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    Ghost A rank


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    Ghost A rank Empty Ghost A rank

    Post by Ghost 10th September 2019, 10:43 am

    So much to do with so little time to do it. Even a timekeeper has problems with time. Within the lab, he was busy working on yet another experiment, in fact, he been so busy that he forgot to even eat at times that he has to set a timer to remind him. That was the life of this man here. But lately, something has been bothering him. It was as if he was living more then one life. Granted a timekeeper only live once. But this was a bit different he was feeling someone strange in that sense. But still, he would knock it off as he got back to work. The lab has since become a busy place to be. As another like-minded folk in his guild have joined him on this adventure of his. All wanted to know just what was the core of magic. That was something not even father time knew of. But as he was working he would be interrupted by a strange thing of sort.

    None other than the ace pamphlet have come to Ghost. Seems as it was time to advance him in ranks. Very well he would think but what was the problem. Reading over everything he can tell that it was time-related. "Funny this looks like the work of time goblins. But how on earth did they get there? That dimension is not known to have a high quality of time essence. Clearly, there are another pulling strings and I will go take care of it." Looking on Ghost would leave the lab after putting everything away. Soon he would take his leave hoping to get back as soon as he could. It was all fair to him however as he had great knowledge in this field of work. Soon he would make his way to the Space without time. The only place that ever counts every second of time at all time. Ghost would soon look on at the pamphlet again as he seemed out where was he to go again.

    Dijinn Dimension is where he needed to go and where he will be headed next. His portal was what he needed to get there seeing as it was his way of getting around. But to leap from this realm to an unknown one was something else all on its own. That is where the Master Clock comes in. It can send any TimeKeeper to any realm with time. He would give a smile as he made haste with it. Soon enough he would make his way to the Master Clock who soon formed its head. A didn't blue hollow like head with no eyes yet he had eye holes in them. Looking down at Ghost he would begin to talk to him. "You've come at last and not a moment too soon. It appears the Dijinn realm is in grave danger." Thinking to himself on how his guild Ace pretty much said the same thing he would look on at the Master Clock. "I am all ears talk to me Master Clock." Without a moment to soon he went on. "The time egg is getting ready to hatch. However, a demi-God turned demon is about to get rid of it. You are the only Time Keeper here to take care of him. Please if that time egg is not there upon hatching. The Dijinn realm will not be no more. I will send you to the battle as of right now."

    It was that big of a problem he just might need some backup. But he would then smile as he laughed it off. "No I can handle this alone if need be Time is my forte after all." Soon he would be transported to the Dijinn realm. But as he was going through the portal he looked behind him and saw a shadowy being behind him. This put him on edge as he saw this. But just as he made it to the new realm he saw that the shadowy being was gone. With no time to think he would look over to see time goblins running wild. Looking on at this realm of rune knights fighting them off.

    The Dijinn realm was like the main realm just younger. Soon he would dash and start to take the time goblins out. Quickly turning the tide of battle in Dijinn favor. As the king notice Ghost Fairy Tail Mark a smile would come over his face. Two hours would have passed as they finally got things under control. As the kind would walk up to Ghost and give him a hug. "We thank you for your aid mage of Fairy Tail." Ghost looks at him as he broke away. "Listen the problem here is bigger than these time goblins. They only are only here because of you're realm Time egg is about to hatch." The king looked on a bit confused, asking him what he meant by that.

    Ghost would explain that the spirit in that egg is what keeps time flowing right in this realm and without it then the realm would be doom. Ghost looked on as the king explained to him about the mountain of where monks protect something very special and that could be it. "I thank you I shall be taking my leave and you're problems of this shall go away real soon."

    Ghost would take his leave as the people watching him take off. Not knowing the shadowy being was watching them as well. Soon enough he would nearly make it there as loud war noises could be heard. This made Ghost run up the mountain even faster. A temple should be up there but as he got closer to the top. Bodies of monks and demons were everywhere. Soon he would make haste as he made it to the gates. Ghost would watch as a blue hair demon looking man was making quick work of the monks. Killing each one who knew nothing of the egg location. Yet the head monk was fighting him with all his might as the demon was getting ready to give the killing blow. Ghost would kick him away. With the full force of his might. "Mind if I cut in on this dance head monk?"

