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    Tricks Abound: Fall Equinox Mini-Event


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    Tricks Abound: Fall Equinox Mini-Event Empty Tricks Abound: Fall Equinox Mini-Event

    Post by Admin on 18th September 2019, 4:45 pm

    Tricks Abound: Fall Equinox Mini-Event LTn9fDR

    Hello Everyone!
    It’s that time again! In honor of the turning seasons, and various festivals and events, we have decided to host a mini-event, celebrating the equinox and Fall air. The deadline for completing and turning in event threads is October 3rd 12:00AM GMT! So this would be by October 2nd 8:00PM EST or 5:00PM PST!

    Note, please read the ENTIRE event, as there are some new mechanics and gotcha’s courtesy of our lovely Development Team. This is not your typical, start a job, complete word count, fight baddies.

    Tricks Abound: Fall Equinox Mini-Event 8tBQLyV


    Tricks Abound: Fall Equinox Mini-Event LOLiOPG

    Magic is in the air, and the howling wind of change once more rings out among the land; once more the seasons are turning as the night grows longer still. The air is no longer warm, but getting colder as leaves fall from the trees. Colors are changing, and the land is preparing for its slumber. As the world gets cooler, magic permeates through the air, and a deep power stirs.

    The land is weakening, and the elements of Wind and Lightning are hitting their peeks, while Earth is drained. The Equinox, another solar festival, is a day of harvest, and festivities. The last harvests of the year are being cut, and magnificent feasts, eating festivals, and competitions are abound. There might even be events for those romantic couples!

    This is the time of tricks and treats. Festivities and fun. You can see kids running in costumes, and adults trying the last of the harvest. Mages are preparing as the land goes dark, and tricksters can be found in abundance. Make sure to watch your cup!

    As the festivities grow, and the night air stirs a powerful force, and malevolent trickster can be found, up to their old games.

    Completion Requirement / Rules:

    As you partake in the various events, you will get ‘participation’ trophies. In order to turn in the event, your group, in total, must have gotten 3 of these trophies. You can then turn them in at the end of the event to officially complete, and get the reward item.

    When a task states that there is a roll, you MUST roll, you can not select which option you want, and you can not roll more than requested. Otherwise, you can participate in any of the festivities, and do not need to roll.
    *Note, when a festivity requires more than one roll, you are allowed to trade rolls up for a 2:1 scale, or down for a 1:2 scale.
    For instance, if you need a Normal, and a Strong, but roll 3 Normals, you can trade 2 of those for 1 strong. Or, if trading down you can trade 1 Harder Enemy for 2 weaker.

    Tricks Abound: Fall Equinox Mini-Event BhqGmRJ

    Members can sign up in teams of 2-6, a single character can sign up only once.

    Word Count

    1,500 Words Per Person

    The sign-up thread for the Event can be found here and the turn-in thread here.

    Tricks Abound: Fall Equinox Mini-Event EDLTvB7

    Just like last time, Optional Mechanics are newly introduced special mechanics, items, or situations which are relevant or last for only the event.

    Event Shop:
    While Exploring the festival, and enjoying the food you can find various vendors and craftsmen. These people, as eclectic as they might be, are selling all kinds of unique items, foods, and oddities. However, be careful about what you purchase! For you never know when an item is secretly a trick.
    You can roleplay out 'purchasing' the items in your Event Threads, then post in the Event Shop to get the item purchase approved by staff, any purchased items are kept forever, and act as Event Items for your character. The items are limited editions and will only be available for the time of the Event.

    Solar Flux - Universal Mechanic:
    Just like all Solar Festivals the time of year affects elemental magic, however now the magic is universal for the entire site! Mages with Air or Lightning-based magic get a boost to their strength, while Earth, Poison, and Metal elemental based magic feel drained. You can use the Solar Flux in any of your threads as a plot point for the duration of the event!
    This boost or drain acts as an optional Stat Buff/Debuff. Mages with Air or Lightning-based magic get a buff to the cost reduction of their spells, reducing it by 10% (which is separate from Reduction maximums) while Mages with Earth, Poison, and Metal elemental magics get a debuff, making spells of those types cost 10% more (still never to go beyond a 50% debuff)

    Fighting is not mandatory, and rolling for ‘enemies’ is not required. For this Event, ‘enemies’ are instead ‘festivities’ that you can choose to participate in at will.
    If a festivity has rolls within its description you MUST roll, and can not choose the outcome.
    *Note, when a festivity requires more than one roll, you are allowed to trade rolls up for a 2:1 scale, or down for a 1:2 scale.
    For instance, if you need a Normal, and a Strong, but roll 3 Normals, you can trade 2 of those for 1 strong. Or, if trading down you can trade 1 Harder Enemy for 2 weaker.

