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    Good night, Jacob


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    Good night, Jacob Empty Good night, Jacob

    Post by Mifune 18th September 2019, 4:41 am

    Ravenous shadows lurked in the water. The scaled monsters that swam beneath the docks had a new acquired taste that drove them feral. Mifune stood upon the pier looking down at the shadows moving about, waiting for their next meal to be delivered. A Raven squaked, perched upon the sail of a ship docked nearby. His adversary was near, he could feel it. The Omens were clear and the whispers echoed through his mind quite vividly. Mifune looked towards Hargeon, a dark alley where mischief was surely being conducted and set off to find the one that feeds.

    It was known that there was an Evil creeping in the shadows of Hargeon's docks, but none as of yet was capable of shining a light upon it. Mifune had a sense for it, and that brought him to this place. He knew that Evil was near, but his sense was not precise. Suddenly a scream pierced the night air, and the Raven that followed Mifune squaked. Mifune rushed towards the sound, his wooden sandals clacking upon the cobblestone, but he was too late and there laid a man in a pool of blood under the light of a torch. Mifune approached the corpse and looked upon his bloody lifeless visage. He'd been stabbed multiple times and left for dead. In a cold act, Mifune drew his sword and plunged it in to the corpse's chest. Suddenly the corpse gasped for air and life filled him once more.

    "H- how!? How am I alive again?!" The corpse beckoned. "I brought you back, so that you could point me in the right direction. Tell me where your killer went." The victim raised his bloody hand and pointed down a dark alley towards a warehouse. "Hurry, kill that monster!" Mifune drew his sword from the victim's chest and he quickly fell back in to Death. Hurriedly Mifune charged towards the warehouse and kicked down a wooden gate.

    "So, you found me." A man wearing tattered clothes and a butchers apron, covered in blood spoke. "I must say I'm relieved, I thought you were one of those pesky Rune Knights. Now I can see that you're just a lousy foreigner playing vigilante. So come! Lets have some fun with-" Mr. Goodnight could not finish his sentence as Mifune stepped in to the light, revealing his decayed face. "Wh- what are you!?" He shouted, peering in to the empty sockets where Mifune's eyes used to be. "I am Death!" Mifune shouted. Goodnight's world quickly became overcame by Mifune's glare and he entered in to a world wherein he was tortured by monstrous beasts bearing the faces of all of his victims.

    While in this trance, Mifune clutched him by the throat and dragged him towards the pier. Johnny shouted and screamed. "No! No this can't be happening! Stop it!" With ease Mifune raised Goodnight's body in to the air over the water and lunged his katana in to Goodnight's belly. He screamed in agony as blood trickled down in to the water, causing it to boil with ferocious carnivorous fish of his own creation. "Reap the rewards of your actions, Jacob Goodnight." Mifune drew his sword from Jacob's gut and released his grip from his throat. Jacob fell, screaming in terror in to the water where he was devoured by the Ravenous fish that before fed upon the chopped up remains of his victims. Mifune turned and walked away, sheathing his black blade once more and went in search of his next opponent.


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