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    Luna's training

    Lumine Fennec
    Lumine Fennec

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    Luna's training Empty Luna's training

    Post by Lumine Fennec 21st October 2019, 10:20 pm

    Name: Luna Fennec

    Rank: C

    HP: 200/200

    MP: 200/200

    Luna had been training in secret since she had joined the Rune Knights. She may have ended up in the Engineering Corps, but that didn't mean that she could slack off. She trained at night, when she was certain that nobody would bother her. Every night, she would go through basic drills, steadily increasing her increments as time passed. The growth of her third tail meant that she had grown stronger. With that in mind, it was only a matter of time before she grew more, both physically and in terms of raw magical power. Unfortunately, all the power in the world wouldn't mean a thing if the one using it couldn't control it. As Luna trained, her tails, hair, ears, and eyes would sometimes begin to take on a white glow. She was getting close to stabilizing this newfound power. The trouble was that it always felt like she was missing something important when she failed to maintain the glow. Somehow, though, something was different this night. Luna felt stronger than she did most evenings. She knew where the excess power was coming from as well. It was from her namesake, the moon. It was full, which was causing her magical energy to fluctuate, and amplifying her emotions as well.

    During her breaks, Luna would often look up at the moon, and think of her sister. It had been a while since she had seen her. Granted, It was difficult to hold a conversation with someone who had been trapped in ice. Still, there were times when Luna would think of all the memories they had made together, and all that they could have made. She knew it was her own fault that her sister had ended up like that. That was why she spent so much time training. If she could learn to control her magic better, then maybe, just maybe she could figure out a way to fix her mistake. "It won't be too much longer now. I'll see you soon." Luna often had to dry her eyes before she resumed her training. She was training not only her body, but her mind as well. She had to be able to think clearly in her line of work. Her day to day was usually spent trying to figure out how to improve the tools that the guild already had. She had originally joined in order to find someone who cared about her not because of her title, or standing, but for who she was. She hadn't found anyone like that just yet. But, she had other things to occupy her time with.

    Luna had decided that she needed to get stronger if she was going to make a difference. She wanted to at least stand on the same level as some of her guild mates. Luna had gone on jobs with some of the others, and knew right away that she was outclassed. She needed to become stronger for her sister, yes, but also for several other reasons. She needed strength to protect others. She needed strength to stand on her own. Above all, she needed the strength to hold herself up as a member of the Rune Knights. As she focused on her need for strength, her hair and fur began to glow white again. It wasn't the same white as the snow. More so, it was closer to the color of the moon, and after some time, it settled, temporarily changing the pigment in her hair and fur. When Luna caught sight of a lock of white hair hanging down in front of her face, she smiled faintly before resuming her drills once more.

    This new strength that Luna had found had given her something of a rush, similar to a runner's high. She felt as though she had more energy than usual, and it felt good. She smiled as she considered what she might be able to do now that she was getting stronger. She wanted to maintain her training regimen, but she also knew that updating it would most likely bring forth greater results later on. As she wound down, Luna considered the few accomplishments she had. While few in number, they did have a measured meaning to her. She had come quite far in such a short time as she had been a Rune Knight. After taking a good look at her surroundings, Luna realized that she had made quite a mess, and decided to tidy up a bit. It wasn't as though she had intended to make a mess. That was just how things usually ended up when she was training at night. However, she usually picked up after herself afterward.

    There had also been a full moon on the night that Luna's sister had been encased in ice. Fate was sometimes rather cruel in such ways. One was gifted with freedom, while the other was imprisoned. Luna had been trying to figure out a way to bring her sister out of her preserved state for as long as she had been a member of the Engineering Corps. Unfortunately, all of her tests ended up being inconclusive. Of course, that was mostly due to the fact that Luna had almost completely forgotten about the environmental conditions that night. Still, it was getting rather late, and Luna didn't want to get caught outside after hours. While she might have been on a RK base, which was protected, she still had rules that she had to at least appear to follow.At the very least, she had managed to get some training in with all that was going on around her. It was nice to be able to vent once in a while, and in a safer manner than she had done during her last job. It could have gone a lot worse, but then, it could have gone better as well. Luna didn't know all the details, but at some point she had blacked out during a fight. That was another reason for her training, to prevent future episodes such as that one.

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