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    Meeting of Rebels

    Suijin Azurestorm
    Suijin Azurestorm

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    Meeting of Rebels Empty Meeting of Rebels

    Post by Suijin Azurestorm on 7th October 2019, 8:35 pm

    Talonia hid many secrets, some not for the light of heart. As a town of the lawless, the guildless and the free mercinaries and mages came for many reasons, it still had its rules and laws as any city would. However, one of the few pleasures this place had was one that Suijin choose to visit.

    The roar of the crowd clearly said this place was home to many people who sought out entertainment and sport. Though it wasn't to be confused as some sort of gladiatorial slave contest... but a test of willing combatants in the ring. One would call it infamous as it wasn't like the magic games, but many came to compete. To fight for fame, glory, jewel and other fancies of the glory that came for it.

    Nestled to the northern cliffs of Talonia's city limits, the arena was of a usual size today as people came to watch the fights, or even participate in them. Among them, a new comer had decided to pay a visit to the arena...

    ... one who came in toe with a certain green anthro crocodile with a pair of headphones on his head. The man was shirtless, wearing blue gee pants and a long head of equally blue hair, a sash only thing covering his torso. His muscles clearly showed to be one who trained frequently. He insisted to come in the interest to fight strong opponents.

    However, one thing that stood out on him, as he approached the sign-in counter, was the golden claw-symbol on his chest over his heart, indicating him a member of a dark guild. Rakshasa.

    The odd duo approached the glass separated booth where a man sat, reading a copy of a racy looking Sorcerer Weekly. "Can I help you?" he asked.

    "Hey there," Suijin said cooly, as if he wasn't bothered waiting for the man to look up at him. "I'd like to sign up for today's fights. I'm new so know where I can look up the rules for this thing?" he asked.

    "Yeah?" The man said, sounding like not giving a damn and not bothering to look up. "50 jewel buy in to participate. The winner gets that back with percentage of the pot depending on your wins and points. You can talk to the coordinators inside..." he said as he finally glanced up.

    The man's expression froze at the view of the man's face, and the guild mark he bore. Suijin had earned a bit of an infamous reputation since the guild was closest to Talonia. And the mark was known by the guy as he straightened up, almost falling out of his chair. "Er-- sorry! I mean, its 50 jewel please to enter. Best of luck to you!" he said eagerly, trying to seem somewhat apolegetic.

    Dismissing the attitude and the rattled look, Suijin calmly handed him the fifty jewel from his pocket. He slipped it to the guy from the slot in the glass and proceeded forward.

    As they walked, the crocodile snickered. "Dude, did you see his face?" he said as he elbowed Suijin lightly. "Betcha he wetted himself when he saw us. Hahaha..."

    Suijin just rolled his eyes and proceeded to the room instructed for him to be a part of the fun...


    Lance Knighthunter
    Lance Knighthunter

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    Meeting of Rebels Empty Re: Meeting of Rebels

    Post by Lance Knighthunter on 16th October 2019, 10:47 am

    Talonia was a town full of magic and, most importantly, people. Lance loved talking and meeting new people as he had a particular interest in testing the limits and playing games with them. Usually he would just go wherever the wind took him but today he was here for a reason. There was a competition happening where mages from all over came through to compete against one another.

    Lance had entered town alone today; no companions or pets came with him. He wore a clean white and orange cape but the rest of his outfit was black. His hair was a bright blonde with orange-red highlights that made him almost look like he had flames coming off of him.

    The spirit placed his finger on his chin and looked around confused “Hmm...” he hummed to himself, trying to figure out where the tournament would take place. He walked around aimlessly until he was finally pointed in the right direction, he would then head straight for the arena, wasting no time in between. As he walked towards the arena, patches of grass that he passed would sprout squashes and other harvest fruits, trees that once had green leaves would turn a mixture of orange, red, and yellow. This was the power of the Pumpkin King.

    As he neared the sign-up area he would see a man with blue hair and a talking crocodile heading into what seemed to be a waiting room. Lance would cock his head, his eyes growing a bit wide at the sight of the anthropomorphic creature. “What an interesting creature!” He exclaimed to himself as he moved forward to the sign-up area.

    “Excuse me sir, I would like to participate in today’s festivities!” he exclaimed with a big, toothy grin. After he went through the motions of paying and signing up he was escorting into the same room that the other man had entered.

    The room was full of people waiting to participate in the fighting and the sight of them made Lance lick his lips and chuckle. There were so many strong people here and he couldn’t wait to mess with each and every one of them. He had a mischievous and almost chaotic aura to him that made the contestants steer away from him so he would sit himself in a seat and carefully watch the others, assessing and judging how he thought they would perform.

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