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    This is a start. [Job w/ Sayuri]

    Hero Yamamoto
    Hero Yamamoto

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    This is a start. [Job w/ Sayuri] Empty This is a start. [Job w/ Sayuri]

    Post by Hero Yamamoto Tue 27 Aug - 13:55

    The Job:

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    Current HP: 960 / 960
    Current MP: 600 / 600
    Word Count: 435
    Total Word Count: 435
    WC Requirement: 7,000
    Comments, Concerns, Etc.: This is sample text. There is a sidebar that will allow you to scroll through any/all information placed in this section.

    After the events of that big job with many members of Dies Irae, there was a decent amount of downtime. Hero took advantage of this period and got some things done. One such thing was getting a different colored uniform since white never looked good on him and it likely never would. Johann von Weiss' black uniform was much more his style, so as soon as he was able, Yamomoto put in the request to have six full sets made for him. Of course that was going to take a while considering his size, so after sending in that request, he tried to go make himself useful around the port. Whether there were ship parts to carry around or errands to run for the elderly, despite being such a high ranking mage, he loved to help people. Doing such also gave him the means to work through some of his instability, granted little chores like these were only a means to an end on that particular point.

    It was early morning still when the Giant received a call from someone in the Dies Irae contract management office about a job that was not so much time sensitive as it was simply needed to take care of immediately. Having a free schedule, Hero was absolutely inclined to take it on but then the person made a suggestion that he bring along another lower-ranking member to get training from an expert. Titan was initially hesitant, because generally speaking, blacklist contracts were not to be taken lightly no matter the ranking. A B-rank contract could be the equivalent of a standard A-rank legal mage in some cases due to their experience. He sighed though and reluctantly agreed to the suggestion. It helped that he also had an abundance of combat experience so he could likely handle protecting one or two other mages if it came down to that. That receptionist also told him that the person who would join him would be a young woman by the name of Sayuri Katsuya, a B-rank mage.

    Shortly after the phone call ended, Hero returned to the guild after saying his goodbyes to people in the port. He quickly retrieved his hammer from the small lodging he had obtained from joining the guild, though it was quite cramped for his belongings considering his normal size. Fortunately with a little magic, Titan was able to shrink everything to a comfortable size while in this room including himself. Anyway, after preparing, he headed back out to the main hall and waited for Sayuri to arrive. Today was going to be a good day.

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    This is a start. [Job w/ Sayuri] RkPDiNE

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