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    Second Order of Bussiness


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    Completed Second Order of Bussiness

    Post by Stelar 9th September 2019, 8:26 am

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    A middle-aged man can be seen walking back and forth on the train platform. He seems to be waiting for someone here, his face shows impatience as he keeps on stealing a glance at his pocket watch while moving back and forth. After some time, a train can be seen approaching the platform before completely coming to a halt. "Phew ... I finally made it here ..." the figure of Stelar can be seen exiting from the train. "You must be Mr. Stelar." the old man that had been walking back and forth since earlier approached Stelar while putting his pocket watch back into his shirt pocket. "Ah! You must be Mr. Fabian! Sorry for the trouble!" seeing the old man that approached him, Stelar expression turned into one that is apologetic. As for why he is apologizing to this old man, let's get back to approximately one hour ago.

    "WHAT!? YOU MISSED THE TRAIN!?" a loud voice can be heard coming out of Stelar's iLac. "Well ... it seems that my iLac's clock is late by one hour ... P-please forgive me!" a nervous Stelar replied to the loud voice. The reason for this situation is that Stelar's iLac clock is actually late by one hour, he was supposed to board the train right after he bought his iLac but since he relied on his new iLac clock he is now late for his appointment with the officials that is handling the paperwork for his passport. "Sigh ... well no use in mulling over that now ... I'll arrange a train for you right now, and make sure that YOU BOARDED IT IN TIME THIS TIME! Understand!?" the originally angry voice now seems to have calmed down. "Y-yes! I will board it properly this time! In fact I am heading to the train platform right now!" Stelar hurriedly making his way towards the train platform while continuing to talk over his iLac for quite some time. He ended his call right after he boarded the train and after spending some time on the train, he finally arrived on Rose Garden.

    "Yes, I am indeed Fabian Schmitschen, the one that handles your paperwork for your passport. Now we don't have time to be dilly dallying, off we go to the office! I still have a lot of appointments after this so we must move quickly!" not intending to wait for Stelar, the man named Fabian quickly moved towards station entrance. Stelar too would rather finish this quickly so he can have some time to enjoy foods in Rose Garden. He had researched beforehand about what kind of food that is must eat when one is visiting Rose Garden, and he intended to go to each of those places to enjoy it all. With foods still in his thought, he happily followed Mr. Fabian towards the station entrance. After exiting the train station, Stelar and Mr. Fabian boarded a carriage towards the office where Stelar will be getting his passport.

    After reaching the office, Stelar is guided through some paperworks that have to be signed by him and also take some picture for the passport. After spending some hours filling in paperworks and stuff, Stelar finally gained his passport. The process went smoothly without the need for Stelar to wait in the queue, because it seems that that Rune Knights officer had some connection with Mr. Fabian that allows Stelar to basically skip the queue and go straight into the paperwork. Stelar, now happy that he finished his first day of work, started to walk towards one of the eatery that he had planned to visit after he finished his job today. His happiness didn't last long as it was quickly shattered by the riging of his iLac.

    "Yes sir! I had obtained my passport! I will be heading back to the HQ soon after eating a meal here~" Stelar's mood couldn't be any happier, his work was over and he finally gonna have some time to enjoy his meal, at least that's what supposed to happen. "Eh? No time for a meal? Hargeon City? Help the people there plant seeds for their farm? Can I at leas- Eh? No time to waste? Must go there right now?" Stelar is quickly bombarded by orders, his face had gone 180 degree from a happy face to a white as sheet face. After all he got denied of his meal twice, first he missed the train and spent his whole time talking with his superior so he didn't get a meal in Neutral Grounds, now he also failed to have a meal since his superior immediately orders him to assist Hargeon Town people with some seeds planting. But orders are orders, he is in the rank of Rune Knights now, he can't very well disobey the order of a superior, for now all he can do is follow that order, who knows he will finally get his meal at Hargeon Town? Or will he get more jobs after that? A dejected Stelar slowly but surely makes his way towards his next destination.
    Stelar arrived in Rose Garden, hoping to get his passport despite being late for the appointment and to get some delicious food to fill his stomach. He managed to get his passport safely and sound, but now he must depart for Hargeon Town immediately to do his first real job. When will Stelar finally get to eat a meal?

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