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    A Hearty Meal (Last Order of Bussiness)


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    Completed A Hearty Meal (Last Order of Bussiness)

    Post by Stelar Mon Sep 09, 2019 1:25 pm

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    Stelar departed from Rose Garden at the middle of the day, after a long process of getting on and off different vehicles, Hargeon Town is finally in sight. "Whew ... now I see why everyone's is interested in flight magic ... it would have made this trip easier if I could just fly ..." muttered Stelar to himself while he walked on his foot towards the Hargeon Town. Stelar finally arrived on a hill overlooking the town. "This place sure is beautiful ..." Stelar can't help but gasp in awe of what he sees in front of his eyes. The sight from the top of the hill sure is beautiful, a small town by the seaside along with a bunch of farms on the perimeter of the town, really gives the feel of a seaside resort. After admiring the beauty of the town from afar for a moment, Stelar continues his journey down the hill towards the location of his job.

    After passing some farmlands, Stelar finally arrived in front of a seemingly empty farmland. "This must be the place ..." Stelar confirmed with the message that his superior sent that the place he is standing right now is the farmland that is in need of his help. Not too long after that a young lady came out rushing from the house. "Are you with the Rune Knights?" she seemed nervous and out of breath. "Yes that's right I am Stelar from Rune Knights, and Miss you are?" Stelar answered the young lady question while taking a look at the young lady. She is your typical countryside girl with brown hair and emerald green eyes, she wears a green dress with quite a lot of patches here and there, she also wears a yellow headband on her head. "Yvonne! I am the one that requested for the job!" she seems a bit panicked, and her eyes keep on gazing at Stelar's figure scanning him from top to the bottom. "Erm ... is there a problem Miss Yvonne?" feeling uncomfortable at Miss Yvonne gaze, Stelar asked her a question instead. "Eh? Problem? N-not really, it's just ... I didn't expect them to send out a kid ..." said Miss Yvonne with a questioning look. "K-kid!?" Stelar almost screamed but he managed to keep his usual face and act like nothing happened. "My father had a sudden lower back pain, so he can't plant seeds for the next season. You will need to plant this whole farmland with seeds ... We need it to be done by this evening ... Will you be alright?" honestly speaking Yvonne didn't think that this kid from Rune Knights is up for the job, she would prefer someone with more muscle to do this job, not a small kid. "Don't worry Miss! I too am one of the Rune Knights, I will complete this job that you requested of us without fail!" determined to prove that he is not what Miss Yvonne think what he is, Stelar eyes burns with determination. "All the tools you need are in the shed over there. Good luck!" seeing how determined Stelar is, Yvonne let out a relieved sigh and headed back to the house.

    And thus Stelar work begin. First he used a hoe to till each and every soil that needs to be tilled. Then he started to plant the seeds one by one. After planting the whole field full of seeds, Stelar goes back and forth from the farmland towards a nearby pond, each time he came back he brought a bucket full of water to water the farmland. He repeated it countless time until the whole farmland is watered. This process took up a lot of Stelar's time, by the time he is done the sky is already dark. "Now I know why the old man got the back pain ... Doing farmwork is no easy feat ..." a tired looking Stelar sits in front of the farmer house while looking at the fruits of his labor. "I guess this is a job done then?" while Stelar is relaxing in front of the house, the door of the house is opened by Miss Yvonne. "Erm ... would you like to have a dinner with us? This is the least we can do for you after all of your hard work." at first Yvonne was skeptical wheter Stelar can complete the job or not, but after observing Stelar's work from the window, Yvonne can see that Stelar is an earnest person and he had done what is requested of him, so she thinks that she had to at least repay for Stelar's kindess, that's why she invites him for a dinner. "You sure it is alright for me to eat dinner here?" Stelar is surprised at the sudden invitation.

    Originally he had intended to go to a pub in Hargeon Town after this, but now he can't very well refuse an invitation for a dinner can he? "Yes, by all means! This is the least we can do for all your hard work!" with a bright smile Yvonne gestured for Stelar to come into the house. "Alright then, excuse me~" Stelar feels that today had been a one heck of a journey, and it has all paid off in the end. He might have missed his chance to try food on Neutral Grounds and Rose Garden, but after seeing the smile of Yvonne family, he feels that it doesn't matter anymore. Stelar finally enjoyed a hearty meal and thus with that Stelar first day at work has ended. After finishing dinner and bidding farewell to Yvonne and her family, Stelar leaves Hargeon Town and sets off towards Rune Knights Headquarters.
    After a long journey today, Stelar final destination lies in Hargeon Town. His first job was to help a family of farmer plants seeds for the next season. After a long and repetitive actions, Stelar managed to plant the entirety of the farmlands. As a token of appreciation, Stelar is invited for a dinner with the farmer's family. He finally had his meal and thus his story for today has ended~ Hope you guys enjoyed it~ See you in the next post~

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