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    The Rumour


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    The Rumour Empty The Rumour

    Post by Tor 14th October 2019, 11:29 pm

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    “Fiore… will get… it deserves… Fire… Blood…” the dying man said in his last rasping breaths as the pool of blood around his body slowly spread outwards. An armored figure stood above him, a spear in his right hand, the spear tip angled downwards at the man’s neck until the breathing finally stopped. With a snort, the armored man held up his head and took a look around him, a good long look at what was once a bar named Brand’s Maw. Four other bodies, each with their own wounds, equally grievous as the one who had died the last, were sprawled all around. One was even pinned to the top of the bar counter by his own weapon, a sword made out of flames that was dispersing fast.

    It had been the third group this week, after he had come across the rumors of a particular group of mages that were planning to bring fire and blood on Fiore, if he were to quote them directly. Still, this group had been more loose-lipped than the previous two batches of dark mages he had encountered, finally obtaining a lead that would allow him to blow out the embers of whatever this revolution was going to be and end it once and for all. With a flick of his spear, Izou sent droplets of blood splashing across the wooden floorboards, creating ripples in the multiple pools of blood.

    While he stood up for justice and could be considered a man of honor and integrity, Izou wasn’t so merciful towards villains. Any evil he saw was to be extinguished, completely annihilated, before they could take root. And for those that had already taken root, he wouldn’t hesitate to burn it down. Pulling out a lighter from one of the dead man’s pockets, Izou flicked it open and slid it across the ground, where the lighter stopped just right beneath one of the long curtains. It caught fire immediately, and it didn’t take long for the blaze to take over the entire bar as Izou exited the building. It was a standalone building anyway, and with the strong night breeze, the fire would be contained to just the bar alone.

    No longer dressed in full armor and unarmed, Izou crept through the forest in a black hooded cloak, keeping himself unseen. He was tracking and following behind a group of three men, who were dressed similarly as he was. The three of them were talking in hushed voices, with a bit of strain to it, as they carried huge boxes of unknown content through the forest. As they moved noisily through the dark forest, the group of three failed to notice that someone was tailing them, cautiously moving through the undergrowth and stray branches.

    It didn’t take long for them to finally arrive at a worn-out path. Izou continued following them, and the moment he stepped onto the path, his attention was dragged to the large castle in the middle of the woods.

    “The haunted castle,” the warrior said beneath his breath, his voice steady. It wasn’t surprising for them to use this place as a hideout, since most people would give the haunted castle a wide berth. Without the cover of the trees now, having only to rely on darkness, Shane moved even more stealthily towards the haunted castle. It was unnecessary as the group of three hadn’t made any attempts to check their surroundings, believing that the place really was isolated. As they neared the haunted castle, instead of going in through the front entrance, the trio took a side path and went past the castle.

    A few minutes later, the forest gave way to a beach, and bobbing gently on the waves, was a large ship. Two other men were already there, working tirelessly as they continuously moved boxes on to the ship. They seemed to not notice the three others approaching them, needless to mention Izou. And whether it was by chance or something else, one of the two tripped on something in the sand and fell over, pouring the contents of the box in his hands onto the beach. The crash of metal against metal was crystal clear in the quiet night, save for the sound of waves lapping gently on the beach. What had poured out of the boxes were unmistakably filled to the brims with weapons.

    One of the three men quickly ran over to help, calling out to the clumsy one. The clumsy man who had fallen down lifted his head and hand to return the call of the one running to him but when he looked up, he was stunned. His head was looking in the general direction of the one approaching him, but his eyes were looking at something beyond his approaching comrade. He was looking directly at Izou, who had hidden himself poorly. The two men locked eyes and instantly Izou charged forward.

    As he ran forward, there was a shimmer of blue from under the black cloak, and his steps in the sand sunk slightly deeper. Ikkouyou Izou had requipped his Demon Subduer armor and was now clutching his spear, Evil Annihilation, in his right hand as he charged. However, as he charged forward, Izou ran past all of the five men, who had already armed themselves with weapons and magic. He was going for the gangplank that allowed access to the docked ship, sliding to a halt as he slashed at the wooden plank with his spear, breaking it into two.

    With one escape option down, Izou turned around to look at his targets. Two men had already lunged at him, one wielding a pair of swords while another was holding a glowing red whip. The other three at the back were preparing to cast spells. Izou sneered. It would take more than these five whelps to make him this seriously. The one with the red whip acted first, swinging the magic whip vertically but Izou got it covered. Holding his spear up, the red whip snared nothing but the spear shaft and the moment the whip was secured, Shane gave a strong tug on his spear, causing the whip user to lose balance and stumble forward.

    A quick kick with his armored foot to the dark mage’s face dropped the guy to his knees with a blood nose, before Izou followed it up with a knee smash to his face. The whip disappeared immediately, the magic energy keeping it alive dispersing along with the dark mage’s consciousness. As that happened, a magic array appeared beneath Izou’s feet. A quick glance downwards and then upwards got the Dies Irae mage jumping away at the last second, as three fireballs crashed into his previous spot. A radiant, yellow sword zipped through the air towards him, but the warrior in silver armor had no difficulty in deflecting the weapon.

    “My turn,” Izou commented as he charged forward. “Silver Dragon!”

    With the shout, an ethereal dragon burst out of his armor, with a silver hue on it. With the length to coil itself around Izou’s body and limbs, the dragon actually acted as defensive barrier for the warrior. It was proven by stopping the twin blades of one of the dark mages, the glowing orange blades unable to cut down any further into the dragon. With a glare at the attacking dark mage, Izou swung his spear around to jam the end of the spear into his gut before hurling him up into the air. Another quick flip of his spear moved the spear tip up into the air and he smacked the dark mage down into the sand, slashing him across the shoulder.

    The remaining three mages were throwing as many spells as they could at him, but Izou had an advantage in agility. Atop his honed physical capabilities, the Demon Subduer armor also amplified his physical strength and speed, allowing him to dodge and move through the gaps in the spells with ease, freeing up any effort to deal with them. It only took five leaping steps forward, before he got them within his striking range, releasing his left hand’s grip on the spear and with a one-handed grip, thrust upwards diagonally at the mage closest to him, sending him up into the air.

    The other two he easily dispatched by pulling off a 180-degree horizontal slash, cutting through their black, tattered cloaks and across their chests. Whatever spells they were conjuring at the last second dissipated as they collapsed. When the one he had sent into the air dropped down into the sand a little too harmlessly, Izou ran up to him and smashed his knee into the dark mage’s face, a spurt of blood sprayed into the air as the man fell onto his back with a broken nose.

    With all five dark mages down for the count, Izou turned around and moved towards the ship with a fiery gaze. He knew someone was on that ship, and he was correct. The captain of the ship was cowering on the ground and he struggled to move backwards when Izou boarded the ship with a leap, blood still dripping off the tip of the spear.

    “I’ll talk! I’ll talk!” the captain yelped as Izou neared him.

    “That’s… good to know. Destination, Amber Island then. We’ll have our conversation there.”

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