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    moketa's past


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    moketa's past Empty moketa's past

    Post by meganheartmen on 6th July 2013, 5:52 pm

    History: Personality: Normally out of battle she stays alone in her bunker under a house.
    Rarely goes out ever sticks to herself unless she needs to feed. She never feeds on male blood only female. Because she is a loner she has a hard time making friends even with the men she leads. In battle its flipped she its talkative loud rude and down right a bitch. Her men gave her the nickname Moketa the evil. Because of her training methods are down right unlawful. They all fear her and stay as far away form her as possible. Unless they have to go near her they don't. She even makes then dress and undress her clean her armor, swords and shower with her in front of everyone just to be mean. Because she has two different personalities Its hard to tell witch Moketa you are talking to. It all depends on rather she is in or out of battle. Moketa the evil is one person you don't want on your tail. Moketa the lonely is kind gentle and would never hurt a fly. She hates her other half. more then anything else in the world. Like other blank slate vampires her other self is more out spoken. Then its calmer twin as they call it and gets her into hard spots. it rarely keeps it itself as apposed to her none battle ready self. they are called blank slates because the more calmer self can be altered and changed to fit there masters or mistress needs these vampire are human servants by choice. her currant mistress is a ruler of a island nation that travels the high seas looking for more lands to rule. they serve for power or money or for trade in moketa's case its all 3. The blank slaters as they are some times called. Do not have their own first and last names they are given there first name when they are bought and take the last name of their master or mistress. They are to one day marry there masters or mistress's this un like there servance is not by choice it is the family they are owned by's law. Un like most her mother was her mistress blank slate vampire before her so she was born into the highland family. But her mother was killed 3 weeks before she was to marry her mistress. the Cause of her death is unknown to this day. as for as Moketa knows she never had a mother. or any family but her mistress. her past is unknown to her. But despite all that she severs the highlands with honor and pride. when her mistress dies she will go to belong to her only daughter Samantha. because Samantha's mom is to old to marry she must marry her instead and awaits the day of the wedding to the young highland. Samantha and her have been in love for sometime now. they meet when they where kids and have been in love ever since.

    RP Sample: Moketa was walking in the woods at night when she heard a noise. *who's there* she asked? but there was still no answer so she dropped it and kept on walking.

    Face Claim: bleach yoruich

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