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    iLac Research


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    iLac Research Empty iLac Research

    Post by Percy on Fri 27 Sep 2019 - 12:32


    Honestly, Percy could make one of these himself... probably. The communication gadget he had was more than enough for what he needed it for, but since this company was handing them out for free, he thought he might as well get one and see what all the fuss was about. Odds were he was going to immediately take it apart to see exactly how it worked, maybe get ideas for how to better his own, assuming the iLac was better in any way. At the very least he'd have a spare phone, or a second, secret device that his family didn't know about. But alas, his life wasn't so interesting that he needed a secret phone. The boy didn't have many friends from his school days, and even working in the weapons facility had him in his own secluded office/ laboratory. The mere thought of selling family secrets had his skin crawling and his eyes darting about, half expecting his father or some sort of specialized team to come into view.

    Getting off the train at the Neutral Grounds, the crowd had the Dagger boy in a bad mood. The constant whining about losing access to their magic was grating on his nerves. It seemed every single person he rode with and that walked the streets of this place was complaining, while if anything, he felt slightly more at ease. Everyone was equal here. Those who had never had magic were the same as those born with it. It was a nice thought given how much pressure he'd been under as a child to somehow get magic. If only these complainers had had to live like they were here as their normal. He'd literally give anything to get what they had. He longed to complain with them about his magic being gone, just in this one place.

    Approaching the factory took no time at all, and it wasn't even that crowded. Just a small line of people snaked from the door. The weather was nice, so Percy didn't mind waiting. Time passed and the sun overhead shifted, and shortly it was his turn. He was handed a box. The tech nerd scurried off with it, heading to a cafe to give it a look over. Turning it on, he went through all the functions and programs thoroughly, finding himself impressed with it all. Then, much to passersby horror, he began dismantling it on the spot, muttering to himself as he did so. To him it was systematic, but to others, it looked like a madman wasting a beautiful piece of tech. Somehow he cataloged each and every piece and where it went and in what order, fully planning to reassemble it later, though perhaps with a few of his own modifications.

    Dumping all the parts back into the box, he shoved it into his bag and made his way back to the train station. It was best to get to work on things while his mind was highly focused, so Percy couldn't wait to make it back to the facility to make proper notes and see what he could achieve with it.



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