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    SpOwOky OwOky Pumpkin Fun~


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    SpOwOky OwOky Pumpkin Fun~ Empty SpOwOky OwOky Pumpkin Fun~

    Post by Jester 26th October 2019, 3:54 pm

    SpOwOky OwOky Pumpkin Fun~ G7VfRyw

    "SpOwOky OwOky pumpkin, he a owange, woundo boi. He woll and wobbwe wound de patch wooking fow a tastee snac~"

    The soft singing of the clown rippled through the pumpkin fields, which were eerily quiet at the moment. The song compiled with the subtle sound of his steps and the squeaky tire rolling along on the wheelbarrow he was pushing along. He wasn't sure who had come up with the song, he had overheard some teenagers singing it in passing and picked it up along the way. They seem to find it hysterical, although the clown couldn't entirely understand why. It felt quite catchy to him and it kept his mind occupied as he made his way to pick some pumpkins. Jester didn't like pumpkin, but he did like pumpkin pie. Sweet, cinnamony goodness, maybe he could enjoy some soon, he just had to find the right baker to make it for him. But first, Pumpkins!

    The Shirotsume sky had begun as bright and sunny, yet now it was starting to darken. Clouds seemed to turn a gloomy shade of grey, and the air was filled with a bitter chill. The quiet plains which were filled with just the clown's pleasant melody were now being interrupted by the occasional squawk. The clown glanced up, his golden eyes scanning the skies. His head tilted slightly to the right, a wide, unmoving smile yet hidden under his white mask. He stood still, almost statue-like, watching mesmerized as the skies filled with black wings, flapping vigorously as they began to converge into a swarm. The swarm soared through the air, moving around in a looming circle, like a black ring teasing him. Tantalizing him. Until finally it would descend, shooting down towards them, their angry screeching growing thunderous as they flew. Lower and lower, they felt, they sharp beaks ready to tear apart his pale flesh.

    And yet, he kept humming the melody, a smile still wide, figure unmoving. Until suddenly, there was a crack. And in the air next to him, a gun materialized; Large, and bright orange, with a face painted on its side. He caught it as it felt, shifting it up against his shoulder. He raised the end towards the sky, flicking off the safety latch on the side of the gun. The gun began to hum, trembling as it began to build up power, all the whilst the crows descended further, closing in on him. Until finally.... BOOM!

    The blast was huge, bright orange ethereal energy, shaped like a giant Jack-o'lantern. Spreading outwards before engulfing the swarm of crows, incinerating them in a matter of moments until what descended from the sky was a shower of dead avians. Jester took a deep whiff, smelling the air around him along with the intense scent of singed birds. He lowered the gun, placing it into the barrel. He moved across the pumpkin patch, reaching down for a nice juicy one, brushing a dead crow off the top before tapping it. The echo of the tap was hollow, good, this was a good one. He set about picking it, heaving it into the barrel next to his recently acquired Jack-o'-Cannon.

    As he let go of the pumpkin, he paused, listening to the next sound. He stopped singing, it wasn't necessary anymore. Something was telling him more fun was on its way. The bird bodies that littered the area around the clown twitched, flickering with life. Before shooting toward one another, merging together into a mass. One by one they came together, growing larger and larger, reforming, and reshaping. Becoming a feathered beast, somewhat anthropomorphic but only in shape. Its entire body was covered in feather, topped with the head of a crow, with a beak stretched in such a way that it almost looked like it was grinning at him. To which the clown grinned, back, giggling excitedly, the clown straightened up. "Ello there Birdy~" He purred, the bird-beast threw it's head back and released a ghoulish scream that echoed across the land. Before looking back at him sharply and charging forward, swinging its powerful claws towards him.

