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    Camp Funtown! (job w/ Nekros)


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    Camp Funtown! (job w/ Nekros) Empty Camp Funtown! (job w/ Nekros)

    Post by Adalinda on 13th September 2019, 7:57 pm


    The Iron Dragon Slayer

    The dragon slayer takes a deep breath as she put her hands in front of her. She needed to train herself. Physically. The stronger she was, the better she could handle her change to a dragon. Opening her eyes, she glares ahead of herself and darts into the woods of Tolgalen. Like her mentor before her, she was going to train on the wild beasts within the woods before her. A snort escaped from her nose as she pumps her legs harder. Tamaria wasn’t with her, but Veles was. He always was. He was watching her world through her eyes. Lately, the dragon had gotten bored of her, and was keeping silent. Ada appreciated that. She could think in peace. ‘You wish, child. I’m always here.’ Of course he had to ruin her bliss. ‘Just focus on running… you just might be on to something with this training of yours.’ Noise from the peanut gallery. Just focus. Focus on the forest. Focus on… oh! That looks like a nice hunt.

    Up ahead of Adalinda was a wyvern. A smirk was on her lips as she thought of when she first joined the company, now Cirven had her fighting one after she had fought Johann… A lot had changed since she joined. Many new faces. Cirven leaving, Johann leaving. She would have to go off and see him one day with his new guild. She would… just have to figure out where he was. Shaking her head she quickly skirted to start climbing a tree to jump on the wyverns back and fight it. Pain made one stronger. She started to practically be a monkey as she jumped from tree to tree up towards where the wyvern was going. She heard a pair of wings behind her. She wanted to assume that they were only a random big birds wings, but she recognized the sound of those wings anywhere. Tamaria. The cat was supposed to be off doing paperwork while she trained. “Ada!” The cat yells as she swoops down below. Ada was hanging on a tree branch with her feet planted on the tree, glaring towards the cat. Her chest was bound by tape, and she wore her white pants and black boots out here in the forest.

    “What? I was in the middle of training. Haven’t done it since Cirven up and disappeared.” She says to the purple cat while she hung there. Tammy takes a deep breath and shakes her head. “Yeah? Well lets go train on a job then. There’s been a report of someone terrorizing a camp near Clover Town. Apparently it’s bad as out of a group of eight teenagers who had gone there, only two returned alive. Word is that the camp is haunted by an infamous serial killer. The guy had killed the entire roster of camp counselors one evening before he just poofed.” Ada looked to the cat, then over to where the wyvern had been, and saw that it had scurried off down the forest. Hanging her head, the iron dragon slayer takes a deep breath and nods. “Alrighty. Lets get going. Go tell Jaeger about the job, and lets meet at the docks to get to Fiore. I’m flying. Much faster than a boat.” She snorts as she jumps down from the tree and starts running towards her home. She needed to change. No way could she do work in her training clothes. Even she had her moments where she knew what was wrong in public.

    By the time the black haired Vice President of West Fiore Trading Company had made it to the dock, she was dressed in her usual white tank top and white pants with her white jacket unbuttoned over her tank top. She had her horned flask attached to her hip, and Tammy was sitting on her shoulders in her matching outfit and her sword hanging off of her hip. She hoped Jaeger was here and ready to go. Now she had to be sneaky like she once had to be with the swollenman with Yona. “So what are we doing again?” “Searching for clues about the camp, and stopping the activity that this Kayson Warheez is apparently doing. Or stop the people or person claiming to be him. Nothing not up your alley at least.” The exceed snorts. Veles seemed to enjoy that comment too about his host, humming in Adalinda’s mind as they waited to set their eyes on their mentee. One day the dragon would have to take over and train the child and show him the ropes.

    Notes and Enemies:
    Hp, Strength, speed = 3rd gen slayer 50% + 15% in lineage
    MP = 32% in lineage


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    Camp Funtown! (job w/ Nekros) AdaSiggy

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