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    Visiting the Miracle Town

    Inkormine Talea
    Inkormine Talea

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    Visiting the Miracle Town Empty Visiting the Miracle Town

    Post by Inkormine Talea Sun 8 Sep - 21:14

    Inkormine was out for a little bit of a walk. A long, multiple day walk, through a place that isnt an ecological apocalypse zone. Any place that is not an apocalypse zone. Like this big green forested area, with all these strange grasses and plants growing just everywhere, even though he hadn't seen any oasis around here! And, it wasn't a horrifying rotting mess holding secretly undead things wanting to kill and eat him, or worse, infect him with crazy zombie plant diseases. Yeah, that last job he had done with some of the guilds together was, uh, not exactly in his top ten favorite things he'dd ever done. Or top any of them, pretty much bottom of the list. He shuddered just thinking about it, stepping over a prickly looking bush he thought was the 'poison ivy' he kept hearing some of the people around the guild talking about sprouting up everywhere. He probably wouldn't be affected by it, but better to not take chances after getting out of the nasty place. Speaking of nasty, or rather in this case, things that are not nasty, the smell around here was a lot nicer, even if everything was all colorful to a bewildering degree, and the air felt... heavy, and moist in a rather unpleasant way, and kind of hot. It wasn't a great feeling, especially since it seemed warmer here too, but at least it wasn't that warm so the temperature wasn't too bad. Although as he walked, something caused his ears to perk up, and he stopped, looking around a bit as he tried to track the sound. He changed direction, wandering off the 'path', more of a less dense vegetation route really, and into the thicker brush, walking along until he could tell what the sound was. It was like water flowing through the small crop farms of home, but like, way louder, like there was a lot more water moving around. A little more walking had him stepping out onto a slightly rocky bank overlooking a massive amount of flowing water! How could this much water even exist and flow?! He was mesmerized, and oblivious, for now, to the eyes burrowing into the back of the spider person, as the person that had found him watched, silently, the fascinated spider, a tiny creak of wood as they gripped their weapon a little tighter.

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