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    Road To GodHood Chapter 1


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    Road To GodHood Chapter 1 Empty Road To GodHood Chapter 1

    Post by Ghost 6th October 2019, 2:06 pm


    Nox was looking up at the sky as she held her hands out. Watching as time went pass. She was clearly bored and was ready to regain her full power. But at last she was stuck in form one of seven. She truly was not having the best of times to regain her lost power. A power so great that even the mighty Golden Lion of the golden keys were wary of her. Her defeat lead to the Twilight kingdom downfall. But she have a plan and it is going to work. Up high in the sky is a certain castle and if all goes to plan she will regain her second and third form of power. But that all depends on her King. Is he ready for such a task at hand? Only time will tell of that one.

    Nox was was keen on regaining her power and to restart such a war so long ago. Slowly but surely they arrived at their latest job. It was time to put Ghost to the test. This was his first official dark mission and one a certain magic council member gave him. At first he said he would not take such a mission. But it was Nox the Twilight Queen she pleasured him into doing it Ghost truly still was at a stalemate when it came to doing such a dark mission. He was to go to some castle in the sky and kill everyone there this was going to be one of those days.


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