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    Getting that Passport (SOLO)


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    Getting that Passport (SOLO) Empty Getting that Passport (SOLO)

    Post by Lyza Sun 8 Sep 2019 - 14:17

    job accept:

    To say that Lyza had better things to do with her day would be a lie. But she had already gotten out of a particularly uninteresting and slow day at work, so standing in a line for the next... however long, was not exactly on her list of 'fun and interesting things' to do. In fact, it was quite the opposite. It felt like two minutes passing was just one more person getting their passport done and the line consisted of another hundred people. Still, this was partially mandatory for her new job. She used the term 'job' but being a mage wasn't exactly a job in and of itself. You could do practically anything you wanted. Going on adventures, seeing the world, becoming a part of a guild... First though, was this.

    Lyza took a sluggish step forwards as one more person got their passport and scurried out of the building. How much longer was this going to take? Her head was starting to hurt from how much she was thinking in a vain attempt to make time pass faster. Anything from what she would do later that day- wait she was just going to bed when she got home. It was 4pm, that was her mandatory nap time. Well... so much for that. What about before she actually went to bed for the night? She could go out and get food. But then she would be all alone sitting at a restaurant table and that just didn't look right. There wasn't any good takeout places on this half of town either. Tomorrow then. Probably.


    "Hey bud, it's your turn."

    Lyza blankly looked up from her haze after what felt like an eternity of just talking to herself in her mind to see that she was finally up to the counter. Damn, how long had she been here though? She fished around her pockets and presented her birth certificate, ID, and tax info to the man behind the counter who took it and started to scribble notes down on a piece of paper. A couple questions were asked to make sure that she was indeed herself and not not-herself, and then she was asked to stand in front of a camera.



    And then it was all done. Lyza was handed her brand new, shiny passport and she was able to leave the building. Never once in her life had she ever moved as fast as she did when trying to get the hell out of there, but she did it. The way home, though, was another story. As much as she wanted to just find a nice comfy bench to lay down and pass out upon, her bed would be much more satisfying to flop into once she finally made her way home. Judging by the position of the sun, it was actually almost night. Just how long had she been waiting in line again? Two hours she estimated? Who cared, she just wanted to go to sleep.

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