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    The Giant and the Critter; an unexpected cooperation


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    The Giant and the Critter; an unexpected cooperation  Empty The Giant and the Critter; an unexpected cooperation

    Post by Aurora 31st August 2019, 1:56 am

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    From the gates of Hargeon rode a large chariot pulled by terracotta-coloured aurochs. The chariot was painted crimson and was fitted by large blades. Upon the chariot stood an enormous man, whose face looked not much unlike a lion. His red manes framed his copper-coloured face; which was like a weathered copper mask, dented by the battering of a hammer. His nose had clearly broken more than once, his face kissed by the sun often. His ruby eye’s pierced underneath his thick brows. The man wore a heavy bronze cuirass, decorated by gold and coloured by umber. A crimson cloak, trimmed with golden fur, fluttered behind him as he speeded over the cobbled road.

    Gangting was on his way towards Minstrel, where he would bring a visit to his guild of Dies Irae. He has had a job in Fiore to help some large beanstalk, which apparently was so important to its people that the sorry state of the beanstalk brought them to madness. He managed to save the beanstalk with a demon boy called Solmar and then travelled back through Crocus and Era. It was near Era that he met with a curious man, whom had let a similar as himself. This man was Nobunaga, from the once-proud Oda clan of Midi. Both Ganting and Nobunaga had been great commanders and king’s aeons ago, both fell thoughts in a different manner. They both reawaken not to long ago, thoughts Gangting has been awake now for a couple years while Nobunaga awoken mere months ago. The redhaired slayer had travelled to Hargeon after the encounter with Nobunaga, there he stayed a night in a tavern and was back on the road.

    The sun was near to kiss the horizon and Gangting decided it was time to set up camp. He slowed his chariot until it stopped and jumped of the vehicle. His landing was followed by shaking of the ground. He stamped on the ground with his right feet and the ground in front of him rose up into the shape of a big square pavilion made of stone. He looked in the forest, that was only a mundane stone throw away, and collected some firewood to cook his meal. His dinner existed out of some sausages and potatoes that he had bought in Hargeon. He went to sleep in his pavilion after he finished eating and left his pavilion open thoughts the entrance was too small for even a fox to enter.

    The next morning he left early, the sun had just about kissed the horizon in the far distance. He was on his way towards Clover Town but he would not reach that destination today. But surely he would reach another town by the evening, there he could take a proper bed for the night and restock on his food. He took down his stone tent and grabbed his belongings, which he stored back on his chariot. He then walked towards a tree to relieve his bladder.



    The Giant and the Critter; an unexpected cooperation  N9AxYLD
    The Giant and the Critter; an unexpected cooperation  Sy03Rxz


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