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    Gourd Lord Slayer Magic

    Suijin Azurestorm
    Suijin Azurestorm

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    Gourd Lord Slayer Magic Empty Gourd Lord Slayer Magic

    Post by Suijin Azurestorm on 6th October 2019, 12:39 pm

    Gourd Lord Slayer Magic


    Magic Type:
    Demon Slayer Magic - Solitary


    Long ago there was a village that survived solely on plants. Nobody preferred to eat meat as they loved the flavor of grown food. Everything consumed was farmed by the villagers. They all lived a peaceful existence, as most villages do. Until, alas, a young man began to become addicted to a certain type of food. Gourds. Pumpkins, squashes, melons, anything within those types of plant was all he would eat. If it were contaminated by other kinds of food, he would refuse to eat it.

    The young man became deprived of essential nutrients, as he wasn't getting them from his diet. Slowly, over time, his skin began to change color and texture, becoming orange and rough. He shrunk down and down until he was barely 3 feet tall! His family tried everything to cure him, but the man refused treatment and only requested squash. On the night of the full moon, his transformation was complete.

    He had become the pumpkin king.

    The pumpkin king was now convinced that everyone needed to consume the same diet he had. He began to get into mischief around the village, playing pranks and switching food out for gourds. The villagers were helpless against his antics, as nobody could catch him. At last, a traveling mage came through the town, intending to commit some thefts before making himself scarce. The pumpkin king was impressed by his actions and decided to grant the man the use of his magic. After the mage moved on, it was said that he passed the lacrima on through the generations, continuing the legacy of the pumpkin king

    The power this magic provides allows the caster to tap into the power of nature on a fundamental level, allowing power over the harvests and the influences the Pumpkin King had dominion over. While a seemingly simple power, it is deceptive as is the nature of the trickster king. The caster may not only consume the harvests around him, to replenish his own energy, he can also create gourds and pumpkins to have odd effects.

    Some he can cause to explode, others he can cause to actually have hidden enchantments made to make himself or even allies stronger. On the surface, these gourds do not seem to cause any trouble-- but there is more to this slayer than meets the eye...

    Magic Benefits:

    Slayer magic overrides the possibility to get benefits from other types of magic. The following are inherited bonuses to Suijin being a dragon-god slayer:

    • +25% Strength, Speed, HP.
    • Greatly enhanced Hearing, Sight, and Smell.
    • Ability to Consume Magic of the same element for MP as well as the Force Ability (See below)
    • Resistance to their slayer element based on strength of spell/ability (See below)

    Demon Slayer Consumption, Resistance, and Force Rules:

    Slayer Resistance Chart:
    2 Ranks Above Character: 0%
    1 Rank Above Character: 10%
    Same Rank as Character: 25%
    1 Rank below Character: 35%
    2 Ranks below character: 50%

    Consumption Rules:

    A Gourd/Pumpkin/Leaf Spell or Holy/Purified Gourd/Pumpkin/Leaf spell consumed will restore = MP to the spell's cost.
    If the consumed spell is a higher rank than character, restores 1/4th of the spell's MP and take full damage!
    Natural sources of element only restore 1/4th of a spell of user's own rank per post consumed.
    Cannot consume element magic from your own magic, item, pets, or own self-benefit means.
    Cannot consume mixed elements of water.


    Unique Abilities:

    • Hardy Harvest: The nature of the Gourd Slayer is in its ability to freely manipulate and give rise to the harvest no matter where he goes. Life tends to bloom in his presence, even in baren lands. The Goard Slayer contains the power of life of nature-- thus healing spells he uses often receive a User-Rank normal boost. Caps at S rank max.


    • B-Rank Here:XXX XXX  


    • S- Rank Ability:LOCKED


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