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    A Meeting of Fate (Veronica/Masha)


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    A Meeting of Fate (Veronica/Masha) Empty A Meeting of Fate (Veronica/Masha)

    Post by Endolf on 28th August 2019, 4:50 pm

    A loud sigh escaped Veronica's lips as she placed her chin in her plam, using her arm to prop her head up as she leaned against the counter. Before now she wasn't even aware the Rune Knights had a help desk people could just come in and ask for help at. Until now she just thought they got requests sent to them from other parts of Fiore, via the local authorities or other Rune Knight branches. It was being stuck with yet more "newbie work" that she had learned, having been saddled with having to work the help desk counter for the day as her assignment. So far the young blonde had found it to be nothing but a boring task. Nobody had shown up at all so far that day, save for a few random Knights she had yet to formally meet that simply passed by in conversations with each other.

    "That rescue job was way more exciting than this." She muttered to herself under her breath, referring to the search she and her mentor Shane had undergone out in the Crystal Caves of Sakuramori. Even despite the large, unnatural looking monster that had attempted to chase them down. Veronica's face flushed slightly as the memory of Shane scooping her up and hoisting her over his shoulder as they ran. It had been an embarrassing memory but, yet, also somehow excited her. She supposed it was just the simple fact that Shane had been the first person she had met physically strong enough to do such a feat.

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    A Meeting of Fate (Veronica/Masha) Empty Re: A Meeting of Fate (Veronica/Masha)

    Post by Masha on 8th October 2019, 1:54 pm

    Masha tucked her hair behind her ear as she looked up at the impressive building. Her teeth worried her lip. This had to be the right building. Rune Knight headquarters. The paper in her hand was double-checked. Yes, this was the right address. "Please my lady, you don't have to do this. I can tell you everything you need to know!" Caius whispered in her ear. Masha scowled at the vampire. His blue suit, which had been pristine before, was ruffled and torn. A small trill of satisfaction went through her. Masha had done that after finding out the vampire had been lying to her. He'd been trying to take advantage of her amnesia. Unfortunately, the other summons hadn't paid enough attention to her life to give her anything concrete.

    "You only want to get into my pants." She scolded stepping away from Caius. The vampire made a purring noise. "They are nice pants." Masha made a little noise. Her cheeks colored. "E-enough! B-begone!" The redhead waved her hand, forcing the vampire to leave. White smoke filled the area. "i-idiot" Masha muttered. She looked over her outfit. Pants hugged her hips, outlining her curvy figure. A flowing green blouse strained to hold her bust. Functional shoes covered her feet. Nothing too untoward.

    Drawing a deep breath, Masha marched through the doors. There were signs with arrows and names. One read 'Field Marshal'. Another read various departments, 'Engineering', 'Combat Corps' and 'Special Ops'. None were what she needed. Feeling disheartened, Masha turned to leave. A large sign caught her eye. "Help Desk? That's just what I need!" Hope restored, her feet hurried down the indicated hallway. As she neared the desk, Masha's steps slowed. There was a blonde manning the counter. It looked like she was bored out of her mind. The Rune Knights must not get many requests for help. "Uh hello?" She said quietly. "I was hoping you could help me with something."


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