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    Infiltrate the Temple (job w/ Mythal)


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    Infiltrate the Temple (job w/ Mythal) Empty Infiltrate the Temple (job w/ Mythal)

    Post by Wren on 9th October 2019, 12:47 am

    546/7000 total words || @Mythal Ragnos || Infiltrating the Temple / Page 4, Post n°93 || short note here
    As soon as Wren left the lab from testing the ingredients with the other members there, she had gone to change her clothes and quickly zipped around her broom in some brown baggy shorts and a long sleeved green and white turtleneck shirt. It so happened as she was leaving the lab, she had also happened to hear that the page she had found in the journal at the cultists hut was decoded. Apparently there was something about the location of where the cult is from and where to get in on the page. Wren had the paper of the deciphered page in one hand, and a steamed bun in the other for her to munch on. She should find General Ragnos and let him know about this. Definitely. Nanny was chilling at the front of her broom again as Wren zipped around the headquarters.

    The little redhead pushed her glasses up further on her nose as she brings her broom down to the ground. She didn’t want to be crashing into things down the hall. It was typically outside that she risked that. Quickly, the witch stuffed her face with the bun, slightly regretting it as the bun was still rather warm, and made her way towards the door to the generals office with her broom now in her hand instead of the delicious food. She knocked on it a little before she opened the door a crack and peered her head in, letting her brown eyes wander around for a moment. “Hey General Ragnos. Got a copy of the test results for you.” She says before she slips in, Nanny right at her feet. She then held up the deciphered paper too. “Also got this present for you too! The deciphered page! Woo! Looks like the next stop may be going to the ‘Spooky Forest’.” She giggles as she hands the page to him.

    Nanny mewed to her witch, and Wren knelt down to pick up her black cat in her arms. “Have you been to the Spooky Forest before? I’m still learning places around here.” She pouts to him before shaking her head. The short girl takes a deep breath. Part of her wondered if she would be able to join Mythal or not on continuing this investigation. She had fun before. Maybe she could be of more use again! She could probably also attempt to patch things up with Lux… maybe. She knew she was a turd to him before, but he had started it with trying to talk down to her like she was a child. No way was the little witch going to let someone talk to her like she was a kid who didn’t know anything. She just didn’t know about this Earthland. It wasn’t her Sailkia. Her mind had started going back towards the herbs she found at the hut. Of course, with Wren being Wren, she was quietly hoping even more herbs would be at this other hideout these cultists were in. She stopped as she raised an eyebrow while tilting her head slightly. “Have you found out a name for these guys? Like the cultists group name? Or were they quiet about it before? I don’t think I saw a name when I read that journal.”

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