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    Human Calamity: 78 Days


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    Human Calamity: 78 Days Empty Human Calamity: 78 Days

    Post by Luceam on 9th September 2019, 7:39 am

    Job Info:
    Job Title:Human Calamity: 78 Days
    Rank: 100Y
    Job Location: Serene Cliffs
    Solo Word Count: 12,500 words
    Group Word Count: 25,000 words.
    Additional Requirements: Luna Mira must be present and have completed "Human Calamity: 90 Days"
    Job Description: After the expedition to a mysterious structure under turned out to be the start of something worse. Luna studied the diary of Rethram, the Elder Dragon of Wisdom. The alliance he started between a select group of Fairies, Dragons, Demons, and Gods that created a spell to destroy humanity. According to the journal, the spell was made of four "Human Calamity" spells, they sealed each of the component spells that form it separately. Rethram was in possession of the Dragon's Human Calamity Spell, "Human Calamity: Revenge" for which he sealed it away inside a tomb.

    With the possibility that Luna is not the only one hunting down the fragments of the spell, the mysterious Slayer from before who could wield three separate elements of three different deities, pace must be made to hunt down the spell. According to the diary, Rethram left guarding the spell to the Dragon of Death and Fear.


    Dragon Statue?: There's a Dragon statue that serves as the gate of the cave. It's embedded into the cliff with it's crystal  eyes blocking the door, all it requires is a bolt of electricity through the large Lacrima in the chest to activate it, and it will break out of the rocks, and will try to stop everyone from entering. However, it's been weakened to time, and it does not possess any breath or element related attack.

    Dragon Golems: Walking through the cave, a magic circle gets activated causing twenty red beams light to strike the cave, and out of the earth forms a hundred Dragon Golems with red eyes. lining the cave Each of these, Golems are weak on their own, but in numbers they can be a massive threat.

    Debris:After the Dragon Golems fall, the Magic circle activates, before a large spark gets discharged through the cave. A few moments later a curdling roar is heard throughout the cave. Following which, the ground vibrates, the cave starts to shake before large rocks, boulders, and even dangerous sharks of crystal are falling, flying around for a short while.

    Thanatros, the Dragon of Death and Fear. He was awakened and is the last line of defense to prevent anyone from acquiring the Spell. He resides in a large circular chamber, where there is only two ways in or out, either the passage leading back out, or the sealed chamber holding the spell fragment. He is large, and furious, and hell bent on destroying all that come his way. He breaths a fire that induces a massive amount of fear and quickly burns away at the life of what it burns.

    Human Calamity: 78 Days Bokruzdinok

    Boss 2:
    Innean: The Avatar of the current group searching for the fragments of "Human Calamity: End", she is revealed here to be a Fourth Generation Slayer who comes from a lightning God, A water Dragon, and a fire Demon, but has life sustained by the magic of a Nature Fairy. Innean appears after Thanatros is defeated, and takes the Lacrima containing the spell "Human Calamity: Revenge.", leaving behind what appears to be the corpse of an older dragon in the last room.

    Human Calamity: 78 Days 5688-521590859

    Reward: 150K Jewels and Rank EXP.

    For Luna: One Rethram (Non-combat pet), and the next quest "Human Calamity: 60 Days."

    Luna and Amelia were standing near the cliff side, close to a pathway leading down the cliff, that wound end behind one of the many falls of the cliffs. The blonde Gynoid was pacing back and forth as she was trying to grasp the whole situation. She had a processing capacity that could translate a whole book written in a foreign language and give a summary in under a minute, but yet this seemed to be a tricky mess. Luna was reading from a old book, the diary of a legendary dragon. She felt it prudent to learn as much as she could on the subject of this goal, but she doubted there was much left to decipher. "So, let's recap and get the story straight." Amelia said, breaking about an hour of silence.

    Luna closed the book before putting it away in a shoulder bag. "From the top or the last point?" The Nature fairy said calmly. Amelia rolled her eyes, anxious and feeling under a lot of stress. "From the top, would you like a board?" Luna looked around, sensing no one approaching she nodded. Amelia snapped her fingers and connected with Luna, creating a board only they could see. Luna drew a long horizontal line, before marking each with dates. "A few centuries ago, maybe a few millenniums, a group of Dragons, Fairies, Demons, and Gods all joined into a group out of fear for humanity. They feared the dangerous potential for humanity, and how they hunt down each of them and have no remorse as they would for one of their own. The Ethnocentrism of Humans, pushed them into having a backup plan to deal with Humans if they had no choice. So they made a Spell made of four spells to eradicate humanity. Each spell belongs to one of the races and has their own effects, but when combined they eradicate humanity."

    Amelia nodded, she was following the facts so far, easily now that Luna was also using a written timeline. "Simple enough to follow so far." Luna kept writing in as much as she knew. "After they made 'Human Calamity: End.', they observed humanity but they did not think that they could judge them so soon. When their lifespans were coming to an end, they couldn't decide nor trust their descendants. So, they hid each of the four component spells, "Justice", "Judgment", "Repent, and Revenge" separately. This was so that if their message gets lost to time among their descendants or any other group wouldn't be able to wipe out humanity on a whim."

    Amelia wasn't surprised that it failed, given the fact that the two females were standing hear waiting for backup to go and recover one of those spells. "But that is happening. So now we skip ahead to modern?" Luna nodded, walking over marking the recent dates on the board. "Yes, I was part of the expedition to the original group's hall. Where Neptuna retrieved the book from Dragon of Wisdom, Rethram's office as a hybrid slayer attacked and demolished the structure. It had Water Dragon, Lightning God, and Fire Demon slayer magic. She wanted to leave no trail for anyone else to follow. She, overwhelmed me, she sent me flying from the bottom of the sea, to sky high, and nearly broke the ship with what should have been my corpse if not for a full hour of constant medical care and a pharmacy amount of medicine and enough healing magic to revive a dragon. So, afterwards, you and I tracked down Rethram's cave where he hid the Spell 'Human Calamity: Revenge'."

    Amelia nodded, the recap of how everything got to this point. She dispelled the board, saving it to memory as she knew she and Luna wouldn't need one at this point. Luna switched back to speaking, but made sure she was not loud enough to be heard without Amelia's robotic ears being able to pick up on anyone approaching. "So, after all that, we keep the idea of the 'Human Calamity' spells and plot discrete. If the Magic Council or any other wrong ears in high power learn about this, we could risk making worse situations. So long as we get at least one of the components recovered, and keep it out of reach for the next three months, no one can wipe out humanity."

    Which in turn led to another situation. How does one seek aid while withholding the critical information? To answer that, Luna and Amelia had, false reports mentioned to the local governing officials that the Dragon of death and fear, Thanatros, who was known to rest in what was legend to be eternal slumber was in the process of waking up. In the diary, Luna read that Rethram had Thanatros kept here in slumber, waiting to guard the Spell with his life so anyone that enters will eventually wake him up with his presence, until someone is slain.

    The reports sent to the local government made everyone incredibly nervous, and the region put out a job for anyone strong enough to slay the dragon, and they would be rewarded, no questions asked. "We're doing what needs to be done, but how far do we gotta go?" Luna looked around, waiting to see who was to come from the shadows. "I wish I knew. But not like we could post a reward ourselves, we simply took advantage of pre-existing legends and, bent some truth. As far as we are concerned, we gotta be careful for asking humans for support, I don't want to validate any side on the matter."

    Amelia was silent for a moment, but she couldn't ignore the contradiction. "But aren't we validating a side, by keeping humanity in the dark?" Luna sighed, as that question was the last thing she should think about, she had no time to think on the philosophy, just on what needs to be done.

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