    Tricks Abound: Fall Equinox Mini-Event YHlQxGi

    For this event, the enemies are handled a little differently. Rather than having a series of things to complete, there are various Games, Festivities, or Contest each of which has their own challenges, that your character can check out at will. Allowing two groups to have VASTLY different event threads. Each thing your character participates in will provide a number of Participation Trophies, once you have gotten so many of these rewards, you can turn in the topic and complete the event. Note, some of the events have traditional 'enemies', whether or not you must roll will be within the description of the event.

      Contests are simple 'NPC' judged situations, each of which detailed below. For participating in a contest you get one trophy if you win you get two!

      • Cooking/Baking Contest - The annual Final Harvest Cooking Contest is here once more! Bring your best dish, casserole, and or treat! The competition will be tough and once the judges have decided their winner, the rest of the food will be contributed towards the Eating contest!
        Below are your opponents. In order to win, your dish must be better than all the others! ... Or, you have to knock them out of the competition. In order to participate in this event, you MUST roll a dice, and deal with the result based on the table below.

        • Weak : Sharon has once more showed up with her signature 'famous' 12 cheese dip! As always it is a little chard and over-spiced.
        • Normal : Mr. and Mrs. Reeves have brought their super-secret Chili recipe! This one has always been a crowd favorite.
        • Hard : Master Chef Ramsey has shown up once again! You are certainly in trouble, he has one the last three years in a row. His dish is a masterfully prepared Chicken Roast.

      • Eating Contest - Directly following the Cooking Contests is the Eating Contest! This year the lineup is massive. The contest is simple, eat more than the remaining opponents, and win! However, it seems some strange magic has effected some of the dishes! In order to participate in this event, you MUST roll a dice, and deal with the result based on the table below.

        • 1: Seems you got lucky! Whatever magic what cast seemed to have fizzled out. Enjoy the contest.
        • 2-3: On NO! Suddenly, the dish you were eating starts to move. The entire event is thrown into chaos as a food fight breaks out where the food floating on its own! You must stop the assault... or join in on the fun. Either way, you still have to be certain to eat more than the rest!
        • 4-5: The food is unending! Suddenly, every time you finish a plate it is suddenly refilled when you look away. The judges seem to not notice and do not count those plates. Figure out how to win with the added challenge!
        • 6 : Total Anarchy. Suddenly the food comes to life! As you put your hands into the next dish if bites you! The food has somehow come alive and decided you, and the other contestants, are the main course.

      Games are simple one-off situations where you will compete in various challenges. You must win at a game in order to get a trophy!

      • Target Game - One of the oldest games, seen in festivals and events for years. These games can show themselves in any way, from tossing a circular ring onto a square peg or tossing sacks of sand into small rings. Whatever way the game is presented the result is the same, prove your skill and abilities!

      • Puzzle Challenge - This Game is a little more complicated. While walking you find yourself in front of a grinning elder blacksmith. At his table are all forms of metal bands, rings, and contraptions. His Challenge is a series of progressively harder metal puzzles! As you watch, you see time and time again people fail on the second or third puzzle... and there are five of them!

      • Riddles - As your exploring the grounds in the distance, among the other games you see a one-eyed man hunched on a stump. At his side a basket of trophies! Though it seems, he guards them carefully, his singular eye seeming to look directly into your soul as your approach.
        Without even a greeting, he will ask you one of the below riddles.

        • What belongs to you, but gets used by others more?
        • What goes up every year, but never comes back down?
        • I have one and you have one. So do the woods, fields, streams and seas, fish, beasts and crops and everything else in this revolving world.

        The man cocks his head at your answer and nods towards the bucket. His eyes scan you knowingly as if looking directly into your soul. He does not care what you answer, either way, you get a prize... so long as you do in fact answer.
        If you try and take a prize, or get more information from him. He will seemingly vanish with the wind.


