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    Prelude to International Crusade [Job:Nathaniel Stratford]

    Nathaniel Stratford
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    Prelude to International Crusade [Job:Nathaniel Stratford] Empty Prelude to International Crusade [Job:Nathaniel Stratford]

    Post by Nathaniel Stratford 4th September 2019, 11:50 am

    Things have started to go in Nat’s favor ever since he joined Dies Irae only yesterday. Now he had a nice clean room, the roof didn’t leak, food was nice and he didn’t have to pay much compared to his old living conditions back in the Mountain Village where every day was a challenge to survive while finding time to train his skills. But most importantly, he had comrades who were more importantly soldiers who had the same goal as him. Thus, he viewed them as part of his crusade to rid Earthland of evil or perhaps Nat was part of theirs? In any case they were in the business or rather crusade of cleansing the land and that for now was enough. While some people would consider making friends on the guild they were in, Nat didn’t think it necessary as this was just part of his goals but perhaps given time he would warm up to them call them friend and lay down his own life for theirs as he would normally do for the innocent.
    Excited for his first day, Nat wasted no time in growing stronger and his bank as well as earning a reputation for himself. That perhaps if people from the guild respected him enough, they would listen to his proposals of routing out all dark guilds to end their reign of terror, research other dimensions and lands that harbor evil and destroy them as well. Truly Nat had a lot of goals in his head right now, that could only be explained by the rush of excitement he feels right now because normally his goal simply consisted of get stronger, defend the innocent, and destroy the wicked wherever he may see it. Nothing there said anything about actively searching for all evils and destroying them outright. In fact, excitement had never made him think of such goals and the confidence to achieve them. Perhaps this was an effect Dies Irae was having to the young man the feeling that anything was possible with this guild.

    In any case, in an attempt to further his goal, Nat can be seen locking the door of his room, dressed in a usual Dies Irae member’s uniform with Ashbringer sheathed in its scabbard on his left hip. When the door had been locked, he made his way quickly to the request board to have the privilege of being the first person to pick a job for the day because apparently Nat had woken up with the dawn barely breaking through and it was still dark out but the early bird gets the worm as they say. In fact, he had been waking up this way for years simply so he could get some practice rounds in with his magic and sword swinging.

    Walking as quietly as he could through the halls, there was no need to be in a hurry because he had assumed everyone was still asleep and the honor of first pick would still go to him and when he got there, the magnificent request board stood in its glory as numerous jobs were pinned. Naturally he took a look at the simple ones as he dared not to overestimate his chances and training. Scanning through the requests with his finger, he had finally found one he was most interested in a simple errand that had the risk of coming across bandits a perfect job for one who seeks to end evil.

    The job in question required Nat to meet the client in Ca-Elum. A simple enough task that he grabbed it right away and headed out of the hall to train a little bit while waiting for the staff to wake up so he could log in that he’s taking this job.

    He started off by joining his hands together similar to that in prayer while his eyes were closed and suddenly his body lit with his light magic shimmering in a faint glow. He had opened his eyes and started blasting a few rocks with bolts of light, catching fire at the spot where they were hit and every time, the speed in which he hurled these light bolts became faster and faster, making him shine brighter and brighter until the light dispersed suddenly that was accompanied by a sharp clicking sound.

    No longer bathed in light, Nat approached these rocks and proceeded to hack and slash his way through them though the first few rocks weren’t as clean as the ones that came after them, indicative that he had been making progress as he went along with this exercise. That once he had been training with wood, now he had been training with stone despite it proving to have a rocky start. This routine would go on for hours and hours until his watch on his left wrist showed that the time was 8 AM, thinking perhaps that an employee would have already been stationed there. Wiping his face with a clean towel that laid on the ground beside numerous wrappers and crumbs, showing the snacks he had packed and eaten in between training sessions. After wiping his sweat, he cleaned after himself and picked up his trash to dispose of it properly.

    On his way back to the hall, he had seen an employee curiously eyeing the board, as if wondering why it looked incomplete. Nat approached the man and had explained that it was he who took the request so as to log it in that he would take it. Somewhat impressed by the newcomer’s enthusiasm he asked for the job sheet Nat took and inspected it. Appraising it to be the one he had been looking for, the employee handed the piece of paper back to him and bid him good luck on his mission, reminding him not to forget his passport. Nat’s eyes widened at the mention of the word passport, clearly not knowing what the employee meant by it as a sweat drop ran across his face. Was he in trouble? Would he be unable to claim this job just because of a simple detail he had overlooked? It was embarrassing to be sure but thankfully the employee was understanding, still impressed by the determination Nat possessed. The employee asked for the sheet back and kept it separate from the rest, telling Nat that he would reserve the job for him while he went back to Hargeon to get his passport. And to think he had been on the port town for hours yesterday, what a setback.

