodded as he listened to the terrorist unfolding his plans for him. [color#0066ff"Not bad. But you're forgetting one thing though, Grendal. A very important detail that could cost you your life…"[/color] Albafica said nonchalantly. And as expected, Grendal took the bait. "And what would that be, exactly?" Grendal smirked a tad bit too cockily. Albafica jumped up and dodged the incoming bodyguard swiftly, reaching the surprised Grendal far faster than they's expected, and grabbed the man's face. Pulling Grendal up, Albafica forced his thumb into his mouth and pressed down unto his tongue, while his face was only an inch away from his. "Era is mine. My territory and my target of vengeance. You will stay put and not lift a finger unless I tell you so, lest you wish this poison to destroy you whole from the inside out." He pushed Grendal away from him, and saw the panicked look on his face as he grabbed his mouth and throat. The poison was already taking effect. "But how?! Your magic should be-""My poison isn't magical in nature, Grendal. It's a natural, yet a lethal source… and if you don't comply with me, you'll be dead in a few minutes. So you better listen carefully." Sly eyes looked at Grendal.

    "What do you want?!" he nearly shouted, feeling the poison spread across his body. The panic only sped up its effects. "Oh but that's very simple… call your lead scientist here, please. And do hurry up, will you? You don't have all day." A devious smile spread across his face as he said that last sentence, only adding to Grendal's panicked gestures for one of his guards to go get the scientist. At that time, the first stage had been breached and pain started coursing through the terrorist leader's chest, coughing up blood in the process. His eyes looked at it in horror. "Oh don't you worry, it gets better after this. Well, for me it does. For you not really." Albafica said, casually walking over to one of the paintings on the wall to admire it. Seconds later both the guard and the lead scientist practically burst through the door, their eyes shifting from Albafica to their boss. Grendal urged them to close the door, and as soon as he heard the door fall shut, Albafica looked over his shoulder. "Kill him. Then you'll get your antidote." Grendal looked confused at first, but seeing his unbudging face staring back at him made the man realise; don't ask, just do. His hand swiftly pulled out a magic gun and pulled the trigger, shooting the scientist's chest and ripping his heart out in the process; the body exploded into an inferno of flames almost moments after. If the man hadn't been dead then, he would've been now. "Good. Here you go." he flicked a small veil towards the bloodied man, who grabbed and almost immediately consumed its contents without asking any questions. A grave mistake.

    Black spots started appearing all over Grendal's body, rapidly covering his skin. The terrorist leader cried out in pain and glared at his supposed partner-in-crime. "WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME?!" Albafica shrugged his shoulders. "Fighting poison with poison of course! It's the only way to undo my own poison, after all… and seeing you're so stupid as to directly ingest the toxins, your immunity doesn't help you jack shit." he crossed his arms, watching Grendal squirm around the room in pain. His bodyguards wanted to act accordingly but Albafica quickly halted their assault. "If you want to see your boss live through this, you'll do your best in not harming me. Or you could just go ahead and I'll give you a taste of that as well." They didn't move any closer towards him, seemingly conflicted. Now Grendal," Albafica said, squating down next to the squirming terrorist. "Seeing I'm not such a bad guy, I'll be nice and show you some goodwill. The cure to this poison isn't anything you need to ingest. Just some sunlight will help you get rid of this." He smirked, and picked the man up so could support him. He started moving, but saw the guards wanting to stop him once more. "Four minutes is all you got before the pain becomes unbearable. On top of that none of you could possibly carry this guy without getting contaminated as well, so this is the only way. Follow suit if you don't trust me, I don't care." Albafica didn't leave them much choice as he started moving again, ascending towards the exit of the vault and moving towards the surface. As soon as the sunlight came into view near the exit, Albafica moved towards it and allowed Grendal to rest in the sun, while he moved him through the camouflage and out in the open. Before their eyes the black spots on his skin evaporated like dust, and with it the pain in Grendal's body lessened considerably.

    "See? Not that bad, right? Well, guess there's only one more thing for me to do…" Albafica muttered, making a 90 degree turn towards the entrance of the hidden underground base. Without warning he elbowed Grendal in the face, effectively KO'ing him, and kicked the oncoming guards back into the hole. Within his palm his energy started gathering in a raging influx of power, which he flicked into the darkness. "Enjoy yourselves! Galaxian Explosion!" He backstepped several meters as he let the influx detonate, feeling the ground shake violently underneath him. The entire entrance collapsed before him. Grabbing the unconscious Grendal off the ground, Albafica started fading, and disappeared entirely before anyone could lay eyes on him again.

    ~ ◇ ~ ◇ ~ ◇ ~

    Having returned to the Rune Knights Headquarters in Era, Albafica had kindly dropped Grendal off at the nearest prison, leaving him in the care of the first prison warden he could find, and quickly made his way to one of the commanding officers of the Combat Division. Knowing it was probbaly impossible to report to Gisen directly, he made do with a short recap of the events that had happened. He'd already told them about the location of the terrorist group's hide-out, its lay-out and anti-magic system, as well as how he'd collapsed the entrance so none could escape through that. "I pretended to have a personal grudge against this fellow and left the necessary witnesses and proof for that during my pre-concerned actions. Although my reputation does not proceed me, the people there at least know not to seek out my targets, so I doubt they'll be aiming for Era for the time being. They won't be expecting the Rune Knights to be behind this, leave alone expect retaliation before their plans come to fruition." Albafica bowed his head, allowing a silence and for the officer to reply. "But worry not, all are still alive…. aside from an, uh, let's call it an 'unfortunate' accident. All for the greater good, of course. Their scientist won't be fiddling on any bombs just yet, so I'd guess you have about a day or three before they find a new one to take its place. I'd suggest making haste for any answers you seek regarding the group… although their leader should be more talkative if you just mention my blood, if you'd be so kind to relay that to the Lady General." he said, standing back unto his feet and looking at the officer. "I'll be sure to deliver a fully detailed log about the mission within the next few hours, sir, so I'll be taking my leave for now." Although he had been polite, he wouldn't listen as the officer demanded for him to stay put, and left for the barracks. His actions today, despite necessary, had been all but to his liking. But for the sake of the innocent people they were going to target, he'd reluctantly do it over and over again.

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