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    Pumpkin Picking Gone Wrong (Event)


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    Pumpkin Picking Gone Wrong (Event) Empty Pumpkin Picking Gone Wrong (Event)

    Post by Medeia 29th October 2019, 7:18 am

    It had been just a few days since she had finally settled the score with her angelic kin and the witch could not help but be in fine spirits. The book on her past had finally closed and she could finally focus on the future and the delightful adventures and excitement that she would no doubt experience. She almost felt like an entirely different person and the black haired woman could certainly be found smiling more often lately. There had been a change within her and the bitterness that had once festered had now been released, leaving her with a surprisingly cheerful outlook on things. Her encounters with Sakura, Gisen and Jennifer and only added to this new way of thinking and despite her grand age, there were moments where she almost felt like a child again, a sensation that had long been lost due to the endless hell that she had been forced to live.

    Her job today was simple and as the witch surveyed the large pumpkin field in front of her, she had to wonder just why the leaflet giver would require the aid of mages in order to complete the task. How hard was it to pick up a few pumpkins and deliver them? Anyway, the reward was good and it did give her a chance to simply take things easy for a change. She had intended to complete the task alone but her loyal companion and maid had been insistent on coming along, with the witch eventually agreeing. Armina was always in high spirits but she seemed to be almost giddy with joy, now that they had finally earned their freedom. It was a feeling that they both shared and given how close they were, it was only natural. Closer than friends, closer than lovers, they were entwined with each other for ever. Something that they both appreciated.

    “You picked a lovely spot, mistress,” the buxom purple haired maid said with a smile, “They do not call it Rose Garden for nothing.” Dressed in her usual attire, Armina could not help but grin, taking Medeia’s arm in hers and watching the view in front of them. “You do tend to pick the loveliest spots and perhaps after our task is done, we could spend some quality together?” She spoke in a sweet tone although her eyes contained the slightest hint of lust.

    “Of course, my dear,”
    Medeia answered with a small smile, pulling her maid in for a short kiss, “I have never said no to you before, have I?” The witch spoke casually with little care for how the pair looked in the eyes of others, “I doubt this job will take too long and one it is finished, we can have some fun but first things first.”

    The pair would approach the field but the moment their feet touched the soil, a chilling aura suddenly enveloped the area, causing both women to stop and raise their guard. Armina would instantly draw her axe and prepare for battle while Medeia would simply watch carefully, attempting to figure out what was going on. It had happened so quickly although mused that she probably should have expected something like this to happen. It would explain the flyers after all and since when did a job that she went on ever go smoothly? No matter how well she attempted to plan and control, there always seemed to be something that managed to ruin them, much to her annoyance.

    A loud caw would attract their attention and from the sky would descend a murder of crows, all diving towards them, beaks and talons ready to strike. Armina would leap from the ground and start to engage them in the air while Medeia would utter a spell, causing a whip to form in her hands, which she would then use to strike the birds with, easily killing one with every lash. The birds were weak and not much of a challenge and neither maid nor mistress took any real damage from them. They fought in perfect harmony and the ground was soon littered with the bodies of the foolish birds. It had been a stupid attack and the fallen angel briefly wondered as to why they would attack so suddenly, knowing full just how futile their efforts were. The term bird brain could not have been more appropriate then at that moment.

    Before the two could relax though, the bodies of the birds would suddenly rise from the ground and form together to make a far larger shape. An undead creature that stood at about 7 feet tall with a large set of claws. It would grin at them menacingly before engaging them but compared to the maid and her mistress, it did not have much of a chance. The pair were just two strong for it and despite the fact that it swung and fought with  ferocity, the whip and axe combination were soon dealing heavy to the opponent, with a powerful crack of Medeia’s whip catching the beast around the ankle, leaving it open for Armina to emplant her axe into itx back. The creature would roar with pain, before the maid would remove her axe, before decapitating the supposed Lord, causing it to crumble away to nothing.

    Neither Medeia nor Armina were all that impressed with the foes so far and as the maid returned to the witch's side, she would utter in a disappointed voice, “I suppose this is why we were called but compared to fighting your father and his minions the other day, this is a little too easy for my tastes, mistress. Surely there must be more than this?”

    “There is still a chill in the air so I am going to assume that we are not quite finished,” Medeia answered, her purple eyed gaze briefly glancing at the area around them, “Stay on your toes, my dear as I imagine they will get at least slightly stronger although I doubt they will prove a challenge regardless.” If anything, the fallen angel was just eager to finish this as soon as possible as she had little interest in their foes so far and not one of them had been a beautiful female, just ugly shadow creatures. Such a waste of time.

    A wicked laugh would suddenly come from seemingly nowhere as a large scarecrow would suddenly come towards them, wielding a large scythe and clearly out for blood. Armina would instantly block its scythe with her axe, while Medeia would simply jump back slightly, before blasting the straw haired fiend with a blast of angelic energy, knocking it back several feet. Its attacks were powerful and frenzied but Armina was well trained and was able to eventually overpower the creature, delivering a series of powerful blows, before Medeia would join in with a powerful lash from her whip, followed by her summoning an angelic bow and striking it in the chest with an arrow. The scarecrow was stubborn and tried to continue the fight but a powerful slash from the maid almost cut it in two, ending the fight and sending the monster back to the shadows from whence it came.

    For a moment, everything fell silent before heavy fog would fill the area and a cold chuckle would come from the centre of the field. A tall and gangly creature would come forward, not uttering a word, before suddenly unleashing a barrage of dark energy blasts that the pair of females had to quickly get out of the way from. Armina would take to the sky while Medeia would raise a hand and summon a blood shield, defending her from the attacks and then following  up with a powerful roar of sand, which sent the creature flying backwards and smashing it against a tree. Her maid would come in for a slash but the pumpkin king was quick enough to evade it and block the purpled haired woman’s axe with his hand, resulting in a clash of claws and axe. Summoning her own wings, Medeia would use the distraction to unleash a sphere of gold, that would capture the figure and turn him to solid gold, robbing him of his HP and making him briefly unable to attack. With a massive slash of her axe, Armina would then slash across the paralysed monsters body, followed by a massive crack of Medeia’s whip, in order to shatter the king to pieces and causes him to disappear completely.

    Once it was all over, the fog and cold aura would fade away, leaving the two women with the field to themselves again. The pair would exchange a glance and shrug, before proceeding to start pick the best of the pumpkins from the field. It had been a short but eventful little job and had at least given them a little target practice and as the darkness began to settle in as the day turned to night, both of them could be heard humming in harmony. Another victory for the immortal witch and her faithful maid.

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    Pumpkin Picking Gone Wrong (Event) Medeia123

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