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    Endless Spiral


    Cortesan of Mist

    Cortesan of Mist

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    In Progress Endless Spiral

    Post by Oykai on 27th October 2019, 7:54 am

    Magic Name:
    Endless Spiral

    Magic Type:
    Re-quip (Primary)
    Summon (Auxiliary)

    Oykai has lived for a vast amount of years collecting unique items, weapons, armours and a vast amount of different spirits. It is through studying and bonding he has found the best way to use his vast and diverse arsenal of equipment and spirits to his advantage.

    Unique Abilities:

    = Strengthened Spirit: This allows Oykai's summons to gain user rank allowed passive buff to magical damage.

    = Studied Bonding: This allows Oykai to gain user rank allowed passive buff to magical damage while using re-quips.

    = Scholars Resolve: This allows Oykai's spells to gain max allowed passive buff split equally between spell speed and spell distance.


    Death's Cycle:

    Death's Cycle


    Vip Shop: Page 5, Post n°114

    The presence of twins are strictly forbidden within the race that Oykai and his own twin sister Demiari found themselves born into, a fact that seemed to have been ignored for two reasons. One they had royal blood running through their veins and two no agent of death would even dare to attempt to claim one of their masters children let alone two of them. The reason for this is in his race, twins are two parts of a whole, they share any information they have, their abilities affect the other as does any experiences, memories, strengths or weaknesses. It is considered as having the same person in two places at the same time. Around a year ago he was once again face to face with the twin that was taken from him at their new birth, he had no idea what misfortune would come due to her connections to the one name of Cirven and the 'family' she grew with for over half of her life. Due to an act of striking against their summoner his dear twin is now considered as a traitor to the realm. This puts Oykai in more than one tricky situation as he wants to protect her due to being part of him and he part of her; if he was to strike her, he to would feel the pain as if it had been inflicted upon himself. He also knows that he would be expected to end her life cycle but that means he himself would be sentencing himself to the same fate. This in honesty does little to bother him, however, there are things that he hopes that he doesn't need to do one of them is that he isn't the one to take her final breath.

    Oykai unlike his twin was born and raised within the void and rose through the ranks as a reaper and soul hunter quickly. To be honest anything less than this would make him be deemed as a failure given his age and whom his father was, still he was pushed further beyond what he should have been capable of due to this and ended up killing his tutor in his final exam for their insolence without remorse. The reason for this outburst remains unexplained to this day, as he says he doesn't know why he done it. This is not the truth, he knows exactly why he done it but refuses to say. Oykai found out unexpectedly that he is far more versatile than others in his professions, he expects that this is a cross between his training and what Demiari herself endured and though parts of this scares him he uses it to his benefit when needed.


    Forbidden Bond:
    Twins are highly taboo within his race, he however is one of two sets of twins that have been permitted to live due to his lineage. Through the bond with his elder twin he has experienced the things she was forced to endure, it is because of this Oykai has five spells that are not only independent of his magic but are classed as solitary takeover spells (one spell for each rank capping at S rank), in addition to this he gains two additional signature spells that cap at S rank for one of his magics. All spells must be graded under normal magic rules. (4 effects)

    Unlimited Time:
    Oykai not only has a vast personal library that spans over the many life cycles he has lived, he also gains the memories of the cycles he as lived when he comes of age in each life. This allows him to call on some of this information making him that much stronger. Oykai gains two additional advanced spells one capping at S+ and the other at H+ (3 effects)

    Spiritual Binding:
    Part of a reaper's job is to take the final breath of the living before taking them to be judged and guiding them to their final resting place. This being said if of a high enough tier they can hold off doing this and use those they've reaped to their advantage. This ability allows him to be able to claim an additional combat pet. (1 effect)

    Sacrificial Protection:
    Oykai has sacrificed quite a bit to keep his monster behind a door, this puts a strain on his mind and body to keep not only his own protections in place but those of his twin sister. It is due to this Oykai has 100 less mp and hp than a character of the same rank, he also is unable to gain benefit from magic reductions. Through these sacrifices Oykai is able to tap into more of his lost knowledge and gains 5 additional advanced spells for a single one of his magic's (These follow an independent spell maximum from the regular one up to S and are to distributed according to regular advanced spell maximums, 2 B+, 2 A+, 1 S+) All spells must be graded under normal magic rules as usual. He also gains 50% damage reduction to both magic and physical damage. (4 effects – 3 effects for drawbacks = 1 effect)

    Hidden Treasures:
    Oykai is a prince within the void but this is of little consequence to him, he works hard as a reaper and as a scholar he has to travel quite often to gain the information he might want to acquire. Along the way he occasionally helps people and does so in a timely and efficient manner. It is because of this Oykai gains double jewel to any job that he takes.


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