    The blue hair demon was a bit shock to see someone else hear. "This is where you die demon as I can't let you take that egg of Time." Still the demon was in shock,"Knowing my might yet you still show yourself, how brave blood and pure foolish of you." A quick stare down would soon take place as Ghost watched him. He would soon fire off his time bombs as the two would go at it. The demon was clearly stopping everything coming his way as he was eating the time magic. This greatly shocked Ghost. The demon would soon grab Ghost by the neck and hang him up. It was like he was draining his magic away. But just as Ghost was about to be defeated the shadowy being would cone out. Rushing towards the demon he would send a time blade at him. Slicing off his arm in the process. As the head monk looked on he could feel that the time goblins were trying to steal the time egg. Ghost was holding on to his neck in pain as blood was coming out of his nose. Hearing a familiar voice talking to him.

    "You did well to make it this far but Century your death is coming and no matter what you do. You can not and shall not stop it. Now go save the egg and I shall stop this beast of a man." Soon things became clear to him as this man was none other then Clockwork. But Ghost was not made at him not at all. More or so sad at hearing such news. It was as if Ghost was not the real him. He would think about this as he went looking for the Time egg. Following the head monk, Ghost had a lot to think about. Meanwhile, Clockwork would look at the demon. "It been quite some time Shawn but this time will be your last."
    The demon was holding his arm as he attaches it to himself.

    Laughing as he looked at him, "Ghost sending your puppets to do your job ow shameful of you. Let's get this over with." Soon Clockwork and the demon would engage in combat as the took clearly had a past. Back to Ghost as he saw the time goblins trying to take the egg. He would quickly engage the little creeps. Seeing as he now knows he is a hollow shell it started to mess with him. As he fought off the goblins his spells were not working as they should. He started to fight them off with his stave. This was most unfortunate for him. As he took down the goblins he would notice the time egg starting to hatch. The lead monk was badly beaten but he was still standing as he walked over to the egg Ghost would remain quiet. As he now remembers the person whose life he took so long ago.

    The monk would start to chant as the egg was rocking back and forth. Soon the demon would crash into the room they were in. Badly beaten he looked up at Ghost as Clockwork appeared behind him holding his hand. He would suck out the demon soul as Ghost watched on. "Mission complete we saved the Dijinn realm. But it will fall to the empire soon enough. Don't be so down Century I have always completed our missions. You see soon you will die more or less I will come back to absorb you. I'm doing this because you have done all you needed to do. But guess what I will allow you to roam around just a little bit more. Until then good luck my dear soul shell." Just as he looked on at Clockwork he turned around to see the egg hatch. Soon enough the spirit turned out to be a fox. A hyper fellow it was at that. Ghost would smile as the job was done as the time goblins were returning home. The monk looked to Ghost and smiled at him. "Life is like a candle although it burns it will go out until then enjoy it. Like a flame in the wind." Words from the wise that was.

    Soon Ghost would return to the kingdom of Dijinn as thins were going back to normal. Ghost would speak to the king as he had things to tell him. Talking to him he would tell him about the guilds and that the kingdom should start one. If this was a younger version of the main realm. Then they had a long way to go. Now with that being done his job was completed and he was on his way home. Not sure of what to make of what happened today. As he was just saved by his self in a way yet he was not happy. Looking on he would return to the Master Clock as he explained to him what had happened. The Master Clock would look to him. Telling him of a story of a young TimeKeeper who wanted to know all about everything. But his greed got the best of him. Ghost would smile as he now knows he was that young boy. Looking on he would return to his guild as the King of Dijinn reported to his guild that he saved them. Ghost would look on as he went back to the lab. Picking up Kiku data book of lost magic. He would smile as he saw a magic known as soul magic. Looking up at the pamphlet Ghost would smile. "I've just became an A rank wizard not most make it here and I'll be damned if I die now." With a look in his eyes a look of survival he would smile.


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