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    Ring of Blood


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    Ring of Blood Empty Ring of Blood

    Post by Johann on Mon 19 Aug - 16:54

    Job Title: Ring of Blood
    Rank: A
    Job Location: Desierto
    Solo Word Count: 7,000 words
    Group Word Count: 14,000 words
    Additional Requirements: At least one A-rank mage, or two B-rank mages
    Job Description: The client is a rich fellow from the nation of Desierto, who has provided intel of a secret and illegal arena, hidden somewhere in the expanse of the Desiertian sands. Wanderers in the desert are kidnapped and sold off to the owners of the arena, who pit them in battles-to-the-death with other gladiators, both willing and forced. The client's nephew was kidnapped when on the way to visit relatives, and the client fears for his safety. He pleads that the boy be returned, as safe as possible, alive, in any case. The owners of the arena must be brought to justice, and the Ring of Blood shut down for good. How you choose to do it is up to you. Getting into the Ring of Blood will be tricky, because there is a strong enchantment on the arena which teleports the whole place if it is attacked from without, which is why attempts to shut it down have failed since. You will have to get in by guile or in an otherwise non-violent way. The client managed to secure a VIP access to the Ring, but if you are more than one mage, the rest of you will have to find your way in somehow, as only one may use the pass. Another way might be to allow yourself to be captured by the Ring's slavers, and while that is dangerous, it may be a surefire way of getting in.
    There is something of note: the owners of the Ring of Blood are Fiorean diplomatic renegades, which is why the client has come to you; he knows they are wanted by the Fiorean government, and so the client wants Fioreans to deal with them to avoid diplomatic issues. There are one or two important Desiertian aristocrats among the Ring of Blood's patrons, so if you wish to avoid some diplomatic tension, be careful how they are dealt with.

    Mission takers are allowed to invent the enemies' magics, though they will mostly b weapon and armor-related.

    • Slavers (Weak) x 10-20: Slavers working for the owners of the Ring of Blood. They are normally weak, but are effective at overwhelming by sheer numbers. They are about ten to twenty in number.
      Enemy HP: 50 HP (each)

    • Adventurous Patrons (Normal) x 5: These patrons know how to fight, and want to get their hands dirty a lot and feel the rush of taking a life. Often times, their matches are rigged, but then again, they don't know you're not supposed to be here, right?
      Enemy HP: 200 HP

    • Trained Gladiator (Strong) x 3: Professional mercenaries, they are paid well by the owners of the Ring of Blood to be his muscle, enforcers, as well as executioners.
      Enemy HP: 350 HP

    • Ettin Champion (Boss) x1: A strange, two-headed abnormalty with thick skin and a tree trunk for a weapon. It guards the owners of the Ring slavishly, and one can only get to the owners, if the Champion is engaged.
      Enemy HP: 550 HP.

    Reward: 70,000 Jewels, OR a Strong+ weapon or armor piece, gotten from the arena's armory. Also, depending on how you carry out the mission, your name will be known in some parts of Desierto, and some government circles in Fiore. It might be interpreted into favor, or a price on your head.

    ~credit to Fraag


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