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    Task: Saving Miss Waterford

    Kaja Jelen
    Kaja Jelen

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    Task: Saving Miss Waterford Empty Task: Saving Miss Waterford

    Post by Kaja Jelen 7th September 2019, 6:33 am

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    Kaja was on the train from Rose Town back to her own place in Motor Town, were she had an apartment. She was dressed as her usually self; long black hair that was shaven on one side, pale skin covered in tattoos and dressed in black and grey clothing. She sat alone and started out of the window, her Ilac buzzed and she took it out of her pocket to look. I really need to make an AI for these things, she had a sort of AI butler in mind. One that could handle incoming messages, look up information and possible even hack into camera’s and other systems. Something that could calculate things for her or find things, her own computer-brain was impressive but still wasn’t as efficient in processing information as a computer is; an AI combined with her own mind would advance her capabilities besides being a simple utility. She looked at the text for a less then a second and deleted the message. A task in Pergrande?, thought the android, she had never before an assignment in Pergrande. Most of the job she had taken, when she still lived in Bosco, were in Bosco self or in Minstrel or Fiore. She didn’t know a whole lot about the country other than that it still seemed to live in the middle ages and the country was infamous for its execution of magic users. She decided to look more into the country during her trip to her home as she had still a couple hours to kill. At home she would get some stuff to aid her in her task, thoughts much she needed was provided by her Nano-tech magic which allowed her to alter her appearance or conjure any weapons she required; the ring, provided to her by her guild, would reinforce her disguise with it’s own special capabilities that her own magic cannot.

    She successfully infiltrated the kingdom of Pergrande and was near the large walled mansion, which could almost be considered a small castle, were Miss Waterford was held. Kaja looked now much different from what she had looked like during her train ride to Motor Town. She had altered her appearance greatly, her pale skin was now tan, her hair dark hairs were blonde and her eyes crystal blue; she was dressed the in the traditional garb of the area, to blend in with the local peasant community. She sat in the cover of a big oak tree in the middle of a meadow and used her drone to scout the castle. It was deep into the night and she could have chosen to wear anything else but she had thought of an excuse if she were to get caught, she would simple claim she was waiting for her lover and that they occasionally sneaked out to spend a night together. People might frown upon it in this traditional society and she would likely be scolded for it by the person that found her, but that was better then being discovered dressed all in dark blue to match the shadows; that surely would get her behind bars and would raise a lot of questions.

    Her drone had done its reconnaissance and Kaja looked at the floorplan of the manor, the area’s that were patrolled and the area’s that seemed to be guarded less. One door, that was accessible on the first floor that gave access to one of the walls was heavily guarded and an additional beam had been placed in front of it which raised her suspicion that the woman was in that room. The room was probably also accessible through another door inside of the manor, which would likely be guarded as well. She could scale the outer wall of the manor, as the walls only enveloped the front part of the manor and then sneak in through one of the windows. She had brought rope with her, currently hiding in a dry ditch, that she could use to get madam Waterford out of the manor.

    Kaja had changed her appearance once more now that she was hanging on the wall like a spider, her colours matched the grey rocks of the building. Thoughts she could easily be spotted if there had been any patrols outside of the manor, luckily for her there weren’t. She was at the window, only to find out that these weren’t able to open from the outside in anyway with conventional means. She used her flamethrower, very gentile, to melt the lead around the glass pieces until she could remove a couple; she threw them bellow in the grass where they made almost no sound while falling. She unlocked the window and crawled back down to allow it to be fully open. She crawled into the room and found the woman she was looking for sleeping in her bed. She walked to it, biting her teeth at hearing the sounds the wooden floor made. At one point she even stopped as the noise was so loud, but no guard came storming in, so she continued to move forwards. The whole distance was only a couple meters, but it might as well have been a yard with the time that had passed by. She reached the carpet, on which the best stood and relaxed after she noticed it muffled all the sounds. Kaja held her hand around the mouth of the woman who jumped up immediately, wanting to scream.  ”Sush, I am her to get you out,” whispered Kaja, ”blink twice if you understand.” The woman did so, and Kaja removed her hand. “Couldn’t you have come earlier,” hissed Waterford at her. Kaja looked annoyed at her, ”Shut up, don’t talk and get what you need; only necessities. If you complain one more time I’ll throw you out of the window.” She had not come all this way for that reply, thoughts she wouldn’t throw her out of the window but the Waterford didn’t know; the threat did work and the woman calmly went about to get her things. Kaja was glad to see how careful the woman walked and apparently had figured out were to walk with the least amount of noises, which quite surprised her that the woman had thought of that. She was also pleased to see that she had only one small bag with her that she filled with two books and some metal objects, which she had bound into a piece of cloth. Kaja moved towards the room, partially taking the route Waterford had taken and secured the rope and used it to drop Waterford; who was mouse still as she was lowered.

    The travel back to Fiore was quite the thing; Waterford wasn’t very happy about the accommodations Kaja had made. They first travelled by horse to Iceberg and then by train to Fiore. Kaja had given Wateford her ring to alter her appearance and changed hers with her magic; they looked guised themselves as a just married couple on a honeymoon, thoughts those that would see them would likely think that the marriage will be a short one. They frequently argued and more than once did Kaja want to leave her behind but was reminded that she has responsibilities now and just her reputation. They managed to get undetected and together, at Fiore and travelled straight to Talonia. In Talonia they could find one of Waterfords people in the Solemn park, whom would take things over from Kaja.

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    Task: Saving Miss Waterford 0WKR6kK

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