    The clown ducked the swing gracefully, sliding to the right all the while dragging his hand over the end of the gun once more, sweeping it back into his grip in a smooth motion. He spun around the creature, lifting up the gun and releases three blasts into the back of its skull, blasts of ethereal Jacks smashing into its head before taking it clean off its shoulders.  The beast crumpled to the ground, causing the clown to pout. He had hoped for a little more excitement when he'd seen the beast put together by dead birds. There was a crack and the gun in his hand disappeared. "Yoo hooooo, anyone else here to play?" It was quiet for a moment, he stared around for a moment. Something was coming, he could feel it. He returned his gaze to the pumpkin patches, moving along to look for others. Seemingly paying no attention as in the near distance, a scarecrow began to come to life. Its once lifeless face lighting up with a malicious fire from within, and it's maniacal cackles filling the air.

    Despite the cackle, this time the clown paid it no mind, continuing to pick the pumpkins. The Scarecrow moved closer, wielding the lethal blade of its scythe eagerly. As the weapon swung through the air, it's blade sliced through the body of its target, carving it through and splitting it in half. Except it wasn't Jester's body that fell to the floor, but the body of a Harlequin doll. Jester had reappeared several meters away and was continuing to gather pumpkin nonchalantly. The scarecrow looked down at its target curiously, as the arm of the doll rose up off of the ground before plunging the blade of a machete into the scarecrows thigh. The scarecrow cackled once more, only it's cackle was cut short as another machete pierced through it, it's blade bursting forth from its stomach as another doll stood behind him. The scarecrow quickly turned, attempting to slice up the doll, but it was too quick and agile for the creature. Dancing around the beast, limb by limb the doll carved up the scarecrow until all that was left was a pile of limbs, sat onto was it's head, with a machetes hilt protruding from its face.

    Finally, peace seemed to settle on the pumpkin patch, allowing Jester and his dolls to work in peace. Gathering an impressive pile of pumpkins in the wheelbarrow until Jester was satisfied with the amount. He was just about to wheel it away, Harlequins in tow, until one last chuckle caught his attention. In the distance, a glowing light could be seen, the area had grown foggy, making it harder to see. Jester chuckled, "One last play then," He chuckled dropping the wheelbarrow, watching from the shadows as a figure emerged. The creature sporting a black cloak and chains along with the menacing head of a rotten Jack-O'-Lantern. The creature darted forward, swiping at Jester with his claw-like fingers. The claws tore into the fabric of his shirt, scratching the skin slightly. Jester looked down tutting at the sight of his ruined clothes. He brought his hands together and clapped, the dolls darted around him. Launching themselves at the Pumpkin Patch King. The group engaged in a ferocious battle, as Jester watched. The king was stronger than the other beast, he even managed to tear out one of the doll's chest cavities, which essentially was a lot of porcelain and wires.

    In the sky above, whilst the battle took place, playing cards had begun to appear, fluttering around the butterflies, until at least fifteen soared about the fight. It was only where each of the three dolls had buried their machetes into the King, did they jump back, Leaving the King room. The King glanced around them, decided who to attack, his gaze fell on the clown was looking at him with a cocked head. The clown snapped his fingers, and suddenly the cards rained down from the sky, plunging down into the creature, once fluttering like butterflies, now they attacked like a swarm of locusts. Carved the pumpkin king to shreds, until finally he was no more. With a light-hearted giggle, Jester picked up the wheelbarrow and continued her way. Moving out of the pumpkin patch and back through the town of Shirotsume. As he roamed the streets he heard a voice!

    "Good sir! Yes, you. Oh how delightful, you must have seen our posters, here let me take those!" The stranger cried happily, taking the wheelbarrow from the clown. Jester blinked at him curiously, wondering what on earth the man was doing taking his wheelbarrow. However before Jester could share with him the same fate at the monsters in the patch the man continued, "These are going to be perfect for the party, enough for several pies and lanterns! Thank you so much, here have a ticket, come find me at the festival, I'll be hosting a cake stand with all sorts of treats." Jester's eyes grew wide with excitement, taking the ticker from the man, he let him have the barrel before spinning and skipping off into the night. After all, he had found his baker.


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