      • Maze - In the center of the event is a large maze made of corn, barley, or some other grain. The last of the crops to be harvested before winter kicks in. As you enter, you find that the world seems to warp and twist. The rather small looking maze turned into a massive labyrinth of twists, turns, tricks, and sights.
        Transverse the mage takes skill, strength, and a certain amount of bravery! Just remember, you are not allowed to destroy the maze, or harm any of the workers!
        For completing the maze you get 3 prizes! If however, you end up needing help you only get 1.

      • Fireworks / Bonfire - Finally, for the main event. Near the exit to the Maze, and in a large clearing is a massive pile of wood, which is lit into a large bonfire just as night draws near.
        Fire mages and specialist control the fire, smoke, and launch fireworks in a massive display of power and fun. People dance around the fire and spin in joy. Drinks are served for free, and nearby you can find vendors and shops of all kind. Anyone who helps with the display shows off some skill, or flashy abilities will get one trophy at the end of the day!


      • Tricky Business - Finally! Remember that now is the time of tricks, and fun! While walking you find a handsome looking man with a strange feeling to him. It is obvious, he has some crazy magic and is very powerful. Upon speaking to him, he informs you that for each trick, or prank you are able to pull. He will get you a trophy! Just remember, you never know when a trick might be pulled on you!
        Note, the man, even if he is caught pulling a trick on you, will not fight or be baited into a battle, and try to laugh it off. If you attack him without provocation, he will reveal that his power is well over that of a Z rank, and he will disappear taking all your trophies!

    Tricks Abound: Fall Equinox Mini-Event 3WhVgBn

    User Rank EXP & 25,000 Jewels.
    Mages of S rank or higher will receive 2x 10 Year Exp.

    EXP & Jewel Bonuses from Mentor/Mentee roles, Teams, Guilds, Golden Lacrimas, Lineages, Doublers, etc. do not apply

    In addition all players who successfully complete this Event will receive the following:


    ”Bottle of Magic Bubbles”:

    Tricks Abound: Fall Equinox Mini-Event L63nVyu

    Bottle of Magic Bubbles

    Strong Item


    Who doesn’t love bubbles!? While exploring the event and taking in the festivities you start to hear laughter and music. Upon finding the source of merriment, you see an amazing sight … GIANT BUBBLES!
    You see kids flying, all surrounded by a giant bubble. They are chasing one another and laughing, their parents are smiling, and nearby see a small stall. The Carnival Barker looks eccentric and is probably a few steps beyond mad, however, he smiles and offers you a bottle of the magical bubbles.


    Name: Giant Bubble!
    Rank: User Rank (Up to B)
    Category: Defensive
    Type: Single Target, Burst
    Durability: 3 x User Rank Durability + 50%
    Range: Melee
    Speed: Melee
    Duration: User Rank Max
    Downside: You have to blow the bubble around yourself, or someone standing right next to you. As such, the range and speed of this ability is reduced, however, the bubble's protective qualities is 50% stronger.
    Description: Opening the bottle, you pull out the wand and blow very hard. Suddenly, a shimmering bubble slowly starts to surround you, or an ally standing next to you! This bubble is far stronger than it looks, and acts as a shield, defending against up to 4.5x user rank single target HP of incoming damage, and anyone within a bubble can use it for transportation! Once per turn, for the duration you can fly in any one direction at a rapid pace of up to user rank burst speed, for a maximum of user rank burst range.

    Name: Pretty Colors!
    Rank: User Rank (Up to B)
    Category: Supportive
    Type: Burst
    Healing: User Rank Healing
    Range: User Rank Burst Range + 50%
    Speed: User Rank Burst Range - 50%
    Duration: 1
    Downside: The magical bubbles do not move very fast, reducing the spell's speed by 50%, but boy do they travel! Increases range by 50%
    Description: Opening the bottle, you pull out the wand and blow very rapidly into the hole. A large amount of very beautiful shining bubbles appear in an area within range! These beautiful bubbles ignore anyone you believe to be an enemy, but upon touching an ally they pop! The liquid heals the ally for user rank burst HP, and the soothing nature of the bubbles give them a Counter-Effect to debuffs for the remainder of the turn, making all debuffs 50% less effective!

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