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    Lending a hand

    Kaja Jelen
    Kaja Jelen

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    Lending a hand  Empty Lending a hand

    Post by Kaja Jelen 12th September 2019, 5:30 am

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    Kaja woke up in her bed, pushed the thin blanket off her and dragged herself out of bed. She was an android but still required sleep to remove the stress on her circuits and properly sort out all the data she had gathered not much unlike the sleep of biological humans; regardless Kaja tends to wake up sluggish, it was unclear to her if this was because her cybernetic brain took this over from her biological brain or if it simple had to do with her own will. She didn’t need to sleep for charge up her batteries, as those were fed by an arc reactor within her body. Kaja wore a simple white night gown but it turned into a brilliant hue of purple and the shape transformed; the purple glow faded and Kaja was dressed in grey sweatpants and a simple black hoodie with a geometric skull in white stamped on the chest. The cyborg took a seat behind her desk and swept her hand in front of her, three thin magical screens of neon colours appeared in front of her. She opened up a program that showed her diagnostics and checked all parameters; she closed the program and opened a different once, satisfied that her stats were within her standards. ”EIIN scan the lacrimanet for relevant things that have transpired the last few days,” ordered Kaja her digital attendant.
    ”Affirmative,”” replied the blank voice of EIIN within her mind.
    Relevant things are a too abstract thing to ask a computer to do out of the blue, but EIIN could learn things from what Kaja has searched for prior but Kaja had also given her attendant a sort of list within things are relevant to hers. Information on new technology, about crimes, job offers and especially news from Bosco, about their relationship with Fiore and their police force. Kaja was interested in any of their dealings with Fiore; Kaja comes from Bosco, she was an assassin there and the police of Bosco had found her trail. That trail ended in a furry of flames as the cyborg had blown herself up in her apartment when the police busted through her door; destroying much of the building and killing most of the law enforcement officers. The last bit of biological matter that remained of the human Kaja burned there and then as her brains fried. She had a contingency plan for all things would go wrong; a backup body, a prototype but it would be fully able to download a human brain and combine the abstract thinking and feeling with the data processing power of a computer; at least in theory. Her theory was right, she had downloaded her mind every night to different databanks somewhere in the world and they were able to upload her mind in that of her back up body. Kaja had left Bosco and travelled to Fiore to start her life anew; thought still as an assassin, it was her calling or so she thought. She has joined a guild of assassins for protection and has been rebuilding her arsenal and updating her new body over the course of a couple of months.

    ”An official from Bosco has entered Fiore and has been heading to Shirotsume; business is unclear but likely assumption is state business.” said the ever emotionless tones of EIIN’s voice in Kaja’s mind.
    The cyborg looked up from her screens, ”show me the article.” A popup appeared on Kaja’s HUD and she opened it with a gesture; an additional magical screen appeared with the article EIIN had been referring too. She quickly read the message; it was indeed as ambiguous as EIIN had said. ”I am going to check this out,” said the assassin and she swiped over her screens, removing them from existence and saving the progress in her program. She got up on her feet and her clothing started to sparkle in purple again; the nanoparticles reshaped. This time they formed tall grey combat boots, a dark jean full of tears and a white shirt with thin straps over her shoulders. The tattoo’s that littered her body were visible on her pale arms and chest above her bust; there were even some visible through the tears of her legs. Her hair, which was shaved on her left side, hung loosely over her shoulders but she bound it into a ponytail. Her eyes were ever black and crimson. She had no need of a bag as all she would ever need could be easily created by her nanoparticle’s, that she could easily manipulate to any shape, form or thing she needed.

    Kaja departed her train and stood upon the platform of Shirotsume’s train station. The cyborg had done some research about Shirotsume when she was travelling and found out a couple of things. One of which was that this place held luxurious hot water springs, the best in Fiore and one of the best in Earthland; an excellent place to have a meeting with an official from another country without the prying eyes in the capital Crocus. However, she heard rumours of acts of violence in Shirotsume; supposedly there was a riot of sorts and it was yet unclear what for to her. The dark-haired cyborg decided to visit a bar as it was already quite late in the evening; perhaps she could catch up on some rumours from the rowdy visitors. She left the train station and crossed the street, looking left and right for a sign that signalled a building for being a place to get some strong liquor. She found one after a little while and entered the pub; the establishment was crowded with patrons which forced Kaja to take a seat at the bar, which was also a crowded place. She found herself a seat next to a blonde woman and a red-haired man. She used her recon drones, mosquito sized machines, to spy on everyone within the room; taking visual and audio footage which was analysed by EIIN. ”Can I get a shot of vodka?” asked the cyborg when her red eyes met those of a bartender, who curiously looked at her appearance. Kaja was used to it that she gained strange looks for her gloomy appearance and didn’t care much about it. She scanned her vicinity with her own electronical eyes and found something particular. ”Are you missing something?” she asked with a genuine curiosity to the blonde woman next to her.

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    Jennifer Ford
    Jennifer Ford

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    Lending a hand  Empty Re: Lending a hand

    Post by Jennifer Ford 9th October 2019, 6:41 pm

    "You could say that."

    Jen smirked as she sat down next to the woman.

    "Bottle of your strongest whiskey."

    She said this to the barkeep as they passed.

    "I'm missing a few things, actually. An arm, a partner for the evening, one of those usually helps with the other, though. Jen Ford, And you would be?"

    When the barkeep arrived with their drinks, Jen snatched hers up, knocked it back, and slammed the glass on the counter.

    "Another, and this time leave the bottle."

    Jen had been having trouble dealing with the loss of her arm. Medeia wasn't always around to help her, she couldn't be. After all, she and Jen occasionally had separate jobs to do.

    "So, whether or not i'm missing something is obvious. The question is, are you? Don't get me wrong. I'm not going to brag to you, or anything. A few years of my old life are enough to remind me of better. I will say this much, though. I do find you rather attractive. And before you ask, yes, I do have someone in my life, but as a fellow mage she is very understanding with me, as I am with her. You might be wondering why I told you that. It's simple really. I've seen how men act, how they lie to women about such things. As such, I feel as though it is my responsibility to hold myself to a higher standard. Speaking of..."

    Jen had made no attempt to hide her more-than-observatory admiration of her drinking partner's form. She did make a note of the eyes, though.

    "How about you? Anyone special in your life?"


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