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    C-Rank Slayer Magic


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    C-Rank Slayer Magic Empty C-Rank Slayer Magic

    Post by Darkera on 6th October 2019, 6:38 pm

    Magic Name: Fire Dragon Slayer
    Magic Type: 1st Generation Slayer Magic
    Description: Slayers are mages which have been gifted the power of an element (or potentially concept) from a dragon, god, demon, or some other aspect. This can be learning it directly from the being in question or through a lacrima left behind by them. There several different types of slayers and different generations of slayers are detailed after the slayer benefits.

    Unique Passives:

    Ability: +25% Strength, Speed, HP.
    Ability: Greatly enhanced Hearing, Sight, and Smell.
    Ability: Ability to Consume Magic of same element for MP as well as the Force Ability.
    Ability: Resistance to their slayer element based on strength of spell/ability.
    Ability: Magic Consumption: Slayers can consume their own element(s) and this allows them to recover magic power. If a spell has 20MP within it and they eat it, the slayer gains 20MP, etc. If the spell they consume is any higher in rank than they are they only consume MP equal to a quarter of a spell of their own rank, but they take full damage from the spell. Resistances do not affect this damage taken in any way.

    Unique Ability:

    Burning Vengence: With his burning hatred dwelling within, this ability increases Kayn's slayer magic damage by 40%.

    Inherited Ability: Dragon Force

    A Slayer must consume at least 5 spells of their rank in magical energy from his respective element to achieve Force (Max. H rank), but must have at least 50% of their total MP to be able to enter.

    Force highly increases the power of the Slayer's Strength, Speed, and HP by 50% rather than just 25%.

    The base spell damage is increased to 150%.

    In Force, the Slayer gains an aura of their element that engulfs their body. Physical attacks deal status effects from their respective element. (Frostbite, Burn, Poison, etc.), which adds a base of 20 melee damage onto their strikes.

    During force spells cost no MP to cast.

    To maintain force one must spend 10% of their MP per post. This amount spent cannot be regained during the duration of MP. Once the user of force hits 0% MP or choose to cancel it, force ends. If one hits 0% MP they suffer magical sickness as normal.

    Advantages & Disadvantages:

    The form of elemental magic they use is neutral (pure), in between the light and dark side of the magical spectrum. Deals double damage to Lizard, Wyvern, and (Lesser and Greater) Dragon non-human type opponents.

    Though Dragon Slayers get these benefits, they do have one set back. Motion sickness. Dragon Slayers cannot ride on anything without getting motion sick. However, they can use their exceeds or friends to fly around because they are not vehicles, they are friends. The only slayer that is immune to motion sickness is the Sky Dragon Slayer. Motion sickness can be cured in a thread using a user-rank healing spell.

    Name: Fire Dragon's Roar
    Rank: C
    Category: Offensive
    Type: Single Target
    Damage: 60 HP
    Cost: 30 MP
    Range: 120 Meters
    Speed: 120 MPS
    Duration: Instant
    Description: A signature Dragon Slayer ability, the Dragon's Roar. Kayn quickly gathers and releases a large quantity of flames from his mouth at his target, similar to that of a dragons breath.

    Name: Fire Dragon's Martial Arts
    Rank: C
    Category: Offensive
    Type: Burst
    Damage: 60 HP
    Cost: 30 MP
    Range: 30 Meters
    Speed: 30 MPS
    Duration: Instant
    Description: Kayn simply engulfs his fists/feet in flames as he soars towards the target if not already in melee range, using flames from his feet to propel him and punches or kicks the target in the chosen area.

    Name: Fire Dragon's Wing Attack
    Rank: C
    Category: Offensive
    Type: Multiple Target
    Damage: 60 HP
    Cost: 30 MP
    Range: 90 Meters
    Speed: 65 MPS
    Duration: Instant
    Description: Kayn engulfs his both of his arms in flames before motioning his arms round to create a lashing of flames to strike the targets surrounding him in an area.

    Name: Fire Dragon's Vengeance
    Rank: C+
    Category: Offensive
    Type: Single Target
    Damage: 90 HP
    Cost: 45 MP
    Range: 180 Meters
    Speed: 180 MPS
    Duration: Instant
    Description: Kayn ignites both his entire body in flames before bringing it all to his hand(s) to create a large gathering of flames before hurling it towards the target to creature a large explosion of fire.

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