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    Wine Testing


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    Wine Testing Empty Wine Testing

    Post by Kalama 22nd October 2019, 5:38 am

    “Please stop making a mess of my place,” the owner said angrily, his face ruby red as he watched the girl running around his restaurant.

    The girl in question was jumping from table to table, clearly drunk, giggling like crazy and singing a crude song that was quickly annoying those who were dining. Yet, they didn’t do anything about it, mostly due to the look that the girl gave them if they even glanced at her funny. She was having a hell of a time though and was being paid just to drink as much as she could. The wine was delicious and she’d already lost count of how many glasses she’d actually drunk. At this point, everything was a bit of a blur and she’d now moved on from glasses to bottles. What a fun way to spend a morning and already the girl was way past the point of over excitement.

    “Why? You wanted me to test your wine, didn’t you and that’s what I’m doing,”
    the pink haired teen would answer with a wide grin, her eyes turning in his general direction, “I’m testing to see if it’s affecting my balance. Stop being a spoilsport and let me have my fund, old timer.”

    “Go away and leave us to dine in peace,” uttered a rather foolish man, dining with his wife and clearly not amused by Cierra’s act.

    “That’s just rude,” Cierra quipped, suddenly jumping over to his table and kicking his meal into his lap, causing him to howl with pain and ruining his suit. His wife screamed and ran for cover, getting out of the way. “You don’t talk to me like that, wanker,” she added, before punting him hard in the face and knocking him off his chair, before pounding on top of him and cracking him in the face with a punch, “You say anything like that to me again and I’ll turn your face into a piece of artwork, you hear me, scum?” Quivering, he’d scramble away and leave the restaurant as quickly as he could, followed by his upset wife.

    Standing back up, she’d turn to the other diners and say, her hands covered in blood, “No tip.” In a rush of opened wallets and purses, the girl would suddenly be lampooned by a vast amount of jewels as they desperately tried to avoid the same fate. The girl simply laughed and caught as many as she could, her slayer sense still fairly keen, even if she was absolutely plastered. With a giggle, she would then walk back behind the counter and present the tips to the owner, who despite his annoyance with her, raised his eyebrows at how much she’d earned. “I don’t like your methods, kid but you’re definitely effective. Thanks for testing the wine for me, come back later and I’ll have a few free bottles for you, OK?”

    “Really?” Cierra said with a big grin, “Thanks a lot, I’ll be sure to come back soon. Don’t forget to treat the waitresses right, yeah?”

    “Of course, now off you go,” he replied, paying her what he owed her before turning away to focus on the diners.

    Happily, the pink haired girl would then turn and leave the restaurant, walking through the front door and wandering off down the road, humming quietly to herself, her footsteps a little staggered. There was still another job for her to do today, although it was just a simple one, hopefully.

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