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    The Damned Princess and the Warrior-King


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    The Damned Princess and the Warrior-King Empty The Damned Princess and the Warrior-King

    Post by Gangting on 9th September 2019, 7:45 am


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    A streak of dust clouded the horizon as a giant chariot swept up dust as it rode over a dirt road. The crimson chariot was pulled by two terracotta-coloured aurochs of immense proportion, ancient creatures of a more primordial time. Upon the chariot stood a giant of a man, more than seven feet in length; it was none other than Gangting. His red hair framed his copper-coloured face like a lion’s manes, his face itself was battered a dozen fights yet his eyes pierced dauntless into the world underneath thick bristle brows. A heavy crimson cloak, trimmed with golden fox fur, hung from his wide shoulders and fluttered behind him in the wind. His muscled chest and back were protected by an inch-thick bronze cuirass that was inlaid with gold and emaled within a dark terracotta hue. His arms were thick as logs and covered in a patchwork of scars, including a fresh bite mark from canine on his left arm; his underarms were protected by bronze vambraces that were trimmed with golden fur. A skirt of crimson cloth embroidered with golden thread hung from his waist; a skirt of lamellar strips hung over it. His feet were bare, but his shins were protected like his underarms. Those with keen eyes would notice that the giant wore bandages underneath his cuirass and on his left leg. Gangting had received wounds during his crusade to reclaim Duoshang, which ended in failure and nearly in his death. Most of his wounds had healed and are now part of his trophies, along with the other scars that he had received from many a battle but two wounds did not heal; even after months they still fester and string and no magic nor potion can do much more than soothe the pain. The wound on his leg was caused by hellish flames from a dreadful fire demon and the wound on his chest was inflicted by a stinger from a demonic scorpion. These two demonic spawns harboured an evil power that Gangting could barely stand; he would have died there and then within the walls of Duoshang if Tudigong, the God of Land and Soil, himself had not intervened in a tempest avatar of holy rock and sand. The redhaired slayer had visited many a healer on his long trip back to Fiore but none could help him, they all agreed that it was a miracle that he was still standing. The Brute was still looking for a cure.

    Gangting was back in Fiore for since a couple of months. He had barely crossed the border between Iceberg and Fiore of he ran, quite literally, into his old friend Johann von Weiss. Together they dealt with a band of highwaymen, who before their encounter, tried to mug the wounded Demon Slayer. Johan had taken up the task to eradicate the criminal's root and stem for his guild Dies Irae and offered Gangting too join his guild with the promise that he and the guild would give him support in a second attempt to relieve his empire off the demonic spawn. Gangting offered his support to Johann and his guild immediately without a second thought, he saw the merit of the guild and the usefulness of the support it gives when he would march once more to the walls of his beloved city. The guild of Dies Irae was located on the Amber Isle in Minstrel, quite far away from Fiore; Johann stressed to Gangting the usefulness of a passport and so Gangting acquired one in Hargeon and then proceeded to do a job in Monster Land with a young slayer called Solmar, afterwards he had met with two curious people. One of them was a tiny lizard, a gecko and the other was none other than Oda Nobunaga; whose ghostly forces Gangting had attacked, all living dead must be evil according to the Redhaired-Slayer. He was currently following the railroad to visit a couple of important cities to the east of Fiore; from Hargeon to Clover Town would this journey bring him. The next city he was about to reach was Oshibana. He looked in each city for jobs he could do, before going back to the guild.

    Ganting entered the own from the south, his chariot thundered over the cobbled road, making quite some noise and besides that, it was a bit too large and dangerous as well to ride in the town; Gangting decided to pull over and let his chariot ascend the heavens and continue on foot. The town of Oshibana wasn’t that big and held nothing of note really but there was something that caught the Giants attention; a smell, it was not caused by industry or by the magical-powered vehicles. What Gangting smelled stirred emotion within him, fuelling his internal flame of wraith; his wounds started stinging, only one such smell would bring this about; Demons. The smell was something Gangting could never describe to people, whom couldn’t smell it; Gangting’s Demon Slayer magic had increased his senses including his sense of smell. The smell stank in a mysterious way, a smell unlike anything else he had smelled ever in his life; it as an alien smell, surreal to this world. The smell was strong and Gangting could not define one demonic being; demons had different accents to their smell depending on the species, and at times the higher demons had a unique smell. It was apparent that the town was invested by the foul spawn and he would cleanse this town of it, as soon as he had found the source. The Giant Slayer stomped through the town, making the earth tremble slightly as he moved about in his search for the source.

    Gangting decided to cross the city south to north and then west to east over its main roads to divide the city into quadrants, making it easier for him to determine in which part of the town the demons reside. The town might be small, but it took Ganging nevertheless a couple of hours. One particular area, near the edge of the town, was the smell strong and Gangting patrolled the area. His steps had stopped their treble as he wished to maintain the surprise.




