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    Sweet Conjuration[Secondary Magic Training]

    Nathaniel Stratford
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    Sweet Conjuration[Secondary Magic Training] Empty Sweet Conjuration[Secondary Magic Training]

    Post by Nathaniel Stratford on Thu 05 Sep 2019, 19:44

    On a bright cozy morning on the same boat Nat boarded from the port town of Hargeon yesterday because had filled out and picked up his passport to grant him passage to the other countries of Earthland which was in itself was quite the experience for the light mage. Helping all those people out for what seemed to be for most of the day had certainly helped him increase his stamina and endurance because such scenario was similar to Nat’s physical training for the most part. All that running and quick response he had to do in order to address the needs of the citizens in line for their passports wasn’t as easy as it sounds. But it had all paid off and Nat feels he can on more tasks ahead of him, even giving him more confidence in taking on that job the employee had reserved for him while he went back to Hargeon for his passport. Yes everything seemed to be going so well for the young mage of light his excitement ever so high perhaps even higher than when he woke up yesterday eager to prove his worth and further his powers. With so much happiness he was feeling at this very moment, Nat had decided to leave his room in the boat to try and treat himself with a nice tasty treat. Of course for Nat nothing would beat a cheesecake when it comes to tasty treats.

    It is a long time favorite of Nat's, it served as a memory and a reminder of what his purpose in life is. For it represents a far simpler, younger time a time in his youth living with his family in Magnolia, and ever under the used to be shield that was Fairy Tail. A time where he too was simply but an innocent happily gobbling on a slice of cheesecake himself. In fact, he would remember a time he had been giving cheesecakes to injured at Fairy Tail's old hall as his contribution in helping them get better. For Nat, everything seemed to make thing better if they were given cheesecakes. It was these simple moments in life that made him feel like an innocent again and not being this crusader on a mission to eradicate evil. He missed being an innocent as he felt he was robbed of it early on his life with witnessing such destruction from Savage Skull twice in one lifetime but not would shake his head, for this is not the time to become depressed in the past, in the times where he was but a helpless child... Man he could use a lot of cheesecakes right now.

    But alas, to his bad stroke of luck, the ship's on board restaurant had but a few slices of cheesecakes left as he stared at in the glass display in front of the counter for pastries. A beautifully chilled blueberry cheesecake with the berries topped beautifully and drenched in a syrupy coating made from blueberries themselves. He gazed in awe in such a wonderful work of art, no longer doubting as to why there was less than a quarter left that was enough to be sliced into three equal parts. However, with the way Nat's been feeling - his boundless excitement and the little detour to memory lane - Nat could just eat the whole thing right now.

    But he couldn't. No his tender heart for others simply won't let him. Especially when right beside him was an old lady, in her 80s holding a cane and had an arched back who would love to try the cheesecake too. The tender old smile the woman possessed was not needed in melting his heart. It had already relented the moment a nice woman such as her would want a cheesecake too. He even took it a step further and offered to treat the old lady to the slice of cheesecake patting him on his back as a sign of gratitude along a soft gentle voice that uttered "Thank you".

    The pair bonded over the cheesecakes they had bought as they talked about it as they made their way to a great spot by a stained glass sliding door that lead out to the deck that also lets natural light in the restaurant giving it an exquisite lighting. They sat by a small round table that had perfectly clean white tablecloth on it where they had placed their plates on top of and sat the other ends of the table facing each other. Nat even helped the old lady take her seat first before even taking his.

    Once they were both settled in they each took a piece of their vibrant and delicious cheesecake to eat. The sweet soft dessert sliding down his throat, it was pure heaven when he had the taste of the blueberry with its acidity the complimented the cheesecake base very well. The old lady upon seeing how Nat has been savoring each bite he took, commented on how he must love cheesecake very much. Happily nodding before replying that he does indeed telling her of how it reminded him of a much simpler time, a time when he was young and cheesecake made everything better. Putting a smile on people's faces, giving them hope and a renewed sense of purpose with each bite they took of his cheesecake. It was at this moment that Nat told her that he makes cheesecakes of his own, telling her that he is in the process of perfecting his desserts, learning from whatever bakery and cafe he comes by. The old lady giggled at Nat's story for at that moment he had open himself up to a stranger simply because they shared cheesecakes on this one beautiful moment.

    Clearly enjoying her time with the young mage, the old lady revealed that she owned a bakery on Amber Island that apparently sold one of the finest pastries and desserts around. She even offered to teach Nat how they make their cheesecakes to which delightedly agreed as they continued to chat over their delicious cakes.

