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    To Earthland And Beyond


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    To Earthland And Beyond Empty To Earthland And Beyond

    Post by Kalama 22nd October 2019, 5:40 am

    Unfortunately, the second job of the day turned out to be a rather boring one and Cierra soon found herself standing at the back of a long line. She was supposed to be getting a passport but the people giving them out were so slow that it looked as if it was going to last all day. The drunken girl soon became bored and started hurling abuse, not only at the staff but at the other people in the queue as well, adding to the already made atmosphere and angering pretty much everyone. At first, her insults were pretty childish and clearly just fooling around but as time wore on, they became rather more adult and personal.

    “Hey! You! The bald guy with the whore for a girlfriend,”
    she yelled at a figure a few places in front of her in the queue, “Do you pay her by the hour to be with you or what?”

    That seemed to set flame to all of the tension, as the man in question turned around and stuck his middle finger up in her direction, “You’d know a damn lot about being a whore, wouldn’t you? You little piece of shit. If you weren't just a runt, I’d come over there and ...”

    His threat was cut off as Cierra’s fist made contact with his face at that moment, having sprinted and jumped towards him at a speed that caught everyone by surprise. A horrible crack could be heard as his nose broke and blood quickly began to spurt from it, causing him to howl with pain and place one hand across his face. From there a riot quickly ensued and fists and feet soon started to fly, creating absolute pandemonium. Men and women of all ages and creeds began to lash out at each other, with the pink haired girl happily in the middle of it, punching everyone who came near her. It was a lot of fun and the drunk girl had a whale of a time, lashing out at all those she met. She knew her mother would be proud of her and that only spurred her on further. It was hard to tell how many people she took out by herself but the end result was a mass of blood and guts all around her, with anyone left running for their lives.

    Saturated in the lovely red liquid, Cierra would then approach the passport desk and smile up at the only remaining members of staff,

    “I’d like a passport please,” she’d say, smiling sweetly at the woman, her pink eyed gaze almost glazed over by now.

    “Erm, yes, right away,” the woman said, her hands shaking, before quickly going through the motions, including taking the girl’s picture, which Cierra gladly posed for. After about ten minutes or so, it was all over and the pink haired teen had a brand spanking new passport in hand. With a giggle, she would then take her leave of Rose Garden for a while, vanishing into the forest surrounding the place, heading for who knows where.

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