    Now that Nat had been briefed of what this passport is and the advantages it entailed; he boarded a ship that would take him to Hargeon which poetically was the same ship he stowed himself away in to get to Amber Island chuckling at this fated encounter. Yet again on an uneventful journey, with the difference being he was a proper passenger now with no need to hide and that he is wearing a proper uniform, Nat disembarked from the ship and towards where to get his passport. He had asked for directions as to where to which the nice people of Hargeon obliged. It seems the evil kraken from years ago had not done their spirits in and is happy that the town is on its way to recovery.

    Arriving at the office for the application of a passport, Nat was shocked to find so many people already in line at this early of a morning, even children and old people were present. But alas, he had no choice but to fall in line himself, abiding by the rules of the innocent. They weren’t even fazed to see a man with a huge sword by his side fall in line as perhaps it was his uniform had given him a good look in the eyes of the people that some even offered that he go first to which he humbly and politely refused saying that he’s no better than them and should follow the rules. Nat observed the different kinds of people waiting in line, excited to visit the other countries of Earthland he could clearly see the anxiety and excitement in their faces. Some even held pictures of people on their hands that they would press on to their chests after a brief moment of staring passed. Hours had gone by and people around Nat had been having a few rounds of good conversations with him, as they continue to be impressed at how down to earth Nat was. Some of the children in line even asked permission from their parents if they can head on over to him, helping making waiting in line incredibly less boring that it sounds, even making cheesecakes for them, making the children oh so happy and their parents even more so as they thanked him for being such a god send because until that moment, they had thought brining their children with them would have been a pain.

    More hours went by and the sun was directly up above them, causing severe heat pouring down on them. And though some of the people in line had ways to alleviate the increased temperature they are facing like Nat who had the kindness of the people around him who actually tried to keep him cool as if he was part of their group because of the good time they had while in line earlier that day and he was thankful for it. But the others did not have this honor and privilege and Nat worried for their condition as they might go into a stroke. He had grown anxious thinking about the well being of others around him. He turned his head back and forth checking if anyone needed his help. True enough everyone in line heard a thud as body met wooden floor. An old woman had fallen due to fatigue. And while others stood and called out for help, waiting for the paramedics to assist her all because they were afraid to lose their spot in line, Nat was not. Getting off the line, Nat rushed towards the old lady and had begun to heal her with his light magic. And in no time, the old lady was back on her feet, thanking Nat so much while the others in line applauded him. Long thereafter, a group of paramedics came with a stretcher. Judging by how long it took them to get there, the old lady would most certainly be in worst shape if Nat had waited too. But now, Nat had lost his place in line as the entire ordeal had happened a few meters away from his spot and near the end of the line, not wanting to claim his old spot because some people would really get pissed at him if one guy had the power to leave his spot and have others save it. That one had the luxury to get off of the line, do something he might like and go back whenever he felt like it. Fortunately, the paramedics who came by and were made aware of the situation approached Nat with a deal.

    Apparently, the medical personal at the docks are short handed with how many people are clamoring for a passport and it was this reason why they had arrived late to the scene. The paramedic had offered Nat that he come with them to have his passport already made and filled out right now so that he can focus on helping the paramedics in any way he can. Obviously, Nat obliged as it was a win-win deal. He gets to do his calling and actually get what he came here for. Following the paramedics, Nat entered the office that makes the passports. The paramedics explained the situation to one of the office staff and has agreed to help, handing Nat an application form that he quickly and correctly filled out so that he could start helping the people at the docks. Performing first aid, handing out refreshments and other means of beating the heat to people, not using his magic unless absolutely necessary as repeated usage of his magic would cause him to get tired quickly and he would be unable to help these people anymore.

    Nat toiled on hours on end as if for a moment forgetting that he was a Dies Irae mage and had been a paramedic at the docks for most of his life. But this fantasy had came to an end by seven in the evening, also known as closing time for the dock on this particular day due to the influx of people clamoring for a passport. Nat had been one of the lucky ones to get his passport right away. Packing up the outpost of the paramedics, they had all waved goodbye to Nat and offered him another reward, a reservation at the last ship leaving for Amber Island that day to which he graciously accepted. Now Nat returns to Amber Island, ready to head on that job he had his eye on very early that day excited by the fact that he could do it, but also because there’s an entire world out there that he could reach now that he was no longer confined to the borders of Fiore.

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