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    Post by Kalama on 17th September 2019, 6:39 am

    News had reached her of a giveaway of a peculiar device and without any time wasted, Kalama had made the trip from Hargeon to the Neutral Grounds. The fact that her magic would be nullified didn’t make any difference to her, since her powers were still restricted due to that damn band that the council had put on her. God, how she hated the damn thing but for the moment, there wasn’t much she could about it. They had told her that the effect of it would end soon enough but not quickly enough for her. The temptation to just burn the living hell out of someone had been tempting in Hargeon and it was only that band which had stopped her. Still, the thought of this new device was enough to cheer her up a little and she was quite cheerful as she approached the factory where she was supposed to pick up her free device.

    There was a woman waiting just outside the entrance, who beckoned towards the redhead, holding an item in her hand, which Kalama assumed was an iLac. She could certainly talk and most of it went over the yellow eyed mage’s head but she managed to pick up the basics at least and eventually managed to get the gist of the device. There was a hell of a lot of features to it and it was hard not to be impressed with it. When offered a choice of colour, Kalama naturally went for a flame type combination of red and yellow, which the woman seemed to approve of, judging from the look in her eyes. Kalama didn’t miss a trick and the two of them were soon talking about something else, an amused look in both their eyes.

    Sadly though, their time in each others company soon came to an end, as another mage approached and the woman had to see to them. However, as a sign of friendship, they would briefly exchange numbers, before parting ways. As it turned out, the woman’s name was Thana and judging from her profile picture, her mind seemed to be firmly in the gutter. It made Kalama laugh at least although she wasn’t quite as forward herself about that kind of thing. Oh, she’d had her fair share of close encounters in her time but it wasn’t as if she was gagging for it. She had standards.

    iLac in hand, she would soon take her leave of the area, again wandering into the wilderness, onto her next adventure. In truth, Kalama was unsure of just where she was going but for now, she was content with her new toy and she was soon playing around with it as she walked, trying her damnedest to figure out how all of the apps worked. Her laughter could soon be heard again as she found herself on completely the wrong kind of page instead of what she had been searching for but she didn’t complain and simply shook her head.

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