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    The Damned Princess and the Warrior-King Empty Re: The Damned Princess and the Warrior-King

    Post by Aura on 9th September 2019, 3:27 pm

    "Gentlemen, I need your attention here, and not out there, remember? Or we'll never get to the main business of the day." The deep, almost possessed voice snapped at his underlings with an almost suspiciously calm tone. Whomever had been dilly-dallying now had their focus immediately reverted to the horned demon before them. They knew better than to anger him. Him; Lord Fyarl Syrebane, was more human in appearance than most of his followers, but held more power because of it. His name suggested as much; none could syre him into a bond of loyalty, not by force. As such, his fealty could not be forced or bought, but only earned. And the demon had done well in making sure that was no easy task to achieve. Even now, when new powerhouses had been rising left and right to garner the Martyr's Throne, he had remained a neutral party to most… until he met a certain demon that, much to his dismay, resembled his former lord more than he would've ever dreamt of. Today he was here to ascertain whether this demon was truly worthy of his trust… and his presence here was just for that; a meeting with one of the contenders for the Martyr's Throne. A demoness. Not unlike the other one, however. Rumours said she was born a half-blood, but that her demon blood had overthrown the remainder of her other genes. Many despised her because of it, yet she'd been garnerning trust and power at a steady pace, not faltering to the words of those trying to belittle her. Some say the previous Demon Emperor's right hand had even joined her side in this kerfuffle. Fyarl wondered how she would fare against his previous lord's successor. Both were worthy, but little did he know of her capabilities, her goals, and most importantly, her reasoning. Even this very location, so close to a human settlement, had been chosen carefully. Strategically, even. For those demon lords that dared bring too many of their warriors with them would surely be noticed by the town, or worse, hunters patrolling the boundaries. When he'd found out, Fyarl couldn't help but chuckle at the small fact. This contender was no fool. Yet she seemed somewhat reckless, which was all the more reason to attend this meeting today.

    Fyarl had taken a dozen of his lesser warriors with him; they were lesser in demonic power, but boosted enough strength to match those who'd be called full-fledged warriors among the demon tribes. As a guard, they would do plenty. The demon lord stretched his body as he stood up, his off-blue cape dangling across his shoulders. He wore a studded leather breastplate covering the top-most part of his torso, his soft-leather shoulderplates allowing nimble movements. The rest of his outfit was simple, dark in color to blend in more with the shadows; for had the man to be put into a class, rogue would've been the most fitting. The hood of his cape covered most of the man's face, along with a muffler across his mouth and nose. Long, pointed ears, and his eyes a vibrant blue, no pupils present, and looked like they were two lights within a darkened face. An arrow-tipped tail and two curved horns finished the picture. Had he lacked horns some could've even mistaken him for a Celestial or even Elven offspring, but his demonic aura made well to keep them from making such a mistake. "Alright, so now I have everyone's attention-- and mind you I won't be asking for it again," Some of his men paled at the words he spoke, knowing the threat hidden underneath them, and focused even more. "We'll be moving fast and precise. I want the perimeter of this town's southern boundaries swiped of anything suspicious. Living or manmade, am I clear? You have half an hour; afterwards we'll meet back here and move to the vantage point." He looked his men in the eyes and nodded. "And gentlemen; in case you'd come across obstacles…" He allowed a brief pause before continuing. "Remove them. Dismissed."

    The demons flocked out immediately, rushing into different directions like blurs and shadows, along the borders of Oshibana, some even venturing within the suburbs of the city just to make sure no ambushers were hiding there. As demons on human soil, they couldn't take the risk to lose their advantage; especially not when outnumbered. One of them ceased midway his reconnaissance and skidded to a halt within the alluring shadows of a not-so-alluring alley. His eyes went wide in shock as the sensation shook through his body; fear. He could smell it, that horrible stench that exuded. A demon slayer. A demon slayer that was fast-approaching. Too fast. He turned immediately and dashed off at high speed. He had to find the others. A slayer in itself already meant trouble, but a demon slayer… safe to say, they wouldn't be prepared for that. Not them. Not Fyarl. Not even the other demon lords gathered at the meeting. Someone had to warn them, and fast. Instead of tracing his steps back to the meeting point the lesser demon pinpointed and found some others of his squad, told them about the slayer and motioned to spread out further. He had to buy them time. Lots of time. Turning on the back of his feet, the lesser demon made a 180 degrees turn and headed off again, towards the demon slayer's scent. If the others could find Lord Fyarl, they'd have a fighting chance.

    ~  ♤  ~  ♤  ~  ♤  ~

    The white-haired woman stood out like a sore thumb among the group of inhuman creatures. Some hid their visage and appearance behind layer upon layer of darkened armor, while some did the opposite and showcased their natural forms proudly; more monster than humanoid. A rare few bore no physical form at all; elemental representatives present instead of their respective lords. Yet in all, Kenna looked the most normal of all among her demonic peers. And she could see the disdain in some of their eyes because of it. Yes, she still had issues with showing her demon heritage to others and thus preferred to keep it suppressed when outside, but at this point she was heavily contemplating letting that point of view slide. If only for this meeting. She'd gathered all of those willing to heed her call; demons she'd already recruited to her cause through her travels, her father's old vassals, who'd been called upon by Avide himself, and the neutral parties who were still waiting for a side to pick. The demoness knew that she wasn't the only one aiming for her father's throne. But she was the only rightful one make claim to it. And even if she weren't going to sit upon it, she wouldn't allow anyone to soil the Martyr's Throne and her father's legacy. For now however, they had to wait. There was one more who's presence they required before she could start the meeting. Or rather, reveal her presence to the world of demons as Caradhras' true heir. The di Endovier bloodline had all but perished.

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