    Hours went by and the boat had arrived in Amber Island. Nat had disembarked along with the old lady he had met earlier, carrying her baggage for her. They made their way into the one and only port town in the island that also housed his guild, Dies Irae. At the edge of the town's market there stood the old lady's bakery that - upon opening of its simple oak door at the store's front, from which one can see everything inside because of the stain glass wall it had so as to display the many desserts the bakery had to which in his surprise displayed none. This raised Nat's curiosity as to why that was so and it certainly didn't help that upon entering the supposed store, there was nothing but there but a wooden counter that ran vertically from the front of the shop all the way about to a quarter to the other side.

    Curiously, Nat asked why the woman's shop was in this state. Robbery was out of the question as the woman didn't at all look surprised why the store was empty. And with a slight chuckle, Nat was given his answer with a wave of the woman's hand. Rows upon rows of desserts filled the display window at the side each gleaming with color as if they were freshly baked. Nat starred in wonder with his jaw refusing to close. After a few moments of gazing into the magnificent treats, he finally got a hold of himself and asked the lady how it was possible.

    Apparently, the old lady was a skilled mage. Who spent years perfecting magic that fell under the school of conjuration in her native land. She had sensed that Nat was too a mage the moment they first met on the ship's restaurant, and that his love, fondness and expertise convinced the woman to take him under her wing for she had been on the look out for an apprentice. A young person with whom she can share her secrets with and found Nat to be perfect. She explained that such magic draws upon ones memory and will to bring forth said object. Both of which Nat abundantly possessed when it came to cheesecakes among other things.

    Beginning the lesson, the lady gave Nat a piece of paper which contained a series of enchantments and hand movements, necessary to perform a conjuration spell. He did a few practice runs with the instructions, making sure that he was ready to perform to conjuration spells. Fortunately, it didn't take long for Nat to get a hang of it as he lets magic flow freely through and out of his hands, making an array of dazzling and sparkling lights appear as he waved his hands to and fro in accordance with the instructions given to him. The old lady told her to keep practicing in the back room while she attended to the approaching customers who saw her delicious creations from outside.

    After an hour passed with practicing, Nat was ready to give conjuration a try. He left the back room and called out the old lady who looked at her please who then asked her assistant to take over who had just came in some thirty minutes ago. The old lady told Nat to try and conjure up a spoon by visualizing it with his mind as he did the movements. Slowly his left hand came up in front of his chest as lights came flickering from his hands that grew brighter as he continued it slowly move it along with the light fading as it went across his right shoulder at the same time revealing that Nat had successfully conjured up a spoon. A plaid old spoon with no magical capabilities whatsoever. But hey, that was just the start and this was all that was asked of Nat to do anyways but he couldn't help be delighted for this was certainly a step towards progress, and possibly endless supply of cheesecake for days. Well, endless until he runs out of Magic Power that is.

    The old lady too was pleased that Nat was able to perform a conjuration spell so quickly. It made her look down and sigh in content as she thought she had finally had a successor to the shop. Yes. The lady also revealed that Nat would inherit the shop once he gets that hang of conjuring magical desserts for the lady explained that she is old now and wished to return to her homeland even so much as thanking Nat for crossing path with her on this fateful day. Happily, she slid one last piece of paper into Nat's palm, which was a recipe for two of the shop's most famous cheesecakes: Blueberry and Strawberry Cheesecake. The lady explained that if done right, the cheesecakes in the recipe could hold very helpful magic that could indeed invigorate any who eat it patting Nat on the and adding that it was much like what Nat does when he makes cheesecakes for other people. It was this happy moment shared by the pair that made them erupt into a warm hug for each other.

    The last words the old lady spoke to Nat was to simply let the cheesecake work for him. Let his emotions and memories run free as he conjures up the special cheesecakes much like what he had done when she and Nat were still on the boat. Completely thankful for this opportunity, Nat tried to conjure up a Strawberry cheesecake for the lady to take in her journey home. He closed his eyes and continued the hand movement he had been practicing earlier, letting his magic flow once again but this time accompanied by the sweet memories afforded to him by cheesecakes. He remembered how Strawberry cheesecake specifically invigorated him as a kid and whenever he offered it to people. These memories, along with a mental note of the other ingredients he had taken into heart as he mastered the art of making cheesecakes.

    And without him even knowing, a magnificent vibrant strawberry cheesecake floated right in front of them. The colors shined in their very room along with their eyes as they beheld something delicious. Nat handed the masterpiece to the old lady who gladly accepted the parting gift as she made for the door. Now with him and the assistant at the shop, it was time to conjure themselves and the customers some cheesecakes.

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