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    Captain's Log #1: Negoations On The Cloud Seas [Part 2]

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    Captain's Log #1: Negoations On The Cloud Seas [Part 2] Empty Captain's Log #1: Negoations On The Cloud Seas [Part 2]

    Post by Prince Chaos 14th October 2019, 8:21 am

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    The rolling surf of the enigmatic Cloud Sea rocked the wooden sailing vessel back and forth as Erik Holmgeirr, the captain of this ship, and Arcelia, the mermaid princess of an underwater kingdom, made their way out of the thick mist and into clear waters. "Land-walker, I have no inkling what sort of queer things you do on the surface. However, I am still disgusted you would use you a Merloran Princess body in such a manner." Arcelia spoke up after a few moments of silence passed since the event occurred. However, the princess did not receive a response from the captain of the vessel. So, she opted to haul her body across the level deck of the craft to the bow.

    "Land-walker, do not ignore a Merloran Princess when she is speaking to you about these matters. Additionally, do even you know where our country is located?" Arcelia asked him as she crossed her hands, looking up at him. "Lass... I told you before that you should watch the way you speak to me, or else I will carve out your tongue and feed it to the sharks. I am sure your father would be happy with a mute daughter," Cap'n Erik replied as he gazed out at the clear sea. The Merloran Princess was about to reply but was interrupted by the bronze-haired man.

    "So, lass, when are you going to tell me the truth behind all of this? You are more than capable of swimming the ocean without any help, but you want me to escort you home." Erik titled his head toward the female mermaid and looked down toward those familiar peaks. Arcelia shot Cap'n Erik a harsh glare from his earlier comment, but her expression began to soften a bit from the man's insight. "Oh? So, it seems you are a lot more intelligent than I had thought, Land-walker. Another group of land-walkers in a ship was chasing me - capturing me in that 'net' - before I met you." The Merloran Princess replied - expecting him to shout in frustration or become frightened from the reveal.

    "I had figured you were being chased by someone or something, lass. It did not make any sense for a mermaid to ask a ship to take her home." He told her. "From your story, there is a single ship that I will have to deal with at some point. I doubt they would give up the pursuit of a mermaid." Erik pulled out another cigar - bringing it to his mouth and lite it. "Best for you to hide in my quarters, lass. I don't mind a good fight as much as the next man, but I am the only person on this vessel." He weighed his options a bit as he stared out the sea. Arcelia gave him another glare before sighing under her breath - resigning herself to having to go the land-walker's quarters. She dragged herself across the deck to the area, while Erik continued to smoke outside.

    As Cap'n Erik smoked on the open deck, he continued to gaze out at the ocean in front of him before he noticed a small figure out on the horizon. His right hand went down to his waist. There was a holster attached to his pants holding one of the nine Okeanos Model 1791 flintlock pistols he kept on his person at any given time. Cap'n Erik gripped the gun in his hand, as his vessel sailed closer to meet the other.

    Approximately thirty minutes would pass by until the two vessels passed by each other - close enough that either Cap'n Erik or the other crew could hear each if they yelled. "Ahoy!" A masculine voice from the other wooden vessel screamed out. Cap'n Erik looked over and noticed a young man in his late teens or early twenties calling out to him. "We are looking for a catch that we lost a while ago, sir! Did you happen to see a mermaid swim this way?!" As the man screamed out, four more men came to the rail of the other ship. Each one of them was dressed in a traditional sailor suit.

    Cap'n Erik held his hand on his gun that was snug in its hoster and eyed each one of them - sizing them up. "Aye! I found a mermaid floating by and tangled up in a net," He shouted back at them - waiting on a response from the men on the vessel. An older grey-haired male dressed in a traditional captain outfit with a navy blue jacket came to the rail and looked over at Cap'n Erik. "So, do you mind returning our property, young man?" He asked Cap'n Erik.

    "I am quite sure you already know the answer to that, old man. The lass charged me with escorting her back to her kingdom for a pile of treasure. Now, if you can make me an offer that trumps that, I have no problems giving her back to you all," Cap'n Erik replied to the man who he believed was the captain of the opposing ship.

    It was at that moment of the voices rang out in anger from hearing Cap'n Erik's proposal about them having to pay him for their catch. "Why should we have to pay you for what we caught?!" A blonde man replied as he reached down and pulled out a pistol from the holster on his waist. "Lad, calm down and don't do anything hasty," The captain of the vessel attempted to warn the member of his crew. As the blonde man held the revolver in his hand, the sound gunshot echoed through the air along with a few panicked shouts.

    The blonde sailor fell to the deck of the ship with a loud thud. A pool of blood began to form around his body. A look of shock was plastered on his face indicating that he had no idea what had happened. Cap'n Erik had pulled out his pistol the moment the sailor had gone for his firearm and shot him in the head with a single shot of arcane energy. His eyes narrowed on the rest of the crew. He watched them see if any of the other members were going to resist.

    The captain and the other crew members looked over at their fallen comrade and registered what had occurred in a few seconds. A raven-haired sailor gazed over with a furious look in Cap'n Erik's direction. He attempted to reach for his firearm as well, but this time he was stopped by the booming voice of the grey-haired captain. "I know tensions are high, but it is best if you stop now," he said speaking to the member of his crew. The captain could tell already that the other middy of his hands would lose his life if he were to draw his pistol.

    The raven-haired man pulled his hand away from his pistol and nodded his head, understanding his captain's instructions and intentions. "We are coming over to negotiate the terms of the mermaid's release, young man." With that, the crew placed down a couple of boards down that came into contact with Cap'n Erik's ship, and they came on to it.  Three members of the crew, including the captain, had walked over to Cap'n Erik's vessel. "Young man, I still do approve of you shooting one of my men in cold blood. However, it is understandable since he did attempt to draw his weapon first. But let's avoid any other further bloodshed."

    With that, the negotiations had begun between this crew and Cap'n Erik. "So, we shall offer you 5,000 jewel for the mermaid, and then each of us can be on our way. Of course, we will need to inspect the lady to ensure that everything is okay," The captain said, looking at the young man and hoped that this would be enough for it. "Hmm... 5,000 jewel..." Captain Erik thought over the proposal before he was interrupted by a sound. "Land-walker, I hope you are not thinking of selling me off to them. If you need more incentive, then how about I allow you to engage in that weird activity from before once more." Arcelia had been listening in on the conversation and opened the captain's quarters to see what had been going on this entire time. The gunshot and the sound of screaming had made her curious.

    "Hmm.... 5,000 jewel is quite the tempting offer, boys, but the lass' offer is much more tempting. So, I have decided that I will take them both." Cap'n Erik replied. The negotiations between the two had failed since Cap'n Erik had decided to take everything for himself.

    Word Count: 1457/500

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